Drakengard 3 Downloadable Stories Made Over Ramen

By Spencer . June 18, 2014 . 2:10am


Square Enix expanded on Drakengard 3 with downloadable storylines that are prologues to the game and actually the entire Drakengard series since Drakengard 3 itself is a prologue. Instead of playing Zero, you play as her Intoner sisters. I asked creative director Taro Yoko how he created these extra stories.


"I created these stories while eating Japanese ramen called Tenka Ippin (MM note: Tenka Ippin means ‘Unrivaled’ in Japanese). Games are heavily influenced by food. By the way, I love In-and-Out hamburgers I ate in America and would love it if they would consider opening restaurants in Japan as well. If that happens I think I can make games that appeal more to audiences in North America," Taro responded.


The last round of downloadable content for Drakengard 3 just came out in North America.

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  • Zohard

    Meanwhile in Europe, no japanese voices…

    • yep because this totally has something to do with this topic.

    • Yaro

      Im in europe and i got japanese voices in my store…whats up with that?

      • Zohard

        the dlc doesn’t work, that is the problem…

        • Yaro

          Oh damn, SE is really trying to make me sad with their recent doings..good luck, i wanted to buy drakengard 3 too since it had dual audio, but seems like im gonna wait till this is resolved.

  • Colonel Custard

    In-and-Out is shit anyways.

  • Masa

    Was looking forward to this game until i read the reviews….plus it runs like garbage watching the viedos.

    • revenent hell

      Its biggest fail is its frame rate. Complete and utter shit throughout the game but that aside the game isn’t really horrible.

      If you where a fan of the other Drakengard games then you will enjoy this game.

      The music is good , the story interesting and the commentary from characters and those you are slaying is pure gold. The gameplay is also varied in that you do occasionally fight on top of your dragon but overall its you basic hack and slash till stuff dies.

      I’m not sure what most reviewers will or do say about the game but if I where you I wouldn’t put my faith in what they say. I find most reviewers hideously wrong and if after watching some video’s of the game you don’t like it… well your entitled not to but I still wouldn’t take what most of those reviewers say as anything worthwhile.

      • neocatzon

        Yes, my only hate for this game is how horribly optimized this game is. Awful framerate and it could look better.

        Reading reviews can be nitpicky, sometimes the reviewers afraid to give bad score. A certain polygonal game site started to play safe recently, different from when they just started.

        For this game, I personally like this review http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-05-29-drakengard-3-review

        The score is bad in today standard, but I’m actually sold after reading the review. This group (which include eurogmr, rps, gamesindustryinternational) generally makes sense in their writing.

        • revenent hell

          I don’t really read any review from anyone who technically could claim it as their profession. Popular website or not I inevitably find they fail on multiple levels and overall I would rather just not read them.

          Take that link you gave for example. The review is pretty poorly done in my opinion. This person obviously didn’t play much of the game or at the barest minimum didn’t pay attention to what he did play of it which is obvious by him stating that Zero’s actions for doing what she’s doing aren’t given justification or reason, and while he likes that aspect and finds it “refreshing”, if you played the game for a while paying attention to conversations that take place reasons for her actions are indeed given.

          Maybe early on people are left to wonder about her and why she acts as she does, but that just goes to show this reviewer didn’t put much if any time in to playing the game before “reviewing” it.

          He also gives very little information about the game itself, such as how the weapons have their own stories or even how upgrading the weapons work or that you can even do so.

          He doesn’t state that there are side missions given to you with rewards given upon the first successful completion of them, he doesn’t state there are multiple paths to play or upon completion of one another may open up . The only thing he was detailed in giving was how often he could claim how poorly something was implemented in the game or comparing it to something else.

          And I have to say no one should take a person reviewing a game seriously if within the first paragraphs they feel compelled to compare the game they are reviewing with another one regardless if its in the same series or not.

          Another pet peeve of mine is how often reviewers don’t actually review or give details about a lot of aspects of the game, while this dude may have valid points about the gameplay he’s not exactly giving any real useful information about it either.

          The only real reviews I happen to think have any value at all tend to be the ones where a plain old person like you or I gave their review of a game on a board topic somewhere. Not a “professional” but an average Joe giving their opinion on a game.

          • neocatzon

            You’re a critical person, I like you.

            My way of judging reviewers isn’t as harsh as yours. I don’t consider them as a journalist. I’m content as long they explain what to expect once you open the case, not spoiling things, consistent, and maintain neutrality in which explain what’s good and bad in this game.

            The justification of Zero’s action is a major spoiler of the story. As a potential buyer, I certainly want to find this myself instead explained by others. People should wonder why Zero has done that. It’s part of what the player should experience.

            Personally, I use plenty of reviews, previews, gameplay vids, and hearsay before buying any game.
            Read what they write, ignore the score.
            For Drakengard 3, one thing that I found interesting is how few of them that talks about the music. Usually fellow commenter that reminds me that the music is good.
            Why so little? Impression.
            The developer failed to leave a stronger impression on what their game good at. In this case, the presentation of story, character, and music.
            Instead, the buggy unoptimized mess is what they get in many articles.

            After playing the game, I have to honest with myself. I won’t like the game if it’s not a part of Drakengard series. I hate how long the loading time, how irritating the sidequests, how arrgh the frame rate once the dumb dragon blast things (don’t worry I still love you, Mikhail). But, I’m also honestly curious.

            Good answer from average joe may be the best review. You could get an impression of someone who experienced the whole game even the smallest thing. But, finding that joe is hard. More often you get an emotional experience of the writer (like I write above, or a certain IGNorant review on this game) and non-criticals that only said the game is good/bad. The question still stands for these guys. How good/bad? Which part is good/bad? Why?

            This is a bit of my thoughts:
            – Professional reviewers:
            Reliable in availability, good language (should be. If not, bye2), their knowledge in the industry

            Unreliable in details, scoring (can’t we ditchs metacritics?)

            – Normal commenter
            Reliable in details, direct communication,

            Unreliable in availability, many variables (language, tolerance, details)

            Instead ignoring one kind of reviews to the other, I recommend to find both. Both of them reliable in a way, Personally, instead reviews an impression column (like Jenni’s in Siliconera) may be the best for all that involved. No scoring either.

            Edit: words.

          • revenent hell

            See, I don’t think knowledge of the industry matters for a review because it should be of a game type the person plays normally as to be able to pinpoint its faults and highlights better.

            Take for example a VN. If a reviewer isn’t used to playing those types of games how are his words valid in regards to the game? They aren’t. He cant tell me how its bad, because he dose not know what makes the game bad, or good for that matter. Most reviewers just complain about all the reading because they aren’t fans or normally play this type of game.

            Just because he may know a lot about the video game world hardly qualifies him to give an accurate review of a game type he doesn’t normally play in my opinion.

            And reviewers can give details about a game without ruining it for others much like I mentioned them above. The biggest reason people look up reviews for a game is because they are new to it or its franchise and what to know details about it. Most reviewers don’t do that, at all.

          • neocatzon

            Knowledge do matter. For example on game comparison. While not advisable to compare a game right from the start, comparing titles can help people relate a niche game to a more well-known one.
            One thing we know from reviewers is gaming news is part of their life, they’ve seen and play a game like this before. Yes, a common gamer can do this too, but it’s a matter of availability.

            Another example is about who develops the game, technical details, behind the scenes. Bigger gaming news sites sometimes have articles that can back why several things happened to the final product that they reviewed and redirect it to them. The reader may or may do not care about these. Many that involved do care though.

            I’m 50/50 about reviewer should review the genre he familiar with. In one side we can get an opinion about how’s this game fare in the genre it’s belongs to. Straight from
            On the other side, we have an honest view from someone who’s unfamiliar with the gameplay.
            I think both are valid. But, it’s a matter of tolerance and objectivity.
            That’s why even with their availability, people have to be picky and hate scoring system. Reading is a must.

            Details can get hazy, especially in narrative based games. They have to held back major plot points and focused on something else that left more impression. Just like any impression of a game, these can help people from buying a buggy game (ex. Alien:CM) or draw people to a very niche one (ex. Touch Detective).

            The reason there’re reviewers and gaming sites in general is a matter of availability. In an era of connectivity like these, they become less and less relevant. Not to mention a subject of hate (scoring system for me and some are just not acceptable). Just like reading an event from various newspapers, finding a perfect one can be hard. We can say read people tweets, or opinion columns, but we can rely on availability of reviewers because their job is at a stake.

            It’s really great to be critical about them, but don’t dismiss all of them altogether. Everything depends.

          • revenent hell

            I still disagree about the necessity of them needing knowledge about the industry. In general its not needed for a review of a game and if it is google can quickly give someone the needed information in seconds to throw in the review.

            I just don’t find a review valid when its obvious the person has no idea what they are talking about in relation to a game genre. If you don’t know what makes a particular game type good or bad how can anything they say be worth anything? Claiming its an “average” gamers point of view is crap to. There’s many type of average gamers who play multiple genres and its stupid when reviewers make that claim..Pet peeve right there

  • Tom

    If you are reading this Mr. Taro Yoko (why wouldn’t you), please don’t try to appeal western gamers. Make your own games. The reason we turn towards Japan when it comes to games is because Japanese people make different games than EU or US developers. Remain the same as you are now! Thank you

    • if dude want to be influence by western culture then let him.

    • Rayhan PromisedGallery
      • RedShadoww

        I haven’t played either yet but RepliCant looks more appealing to me :(

        • Vanadise

          While Replicant Nier looks prettier, in my opinion, Gestalt Nier makes for a much more compelling story. On one hand you’ve got a good-looking young man who has a sister. He’s young and inexperienced, but he’s got his whole life ahead of him. On the other hand, you’ve got a grizzled, middle-aged man whose only goal in life is to take care of his daughter. The only things he really knows how to do are manual labor and fighting, and it’s too late for him to pick another path in life, but he’ll do anything to protect her.

          As I get older, it’s becoming increasingly hard for me to empathize with plucky teenage main characters, so I found father Nier to be a refreshing change of pace. Plus JRPGs are already filled with prettyboys with sister complexes.

          • Rayhan PromisedGallery

            both Nier are ugly honestly…

        • Lazulis

          The story is pretty much the same, except you play as an already cynical older man while in the Replicant version you play what seems to be the typical optimistic hero. It get’s all crushed to bits and pieces, though it’s not like he was living a nice life before the game…he was barely getting enough money for living expenses…

          Either way the story’s sad and both protagonists have shit lives

      • Tom

        Yeah, that’s right. I don’t like the look of Gestahlt Nier but it was really a wise choice to change the relationship between Nier and Yonah.

        What I’m talking about is how Square Enix is desperately tried to appeal american gamers with their late games (those that actually they made not just released) and didn’t understand why they don’t they sell well. Later they gazed with surprise when Bravely Default sold well.

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

    and then there’s a prologue manga to the prologue dlc to the prologue game to the prologue manga which is actually not an actual prologue to the first game which was a prologue to Drakengard 2 and also Grimoire Nier which is a prologue to NieR

    • antithesis

      It’s not often you get a story told backward.

      • Rayhan PromisedGallery

        haha, i’m just making joke. Yoko explains that the prologue DLC is like the most beginning point of the series, even though there is a manga set before the “beginning point”

        • antithesis

          Yeah, I knew. Haha, but I still find it amusing that the story has prologue to it’s prequel that serves as a prologue.

  • I wish i could fund Taro Yoko cause I really enjoy the way the game narrates. The first game was like our early Game of Thrones, in my opinion of course. So if I had the money and resources to do so I would gladly help the man with making more gritty and darker games. Hell I’ll even buy what ever food he wants if thats what tickles his creative juices.

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      We should all be inspired to be a bit like him if ever we get a chance to make games or at least tell stories.

      • Aye! That I can agree on. If given the chance I would make a game like him or hell even work with the guy.

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    What food did he eat that inspired him to make the last part of the game the way it is?

    • revenent hell

      My guess would be he dropped Acid for that.

  • Neria Kokabuki

    I like how almost everyone hates this game just by viewing reviews and gameplays… It’s not the same when you play the game yourself. We all have different likes what we like about games so who cares about the reviews, almost all Call of Duties have 7-9 on their review and they don’t have almost nothing new just changed the guns name. So yeah underrated games are better so try yourself first the game before hating on it. it may or may not be your kinda game but some might like it (like I did) and Drakengard 3 had really funny jokes too ;3 sorry about my English…. D:

    • No what you said is right. Reviewers now and days have not tasted the full fruit of what some games has to offer. Despite some aspect being changed in Drakengard 3 I relatively enjoyed the story. I’m planning to buy a vita when I get my first job just to play shinobido cause its a spiritual successor to Tenchu. I dont play games for the graphics I play for the story and the experience they offer. Hell I plan to be a gaming Journalist if thats a thing.

      • Neria Kokabuki

        When you buy Vita I recommend these games too: Persona 4 golden, Danganronpa, Toukiden, YS, Tales of hearts R, Sword art online hollow fragment , Gravity Rush, Disgaea 3, Disgaea 4, Deception IV and many many more xD too much nice vita exlusive games D:

        • Egil

          Gravity rush is a must :D

          • Rayhan PromisedGallery

            i want sequel for Gravity Rush already… But Sony treats Vita as controller….

          • Egil

            Ye thats the sad truth, the game is really fun and vita is the perfect system for it, but what can we do *sigh*

          • Neria Kokabuki

            Well good thing is now that we actually getting localizations of many Japan games. Still I don’t get why they always censors many Japanese games when they get localization ._. if peoples don’t like ecchi why they buy that game then. It rather have uncensored ones.

          • Rayhan PromisedGallery

            Censorship in localization also hurt Drakengard in overseas.
            Drakengard 1’s taboo stuff were censored, Drakengard 2 was more “safe”, so people weren’t aware about 3’s vulgar stuff coming.

          • neocatzon

            I hope there’s something new for Vita in TGS and Gamescom.

        • Well I own the original Disgaea 3&4 for the ps3 and will get TOH R since i support tales, and persona 4 g is a must. RPG 4 days man!

    • Rayhan PromisedGallery

      as if most reviews actually play the game to finish. Most review i found about Drakengard 3 are “terrible framerate and outdated graphic. You play as slutty asshole. That’s why i stopped after few levels, and claim that Zero’s goal and reason doesn’t get mentioned in the game”

      • Neria Kokabuki

        Actually Zero’s goal and reason does get mentioned in the game. they are *SPOILER WARNING* Zero wanna kill her sisters and then in the end kill herself , cause if Zero doesen’t kill her sisters and herself the flower will destroy the world. Zero tried to kill herself and try to pull of the flower but it made things worse it made five copies of Zero’s (Zero’s sisters) so Zero actually don’t have any sisters all her “sisters” are copy of Zero’s… and now I’m lazy to say what more happening cause I would just ruin the fun :P

        • Rayhan PromisedGallery

          yeah i know, i’m just mad that people write review as if they judging the game story fully even though they haven’t cleared the story.

          • Neria Kokabuki

            Yeah, they should play the game and all the sidequests before doing review even if they would hate it. I have played some games too I hated at first but in the end I started to like them, and it would be plus if they would add dlcs stories on the reviews too :) but peoples are different and we can’t change that so……

          • It doesn’t help that the game doesn’t go anywhere near the tired old “would you kindly?” twist that every single game has to have nowadays (if you’re Japanese, you probably know this as the “Yasu” twist). They just can’t process the idea that rather than “you were working with the bad guy all along,” Drakengard 3’s twist is “despite all outward appearances, you’re playing as the good guy.”

          • Rayhan PromisedGallery

            lol. Doesn’t help that some people were also expecting it to be like NieR. Because the plot twist is like subversion of NieR.

            Remember that people usually cringe at optimist protagonist and want to use the villain because they are cooler than the protagonist? Now you got the game that has balls to actually offer that unique experience, playing as cold-hearted villain

          • disgaea36

            okay but what major reviewer has time or ever reviews an entire game. I’ve noticed that only certain key websites like rpg staff review the game completely and that’s only certain games and mostly rpgs they don’t review every game. Major companies that do them all most likely play it half way if its more than 15 hours. As for drakengard 3 in the story department they did a terrible job since you only know about 20% of the story in ending A and you don’t find out the rest till ending D which is ridiculous. Alone the game is okay but compared to the first 2 its crap imo.

          • Rayhan PromisedGallery

            The first game doesn’t tell you the whole story in Ending A as well. You got Furiae just dead without Caim seeing him and never know her feelings. Inuart, Furiae, and Black Dragon disappears. Leonard, Arioch, and Seere doesn’t exist until Branch D. It’s just the series style all along

            But i guess people definitely forget flaws of 10 years old game.

          • disgaea36

            But in drakengard 1 you got some story as your continued the game with lots of dialogue and as you unlocked each ending you got to see different sides of the whole story while as 3 just kept you in the dark the entire time since ending b and c were fillers that explained nothing. Then when you get to ending D is when the game really starts. It’s like the creator was trolling us the entire time he made this game lol

          • Rayhan PromisedGallery

            B & C give you bit by bit of the flower’s nature. It shows that the soldiers getting crazy because of the flower and the song which clearly are dangerous.
            Some people doesn’t feel it much probably because Zero’s and Disciple’s character is “i don’t give a crap, let’s just kill them anyway”

            The plot is suffering a bit because it needs to serve as prequel of the other three games anyway. The timeline stuff makes sense for old fans because it happens in 1 (which resulting 2 sequels), but the for newcomers it feels a bit random

          • revenent hell

            A good game speaks for itself within the first few minutes, I think the problem is reviewers themselves.

            Most of them review games and have no idea about the game genre, or more importantly don’t even like it, so I don’t think they are capable of fairly judge a game given this. Game reviewers should like and as a preference play the types of games they review regularly so they can adequately express the games flaws and know what they are talking about. Most do not.

            That’s why I hold little stock in what most reviewers say since their experience doesn’t tend to lend what they are saying about the game any validity other than perhaps for technical flaws (like obvious stuff such as poor frame rate ect)

            I personally don’t think a “reviewer” should have to finish the game completely too be able to tell if its good or not but to give a much more accurate review of the game I think they should

          • Rayhan PromisedGallery

            they could just be honest and write “I have played for about 5 hours, but i’m not absorbed by the story and combat. That’s why i stopped” instead of

            “The whole story is garbage because it doesn’t explain the element that should be explained” even though the element is actually explained but they just haven’t figure it out because they stopped playing it before it reaches the point where you got told.

            I never trust one review anyway because in the end it’s just OPINION of one or few people. Especially most reviewer are graphic whore or want every element of the game to be perfect masterpiece instead of enjoying for what it is.

          • revenent hell

            Well, in this day and age graphics should be by now better than what some games tend to give.

            I know I for one almost quite playing Drakengard 3 entirely just do to the horrible frame rate and ridiculously long loading times.

            For most “missions” the loading screen takes more time than it does for me to complete the mission and that has actually made me, more than once, put the game down in favor of others. There’s no reason for the “loading” to take as long as it does, the game is not running at 60fps and the AI’s intelligence for mobs is fairly nonexistent.

            These are my greatest complaints about the game as they force me to not want to play it out of irritation.

            As far as the story being “garbage” because they haven’t played long enough to be able to piece things together or given the time needed for the game to explain itself, I will say that’s a complaint of mine as well as far as reviewers go when they start to make complaints about the story for a game.

            But in all honestly I think five hours in is a decent and adequate time frame and will give a good chunk of experience for any game for a review purpose and whatever story is there should have gotten either interesting or not by that point and finishing the game is not entirely necessary, just preferable.

            If the gameplay and story are boring up to that point for the person, reviewing the game or not, its obviously going to be a game they say is trash because they didn’t enjoy playing it .

    • Kotori Itsuka

      My only complaint is the japanese voices for the eu version not working

      • Neria Kokabuki

        I have that problem too (like all EU players) but I think they should fix them soon…maybe…I hope xD well today should come others dlcs to EU cause they comed yesterday to NA :)

      • Milewide

        It’s what’s keeping me from playing the game right now. Makes me very saaaaad. :(

        • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

          Did they come up with any solution yet? I’m sorry that it is keep you from enjoying this fun hack/slash story.

          • Milewide

            Not that I know of. They’ve been rather tight-lipped regarding what they are currently doing about it. Lack of information is always disheartening. Even if it’s a lack of good news, any news are better than none. Basic PR, in my opinion. :)

            I never had particularly high hopes for the game so I am not overly upset or anything. That would make my ‘spoiled brat’-meter shoot through the roof! But I do want to experience it, preferably with Japanese audio, to see what madness Yoko Taro has wrought.

            That said, at the moment I couldn’t care less… because I have discovered Valkyrie Profile. Love at first sight. :D

          • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

            I agree, communication is always key and better than nothing when it comes to gaming issues.

            What drew me to the game were the designs, story and actually seeing the game in motion. It is far from perfect graphically or with framerate, but it delivers what I thought it would – crazy combat and a whacked out story to say the least.

            Valkyrie Profile? I was watching a stream of it a few months back and it looked very nice…walking the dungeons to your next battle…loved those attacks! Nothing like discovering an older title for the 1st time and getting fulfillment out of it :)

          • Chiupon

            literally just play it. The English VA’s are on par with the japanese imo.

            Then again, it’s all about familiarity with japanese. You can tell when someone’s milking it or not.

        • revenent hell

          The voices shouldn’t prevent you from playing the game, its your own choice not to do so, so you have no one other than yourself to blame for being “sad” if you are. This isn’t game breaking content that prevents a person from playing/continuing on with the game its voice work, and “optional” besides that.

          Even if you got the “Extended Download service” that the EU got with this DLC included in the purchase , its still not something that prevents the game from being played without it.

          Yes, you are entitled to your purchased content and it should be usable at the time of purchase but this is content that is far from something that makes the game unplayable or broken without it.

          Since the Japanese VO’s are an “optional” download ,if they didn’t offer it to begin with would you still claim that’s the reason for not playing the game? Or would you have imported the Japanese version so you could get the voices you wish to hear?

          Sure, hearing it how you want to may diminish the overall “enjoyment” you get out of it but the game still plays the same regardless of the voice actors and I find it to be a pretty lame excuse for people to use as a reason for not playing a game since they also don’t tend to import the version with the sound they want to hear either.

    • revenent hell

      Personally, I don’t think the game is a gem but I think its far from bad. The story is unique, the music is good and its fun to play. Like I said the game is far from perfect but it is an ok game to play.
      Personally I don’t hold stock in reviewers because they are often terribly wrong and don’t know what they are talking about. If people are the type to just sit back and let someone else decide for them what games they should play then that’s their issue to deal with and their loss.

      • Neria Kokabuki

        I wouldn’t say which game is “perfect” and which isn’t cause many games have their own good and bad sides so it’s hard for me to even choose what is “perfect” game so for me all games are unique. :)

    • Yan Zhao

      I played the game, and frankly, its mediocre at best. Terrible framerates dont help and the hack and slash portions is so bland that all I was thinking the whole time was “I’d rather be playing Dynasty Warriors”.

      At least it has quirky humor and dialogues to keep me entertained.

      • goa ahsd

        gameplay is talubrale

  • fairysun

    Try eating steak with Kobe Beef and see what awesome game you can come up with :D

  • TheCynicalReaper

    Damn it I love you Taro

  • Aqua King

    Has anyone from Square Enix Japan explained why the DLC for One does not support Trophies?

    • Neria Kokabuki

      I think cause it was supposed to be “exlusive to collector edition” so they didn’t add trophies to it, not sure though. But u still should try it cause chests in dlcs episodes gives alot of money and you get Zero’s sisters weapons too :) and you find out more about Zero’s sisters and Zero in dlcs :)

    • Zak Ledward

      The One prologue was packaged ONLY with the collector’s edition and only just recently became available for purchase for everyone else. As such, they didn’t want to make trophies for something that started as an exclusive because it would seem unfair to those that didn’t get the Collector’s.

      • Aqua King

        This makes sense… although, I’m not sure why they wouldn’t be able to add trophies now. Thanks!

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

    Behold! Utauai Shoujo Zero Magica

    • AnimusVox

      Damn Three looks good in Homura’s outfit *swoon*

  • disgaea36

    No wonder the dlc stories were crap except for zero-2 lol

    • Brimfyre

      I thought 5’s was the only story that I felt like I wasted my time, other than to look at her voluptuous body.

      • Chiupon

        That’s just the kind of character she is; really, do you think any adventure Five would go on would be serious? She’s the least serious of all the sisters. Zero didn’t call her the stupidest for no reason.

        • Brimfyre

          Yeah, I know, I was just refuting his point that they weren’t crap, with 5 being the only one that didn’t add anything to the overall story.

          Her face is my Avatar (when it doesn’t randomly turn to Asuka), clearly I am quite fond of the girl.

  • Neria Kokabuki

    Others dlc clothes are out now in EU (Just checked) if anyone wanted to know. :)

  • goa ahsd

    uh what the heck o_O food inspires games uh wah

    • waku waku

      Food is great motivation. Way better than writing stories from your office desk lol.

      • Revolver Jesus Super Pimp

        I can definitely relate to that haha.

  • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

    It’s nice to know that such food can inspire one to design such havoc between sisters in a video game.

    Except for the graphical hiccups and the targeting system, I’m really enjoying this game. I do feel for those who cannot yet play the JP Voice DLC…it sounds great although it can be a little challenging to fight while reading text bubbles (and it does happen during battle often). I wish the new DLC was in Japanese as well.

    I’ll be looking forward to picking up the prequel stories once I finish the game.

  • AnimusVox

    I don’t eat fast good very often but I love In and Out *u*

  • Magus KilIer

    In-and-Out hamburgers?
    Alex from a Clockwork Orange would love those things

  • Kornelious

    So food DOES inspire idea’s for games…..I thought I was just weird :P

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