Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II Is For PlayStation 4

By Spencer . June 16, 2014 . 9:14pm

Omega Quintet isn’t the only PlayStation 4 game being developed by Compile Heart. Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II, the RPG sequel to the last main title in the popular series, is in development for PlayStation 4.


Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II has three different game dimensions and a new character named Uranus. More details about the game will be revealed in Dengeki PlayStation this week.

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  • Bio_liquid

    Welp, there goes my purchase. -Continues to save for a Wii U-

    • Nuragna

      Not Sure I understand? This is Great News If this stops Your Purchase You must not be much of a fan of the series :/ as I own a Wii U so I’m not a fanboy, Any Nep News is Great News Besides there is more then enough Time to Get a PS4 and get this game by the time we get it in the states lol in the meantime my PS4 will be waiting O,O

      • revenent hell

        Dude, for some hardworking people its difficult to save up for one new console let alone two.

        It also doesn’t make someone any less a fan of a series just because “better” games are coming out for a different system and those games have priority.

        I like the Neptunia games but they are by far not the best games available or coming out to the market.

        • Nuragna

          Well First of all I never said “less of a fan” I said “not much of a fan” “less” would be to compare him or anyone else to someone.. which I didn’t, also you kind of prove my point :/ if you think its not that great of a game then why say so? He said hes not getting it and would rather go for a Wii U in which case more power to him …But you saying “its hard for hardworking People to save up” and yet He or you will buy something else most likely of equal or more money…Please leave excuses at the door, People Buy what they wanna buy and don’t buy what they don’t want to buy Not saying there aren’t some fan’s who cant afford the ps4..I’m just talking about how he plans to get a Wii U instead..that could get his ps4..but he would rather get the Wii U which of course I think is cool I own it and love mine, But this is good news There are enough Nep games on PS3.. I and many PS4 owners would love to have one on PS4 Even Vita got Some Nep Love End Point He’s Going to Get his Wii U I’m Going to Get My PS4 Nep game Iv been wanting and your going to.. o_o; not sure guess you stated you like them but they fall “way short” on your list.

          • revenent hell

            I love it when people try and play at semantics with words. Fine let us play semantics.

            1) Saying “not much of a fan” is indeed the same thing as saying less of by the mere usage of your words. Not much is equivalent to less than because “not much” means less of something.

            2) “if you think its not that great of a game then why say so?”-

            Because just like you, people are entitled to state their opinion here. They aren’t always going to be the same as everyone who thinks highly of something. Get over yourself, your opinion and everyone of a hive mind do not contain the only thoughts that matter.

            3) Yes, saving up money for something is a “excuse” and its a very valid one at that. When the fact of the matter is people tend to buy consoles for not just a singular game but for the amount of games they are interested in that come out for the device.

            Obviously the Wii U has more games of interest for it than the PS4 to this person. Its not just some lame “excuse” as its obvious you see it as by your blatant dismissal of even considering it.

            What person in their right mind would buy an expensive console for one game if another one had more games available that they wanted to play on it?

            Yes, this person could buy a PS4 instead of a Wii U but it would be ignorant to do so for just a single game when money is tight and another console has more games available for it to play of interest to the person.

            Its called being realistic.

            4) No, I don’t think as highly of the Neptunia games as I do others, they are by far, in my opinion obviously, nothing that should be compelling enough to buy a console over.

            The games are fun to play and a good comical experience and I do enjoy my time playing them but they are hardly deep or meaningful in story, they aren’t innovative or push a system to its graphical limits and each game has its own faults.

            They are just “ok” games as far as I am concerned and while the games would add to my reason for buying a console, if I already didn’t own it, they have a long way to go before I would claim a single one of the games was worth dropping $400.00 for.

            Also pet peeve time, You capitalize letters that shouldn’t be , don’t capitalize ones that should be and you didn’t space anything ….. its reading one giant run on sentence. I would ignore most of the grammar errors, since mine is far from the best, but reading what you wrote is like trying to read soup since there is no clear line between your thoughts.

          • Nuragna

            Dude I have to be honest..I only read like the first sentence you wrote before stopping and shaking my head, People like you easily ruin a good thing…I dont like getting into stupid talk wars but you seem bent on dragging it that way…and I wont play ball,
            End Point You Do what you want I will do what I want
            in the end this game is coming for ps4 like it or not.
            -Last Message on this-

            To everyone else :D hype PS4 gets a system seller xD I can see already this will be the same as vita can’t wait to see what there able to do with the power of the ps4 for nep xD

          • revenent hell

            I never said I liked or not what system the game was coming out for I was pointing out how obtuse your statements where in a reply you gave to me, of which I at least had the decency to read given its structure.

            This is by far not a war of any type, its clear though that the only view you wish to hear or read of is your own and I would suggest in future you think before you type out something.

          • revenent hell

            Since I cant reply to you “harry potter” I will do so here.
            I am not “mad” (and don’t call me bro). I just don’t like people being nitpicky with words when it applies to them and then selectively ignore all they said when someone replies back with those same rules and then the person gets irritated because even cheating they still couldn’t “win”.

            Not that there’s anything here to win other than a pick up of common sense.

      • Bio_liquid

        I used to be a fan of the series. Around Victory is when I realized how less it was focused on the parody of console wars and more on the goddess and well boobs. I could care less about Tsunderes, and other 1D archetypes the series portrays.

        I was sucked in for the console war parodies and hints of anime references here and there but that’s it =

        • Nuragna

          That is True..I have noticed that there focus has changed alil as its moved along, more boob stuff and that sort xD but if you take a close look at Neptunia 1 for ps3, it was always talking about boob this or thunder T**s that xD.

          I know what you mean though there doing it a lot more now which could drive some fans away alil and thank you for easily understanding that me saying “must not be much of a fan” just meant to me you must not care for it as much, I meant no negativity by it, I just wanted to know more about why you wouldn’t wanna get it. (: now I see, well the Wii U is an amazing system I own and <3 mine you wont regret buying it but you already know that XD

          • Bio_liquid

            I didn’t really play the first one and got into the series on the second one. While the breast jokes and stuff were a staple it wasn’t focused on as much as it was in victory compared to mk2 from my experience.

            It just saddens me that this is what became of the the series =. Hopefully I won’t regret my future Wii U purchase.

  • Tatsumarii


  • Xerain

    Now with the addition of Uranus, the game just needs the ability to leave messages for other players in the dungeons, and all kinds of fun can be had.

  • Revolver Jesus Super Pimp

    Seems like more and more each day I’ll be looking at a PS4 sitting on my stand sometime next year, but this nails it.

  • Desfel

    Welp, was waiting for KH3 before getting myself a PS4, but since this will probably come out first, guess I’ll be getting myself one sooner than I thought =D

  • John Hayabusa

    Well, time to get me a PS4.

  • DesmaX

    PS4 Killer App

  • zazza345

    Except the new character isn’t named Uranus at all, that was a mistake that spread since no one had seen the article, which clearly said something else…The correct name is Tennoboshi Uzume.

  • Crazy_O

    I’m happy it will release on the PS4, hopefully we won’t get any frame drops.

  • Keko

    Oh god why
    why ;_;

    • There are no Gods here. Only Goddesses lol =P

    • Kaien

      CH working to max out PS4 hardware. =P

    • darke

      I imagine because it’s quicker and easier to optimise a game on it; so they’re moving quicker then expected.

      I’m surprised they aren’t releasing a crossplat PS3/PS4 release, but I guess they figure the ‘otaku’ gamers they’re mostly targeting are most likely to be the ones to be early adopters of new tech, so…

  • Jerry Hu

    PS! PS! PS! PS!

  • So much beauty in such a shot trailer. So glad I have a PS4 =^_^=

    PS! PS! PS! PS! lol

  • Good on CH for making the generation jump.

  • kroufonz

    oh wow man looks like i should get PS4 faster thant originally planned!
    especially if this opening the floodgate of niche japanese game s on PS4

  • AlphaSixNine

    Me and my PS4 smiles in delight.
    I was right to believe in PS4.

    • I feel the same. It seemed a little grey at first, but I knew there would be light for it soon lol

    • Mr_SP

      I’ve always believed in PS4. I’ve just been waiting for certain things. Like Assassin’s Creed, and Batman.

      Neptunia Victory II… The PS4 game I didn’t know I wanted.

  • revenent hell

    Eh, its to be expected now that the new consoles are out that games will be coming to them.

    Though to be honest I think most of the “Neptunia” games would probably fare well on any console considering they don’t really push any system to hard. They probably could make this game PS4,XboxOne,PS3 and Xbox and it would work out just fine

  • Mind0105A

    Alright, my reason for buying PS4 has come. So, time to save money.

  • TheGioG

    Is Compile Heart gonna sucker me into buying another new system? Yes, I do believe they are. Especially since it’s looking like Atlus might finally be personified as another wifey to the group. Ms. Jack-Pot’s color scheme is looking an awful lot like the frostiest of Jack Frosts. Any guess at the other ladies?

    • It seems like they’re going all out for the first Neptunia game on the PS4. I like where this is going =)

      • TheGioG

        My purchase will be set in stone if they can personify the current gen consoles and handhelds as a third set of goddess sisters.
        More console wifeys = My cash in Comp. Heart’s pockets.

        • Definitely lol. I’m honestly hoping Jack Pot (ATLUS-chan lol) has a sort of demonic personality. Not evil or anything, but maybe she says really evil things every so often, starts ranting about demons, or is just really into the occult or something like that. That would just be epic. lol

        • Landale

          It’s possible, but not likely, that there’d be new characters for the new systems. Noire and Vert already got a Processor Unit each based on the PS4 and Xbox One in Victory, while Blanc only had the W11-U Hammer, not to mention the sets based on older systems they got as well.

        • Mr_SP

          Probably not. The Neptunia girls have always represented a company’s console concept. Noire and Blanc have always represented the PS1 and the early Nintendo stuff, especially in Victory. (And up until Peashy, I thought Vert represented Windows/PC as well…)

          Besides, what would they do for new goddesses? Another two Tsundere for the PS4 and Vita? Another set of twins for the 3DS?

          • Landale

            Peashy has nothing to do with Windows or PCs actually. PC-Engine, also known as the TurboGrafx-16, and its successors.
            The only major thing really relating to PC gaming that I can recall is the island covered in computer themed ruins.

          • Mr_SP

            That, and the fact that Vert always plays visual novels and MMOs. Generally, Vert’s preferences seem more typical of PC games than the Xbox’s own titles.

            And, huh. TurboGrafx. Not as old as I am, but discontinued before I got into gaming. Also, I don’t see how you get “Yellow Heart” out of that design.

          • Landale

            Visual Novels aren’t really all that uncommon a thing for the 360. I wouldn’t say they’re super common either or anything, but yeah. Can’t really speak for MMOs though. But then, hobbies of the CPUs don’t exactly match up to what they make, which do match up more to the consoles.

            The base design for Yellow Heart, I don’t see either, but many of the upgrades I do. It’s in the names too. Turbo Core, Graph Core, PCF-00X, PCF-XXX.

    • wererat42

      Left looks like she might be based on Hakurei Reimu.

      • Landale

        Konami most likely. Red, Orange, White, the two little white curvy bits match up to the parts of one of their older logos. It looks like there’s a K in the middle of the red and orange ribbon too. (pic)

      • Inuyakira

        Nice! So i wasn’t did only one who first thought of Reimu after seeing it!

        But like Landale said below, she representing Konami make a lot more sense!

        But Seriously they need to make a character representing the “Doujinshi” game Market of “Comiket” at some point in the Neptunia series!
        And it MUST have Hakurai Reimu as the representative of Comiket Doujinshi!!

  • Duo Maxwell

    To think that Compile Heart of all people are one of the leading force of JRPG on the PS4?

    I’m buying one.

    • Landale

      It’s not really all that surprising actually. Idea Factory and Compile Heart were among the first for the PS3, the first counting just exclusives.

    • Demeanor

      And now we need an Atelier!!! :D
      Join the fray, Gust!

      • Razzlero

        I’m hoping once they finish the dusk series their next series will be for ps4. It’s hard to tell if they will be early adapters to ps4 or not. They were very late adapters to ps3… but they were very early adopters to vita.

  • WhyWai

    Wow! that’s unexpected. usually these jrpg stick on older console a bit longer. Awesome!

    • Demeanor

      Well, we have plenty of great titles still sticking to the ps3: P5, Shallie, Xillia 2, Zestiria.
      Nothing wrong in breaking some new ground with unexplored hw, especially when there are still no competitors around to ruin your day :)

  • Go2hell66

    The pig and the monkey were so unnecesary…

    • Landale

      Unnecessary, maybe. But then most of what goes into advertising is unnecessary. The insanity of it is nice too.

    • revenent hell

      I think this type of advertising is appealing to that culture.
      I found them irritating ….

  • NeptuniasBeard

    Neptune DAMN IT! Well, hopefully there are still physical copies left whenever I get my PS4… ;_;

    • revenent hell

      You can buy the game and hold on to it until you get a PS4……That’s pretty much my plan for the Wii U.

  • tturtlejosh

    This is going so hard into my virgin PS4

  • DeAndre Atchison

    I have an idea. If we complain enough, they’ll put it on ps3 as well

    • Landale

      Vita more likely.

    • darke

      You’re willing to complain in Japanese to them, but I expect it’ll be ignored. It’s probably significantly cheaper to program it on the PS4, so the reduction of potential sales (when selling to otaku who tend to be a bit of the early-adopter then the rest), are more then offset by the quicker-to-market result or something.

      In any event, they’d basically have to go back to the programming drawing-board if they were to recode it for the PS3 at this stage I’d expect.

  • Maria Garcia

    god dammit no ps3????

    • revenent hell

      I’m rather surprised by this as well to be honest. Its not like the “Neptunia” games push a systems hardware to its limits or anything …. Well, I think at the least it will be put on the PSN so maybe it’ll get to the Vita at least.

  • Daniel Rossevelt

    But i still don’t have a ps3 *goes and cry’s in corner*

  • crazyhunter

    My body is reggie!!!!!
    But seriously this will be my first ps4 import and the reason i will buy a ps4 im still debating about quintet

  • Brotato Chip

    i am kind of shocked wouldnt of expected them to release on ps4 until 2015 :o

    • Landale

      Idea Factory had a couple games on the PS2 within it’s first year. They were the first to provide exclusive JRPGs to the PS3. This isn’t really a surprise that they’re moving on to the PS4 so soon.

    • zazza345

      Well, technically speaking it’s just “2014” as far as release date go…unless next week they’ll reveal it.

  • Darkwing7

    And now i go weep because i didn’t even want a ps4 (now i have to get one)

    • Shippoyasha

      Black Friday! COME ON Black Friday! If they knock off $100 online during Black Friday or “Cyber Monday” or whatever they call it, then it’d be prime time to get one.

      • Anime10121

        Doubt they’re gonna knock off 100 bucks (or anything at all really) for brand new consoles… at best they’re gonna bundle em with 2-3 relatively new/big titles.

  • Thats amazing!!!

    Finally a the JRPG’s start to come

  • Demeanor

    WHOOOOOOO!!! YEAAAAHHHHHH!!! Made my dayyyyyyyy!!! My whole week! Dreams come true at times!!!!!!!!!

    • Nuragna

      XD Agreed Can’t Wait!!

    • Joshua Myers

      Now have a reason to own a ps4 XD

  • alixraen

    This’ll be awesome! Once I get a PS4 in a few years!

  • Monterossa

    I’m not upset… already have enough reasons to buy a PS4: Samurai Warriors 4, Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, Akiba’s Trip, The Last of Us Remaster.

    • Mr_SP


      Well, maybe not Akiba’s Trip – I might not want to play that in any location where I might be observed, so maybe Vita, instead – but with all this Japanese stuff giving support, and a few nice PS4 exclusives in the West, my penny-pinching “wait for a good bundle” ways are being challenged.

  • Joshua Myers

    Zomg! They just sold a ps4 to me XD

  • Nuragna

    I do however wish they would make a ps3 version downscale for fans who can’t get the ps4 right now :/ even though most I heard ran out to get a vita once a nep game was announced for it lol so maybe it wont be so bad..time will tell.

  • Keine

    Wish there were ads like those in the west… but then again it wouldn’t sound as nice in english anyway… I NEED A PS4 NOW!!!!

  • Another reason to pick up a PS4. Why must you do this to me, CH?

  • Zalin

    I put in my pre-order for the white ps4 last week and now this! Money well SPENT! I SHALL BE PREPARED!!!!! I just hope they kick neptunia up a bit to where it deserves to be on a ps4 and not release a game that would do just fine on a ps3.

    • Demeanor

      I think the trailer was also to give us a taste of the sparkly-sparkly light effects doable with the ps4 :D

  • DyLaN

    Not sure have it been pointed out ady, but the video have english caption available.

    Btw, the “いくぜ、4~5万本。” (Let’s go, 40K~50K copies.) is a nod to the catchphrase “いくぜ!100万台。” (Let’s go! One million units.) used in old PlayStation advertising (JP ones). Courtesy of xizro345.

  • Raztune

    I honestly hope it stays on PS4 and they don’t port it to PS3 as well. I don’t want it to be downscaled and held back.

    • I agree I bought the PS4 now I want the exclusives =P

  • No one should be surprised about this, since they kept the platform secret for almost four months. As far as I’m concerned, this is a really smart decision on their part.

    Especially considering that PlayStation 3 is notoriously hard to develop for because of PlayStations Cell. While PlayStation 4 uses an x86 architecture which is often associated with PCs.

    Any developer who starts a game for PS4 will have a relatively much easier time than they would on PS3. So it makes sense that they’d make the game for the substantially more powerful and easier to develop for system.

    That aside, I’m Hype.

    • Demeanor

      Won’t the ease of development be counterbalanced by the extra stuff the technology allows, though? Better graphics, better effects, more details.
      I remember reading a dev article about next gen a while ago mentioning that creating an AAA with the lastest consoles requires about 4x the work. :|
      Given, this is no AAA and I’m mostly ignorant about the details of game development.

      • darke

        For AAA games, most ran at less then 720p on the last gen consoles, especially towards the end, so having them run at 1080p native on the current gen means they’re needing to render things at about twice the width and twice the height; so approximately 4x the number of pixels.

        Because of this all textures need to be 4x more detailed, models needs to be that much more detailed since you can and should see, more-or-less, the lines on people’s faces, the wrinkles in their clothes and the like.

        Now given that a lot of the JRPGs, if not most, ran at 1080p last gen, but with very, err, simple textures; I’m pretty sure it’s not going to increase their cost this gen much, since as we’ve seen from that previous CH game (Omega Quintet?), or the PS4 port of Akiba’s Trip 2, they really haven’t bothered to increase the detail that much; just increase the other ‘stuff’ they can do (more people wandering around, and more ‘features’).

  • Christopher C

    It looks like I was right in choosing my PS4 over a PS3, which I might still get but I haz no moneyz.

  • GamerLegend

    Next-gen CPUs here I come.

  • Brimfyre

    I’m feeling better and better about getting the PS4 last week.

  • Finally, a reason to get the PS4.

  • Kornelious

    So hyperiemsnion is coming to the PS4…..I am now truly glad to own a PS4! :D

    It’s quite ironic that the niche companies get the first JRPG’s on the PS4….Fine by me though :)

  • CrimsonDX

    Whelp, finally have a reason to pick up a PS4 :3

  • Sentsuizan_93

    All right, all right, i’ll get a PS4 already.
    Just, let me look for my wallet… >.>

  • Brimfyre

    I really hope Sony updates the firmware to allow pictures from an outside source before this game comes out. One of the biggest draws for the last 2 games was being able to design my own outfits for the CPUs.

  • Zalin

    I’m ready i’m ready i’m ready i’m ready i’m ready i’m ready i’m ready i’m ready i’m ready i’m ready! Who’s ready for neptunia on ps4! Lets hear it! YEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  • Strawberry Starlet

    There better be bikini dlc for that pig.

  • KazukiNanbu

    another reason to get a ps4…..damn, my wallet is sad right now

  • God

    I have mixed feelings… on one hand, i don’t have a PS4 and hate compile heart, and on the other hand it may mean that this game contains too much awesomness for the PS3 to handle, in wich case i will be extremely thrilled and will go running to the store for a PS4.

  • Junko Enoshima

    Wow, I will definitely spend all my money on a system JUST for this crappy, fanservice-y game. I mean, Hyperdimension Neptunia is the PINNACLE of RPGs.


    • darke


  • Tiredman

    Makes me sad that it isn’t multi platform, but only a little. I will have a ps4 someday, its my next console choice, so I will just pick up this game and wait. Not sure how I feel about a character named Uranus though, that name is taboo when it comes to seriousness in any situation.

    The good part is maybe the games will run a lot better since Compile Heart won’t have to work with the ps3’s more complex architecture.

    • David Vileta

      It may run better but its not necessarily going to *look* much better.

      • Tiredman

        Looks don’t really bug me. What has bugged me about a lot of their games is the slowdown in a lot of situations. I enjoy the graphics already, as I was a huge fan of Neptunia V, so maybe with a friendlier architecture we will see no slowdown due to not completely understanding the console’s infrastructure.

        • darke

          Or the incredibly slow loading speed when loading levels… actually I think that’s mostly NIS PS3 games. >.>

          • Hyperdimension isn’t a NIS game, but a Compile Heart game, they just publish it for them.

  • Nu Blitz

    welp this is the only reason im now going to buy a ps4

  • Callonia

    Well I’ll buy this game then wait until ps4 becomes cheap before buying a ps4. :D

  • IS | 桂木

    It’s happening, it’ll just snowball from here. It won’t be long until the Tales of PS4 (or enhanced PS4 port from Xbox One version) game

  • fayt255

    Well any new Neptunia game is welcome!

  • wez

    Maybe it’s run as smooth as a ps2 game now haha

  • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

    Just another reason to get a PS4.

  • Linhua

    *stops timer*

    … well that didn’t take very long at all.

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