Delays? The Show Goes On With Love Live English Music Game

By Eugene . June 15, 2014 . 9:30am


Can’t wait till August’s  delayed Vita Love Live! titles? There’s now a mobile version for Love Live! music game fans in Love Live! School Idol Festival.



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Players can form their own μ’s (Pronounced “Muse”) bands with the various members of the troupe, before belting out tunes in the rhythm section. This works by tapping on the idols as the marker crosses their portraits. As idols level up, they’ll also perform better.

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There will also be story chapters to follow, with regular updates adding more—and more girls. The tales have been translated into English, but voiceovers are still in Japanese.


Love Live! School Idol Festival is out now on iOS and Android. The Vita game, Love Live! School Idol Paradise is only coming out this August.


Thanks, Mircea Purdea!

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  • Reki Honoo

    I do hope someday, we can get idol games, like the idol master games for the ps3, and the love live games over in the west.

    • otakumike

      You should probably support Neptunia producing perfection then. I know it may be poor as far as idol sims go but hey, show that there is demand for these types of games.

      • Reki Honoo

        Well I already have supported Neptunia producing perfection, and I don’t regret the purchase

        • Jadfish

          puttin’ your money where the mouth is :D

        • otakumike

          you’ve already done your part then. :)

      • TrueDefault

        Isn’t NISA the one licensing all the Neptunia games? I’m not sure how its sale will affect Bandai Namco’s decision to localise it though.

        • Renaldi Saputra

          Neptune PP sales doesn’t affect with Bamco’s decision indeed

    • I doubt the [email protected] will ever come west.

      I just got the new the other day was a bit disappointed to be honest

  • Anewme…Again

    I didn’t like that game at first, but after playing a bit more i’m now quite addicted to it even though i still suck at playing Rhythm games on a touchscreen :P

    My only complain about it others then i want more contents, is that i think 6 minutes to recover 1 energy( or LP in this game) is way to long.
    At that rate, it take 1 hour and half to play 1 hard song that cost 15 LP.
    There’s songs that cost less, but they give really low exp and would take even longer to level up with them.

    • Romancer Ecclesia

      Working as intended. Want to level up faster? Buy LP. Don’t have the cash for it? Just play a few songs every three or four hours. I’m over level 50, just gotta be consistent.

      • Anewme…Again

        It’s just a matter of principle, i won’t pay to be able to play a game more.
        I don’t mind spending money to scout, i already spent 50$ to be able to scout 11 students 2 times, but i’m not gonna spent money to be able to play a game more, that’s just stupid to do it imo.

  • Sort of makes me want to get a better phone.

  • Satoshi Ookami

    Kinda late, Siliconera =D

    I love this game. It’s a good concept of F2P game. You don’t need to pay if you don’t want to and still get all the features.

    I’m a bit sad that ENG version is such an cut off… hopefully new updates will be coming soon =D

    • John Hayabusa

      It was released last May and it is really good. The soundtracks are getting inside my head as I retry them, The other girls are cute as well. I did not know about the Japanese version but I hope we get another update as soon as possible.

      • Satoshi Ookami

        Well… it’s always Japan that gets the cool stuff first =D
        And if you like the songs, you should definitely try anime if you haven’t already =D

        • lunier

          Not sure how good of an idea it is for it to try to speed up updates, from what I understand the english version has started events a lot sooner than the JP version.

        • John Hayabusa

          Already watched the first season and finished watching S2’s latest episode. ;_;

      • Anewme…Again

        We have lot of stuff to catch up, so hopefully it won’t take forever to be released in english.
        Japan have 19 chapters now, almost 3 times more songs, an expert difficulty and much more cards.
        Almost 350 cards in japan and we only have 73 cards in the english version.

    • Shippoyasha

      What I like about klab is that they are giving away a ton of lovecas because of the delays. I got a ton of cards and lovecas with their delay-apology gifts. Cool devs.

      • Anewme…Again

        You can also get lot of free lovecas in game.
        You get one for every idiolized idols you max bond.
        You get 3 everyday for a week when you first play, you can get some from album rewards.
        You get 1 from playing each song on hard 100 times, It take a lot of times to get there though.
        You get 1 each times you buy 10 scouts.
        Events, main chapters etc.

  • James Reilly

    This game really shines during events.

  • Shippoyasha

    The latest event was nice. It’s a cool way to make a rhythm game competitive with leaderboard rewards. I just wish they add in dancing animations or something if this game gets a major update. Otherwise, it’s pretty good. The card collectibles make it addicting.

  • Setsuna ♥

    Hella late to this news huh ?

    Its worth noting that if you have an iOS phone you can get the Japanese Version which has more cards/songs atm. The english version is lacking in content compared to the JP but I believe its because were getting timed updates similar to that of the JP versions, like after every event we get a new update possible.

    The game is really fun though, really addicting, don’t get caught in the temptation to spend actual money though lolol

  • nonscpo

    Lol I misread the intro link coming into the article. Instead of thinking August was the date I assumed they were writing about the developer. Everyone gets their doh moment I suppose!

  • tturtlejosh

    This is awesome everything about Love Live is getting localized and I’m gettin my hopes up for School Idol paradise !

    • tturtlejosh

      What?! Android too sweet!

  • I can’t install it in mi Nexus 4 ;w; *cry a lot*

  • tturtlejosh

    Talking about delays Hatsune Miku Live Stage Producer Never got release on the west

  • UmikazeVN

    I’m so addicted to this game, it’s almost shameful. Such is the fate of a Love Liver.

  • HellMuT

    Webm related

  • Smoke Cat

    So I was curious about this and decided to dust off my iPod that I never use… I’m now addicted to this game, it’s great!:D

    Any other games like this people recommend?

  • TrueDefault

    I hope the Vita game is gonna be decent. I was gonna preorder its limited edition, but I was afraid I won’t like the game.

  • Downloading for Iphone now =]

    Will look out for Vita version

  • zbabas

    posting this after the sweet holidays event ended, i feel bad for the people who missed it.

    Game’s pretty nice >:3

    • Anewme…Again

      True, but there’s another event starting tommorow, so now isn’t a bad time to start.

  • Looks interesting. Not sure if I’l actually play it or not, but I do love Love Live so I’m glad to see a game for it in English lol =)

  • Been playing around from time to time. It’s fun.

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