Corpse Party: Blood Drive Plays Like The Original Corpse Party With 3D Models

By Spencer . June 20, 2014 . 2:01am

While Corpse Party: Book of Shadows continued 5pb’s Corpse Party saga, the gameplay was more like 5pb’s visual novels than the first game. Corpse Party: Blood Drive for PlayStation Vita brings the series back to the original Corpse Party gameplay.


Players can guide a character to explore environments and search for items. Corpse Party: Blood Drive gives your character a flashlight which allowed 5pb to hide ghosts and traps in the shadows. Watch out for falling cabinets and tentacles that jump out. You can run if a ghost spots and the game allows players to switch characters.


Corpse Party: Blood Drive is scheduled to come out on July 24 for PlayStation Vita.

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  • I hope this comes West

    • persona_yuji

      In XSeed we trust!

  • Land of Green Pasture

    Did I just read tentacles? Insta-day one buy

  • William Matthews

    Xseed will localize now if it were sega

  • Shippoyasha

    The first game left me with an everlasting sense of dread and trauma. Sequel having 3D models is going to make it much more terrifying, I just know it. Can’t wait!

    • Loli Summoner

      You must have been young hmhm, tbh anything with an anime art style won’t scare me but can it gross me out? Yes…yes it can lol.

  • Anna Scruton

    Gosh this game looks terrifying. Corpse Party is one of the few horror series Ive wanted to play, but my chicken heart keeps scaring me away.

    • Postnjam

      it’s a fun game, granted, it’s a bit….welll….finiky, the first chase scene is a bit hard with the controls, but i could just suck at life.

      • Anna Scruton

        Well, I may buy the two games when funds allow, but I’m also having a blast watching people play through it on YT. Most of the plot was spoiled for me when the first game came out anyways (people wouldn’t stop talking about it and I got too curious). I’ll probably pick up the anime in the mean time and maybe catch up on the manga.

    • Anthony Birken

      Sometimes I wish I knew what this “chicken heart” of yours felt like. If your ever stuck in Heavenly Host (or Shinozaki Residence), I will separate it from you. Alright, but jokes aside, I do want to know what it’s like to be scared from these games. A lot of my friends are like that and I feel like I’m missing out…

      • Anna Scruton

        Ahaha, its more like a mind thing than a heart thing. I just let scary games get to me because I’m afraid of the dark and what lurks in it. If I play scary games, it keeps me awake thus having to face the darkness sleeplessly. So, because I like my sleep, I avoid scary games and movies.

  • Loli Summoner

    I just watched the anime few weeks ago, gotta say, glad I did.
    It wasn’t scary or anything but it was gory and bloody which was awesome btw.

  • Yagami Mao

    running away from ghosts. I missed that fun time. :D

  • Kayseur

    Actually, the only thing I’m afraid of with this transition (and which seems confirmed) is that they’re going to replace most of the beautiful event CG with 3D scenes. And I find this a bit sad.

    • Jesse

      Well, I’ve seen a few CGs from the game, like the one with Naomi having the symbol on her eye, so I’m sure they’re still there. ^^

  • revenent hell

    I am so happy the gameplay has gone back to “normal” here. I just found it added more depth to the game when playing whereas just choosing where to go and instantly going there didn’t. BoS just felt like something I was reading so it took away from the “creepiness” of it.

  • Kotori Itsuka

    Holy f*ck…I hope eu gets this, cuz I bought my vita for this.

    • H.A.MK

      It will. According to XSEED, they will translate the game as soon as it comes out. So, rest assured that we will get it in ENG

      • Kotori Itsuka

        OMG, YES! I NEED THIS NOW! How long do you think it would take for them to translate it when it comes out?

        • H.A.MK

          4-5 Months…..maybe less depending on when they start. But I will buy the game in Japanese and English regardless.

          • Kotori Itsuka

            I see. But as long as I get it in english I’ll be happy. Since you’re going to buy the jap version as well, does that mean you can rrad kanji to a certain degree(

  • Anesia Hunter

    it’s weird… it creeps me out, but i’m loving it and i hope this gets localized for NA & EU.

  • Rose Spinoza

    Okay. Now THIS. THIS video looks promising. Especially in comparison to all the fan service garbage they’ve been using to tease this game with previously.
    (Also, goddamit, I hope at least the ghosts of Mayu and Morishige are able to meet again. ;_; .)

  • straightthrucru

    lol are they using phones as flashlights? that’s pretty baller.

  • Ying

    Now this has the look and feel of a horror game. I just never got as creeped out in BoS as I did in the first game. I’m curious why certain characters (Ayumi) have 2D portraits when they talk and then others don’t

  • Kornelious

    This looks pretty cool, it adds some cool features too the already awesome corpse party gameplay style, and I think the sprites look really cool, though also note that things will look MUCH more detailed now…… >:)

    Though I see characters from the original Corpse Party, so is this continuing the story?

    • Jesse

      Yeah, it continues from the Blood Drive Chapter in Book of Shadows.

  • Junko Enoshima

    This looks like fun, but the framerate looks pretty bad.

  • Jan Daryll Palanca

    this reminds me of that time when i had an argument with someone here at siliconera about how the original/first corpse party is better (and scarier) than the book of shadows! we kept exchanging facts about our take on each game but we were both persistent in our stand (me CP1 him/her CP2) but in the i still WON! knowing Blood Drive dropped the whole Visual Novel (and Good riddance~ ) and switched back gears to the original CP gameplay!
    Note: No offense to BOS fans, but this game is better off being actually played by players not to be bombarded with texts for the next 6 hours and forcing ones imaginations to guess whats happening since they didn’t provide that much CG’s or Cut scenes to help us comprehend those important scenarios…

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      You didn’t win at all, this looks just as I feared. It looks nice but it doesn’t look scary.

      • Jan Daryll Palanca

        you’re right, i didn’t win.. the Corpse Party fans Won! XD
        we got what we as fans wanted, for corpse party to get back on its roots! the corpse party that we could play and explore the games horrors!
        wut u mean not scary? sure the pacing of this trailer (and giving us potential spoilers) sucks but it kinda of gives us an idea on how the game is going to be like! and it still looks pretty scary to me tho~ there are now enemies chasing you and death traps depleting your health/HP, pitch dark areas with only your flash light as your ray of hope guiding you to save your lost/dead friends, and FREAKING EXPLORATION of the whole school always on the look out for the unknown!

        • Kumiko Akimoto

          What are you talking about, when we talked about that it was already know it was going for blood patient’s style.
          Pacing? It had nothing to do with pacing, and just to do with the environment. I was hoping it would be a lot scarier then blood patient because of the setting but it doesn’t look like it. When that guy was going into the bathroom a face was the at the top of the screen when the screen was changing, while that can be funny I thought it was cheap to have it appear at the beginning there was no surprise to it and it wasn’t obvious that it was there.
          Honestly I was and still worried people will complain that this style is less scary.

          • Jan Daryll Palanca

            hoho~? maybe that’s just your deep desire for BOS and your personal preference talking nyaa~ = w =
            either way,I or anyone can convince you otherwise, we believe that Blood Drive will be as scary as its predecessors!
            i have my complete trust over at the guys from Team GrisGris/Grindhouse(?) and 5pb/Mages!
            (But mostly Team GrisGris for without them blood drive will become another BOS which thank the universe they are completely involved with this thus the 3D sprites are back!)

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            Actually I’ve already seen people talking about how they don’t like the new direction because it feels to actiony.
            I have no doubt that this will be good but scary, will be a minimal. I don’t mind this style I just know that BOS was the scarier game. It pulled it off a lot more then the first game did.

            There are fan games that are scarier then the first game.

          • Jan Daryll Palanca

            give them a choice to choose between cp1 and cp2 you’ll see what I’m talking about.
            Remember BOS? That’s just how it works! But Sadly for bos fans it wasn’t the direction most CP fans were looking forward to…
            I was quite surprised myself when I first saw those fan made games! It was like cp1’s sprites and graphics combined with the VN style of bos! See? Even they want the sprites back! XD

    • ShootThatWay

      I played Book of Shadows for the feels. I actually already knew before-hand that it wasn’t going to be scary. I just wanted to know about the other characters, which could only happen more efficiently with a visual novel approach. :P

      • Jan Daryll Palanca

        Now try to imagine if they applied the sprites back in, retelling the scenarios in action without the mountain of text and a single CG.

        • Kumiko Akimoto

          The only thing that would scary is maybe ryou popping up bad ending.

  • Kumiko Akimoto

    I can’t wait to see what the ones that died are up to, that thing with Shig was interesting, not sure if he’s hostile or just incoherent non hostile.

    • Jan Daryll Palanca

      at the end tho.. i hope everyone comes back alive…

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        That’s impossible the least they could do is bring their bodies back, honestly this is a fools errand that looks like it’ll cost a lot.

        • Jan Daryll Palanca

          Who knows..? It’s a closed spaced world/dimension where anything can happen which in effect can alter time and space/reality as we speak!

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            The only thing it does is erases the memories of those lost there, bringing back the dead is a whole other thing. There’s no way this is anything more then a fools errand.

          • Jan Daryll Palanca

            Exactly! But consider this, It can alter reality not just memories! Remember the burnt out pictures of the victims? Or Seiko’s and all the victims existence being erased? My personal theory on this: it doesn’t limit itself to the school, it holds something greater…

    • ShootThatWay

      I’m pretty sure they’re stuck repeating what they were doing before they died for eternity. Shig was looking for Mayu before he died; therefore, he will continue to look for her.
      It’s this place’s way of saying, you’ll never get peace/closure.

      I just want Kizami. I don’t care what’s up with him I just want him. D:

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        He’s the anatomical model so if they have any scenes in there then that’s when you’ll see him.

  • Anthony Birken

    I actually prefer the non-3D models, but I’ll take w/e CP I can get.

    Edit: I’ve had my vita for quite some time now, waiting for this game. I WILL buy it.

    • Jan Daryll Palanca

      would you like the BOS gameplay with that good sir?
      yeah i loved the pixel art as well but hey at least we can now enjoy CP that way that it should be played!

      • Anthony Birken

        In all honesty, the first installment captivated me. I was a bit iffy when they switched to that type of VN style in BOS, but I put up with it. I’m glad that they are finally using models again, but I don’t know how much horror I can expect when looking at chibi models…

        That audio is beautiful though. That with the lights off and Hi-Def headphones should be enough to enjoy the game regardless~

        • Jan Daryll Palanca

          Agreed! Hope team GrisGris will always be present and involved like they are with blood drive!
          (Fact: they weren’t as involved in developing BOS that’s why they/5pb(well known for VN’s) tossed out the sprites and turned it into what it is now.)

  • ShootThatWay

    Running away from ghosts + holes + tentacles = better(more difficult) chase scenes

    I’m all game.

    PS: Falling cabinets would be nothing if Kizami was here. :(

  • This isn’t the one XSeed is publishing on PC though, right? Dang.

  • Kayriss Wins

    All those moving organs on the walls that just wiggle around…. god why does it make me so itchy when I look at them?!

  • starlightbreaker

    Chibi sprites? What the hell were they thinking.

  • CloudStrifeACC

    Somehow, I feel more disgusted than scared….

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