Marvelous AQL’s “Console Quality” RPG Cross Horizon Is Back

By Eugene . June 13, 2014 . 3:01pm


Last year, Marvelous AQL released their “console quality” RPG for smartphones, Cross Horizon. It disappeared after awhile, but it’s back now from DeNA.



The full 3D action RPG game uses taps and slashes while adventuring to advance past monsters. You’ll also be able to lift your shield to defend against attacks for reduced damage. If in danger, you can also sic traps on enemies like a pit trap.


Screenshot_2014-06-04-19-24-59 Screenshot_2014-06-04-19-30-38

Players can join in online together to work together. It’ll be necessary in order to obtain the best armors and weapons within Cross Horizon’s world.


Screenshot_2014-06-04-19-32-44 Screenshot_2014-06-04-19-32-57

Characters are amnesiacs (If I had a dollar for every time we’ve had to write that cliché…) journeying to recover their memories, alongside Aurora the fairy. Both will have to work together and discover the true intentions of the, ah, Bandit King. If that sounds like a bit of a downer final boss, well, the game does promise that “not all RPGs have a happy ending…”


Cross Horizon is (back) out now on iOS and Android.


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  • ragingmerifes

    I wanted more console quality RPGs for consoles too.

  • Anewme…Again

    I tried that game and here my experience with it: Connecting/Loading.

    • GameTaco

      Is it giving you network timeouts as well? In the past two or so days it started doing that… There’s a *lot* of loading as is, but it seems to suddenly be having an even harder time connecting. I’m not sure if it’s on the server end, or if my own Internet is just being spotty and urging me to fiddle with the modem or router for a bit.

      • Anewme…Again

        I get connecting after pretty much every action i do…
        Usually only last 1-2 seconds, but when i get that almost every 5 seconds it’s a lot.

        • GameTaco

          I can understand. On one hand, it’s great that it saves everything you do (and if it disconnects, at least saved where you were so you can do it again), but on the other, it just starts to feel like inefficient programming or something.

          It’s the load times for each map that are killer for me… But I have a relatively old phone, so I can excuse that much. At least it runs, you know? :/

  • Landale

    If you’ve got actual complaints about the game, that’s fine. If all you’re going to do is say stuff that’s little more than “Phone game? Nope!”, just go away. I’ve already had to remove a few posts like that, and would rather not have any more. Thanks.

    • PoweredByHentai

      Honestly, I don’t mind playing small games on my phone. I do mind games that aren’t small and are very clearly going to drain my phone’s battery life to zero.

      I carry my phone with me so that I can communicate with other people when a situation pops up. The ability to access my email or check my Google spreadsheet on my inventory of manga or anime dvd/bd collections without destroying my phone’s battery life is a supremely convenient factor.

      Smartphones are a hugely convenient and multi-purpose tool. We all accept that. But certain use-cases suck the battery life out of it much faster than other activities and I would prefer to avoid getting into a situation where I need to find a damn power outlet just to use my phone.

      Playing games on my phone is one such activity that sucks the life out of the battery. If I’m going to be parked in a spot and play an engrossing RPG, then I’d rather play the RPG on a dedicated handheld device so that my phone continues to do its job as a phone.

      I feel that developers who target “mobile” users don’t really understand the fundamental difference between a phone and their actual user base on tablets or handheld consoles. Because a tablet/handheld console is still entirely optional whereas a phone is critical if you are waiting for that phone call for a job interview.

  • GameTaco

    Thanks for giving it a mention, Eugene. I didn’t think anyone would notice~

    To paraphrase a few things I said when I pointed it out on the OT, it’s quite a bit more manageable now: Every time you enter a new area, the warp point is already unlocked, allowing you to leave and return to that point. Also, I don’t remember Special Draw Tickets in the original Marvelous distribution, which can potentially get you ready to go with a powerful, pre-leveled weapon very early on in the game.

    I’d say it’s so reasonable now that I worry that outside of replenishing AP (energy) with a restorative item, there’s almost no reason to buy Mana… And since this *is* a game that has shut down once before, I wonder if DeNA’s distribution will fare any better.

    That said, if you haven’t checked it out and are still curious about seeing what it’s like, feel free to use my keycode, 112563216, as a referral thing. Maybe my character will be of some use to you~

  • Randgriz

    Just downloaded it cause of this article, liking it alot so far! :)

  • ShadowDivz

    Game’s okay, but just be ready to backtrack if you’re not going to pay.
    Like, walk ALL THE WAY to the edge of the world after you’ve returned to town.

    • ネオフォトン ~ Neo

      Is the backtracking for optional stuff (ie, that infinity-plus-one weapon) or is it stuff that is essentially mandatory but made more tedious due to the microtransactions?

      • GameTaco

        It’s kinda neither. The backtracking is due to this sort of arbitrary rule that states that you can only accept one side mission and one main mission at a time. Side missions are just there to give you extra coins and rank points (if you’re interested in that)… Or you can just be a nutty completionist like me that just insists on completing *everything* as it comes along.

        That said, it pays to hang back and grind and get the side missions out of the way. Character levels don’t mean much in this game (other than more HP and AP), but monsters can drop trash loot that can be sold to buy trash equipment that can be fused to raise your equipment levels, which *do* make a huge difference.

        But yeah, it used to be a lot more tedious. Like, pay $5 worth of microtransaction currency to activate this warp point or else hoof it back to the castle every single time. That’s been changed, so now, the only tedium is the game’s loading/connecting times.

        • darke

          I wish these sort of games had a ‘pay to not suck’ button.

          Downloading the ‘free’ game to trail, and then ‘buying’ it for a nominal, non-small fee ($10? $20? $30? I don’t care, but the game had better look and play like a ‘full price console’ game if you’re going to charge the price), to reconfigure everything back to ‘normal’ levels of JRPG grind and convenience and it would be fine.

          But no, they want to nickel and dime with micro-transactions. :(

  • Paul Rodriguez

    Which console?

  • Ying

    If it sells a lot can it be ported over to the 3DS? It looks cool, but I don’t think I would be able to get this on my phone

  • Kornelious

    Y’know I’m glad that they are trying to push the phone thing to it’s limit’s but wouldn’t it just be easier to develop a console quality game for…y’know….consoles? :P

    I can’t really play heavy phone games like these because my phone sucks :( So I feel like i’m missing out on some goo games….So I hope the game does goo enough for them to consider porting it to Vita or 3DS

    As for the actual game it looks pretty ecent, dungeon crawling with full character models is a lot more than I can say for some other Vita and 3ds games….”Not all RPG’s have happy endings” well yeah, not every piece of swiss chese has holes either but isn’t highlighting the negatives bad for marketing? or is it a warning?

    Either way it looks good, but I can’t get it right now so someone enjoy it on my behalf :D

  • shuyai

    its a lie

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