Nexon’s Turn Based Game Is Getting Promoted By KPop Band Girl’s Day

By Eugene . June 14, 2014 . 3:31pm


Nexon is heavily promoting their new turn-based strategy mobile game, Legion Of Heroes, and they’ve roped in KPop band Girl’s Day to help. You can also catch some behind-the-scenes footage at the YouTube channel.



Players will be able to get their hands on the starlets within the game itself. They’ll join as characters usable by players.



Forever. <3




Legion of Heroes uses the Unity engine for its full 3D graphics, and players are on a quest to stop (of course) the Sovereign of Darkness. You do this by collecting companion heroes, including koala kung-fu masters and panther samurai, who’ll fight with you in turn-based battle.

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Legion of Heroes is out now on Android and TStore.

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  • Chersea

    Legion of Heroes? Misread Legion as Legend from Falcom’s famous franchise for a second. ;p

    I’m not port begging (as is said around here), but I wonder if a Wii U version is possible considering the Wii U license comes free with Unity. I don’t imagine it would be too hard to port, and the gamepad would make a similar control scheme.

  • Eejhat Wahs

    Wow I love Girls Day, one of my favorite girl groups in Kpop.

    The game seems quite fun

    • Mowafaq

      Sheep people like you always put thier money on girls -_-

      • Eejhat Wahs

        What’s wrong with putting money on girls? :)

        Haters gonna hate I guess

        • Warboss Aohd

          quite alot actually.

          it means they don’t have to put as much effort into it.

          you don’t want them to put less effort into it, you want them to try as hard as they can.

          • Eejhat Wahs

            So having a game with pretty girls =/= a game not having alot of effort put into it? Stupidity, stupidity everywhere

            Also I know who Girls Day are and
            a huge fan of them, so I’m glad they are promoting this, gets me interested in this game.

          • Warboss Aohd


            They are literally throwing this group into the game solely to sell copies, it’s like Making say taking Everyone from Aerosmith or Queen and making them into playable characters in a game where they aren’t really relevant to the game’s setting.

            Medieval setting? throw in a pop group where the technology for their music doesn’t even exist yet.

            It’s Lazy and Manipulative.

          • Eejhat Wahs

            Dude, you have serious issues

            Uhh they aren’t suppose to be relevant to the game, they are cameos. They are there to get people interested in the game. And it isn’t the first time a South Korean game had idols/groups promoting them. It’s not lazy or manipulative, it’s just trying to grab people to be more interested in the game and make them want to buy it. And last I checked, I don’t think that equaled a bad thing.

            You make it seem as if just because they are in the game that the game isn’t good. You even went so far as saying this decision meant they weren’t putting enough effort into the game which makes you sound completely assanine.

            And it’s their game, they can do whatever they want with it.

            And why the hell are you getting so pissy anyway? It’s just a mobile game made for South Koreans, not even that serious. I’m pretty you never even heard of this game before let alone were interested in playing it.

            That’s like me being upset if One Direction made a cameo on Sally’s Spa or something. Shoot Tekken had Snoop Dogg in as a cameo. Gave him a stage, let him rap the theme, and had him shown in the back and again no one got mad. It grabs interest from people and equals sales, and such decision isn’t gonna harm anyone. Quit drinking so much haterade and start being more open minded, my gosh man. <_<

          • smashimi

            Paying to use their appearances would cost an awful lot. If the game was lousy I don’t think any music group would participate.

      • Alberto Maytorena

        If by “sheep people” you mean “heterosexual males”.

  • Guest

    that photoshopping is terrifying

    • Cazar

      It’s an illustration.

  • drproton

    It’s a brilliant idea for cross-promotion. They could even use the CAD
    files for the k-pop stars’ plastic surgery to put them in game.

  • Nesther

    Korean girls are so good looking, it’s unreal.

    • keithmaxx

      It is. Most of them undergo cosmetic surgery before entering high school.

      • Eejhat Wahs

        Don’t spread lies. Some South Korean students get it after graduating high school.

  • oppadaddy

    Those character models do them no justice at all lol
    Game looks neat for mobile

  • Argama

    In the illustrations, only Yura(the farthest to the right) is the one that doesn’t look like the real deal~

  • wahyudil

    no english?

  • Warboss Aohd

    ‘Pop Music’

    are they trying to get me to buy it or trying to make me less likely to buy it?

    • Eejhat Wahs

      They are trying to get you to buy it duh….

      • Warboss Aohd

        they are failing

        • Eejhat Wahs

          Guess your in a minority

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