Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late’s PS3 Exclusive Characters, Nanase And Byakyua, In Action

By Spencer . June 19, 2014 . 1:10am


Arc System Works is bringing Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late to PlayStation 3. This fighting game is developed by Melty Blood makers French Bread and the console version has two new characters.


Nanase is a mysterious girl out to get Hyde (the guy carrying the sword above) who wields a giant sword. Byakyua fights with multiple claws around him that give him spider-like attacks. Here’s a look at the fighters before the game comes out in Japan on July 24.




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  • Ashton Anchors

    Of course a Japanese game simply cannot be complete without your typical high school boy with superpowers, and your typical schoolgirl with a giant sword…. -_-

    • TheFoolArcana

      There’s about 3-4 Japanese games just on the front page of this website with neither of that.

      • Ashton Anchors

        There’s always DLC.

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      But it’s not complete… there must be a giant robot (preferably piloted by a loli) however that is but a figment of my imagination, so it may never happen :(

      At least I have the rapier wielding character. Silver Chariot!!!

    • darke

      Actually I can’t think of many games with those. You sure you’re not thinking only of Japanese Fighting games like this, Tekken, Soul Calibre and the like? They usually have them.

    • Thomaz Barros

      Don’t fix whats not broken

    • AkuLord3

      And what’s the problem? also Hyde (the MC with the sword) is the typical high school boy with superpowers so yeah its been done…who cares its fighting game.

    • Alberto Maytorena

      If that’s an overused trope, then tell me at least 5 characters in a fighting game of the last ten years that fill that description: high school boy with powers and schoolgirl with a giant sword respectively.

  • Triplicity

    Nanase looks pretty straightforward. Dibs on KATZE MADCHEN.

    Those winged boots really get me though…

    • DeAndre Atchison

      I’ll take mars soir then

  • 愛憎

    His name is Byakuya, not Byakyua. I figured you knew Japanese, Spencer. It says his name in the video title.

  • 愛憎

    I’m glad that all of you outside of Japan will get to finally play this! It’s honestly the most fun I’ve had with a fighter since BlazBlue. It’s just the kind of fighter that I like.

  • Shady Shariest

    Yupo. Still reading it as “Under Night In-Bred” :<

    • DeAndre Atchison

      Everyone’s related to each other

      • Shady Shariest

        “Quick, hurry! That girl whose kittens mother was owned by your cousins best friends now dead relative is in danger!”

  • Linhua

    … really digging the way Nanase uses her wind.

    … she’ll be joining Yuzuriha and Linne and thus will be known as my Charlie’s Angels~

  • Aristides

    I hope this game get’s localized :3

    • Kornelious

      From what i heard it would be one of the first games from it’s company to be localized…..Although if the game is good enough i say that there is a decent chance :)

  • OkamiKing

    Byakuya, the IRON SPIDER! Yup, hypest character yet.

  • Kelohmello

    Dat Byakuya theme tho

    I intend to screw around with most of the cast but I might be messing with him more than expected just because I like his theme song.

    Really disappointed we didn’t get to hear Nanase’s though!

  • Kornelious

    Man the Style, characters, and gameplay in this game all look superb. This looks like the perfect fighting game that me and my friends can get into, so I hope this gets picked up for localization at some point (And while it would be easier to import it, I will give it some time)

  • Raging Rasta

    FREAKING AWESOME! Gordeau’s finally coming to my PS3!

  • This looks really cool *u* I’ll wait for a localization though. If after a year or so there isn’t anything announced I’ll just import it.

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