Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Trailers Show Off Tohru Adachi And Yu Narukami

By Sato . June 19, 2014 . 9:33am


In Atlus’ last trailer for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, they showed off the villainous Sho Minazuki heat things up with his wild action. The latest videos keep this going with some Yu Narukami and Tohru Adachi footage from the upcoming game.



At the start of the video, Yu states that this fight is different from what they previously had in the television,  as he hopes for the safety of his friends and mentions that this time, he’ll settle his score.


He tells Mitsuru that she doesn’t need an answer, but they will protect the town, followed by his surprise upon seeing Adachi. He also mentions that they’re running out of time, going by what Teddie told him.


Next up, is a video for Tohru Adachi, who is a newly-added playable character in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. Details on Adachi are scarce for the moment, but hopefully we’ll see some details in the near future. Until there, here’s a look at him in action:



Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is slated for release this Fall in North America for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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  • otakumike

    That’s tartarus in the background. Definitely interesting.

    • IS | 桂木

      It’s not EXACTLY tartarus but they’re kinda similar.

      • Neo Tartarus, Babel…

  • IS | 桂木

    Adachi looks like he’ll be a blast to play. Can’t wait for this game

  • transferstudentx

    nanako! lmao

  • FlobotingIt

    I wonder if there will be some references to Persona Q in this game… And I also think that, even though YES I UNDERSTAND THAT P3 PROTAGONIST IS NOT ABLE TO PARTICIPATE DUE TO… EVENTS, that he (or she!) should show up as a bonus character, not included in the story.

    • IS | 桂木

      They wanna keep this game canon… so no

      • FlobotingIt

        Bummer. Oh well. I just think it would be kinda cool for like an arcade mode where Minato shows up… Just saying.

      • Satoshi Ookami

        Well… considering Liz’s story is about saving Minato, putting Minato into the game wouldn’t break the canon.
        But yea, if something, it would have to be in P4 Arena Ultra Mega God-like

  • Aspenharls

    Yosuke, you’re no longer my main.
    It’s not me it’s you. Just not as cool as Adachi.

  • Yagami Mao

    Mitsuru is so beautiful.

  • Nightmesh

    I’m so glad he doesn’t fight like Naoto since they both have guns.

    Edit: I mean the same type of gun. They look identical to me.

  • Herok♞

    The nice touch I see is that is that in trailers that have villains in them, they don’t show their shadows at the end.

  • MaidKillua

    PLEASE ATLUS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LET NIS PUBLISH THIS ONE IN EUROPE. I don’t wanna have to wait a whole fucking year again and they’re the only people who ever get us your games on time. P4G came out nice and quick. Hopefully PQ will be too. More NIS please.

    • Mirai

      If NISA doesn’t publish the game, then at the very least ATLUS DON’T REGION LOCK IT!!!!!

    • Atlus Europe has the publishing rights in Europe now. You won’t have to deal with a Zen screw up again.

      Though you may be looking at digital only, so it’s not all flowers and candy. But this release will not be region locked either so importing (either JPN or NA) will be an option thankfully.

      • MaidKillua

        If Atlus are self publishing here then it’s DEFINITELY going to be digital only, if it’s not i’ll eat my copy of P4G. lol. Glad about that lack of region lock then, I can’t stand digital

  • Kornelious

    Really starting to wish I beat persona 4 earlier :(

  • CptPokerface

    Dat new world fool tho.

  • Adachi the troll character.

    New main acquired.

    Because everyone wants to talk about murders

    ☆*:.。. o(◕▽◕)o .。.:*☆

    • ndjn3979


    • Mike Pureka

      Troll character who I will hate, check.

      • Nu. You will love him. Adachi is a lovable bastard.
        bastard, yes.
        But he’s a lovable one.

        • MrTyrant

          Troll villains are great anyway.

        • God

          He was trying to make the world a better place, and he would have gotten away with it, if it wasn’t for those meddlesome kids!

    • Pedro Rosas

      He is not in any way a troll, he is a psychopath :/

  • Mirai

    Rough translation from 1:00 onwards, “Oh dear, is this all your ‘justice’ is capable of? Too bad I guess you’re still brats afterall. Haha dumbass! Now come no matter how many times (you come stupid brat I’ll re-educate you.)” Last part I’m not entirely sure on, would help if someone could clear this part up.
    Anyway even if I suck at Adachi’s playstyle he’s still going to be one of my mains to play with. There’s no way I want to pass on playing the cabbage detective.

  • NTaiyokun

    I’m not even joking. If you pay attention, you can literally hear the announcer say “cabbage”.

    • That’s part of his “Fight Title”. Like how Narukami is called the Siscon Banchou.

      相も変わらず 世の中クソだなー 完全自己中キャベツ刑事(デカ)
      As usual, the world is just shit, isn’t it? The self absorbed cabbage detective(big)!

      It’s kind of a play on words, they write “detective” but say big, so in writing he’s call a cabbage detective, but spoken he’s called “The Big Cabbage”.

  • Loli Summoner

    So serious Q.
    Whats so great about persona? I’ve only played one, it was the one for PS Vita. It was really boring and it was WAY to much talking.
    I was watching more cut-scenes than playing the game, I didn’t make it far in the game because it was too boring but why you guys like it? Should I give it another go?

    • Yan Zhao

      If you dont like dialogues you’re probably playing the wrong genre of games in the first place. Becaust most, if not all RPGs, are dialogue heavy. And people enjoy them because they enjoy a good story.

      • Loli Summoner

        I like how you didn’t answer my Q and I know RPGs have a lot of dialogue.

        • Yan Zhao

          “People enjoy them because they enjoy a good story.”

          Your only complain is apparently a “high amount of dialogue”. You didnt specify why you disliked the game other than that. To which end, I’ve answered your problem.

          Persona 3 and 4 are regarded as some of the best RPGs Atlus ever made. If you dont understand why already you probably wont understand or agree now when people try to tell you the reason. Which is fine, go play something else.

          • Loli Summoner

            “People enjoy them because they enjoy a good story”

            Lol omg, you totally added that after I already replied so don’t quote yourself to make it seem like I didn’t see that XD

            Also what makes you so sure I wouldn’t understand? I wouldn’t be asking” why you guys like it” if I knew I wouldn’t understand. Believe it or not, I actually wanna like this game because I like the art style.

    • persona_yuji

      Like everything else in life, it’s all about taste, if long cutscenes isn’t your thing that’s all fine and dandy.

      Now about the game itself… unlike the original PS2 version, the Vita version has the almighty cutscene “skip” function (doesn’t really skip the cutscene, more like it goes to auto mode at the speed of light) by pressing the start button.

      So if long cutscenes are your main problem with it, I’d say give it a go IF you’re into turn based RPGs since you can “skip” cutscenes. Just remember that story and gameplay go hand-by-hand in this game, since you HAVE to make choices from time to time , and knowing what’s going on is CRUCIAL, speacially towards the ending.

      • Loli Summoner

        Tbh…I think I just didn’t like the game now that I think about it, it didn’t draw me in sadly. I just tried playing it again but I couldn’t get into it :(

        • persona_yuji

          That’s all right, no one’s forcing you to like the game. There are a LOT of RPGs out there, there’s bound to be another one that you’ll like.

        • Mr_SP

          *shrug* Different strokes for different strokes. Persona’s big thing was character development and plot. So all that long talking? Kind of a major part of what people liked.

        • then it’s obviously not for u then.

    • Liamv2

      You should give it another try. As much as I love persona I will say that it takes way way WAY WAY too long to get going. The first two hours are pure boredom until the actual game starts.

      • Loli Summoner

        Thanks for your honest opinion, everybody else seems a little offended and I wasn’t even bashing the game O_O

    • DwillXXII

      What’s so great about it? Everything. Gameplay, music, characters, school-life, bosses, story, etc. But yes, it does contain heavy dialogue and the beginning is a bit slow. You don’t seem like someone who enjoys a big, meaty game. Seems like you’re more of a pick and play person, i.e Flappy Bird.

      • Loli Summoner

        *Slow clap* You’re sooo intelligent~ how did you know I would like flappy bird? like omg!? you’re super smart.

        • XiaomuArisu

          Sarcasm? ;)
          Well P3 and P4 start slow but after the prologe its more Game then movie. So dont give up~

        • DwillXXII

          Thanks I tried :3

    • Seizui

      Persona is an interesting game because you can summon the ‘mythical beings’ as a part of you. The latter ones appealed to people for various reasons from the school life to the humor. Though, to be honest, Persona 3 and 4 didn’t quite grab me(4 less so). I’d actually recommending giving Persona 2 a try if you have a PSP. Persona 2 gives a much different vibe compared to 3 & 4. I highly doubt you’ll enjoy Persona 1, but I definitely recommend giving Persona 2: Innocent Sin(don’t think Eternal Punishment’s PSP version came out to the US), alas.

      • Loli Summoner

        Thank you, I will ^^

  • Yan Zhao

    Adachi’s pretty much Terumi for P4A, while Ken is Carl, lol.

    • Revorse

      If he plays anything like Terumi I’m all over him. Terumi is that dude.

    • persona_yuji

      Well, I like to kick Carl in the face when playing as Noel… so I guess that means I’ll enjoy punching Ken in the face with Yu.

    • MrJechgo

      Except that Ken doesn’t seem overreliant on Koromaru, compared to how Carl needs Nirvana to even survive a match… not to mention that Carl is a pain to control (holding Drive to use Nirvana instead of pressing Drive) and that Nirvana can’t attack on its own…

    • God

      I just wonder if Adachi will be able to reach that level of trollness… I mean, he trolls like his life depended on it (wich it does).

  • Freud_Hater

    This is seriously very, very cool, but wasn’t Adachi kinda seeking redemption at the end of P4? That’s why he sent the pro tag a letter telling what he remembered first happened when he got to Inaba, right? ôo

    • Well, for what it’s worth, in the trailer Adachi does say he’s a fake. He sounds pretty sarcastic about it though…

      • Freud_Hater

        That’s what In was gonna say XD After all, Adachi has kiiiiiiinda proven that he can lie without much trouble…

    • God

      Not really redemption, just that he was gonna start following the rules of the world, not beacuse he believed in them, but beacuse he was defeated. More than redemption the letter was simply an admition of his defeat. I just hope he isn’t really a fake…

      • Freud_Hater

        Yeah, having him be a fake created by… the power of the TV World, or something would be total bullshit :/

    • Kurizu208

      According to the screenshots when he was announced, the bad guy from the first arena tries to recruit Adachi from jail and he is like fuck that and escapes into a tv.

  • James Reilly

    “NANAKO!” – S. Narukami

    Somewhere in Inaba at that moment Nanako felt a cold shiver.

  • urbanscholar

    MadCatz just announced a TE stick colab with Atlus JP for P4U2*swoon*

    • Kurizu208

      looks decent minus the button colors

  • Surgeon of Death

    I heard new world fool. SOLD

  • King Dedede

    Wait a minute, if Adachi broke out of Jail, why does he still has the detective suit?

    • PragmaticSoul

      Because fuck continuity.

    • James Reilly

      Maybe because the jail was holding his clothes..? It’s not really an official police uniform either it’s just an outfit to suit a plain clothes detective. He could still be wearing it anyway since this is a few months before the P4G epilogue that mentions Adachi being a model prisoner.

      • God

        We don’t even know if the P4G epilogue is canon however, or any of the Golden content for that matter. But maybe Dojima agreed to temporaly release Adachi, since he has the power to fight shadows.

        • Addy

          I think it’s safe to say P4G epilogue is canon. Otherwise Atlus wouldn’t have added it as part of the good/true ending path.

          • God

            Doesn’t really mean anything, the extra things in P3 FES, like reviving a certain someone, turned out to be non-canonical.

          • Addy

            I’m pretty sure that was never addressed, if you mean who I think you mean.

          • God

            It was in FES, Mr. X (who shall remain unnamed for the sake of not spoiling anyone) lamented her loss in “The Answer”.

          • Addy

            I don’t think he directly said something indicating she died. Didn’t he say something along the lines of “I wouldn’t change anything that happened”? That could just be a reference to her memory loss should she be revived.

          • God

            That would contradict his reaction when she was revived, and remember than “The Answer” takes place after the revival, also (and i’m only saying this based on a few forums, so you decide wether to believe or not), it seems his dialogue in the japanese version where less… ambiguous.

          • Addy

            Ohhh okay. Well, we’ll probably find out if the Golden epilogue is canon in P4AU.

  • God

    Medamnit, now i HAVE to buy his DLC… another thing is that he doesn’t even seem to be taking the fights seriously, i know it’s not gonna happen but maybe since he doesn’t have a shadow he could have a second mode as a separate character where where he actually takes the fight seriously, it would make Adachi appeal to a wider demographic.

  • MrJechgo

    Now hold on a minute… In P4A, your playable character was always on the right side of the screen. If Adachi is on the left side… does this mean that he will appear several times in the actual story?

    • Ibuki Mioda

      He’s getting a Story Mode

      • MrJechgo

        Except that he’s on the wrong side of the screen; the character you’re using in Story mode on the right side, while your opponents/NPCs are on the left side. His trailer pretty much shows him as an NPC/secret opponent than a PC.

        The trailer wasn’t about his own episode, but the main game… now was it?

  • Guardian Byakko

    When I first saw the red ziodyne I thought copy & paste of yu and izanagi, but I’m glad I was wrong. I like adachi’s instant kill

    • Triplicity

      Yeah, that’s what I thought from the picture too. In motion it turns out it’s a special like Elizabeth’s Ziodyne, not a super…

  • Afternoon Intergalactic

    It seems like they’ve given Yu yet another super! Also, him yelling “Nanako!!” at the end of his trailer was a little creepy..

    • Steven Higgins

      That’s cause it was his fake “Shadow”

      • Afternoon Intergalactic

        I am aware. I’m guessing that they’re giving Narukami’s shadow the siscon treatment, which is not surprising given his title. I know that the persona 4 anime adaptation gave his “shadow” a personality as well, but I think I prefer this one.

      • MrJechgo

        Fake indeed… because shouldn’t his Shadow be about him not being alone or something as such? For a guy who generally has a pessimistic view of the world due to constantly moving from town to town and feeling lonely without having the chance to make any friend, pretty sure that would have gotten more attention than simply over-protecting his cousin.

        BTW, that’s how the manga and the anime depict Yu’s personality from the very beginning: quiet, reserved, rather shy and not very inclined to talk to others. Furthermore, the social links make him stronger because he’s befriending other people, something he never thought of doing.

        • Steven Higgins

          “Fake” because Personas and Shadows cannot exist at the same time,

          • MrJechgo

            I know that, but the other shadows at least represent what the characters hid inside.

        • God

          That’s only beacuse Atlus knows shit about psychology. One character could have an infinite number of shadows, and therefore an infinite number of personas, since each persona is granted when he accepts his shadow. However, if his conciousness starts to deny the shadow again, it could would mean that his persona and shadow would be able to co-exist, since it isn’t specfied the persona needs the constant acceptance of the shadow to exist.

    • Alexander Marquis Starkey

      I found that shit funny.

  • Land of Green Pasture

    Hmm…. that yellow hoodie seems FAMILIAR
    and boy, am I the only one here who need Namatame?

    • Steven Higgins

      Nope, I really want to see his version of Izanagi too.

    • XiaomuArisu

      He is this worlds version of Terumi~

      • God

        Don’t compare, Terumi only exists beacuse he trolls, he is on an entirely different level of trolling, only achieved by the greatests of trolls (like me).

  • MSJ

    dat New World Fool.

    can’t wait until they inevitably add Burn My Dread -Last Battle

    • God

      That’s Minato’s jam, no Minato, no Burn My Dread -Last Battle.

  • “Baaaaaaka.”

    Very chilling.

    I very much like how he fights, as it reflects in his character; Vicious mean streak coupled with a sadist streak when he laughed after tripping poor Teddie, plus that brutality on the girls.

  • Asura

    So at first I was really hyped for this game… but now after starting seriously playing Guilty Gear… I’m gonna just stick to Guilty Gear.

    • The Watcher

      Why not both?

  • It’s nice to see Yu having an actual personality. (Haven’t watched The Animation yet)

    Makoto in Spring of Birth, on the other hand… *sighs*

    • MrJechgo

      Did you play the first Arena game? You get a good taste of Yu’s actual personality there as well.

      • Nah, I actually beat P4 for the first time a few weeks ago, and decided to hold off on getting Arena 1 because this one’s going to have the story of the first as DLC, if I’m not mistaken.

        • MrJechgo

          True, fair enough…

          • It’s actually a good use for DLC, if you ask me.

          • MrJechgo

            If you didn’t buy P4A that is. I won’t be getting that DLC since I already plowed through the first game’s story… and not too inclined to do it again. No seriously, it took me longer than I expected.

            Adachi’s episode doesn’t too bad… because I don’t see Adachi as important to the story so far. He might be just a bystander who wishes to step in, similar to Elizabeth.

            If DLC is reserved for characters that don’t affect the story that much, I can take it… unlike another certain ASW series…

    • Jedahaw

      There was a reason why Makoto behaved that way in the movies, ya know.

      • Still didn’t like it. Game Minato coped just fine with his parents’ accident. He didn’t become an emotionless, rude guy.


        • Jedahaw

          Well, every Minato/Makoto is different to everyone. But, I felt that his portrayal in the movie was better then the original P4Anime’s Yu, but that’s just me.

          • Really? Can I ask why?

            I’ve just started watching The Animation, and I like Yu’s characterization a helluva lot more off a single episode than I did Makoto.

          • Jedahaw

            Hmm. Not sure how to say it. But i guess the main thing for me was how I imagined Makoto to be, and it came really close.

          • I gotta give you that. I was expecting it to be that way (while hoping it wasn’t) , but just that it felt kinda overdone.

            Though, it seems like he’s more open in the 2nd movie.


            Honestly, it might seem like he’s pulling a Squall. (I don’t want to care for anyone because I’m going to lose them and be lonely again)

            His personality isn’t set in stone, but up until the final fight in movie 1, I was wondering why he wouldn’t just kill himself if he was so neutral on the subject of life/death, y’know?

            Well, I’ll see how it goes once movie 2 gets subbed. It’s getting to the good parts of the story, anyway.

          • Mc-kun

            Minato is suppose to be Kuudere. In the original game they made him have a sense of humor if you go by the options and down to earth (reclusive sorta) similar to Yu from Persona 4 but in P3P (and the movie) they decided to take that to 11 and use the tragic hero past to make him more of an ice man.

        • Hexodious

          That was only in the first part of the movie, chill out.

          • I’m chill! The caps was only a joke.

            I just wasn’t really feeling his character is all. I really hope he changes into more of an open guy throughout the movies.

  • Benjamin Tyler

    I guess I gotta replay Arena to see all the complaints about Yu’s personality. It felt like a pretty spot on translation from Animation, but I don’t have the analyzing abilities that most of the Internet seems to have when it comes to everything I have a differing opinion on.

    • Mc-kun

      Late reply but I think people have issues with Yu because he seems like a hero type to a T. You know “Do the right thing, etc.” People now a days like Anti-hero types like Accelerator or Lulu. People say he’s bland/boring but to be honest using personas is a hard job so his down to earth nature is welcomed. Plus his sister con complex doesn’t make him bland at all.

  • ShinNeoGranzon

    Did Adachi just use both of Narukami’s special attacks as NORMAL attacks. Can’t wait to see how broken his actual special attacks are.

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