Get Motivated, Atelier Shallie Brings Linca And Keithgrif Back

By Sato . June 17, 2014 . 12:32am


We previously got a look at some of Atelier Shallie: The Alchemists of the Dusk Sea’s battle system features that involves cooperative attacks. In recent news, they share a bit on the game’s new Growth and Motivation systems, along with some new and familiar characters.


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The Growth system is a feature that players can take advantage of once their characters reach level 40. From that point on, they acquire one Growth point per level gained. These points are used to enhance abilities and also stats such as speed, and more.


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Using the Growth system, you’ll be able to customize players in various ways. For example, you could max out certain abilities or simply have them balanced out to your liking.


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While taking on Life Tasks, the protagonists can increase their Motivation meters, which in turn gives you various bonuses. However, if your Motivation meter is too low then it’ll have different negative effects.


034 035

For example, when the Motivation meter is too low, they might not yield as much while harvesting; however, higher Motivation means more yields from the harvests.


There are several other bonuses that come from having high Motivation, such as faster movement speed and maintaining your Burst meter after battles. Lower Motivation can also lead to lower alchemy results, as well.


Here’s a look at some of the recently revealed characters for Atelier Shallie: The Alchemists of the Dusk Sea.


Keithgrif Hazeldine:


039 038

Some of you guys might remember Keith from from Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk. Keith is an alchemist who is always looking for the truth. Alongside his Automaton, he searches traces of alchemy in the past, in order to find out more about the Dusk.


042 046

He has a pipe that’s used for medical purposes, which he’s quite fond of, and won’t ever let go at all costs.





Also from Atelier Ayesha: Alchemist of Dusk, is Linca, the skilled swordswoman. She’s a calm and composed secretary who works at a commercial firm. Linca is quite the busy secretary, as she takes care of everything from stocking to shipping, and even various requests from the chairman.


043 047

Thanks to her good looks, she is said to have quite the number of fans.


Albert Perriend:


Albert is an only-son of the chairman of the town’s commercial firm. He’s a young man who practically manages the entire town, but also has an interest in Automatons after learning about their existence.


044 045

He currently studies about the Automatons to pursue his dreams of reviving the technology behind them.


Finally, here’s a look at some screenshots of Atelier Shallie’s opening video:


054 055 056 057 059 058


Atelier Shallie: The Alchemists of the Dusk Sea will be released in Japan on July 17, 2014 for PlayStation 3.

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  • IDSD

    New Linca?

  • Apparently, according to what I’ve heard, the scan reveals for Linca hint that this Linca might /not/ be the Linca we’re all familiar with.

    • landlock

      Well if the anime is a true reflection of the game there’s like 10 different Linca’s. Bearing in mind I haven’t played the Escha/Logy game yet.

      • That particular plot point was accurate (although the violent sister was from Ayesha – only Three was in Escha & Logy).

  • wererat42

    Well the screenshot confirms that Keith will be a party member, but what about Linca?

    • I think I heard that /this/ Linca might be an NPC, this time around? Keithgriff is definitely a party member, though.

  • Liamv2

    Linca with glasses. Well I think some people just started fan girling.

  • We have Keithgriff now? They now have no excuse. Where’s Ayesha?

    As a side-note: Why does Keith’s name only have one F in this article? He consistently has two in the Western releases, dunno about Japan.

  • Draparde

    Linca must have fused with Marion XD

    • Razzlero

      Marion and Linca mastrered the art of Gattai!

  • I really like Ateleir but It seems I never get time to finish them, I’ve only ever finished Memeru,

    • Isuke-sama

      You are even luckier than me, I own all Atelier games from Rorona to Escha and I haven’t even played one :(.

      • =P I’m only missing the new one as I didn’t see the point in buying it without finishing the others.

        I even bought Totori Plus but didnt get through that either =?

  • Roger

    So it´s confirmed that´s the same Linca?

  • pekikuubik

    I wonder if Logy will be as badass as Keith when he’s 50.

  • Chim_era

    Hmm I’m pretty sure that’s one of Linca’s “sisters” :p

    • Naux

      Yeah, considering Linca in Eschatology could not handle paper work at all. :D

  • DyLaN
  • PlatinumMad

    RIP Ayesha

    • Guest

      She’s not dead. 8U

  • Isuke-sama

    You know what just hit me, every Atelier girl has a family name, but this one only her first name: Shallistera. Why is that?

    And Linca becomes a secretary, hope that this won’t effect her playability. Either way, she looks weird without her swordswoman outfit. And where the hell is Ayesha? You brought back Keifth or whatever his name is but NOT Ayesha? She didn’t appear in the OP, did she? If she’s revealed in the last minute then it’ll be fine. But if not then it’s like what were they thinking?

    • Ayesha is suppose to be with Keithgrif and if I recall correctly they were on the run for destroying a building or something like that during Escha & Logy.

  • Raoni Marques

    No love for Logy?? Best male design in the entire series (IMO) and he’s not back (at least yet). Damn…

    • I would not hold your breath for Logy to show up, sad to say. (I do agree though, I love his design.)

    • Nu Blitz

      maybe he’ll pop up in the end to pick up Escha for a date in central

  • Kornelious

    So…Linca is a secretary now….Must be an interesting reason behind dropping the “Badass-SwordWeilding-Beauty” title for the “Stillabaddass-Accountant-Beauty” title…Though I can understand her having fans now though ;)

    Now if Keithgrif is back….from my understanding he was on the run with Ayesha for destroying some ruins or something…..So does that mean AYESHA is back as well!? PLEASE tell me Ayesha is back! X(

    • Slayven19

      If you’ve played other games you’d know that there’s more than one linca.

      • Kornelious

        I know that, her sisters……but arre we sure that’s Linca’s sister? And if so then where is the original Linca? This is why you don’t name all your children the same thing X(

        • Nu Blitz

          eyes are amber its the same linca you play with

          • Kornelious

            Oh ok…..Well then we are back to square one now aren’t we :P

    • ShinNeoGranzon

      Clumsy-Badass-SwordWielding-GlassesWearing-Secretary-Beauty? Whose just so hot that everyone looks past her faults? Marion, Odeilia, Rufus, Esty, Hanna, and Pamela all managed to find time for adventuring, so she might still be playable. Then again Esty is the only non-DLC character in that list.
      I’m personally more interested in seeing Odelia again rather than Ayesha. Considering how obsessed she was with Keith, I can’t imagine her separating from him. And if Ayesha is in this game, she better bring Pana and Nio with her. And several Black Eclipses and Magic Squares, preferably as skills so we can use skill boosting properties on them

  • Sentsuizan_93

    On Linca:
    “Thanks to her good looks, she is said to have quite the number of fans”
    Well, can’t be helped~ ;)

  • If there’s something I REALLY like on this series it’s the character designs made by Hidari <3

  • natchu96

    *checks eye colors*

    Well, this seems to be the same Linca . . . I think. :P

    Though didn’t she suck at paperwork? Might be another Linca . . .

    Still gotta wonder how they manage to coordinate wardrobes across continents like they do. Glad she’s back anyway.

    • Nu Blitz

      eyes where the 1st thing i checked too. i think shes copying Marion to become her. Linca Logic

  • Yan Zhao

    Keithgriff is back? YESSSSSSSSS

    Linca with glasses? lol ok

  • Linca,the busy secretary? …. i so wished she was a playable character…it doesn’t seems so…. ( DLC perhaps…*sigh*)

  • Dashaun Rutledge

    yes this game = amazing

  • Yesss, Keithgriff returns. He was missed in E&L.

    And man, they had to go and try and increase Linca’s “appeal” even more with glasses, didn’t they. Darnit, Gust.

    (Though, yes, they also raise questions about Spoiler Things. Hmm.)

    • Nu Blitz

      i think Marion finally rubbed off on Linca to where she can do anything now or its a farce to trick others

  • Nu Blitz

    if Keith is in this then surely Ayesha is too maybe shes with Odella in a house or traveling

  • MrTyrant

    Oh hell yess! my main team. Keith, Linca and Winbell even if some are dlc I would pay to make it possible.

  • ShinNeoGranzon

    The look on Wilbell’s face in that first picture. I can imagine her thinking something along the lines of “Flying on a broomstick? Pfft, I’ve been doing that ever since Ayesha” I’d say ever for X # of years, but I can’t remember how many years after Ayesha this game is. And Wilbell doesn’t even need the broom anymore thanks to her cape/wings

  • Tincho Kudos

    Bring Ayesha back!

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