How Lily Bergamo Turned Into Let It Die

By Spencer . June 20, 2014 . 3:30pm


When Siliconera met with Grasshopper Manufacture CEO Goichi Suda, we talked about his next major project and first collaboration with GungHo Online Entertainment, Let It Die. The game is a PlayStation 4 exclusive slated for release in 2015, which we originally saw last year as Lily Bergamo.


The last time we met we were talking about Lily Bergamo before it was officially announced for PlayStation 4 and Lily Bergamo turned into Let it Die. How did this happen?


Goichi Suda, Producer of Let It Die: I think Lily Bergamo was officially announced in Japan last September. After that while we were designing the game, one of the key features of the game is once a player dies their player data becomes enemy data and they spawn as an enemy.


Using that feature, the game basically evolved from Lily Bergamo to Let It Die. It was a better concept. It better represented what we were thinking. The game officially became Let It Die around December.




What about the female lead character, concept art, and mysterious red door – are all of those designs gone?


There was a complete shift in the environment and world, so yeah everything is gone.


Are you ever going to reuse the Lily Bergamo world or story, maybe not for Let It Die, but for another game?


It’s not going to be obvious to players, but there are a lot of assets and visuals reused from Lily Bergamo in Let It Die. So, it’s not like we scrapped it completely. Let It Die is an evolution of Lily Bergamo.


The story has changed, though and there aren’t any plans to use any of the other assets.


How does the combat work?

There are some hints in the trailer. Did you see where there is a player shooting someone up top? That’s how battles are going to go. Keep your eyes open for about three or four peeks at gameplay footage.



What kinds of characters are in Let It Die? Are they brooding characters like in the trailer or does the game have wacky characters like the Grim Reaper on a skateboard in the logo?


The main portion of the game is going to be serious like the trailer. I think that the game can’t be serious all of the time, so there will be spots with Suda flavor in it, but the main visuals are like the trailer.


What is your favorite weapon in the game? Can players create weapons by mixing weapons together?


I can only talk about the weapons shown in the trailer, though! Hmm… I like the nail bat and the saw shown at the end has a lot of impact so I like to play with it, but my favorite weapon is the morning star.


The game doesn’t have combo weapons, but if you spot an enemy with a weapon you like you can fight that enemy and take their weapon.


Let It Die is a free to play game. Can you tell us how it will be monetized? Will you sell continues like Puzzle & Dragons? Weapons? Wacky helmets?


Since it is a free to play game, we will sell items, but this won’t be pay to win. We can’t go into details about this right now though.


As you know, Grasshopper Manufacture is known for making console games. Working with the free to play model has been a challenge for us. I see this as a good challenge and my goal is to add Grasshopper Manufacture’s creative juices into the free to play model.




Is Grasshopper Manufacture also developing boxed console games too?


I can’t talk about the other stuff right now. [Laughs]


Is GungHo Online Entertainment America publishing the game in the West?




For GungHo Online Entertainment as a company, Let It Die is quite different from all of the other games GungHo released in Japan since it looks pretty violent.


I can’t speak for GungHo, but I think Morishita-san is a designer that creates fun and interesting games that go beyond Puzzle & Dragons. GungHo, I think, is more like Disneyland where you have different attractions like Star Wars, haunted mansions, and Disney in the same park. I don’t think Grasshopper Manufacture has to blend into what GungH, I think there are genres that we can lead and that is where this game comes in.


Morishita-san is the kind of guy who is constantly thinking. If our team comes up with an idea, Morishita-san usually looks at it from a bunch of different perspectives and comes up with a bunch of different ideas out of the original idea.

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  • sunK1D

    This is dead to me.
    No interest whatsoever now.

    Bring Lily Bergamo back you clowns.

    • subsamuel01

      That game looked so interesting too and its visuals were amazing, loved the anime style cell shading. Would have been an amazing game especially on the PS4.

    • Herok♞

      So basically you don’t care that the creators themselves feel that Let It Die is a better representation of what they were going for. You rather have the other game we knew next to nothing about that probably would have been a worse game becasue?

    • Michael Martin

      Let’s be honest: there is zero connection between these two titles. Nothing. They’re going about this in entirely the wrong way. Saying Lily Bergamo “turned into” Let it Die is downright insulting to the fans and immediately turns people off to the new title. They should’ve just said Lily Bergamo “wasn’t working out” and was canned and spun Let it Die as an entirely new title (because it is).

      • Colonel Custard

        screwing fans of what a teaser?

  • Yan Zhao

    More like “How Lily Bergamo lost all it’s former fans”

  • Caribbean Brony

    I was happy for Let It Die, but at the sacrifice of Lily Bergamo for it… I really can’t muster that sense of hype that I had anymore.

    Sorry, Suda51. Taking a pass this time.

  • Feenyx16

    So disappointed…

  • RagingTiger44

    So they won’t use assets from Lily Bergamo. Disappointing indeed. I’m going to take a “wait and see” approach with this game. The main benefit F2P games have is that you try them at no cost to you.

    • K1LL1NGZ0NE

      Its seems that they are, just not any of the promising ones…

  • Egil

    I still had hope…

  • Martian Wong

    “There was a complete shift in the environment and world, so yeah everything is gone.” So sad. Everything is gone. Lily is like an imaginary friend now.

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    This is like complete pandering to the western market. Just give me Lily Bergamo! I was really excited for the mystery of that game!
    Now…Now everything is ruined.

    • Asura

      “I was really excited for the mystery of that game!”

      I was excited for that thing I knew nearly nothing about!

      Palette swap some generic anime onto any “western” game and all of you people would apparently be loosing your crap over how hype it is.

  • Shinobikens

    Yeah bring back Lily Bergamo. I was pissed off when I heard they changed it to this

    • Brandon

      What exactly did you know about that game?

      • Shinobikens

        Nothing besides what they told us, aside from the gorgeous art and great character design. Now they’re just pandering to the western audience. Lily Bergamo was fucking gorgeous this is more generic (visually not gameplay wise)

  • Cyberpunk9

    the cool girl turned into an ugly half naked man.

    • Colonel Custard

      or ugly girl turned into normal looking half naked man. What you got something against dude?

  • Forty

    Lily Bergamo is and always was a CG trailer. I absolutely love Kozakis art, trust me, but that trailer was all we knew about it besides vague statements about it being an action game and with smartphone integration. Lily Bergamo becoming Let It Die doesn’t mean you’ve lost anything. Games can and do go through art style shifts in development, all that happened here was that we saw one. This is still the game they were developing.

    Again, I love the art Kozaki does, and I really liked the visuals in that CG trailer, but we haven’t “lost” anything and it’s sad to see people so upset over this.

  • Kintama

    I’m still pissed…

    • NintendoPSXTheSecond

      We all are.

    • Colonel Custard

      bout what exactly a CGI teaser of game that was almost entirely in slow mo. Okay whatever floats ye boat.

    • Brandon

      Get over it or make your own game

  • Brandonmkii

    The amount of people upset over the loss of a trailer is hilarious.

  • SprintsMcGee

    Looks like I’m going to pass on this one. I was really looking forward to Lily Bergamo too =/

  • Rafael Budzinski

    …it always amazes me as everybody always thinks “realistic graphics” = “western market”…

    • Colonel Custard

      indeed its like a cellshaded approach is strictly for Japan cause the rest of the world fuck them right.

    • Herok♞

      Thank you I was about to say the same thing and the most ironic part about this whole thing is that this might be more for the Eastern audience since most the fans of Lily Bergamon speaking up in articles like this are technically from a western audience

      • Istillduno

        Are you sure that isn’t because the articles like this you are reading are on American websites or are you actually bilingual and checking other countries sites too?

        Just sayin, when I post on an article I don’t then go look up articles in other languages and translate my post to them to…

        • Herok♞

          I was kinda being sarcastic about the supposedly western audience was complaining about the game being westernized

  • Junko Enoshima

    Ok, this game looks perfectly cool and everyone in the comments section is complaining about a female character who wasn’t even given a full personality. Get over yourselves, it’s a game.

    • Wtv

      Well..they showed something that had a different style and mainly a differente main character in a media that’s overflowing with the same generic main characters and style.

      Then suddenly they change everything for the same generic thing that every game is using. So yeah, I think everyone has a reason to complain.

      • Colonel Custard

        forgive if being a black guy is generic. You could say the same generic anime style is overflowing too. If you don’t think that take a stroll through the indie games… Point being both styles are generic. I’ve seen enough anime style for something realistic to appeal to me now.

        • Wtv

          That’s why I said “mainly a different main character”. Even in game with anime style, we would have a generic anime hero as main character. Tell how many games we have with a heroine like that. I don’t remember a lot of it.

          And I’m telling why people complain about it. When I stop to think about the game, it would probably still be a free to play social game even with the lost art style, so I don’t really care, because it wouldn’t be something I would like. But saying that people are complaing for nothing doesn’t make sense. There is a very good reason.

          • Colonel Custard

            True not many games have a heroine like that, though the list of heroine that punch the ground seems to be quite thin.

            I think its gonna kinda like dark souls pvp/manhunt type thing going on. Anyways a artstyle alone does not make a game *points at Killer Is Dead*. bad game is bad.

          • Wtv

            Well..just saying that there are people who like Killer is Dead. I don’t know what’s the reason, but…I also think that it’s not wrong to like a game for it’s style, or story, or something else.

            I like a lot of games that are considered bad. And I can see their problems. But other aspects keep me more entertained than a lot of more mainstream games with better gameplay.

            But that is another topic already.

          • Colonel Custard

            Aye lets not enter the territory of ppl with bad taste in games you know the type that would defend Blade Dancer as a good game.

      • Junko Enoshima

        I don’t know, “Let it Die” seems like a pretty original and…disturbing game coming from a company that usually focuses on RPGs. And your character being used as an enemy in another player’s game sounds kind of cool and certainly unique.

        • NintendoPSXTheSecond

          Uhh, not unique. Zombi U beat it to the punch.

          • Junko Enoshima

            True, but the way it works could be completely different than Let it Die. There’s still too little info about the game.

    • otakumike

      One thing you don’t do is strip a man of his waifu.

      Seriously though I think this game has potential and won’t be just full on fanservice for once.

  • Unlimax

    Feels like a Manhunt sequel than a Lily Bergamo

    • Colonel Custard

      that is true it does feel Manhunty except with better AI probably.

    • revenent hell

      They took Lily’s online aspect and turned it into this game. They pretty much scrapped everything “Lily Bergamo” except for that..

      Which I think is pretty pathetic. They have said that certain stuff from Lily Bergamo was represented in this game but all that really is, is the online aspect. They should have just been honest and said they scrapped Lily in favor of this game because they thought micro transactions and pay walls would bring in more money that what Lily Bergamo would have.

      • Colonel Custard

        What exactly did they scrap do you know? How far in progress with Lily do you know? So then what exactly bout Lily are you arguing about.

        Yes a can get behind your cynicism of the f2p approach.

        • revenent hell

          As far as the free to play go, I wasn’t being cynical toward them I was stating the obvious truth. Free to play games make their money via having pay walls and micro transactions. Its a fact, not a theory , not a delusion but fact. If you don’t like hearing that’s how free to play games work and make money well, it sucks to be you doesn’t it? Because that’s just the way it is as far as how free to play games run and make their money.

          My “dislike” stems from them stating this is an “evolution” of Lily Bergamo and frankly I think most are not so oblivious that they cant see that’s not the case, what was there ,concept and Idea wise, was quite the antithesis to this game, as I and most viewed of it to be. So to say it “evolved” in to this is nothing but bullshit in my opinion and is a way to try and keep “fans” from being to upset that Lily Bergamo was replaced with this game, so obviously making a correlation between two distinctly different games is a wise idea .

          “What exactly did they scrap do you know?”

          Yes, everything but the online ideas and “super action” format that Lily Bergamo was suppose to be. They obviously didn’t use the artwork that was viewable in the mini trailer and shown in shots in this game so its obvious instead of “evolved” it was scrapped and not used, the protagonist will not be in this game by any means so instead of having her be an NPC or something they just decided to omit her character entirely. So , yes, those where “scrapped” , or “removed” or whatever one wants to term it as , for this game by their own words.

          “How far in progress with Lily do you know?”

          I can make an estimated assumption based on the fact they where obviously far enough in to create artwork for the game as well as the main character, and to give her a name as well as create a mini video for it so my interpretation is they actually had it more in play than what the general consensus would have people believe. You don’t get that far in to creating a videogame, that you have artwork made for the game as well as a trailer, without having some solid groundwork in play at a minimum.

          ” So then what exactly bout Lily are you arguing about.?”

          I was not arguing about the Lili game to begin with, your the one making me explain myself asking your condescending questions because you obviously didn’t have the ability to grasp what I was saying even though it is quite clear, my contempt is at what I feel was “Suda” being full o shit and trying to placate people by making some sort of correlation between the Lily Bergamo game and this one by saying it “evolved” when its more than obvious there’s so little of resemblance from one to the other game that the validity of that statement is comical at best.

          ” Yes a can get behind your cynicism of the f2p approach”

          • Colonel Custard

            Do you have evidence of this “super action” was it ever stated how it was suppose to play.

            actually you can make it that far with any solid groundwork. Studios do things different on a studio to studio bases maybe here they were focusing on the MC while they had a concept for the gameplay thus, the teaser showing jack shit.

            SO again what did they scrap? my answer “nothing of value”

            Your making a statement supporting your view thats an argument if I’ve ever saw one.

            As for the cynicism part in other words yes I can see the dogma against f2p practices yes you’re right its a cash grab. That is all.

          • revenent hell

            As a matter of fact it was.
            1) The evidence of this “super action” is in an article done here by siliconera,no less! Because I am magic and made the article and concept of ” super action” appear out of thin air! You know like the majority of people who comment to others and think their opinions are the only ones that have any validity.


            In particular :
            “Without changing the concept of having ‘super action’ and asynchronous online connectivity as the root, rather, from having kept that as a big part of it, we also put in more strengths on the survival aspect, and it evolved into what you saw in game we presented.”

            2) SO again what did they scrap? my answer “nothing of value”

            YOUR answer. That’s not mine or my opinion. I gave you MY answer for the question you asked of me. That’s what you think and not what I think. Its called being an individual and not having a hive mind. If you wanted your own answer you shouldn’t have bothered asking me your questions ,for which I answered, how I wished to.

            3) “Your making a statement supporting your view thats an argument if I’ve ever saw one”

            I can make any statements I wish. If you don’t like them to bad and boo hoo. I have my own thoughts, ideas and opinions if I state them and you want to nit pick upon them go for it, but my statement was hardly “arguing” anything. Stating my reasoning for my thoughts is not arguing that’s your perception of something that doesn’t correlate with your own ideals.

            Again, its only an argument as you have made in to being. Perhaps in future you wont treat people like they have no right to any judgment of their own when you comment upon their words.

            4) Acknowledging your comment about “how far” a video game or its premise can get without anything actually being in the groundwork is highly comical.

            People do not just say ” Here’s an idea for a game, lets hire some dude to make the artwork , without knowing what type of art it should be, lets just let him make some random designs or squiggly shit and we will pick the colors we like most!, lets also show people how we don’t even have a character for it, we don’t even have any names for the character either, we also don’t even know what genre of game it will be!!!!” and it becomes a game trailer. Not plausible or possible

            And please reread your posts before you hit the send button. You miss a lot of words in your sentences, you have zero punctuation skills (not that mine are the best), but at least most don’t think they are talking to someone in grade school when I make a reply or comment.

      • Asura

        There was so fuggin little of Lily to scrap that it’s more like they just tossed their concept art aside.

        • revenent hell

          Well, I forgot to add in “concepts” there and thought I should edit it in but I had already hit the post button so… I figured I might as well leave it as is.

  • taekk

    They had assets, character, and story that were all scrapped. So yes, we did lose the potential of a cool game. Now it’s just free to play game with drab environments and boring graphics.

  • Fallen_Persona

    I’m shedding tears at the loss of the beautiful Lily Bergamo. Would have made a great show most likely as well as game.

  • Ash_Riot

    Well at least it sounds like they may have other stuff in the works, who knows maybe Kozaki’s art will be in one of those projects instead? Not all hope is lost yet.

  • revenent hell

    Most of this is the same stuff he said in one of the first posts siliconera did about this game.
    And the man is lame. He refers to himself in the third person.

    • Asura

      Where did he do that?

      And if he does it in Japanese, you’re aware that’s how they bloody talk are you not?

      • revenent hell

        I could care less what culture has the habit of doing what when he said ” There will be Suda flavor mixed in here and there”.
        Talking in the third person to me is lame.

        • Aoshi00

          Reminds me of Seinfeld, “Jimmy can dunk” :) but yeah I know a person in real life he always refers to himself in 3rd person in emails, it sounds strange.. but yeah in Jpn sometimes people refer to them as a 3rd person, guess Suda thinks of himself as a brand :)

          F2P is red flag alrdy :( I liked No More Heroes okay and loved Lollipop Chainsaw, haven’t finished Killer is Dead for some reason.. Suda’s always more style than substance..

          • revenent hell

            Growing up I knew a lot of people that talked that way, I think it might have been a trend at the time, and since they where adults ,as a child I could hardly tell them how annoying I found it to be. Now a days I don’t have that problem :D

            And realistically Suda himself is really kind of a brand, just like any artist is, regardless of what that art may be, in my opinion at least.

            So saying its the culture that makes Japanese people refer to themselves in the third person is not entirely accurate? I am shocked.

            I don’t really hate free to play games even though I really have nothing to do with them other than thinking they are nothing more than a legal way to scam people…….

            Anyhoo, that aside I dislike that they had the nerve to say this is what Lily morphed in to….. I think they only made that correlation in an attempt to sooth the people who would possibly be angry that the concept and ideas of Lily Bergamo was scrapped to be replaced by this game. Obviously I don’t think this was a wise idea, even if some do consider and believe it to be the truth .

          • Aoshi00

            yeah, it’s hard to see any correlation at all, it was like a short ad or promo but didn’t materialize after all.. I find it a bit funny people said they were going to get a PS4 for it :) Yeah, I don’t like F2P games making you buy things, like Sengoku Blade / Tengai making you pay to buy other characters or to continue.. this is so generic though to Lily.. the “life bars” getting chipped away are a bit scary lol..

          • revenent hell

            People really have claimed they would get a PS4 for Lily Bergamo ? That’s bad. Even if the game was still being created no one knows when it would have been released. For all anyone knows the PS5 could have been available before the Lily game came out to the market…… Oh, people is funny sometimes.

            In my younger days I did attempt to play a few free to play games but they where bad. I can still remember my frustration. It was so limiting unless you paid money to get anywhere. Even traversing the “open world” wasn’t open as a “free” player. Granted I am sure most F2P games aren’t exactly the same as they where then but I cant even minimally imagine they are, for the most part, any less “money syphoning” towards a player.

            Actually, I am not a Suda fan really but I was actually interested in Lily Bergamo, I was seriously shocked that it was Suda behind the game because I tend not to really be interested in his works or style.

            Frankly, what little was shown of Lily was indeed beautiful, I think anyways, and I don’t see how any bits od that fit in to this. This game appears, as you said, generic.

        • Asura

          Great, so you don’t care whatsoever about the grammar of another culture yet feel righteous enough to whine about it.

          Well then, you massive ignorant philistine, have fun being a major lame-ass yourself.

          (This is ignoring that wasn’t even referring to himself in the third person. People saying Suda’s games have a specific feel reflective of him has been happening forever. Which means you also just flat-out lack basic reading comprehension. I’m not surprised.)

          • revenent hell

            Yeah I am ignorant because I have an opinion that is not yours, the nerve I have.

            I don’t care for the concept of people referring to themselves in the third person which this article makes him sound as if he is doing. Just because you interpret it a different way means little to me, that’s your interpretation of what has been stated not mine.

            And I never implied “righteousness” in anything I said, I don’t like it and find it lame to do when people refer to themselves in the third person. So, I stated as much.

            And quite frankly I don’t find your opinions about any culture to be a valid source of information. Your implication is its some form historical long and common practice to implement for the people when its not, kids and pop stars or people who want to be “cutesy” refer to themselves in the third person. It has the same meaning as it does in American culture really, and your vehemence over protecting such an “important and vital cultural aspect” comes across as nothing more than laughable

            And still I don’t find it to be cute or impressive, I find it to be lame and irritating. Its my feelings on the subject and just because you feel or want it to be a highly respected act for its cultural history and meaning doesn’t make it so. Its a selective trait, one not taught to do in schools or even as proper manners. So, thank you kindly, you may keep your false impressions.

            You should kindly look in the mirror before you have the audacity to give your own obtuse and ignorantly placed opinion on another’s when its obvious accepting another’s viewpoint is not within your capacity to do if its not along the lines of your own.

            You have far from made yourself appear to have any great amount of intelligence , if anything you have reduced yourself to a pathetic and childish state because you cant comprehend someone else has thoughts and opinions on something that aren’t yours, which just goes to prove what a small minded, critical and hypocritical person with an over inflated sense of ego you really have.

            ” I don’t like your opinion, your stupid!” Yeah, well buddy I don’t think very much of yours either considering its source.

  • Brandon

    As i said before all the whiners had best get their wallets out for Ranko Tsukigime when it comes out.

    • Landale

      I suggest you drop the antagonistic attitude.

      • Asura

        Any news regarding Let It Die has brought nothing but antagonistic comments.

        I didn’t think I could even mildly be offended about people bashing a game I didn’t have any real interest in and its creator, but boy was I wrong. All the whining was major enough (“antagonistic” enough) for me to feel as if I have a stake in this when I really don’t; I simply think it’s ridiculous to mourn and laud mere concept art for a game one knew nothing about.

        • Colonel Custard

          If only ppl would just Let It Die.

          • Sentsuizan_93

            Oh you~

    • Istillduno

      Trust me, backing an hour long game without much replay value isn’t much better than backing bland looking shooty thing in terms of desired effects.

      My wallet is staying shut for both at the minute.

  • Rafael Budzinski

    …and I’m still trying to understand why people are so pissed off about the “death” of Lily Bergamo, a 42 seconds teaser that didn’t show’d anything about the product despite it’s anime graphics and a logo. There wasn’t anything there, anything. It’s like praise Uncharted 4 graphics because of the CGI showed…

    • Sion Cruz

      IT’s all about possibilities, pretty much the reason people follow E3, and TGS. A hope towards the future for new games that may delight the buyer, even if it was a 42 second clip. I could only understand your reasoning if they only showed a title and then called it. Nothing to really grasp. 42 seconds of hope. I’m passing on this, buying Short Peace, and the soundtrack for Let it Die will be great. More than likely Akira Yamaoka will be behind this.

      • Asura

        Concept art should never be hope.

        • Sion Cruz

          You must lack imagination…

          • Herok♞

            Imagination makes people build things up to a point where nothing will satisfy them in the end,

          • Sion Cruz

            Way to generalize, not everything is so black and white. Not everyone reaches out of bounds to create a situation in-which they can never be satisfied.

            “Imagination: the faculty or action of forming new ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses.”

            Doesn’t sound as pessimistic as you make it sound.

          • Herok♞

            Just saying imagination is a double edged sword. Someone lacking imagination might be good for them since they would take a bad game as bad. Like if you imagine something will be good but it turns out bad you have the underlying disappointment you will have to deal with.

          • Sion Cruz

            Thankfully in game formats we have the options of trading, selling, or just skipping it. I understand the basis of that idea.

          • Asura

            I’m gonna go out and say I have more imagination than you, because it seems like making asinine assumptions is the norm here.

            Then I’m gonna repeat: concept art should never be hope.

            Deal with it.

          • Shippoyasha

            Isn’t it a little ironic that you supposedly hate the ‘antagonistic comments’ and yet you are doing the same thing?..

          • revenent hell

            He’s worse because to force his view he resorts to childish name calling.

      • Colonel Custard

        gameplay and story trailers show possibilities teasers generally don’t. Teaser most of time establish a name and the company working on it.

        • Sion Cruz

          That’s second base, and a means to invest into once you see game-play and a brief description of the story. But how do most things materialize into a finish project? Drafts, concept art, a thought and a dream. It’s not this would of been their first game and a bait a switch. We know what type of work KYMG does in conjunction with GHM and a possibility of Akira Yamaoka’s musical talent.

          • Colonel Custard

            second base as it may be we are not the publishers nor the ppl that fund the project or studio heads leave that concept shit for them. We are the audience sell us the game teasers are effective depending on timing and if the ip is new our a sequel.

            Remember the Skyrim teaser ppl lost their shit why because of the past games we knew what to expect and were confirmed that the game is being made.Also it went beyond a normal teaser and gave story narration.

            Lily B teaser ppl saw the studios behind and were excited at them not the game they game had no base it appeared out of thin air. Bad teaser the timing of it was bad.

          • Sion Cruz

            As it is true that we are not the publisher, investors, or the studio heads. We are as you said “audience”, so with that in mind, we as a collective can make or break a game with our financial support of the final project once it hits market. This is only a game, and I’m partial to KYMG’s work, and the stylish nature GHM makes their game in.

            I [personally] held hopes that they would fix the nature of story telling, while keeping the game “flashy”. I don’t know anything about Skyrim, and never followed it, or any part of the Elder Scroll series [is it a series?].

            Getting excited over the notion of concept art, teasers, and acknowledgement of the studio/ members involved isn’t as irrational as you may believe. Simply put, we share a difference in opinion over this and possibly any reaction to game in pre production. I respect your opinion, but I can understand why people feel differently about this situation.

            At the end of the day, most of us are hobbyist, and this is only seek for enjoyment. Right?

          • Colonel Custard

            Yes its a series we can agree to disagree. And no its not irrational as its the same principle as ppl getting turned on from a pair of flashing tits alone. I just argue over what I think is a stupid justification on it. Which again we are open to disagree as it is a subjective matter.

    • Federico

      I don’t know a whole lot about lily bergamo. but if thats really all they showed about her and the game then I’m guessing it’s because they lost their attractive female lead.

      • Colonel Custard
        • KazukiNanbu

          how is that a thing like that “evolve” into something that doesn’t resemble it?

          • Colonel Custard

            what you mean the color palette has changed but, the game has a soft cell shading to it if you look closer. Other than that the monster behind the dude is not there. So ya basing a game of a monster nothing being wow slow-mo, such creativity, much individuality, wow.

          • KazukiNanbu

            art style, music, things that we see and hear in the trailer, it’s show how the game was going to be artistically, you can see that is not only the color palette but other things as well

          • Asura

            It’s hard to resemble nothing. That trailer was inanity at its best.

    • TheEndlessSlaughter

      Hate to be that guy, but Uncharted 4 wasn’t CGI.

      • Rafael Budzinski

        …I know, my mistake, I was thinking on “teaser”…u.u

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      Cause people have to be outraged about something or they won’t get their daily fill.

      • Rafael Budzinski

        …totally agree. The main hypocrisy with it is that Let it Die has “ugly generic realistic graphics”, but LB’s teaser, despite being beautiful, is just some generic anime action. It didn’t had the personality of Killer 7, No More Heroes and Killer is Dead, for an example. Is just some anime girl.
        …I’m not saying that people don’t have to prefer one over another, that’s not the problem. They trying to reasoning because they “prefer anime over realistic graphics” is. Because if the game’s art remained in an anime style, with all the same Let it Die core gameplay and all, I bet people wouldn’t be so pissed off.

  • SirRichard

    This is a disheartening interview. Even as a fan of grungy violence, Let It Die just doesn’t look interesting. Lily Bergamo seemed to promise stylish and bizarre action, at least, Let It Die just looks boring. If it follows the trailer closely as he says it does, this really is just a waste. And frankly, this sort of waste and the game being an F2P thing coming as the first work from Grasshopper specifically done with GungHo, well it’s certainly not promising for the future.

  • Jiff

    Was really hoping Lily Bergamo would be a third person action game for the ps4. Something with the Visual style like Lollipop Chainsaw, Updated Combat from Killer is Dead, and the story similar to Killer 7.

    This concept is still amazing. Hopefully it’s executed properly.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    I’ve never played Manhunt, still having trouble understanding how this plays, but of course this is only the 1st trailer lol.

    Sad to see Lily Bergamo go, but it’s gone now. We all know we just wanted to see Donyatsu ;D

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      Why couldn’t Let It Die and Lily Bergamo just be two separate games?

      • Herok♞

        Suda feels and I quote from the article directly “Let It Die is an evolution of Lily Bergamo.”

      • MrSirFeatherFang

        Unfortunately, it’s not something I can answer. Best ask Grasshopper Manufacture:

  • Herok♞

    Let it Die looks like an interesting game and I will judge it by its own merits when it comes out. Games get changed all the time and this is a prime example of this, but we as the audience need to respect the vision of the creator when thinking about these things. Sure it sucks to lose a potentially interesting game but it sucks even more when the game you had hope for turns out to be bad because the creator felt obligated to continue making it when its not what they wanted to do anymore. I have faith that Suda 51 is doing its best to make this into the best game possible. Also this is a lesson to not get attached to an idea that we know little about, if LB was further along and gameplay had been shown then I would we guys in being mad, but all we had was an idea and ideas change.

    • Colonel Custard

      but, don’t you know it having a female character changes everything…

      • Herok♞

        But then it could still have turned out meh like Lollipop Chainsaw….

        • Stephen Mc Devitt

          Better than Epic Mickey. Just a quick burn for Warren Spector.

        • Colonel Custard

          Just like Scooby-Doo the live-action movie.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            What you say about that movie?

          • Colonel Custard

            no one getting the James Gunn reference you know the guy that wrote Lollipop chainsaws story

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            Suda 51 didn’t right the story?

      • CirnoTheStrongest

        CC says hi

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    Well this isn’t particularly good. I don’t see it as evolved from Lily Bergamo but rather a desperate attempt to appeal to 12-year-old white boys even though that hasn’t worked time and again, made by Japanese or westerners. This is FUSE all over again.

    • SeptimusHeap

      Just as the title implies, we should just let it die.

      • Colonel Custard

        already made the joke get back in line.

      • Sion Cruz

        The notion of Lily Bergamo, this game, or both? Cause I’m game to forget both.

    • Asura

      Lily Bergamo DIDN’T appeal to 12 year old white boys? Then who the hell are all of you commenting about how butthurt you are?

      • Göran Isacson

        Ha ha I admit that I’m not superfond of this design change either but this comment is too good to not appreaciate. Kudos, man.

      • murinto


  • Thomaz Barros

    “Let It Die is an evolution of Lily Bergamo.”

    Press B please

    • Colonel Custard

      There is no B on the playstation controller.

      • SeptimusHeap

        Ok, Press Circle then.

        • Colonel Custard

          Did you know that Japanese games have had a tendency of maintaining circle as the accept, command and X as the cancel command.

          • Asura

            Which makes sense because circle around something means correct and an X means it’s incorrect.

            Stupid Americans!

          • Colonel Custard

            inversely you can think of X as a check and circle as voiding out something.

  • DesmaX

    Well, if that was the idea of Lily Belgamo; honestly, this is far better.

    I mean, how are you supposed to fit a multiplayer component where fallen players become enemies in an “animu gurl do animu things”?

    That kind of concept fits more on a “Dark Souls”-esque game

    • Colonel Custard

      don’t you get it though “animu gurls automatically makes it better than a western looking thing that kinda looks like a borderlands lite in terms of style” – said no one ever plot twist scroll down.

      • Thomaz Barros

        They do

  • Souffrir

    You can pretend this is a natural evolution of your original concept all you want, Suda, I still don’t want your boring-ass game.

  • Go2hell66

    I think they really shouldve just kept the fact that lily was scrapped for this a secret and rather just let people view them as two different games. “Lily was scrapped” was all they had to say, but saying it got canned for THIS is just throwing salt in the wounds.

    • Colonel Custard

      Why do you say that?

      • revenent hell

        Because people wouldn’t hate this game for replacing the Lily Bergamo one. As is obvious people are bitter about

        • Colonel Custard

          You think that is the biggest reason that ppl are hating this game?

          • Sion Cruz

            I would say that’s the general consensus, among the majority in this post at lease. The visual shift was major, seems to target a different audience at first glance.

          • popyea

            It probably vindicates anyone who didn’t like the game to begin with. Now they’re even less likely to play it.

          • revenent hell

            Well its a good part of it…………… As Sion said its also part visual shift as well as being a free to play game.
            There’s quite a few reasons people are “not pleased” about this game coming out. But mix them all together and you have your overall “reason”.

    • Herok♞

      People would make the leap either way, its better not to lie to them for no reason

  • ShinStar

    Maybe Japan will pull a “Mobile Light Force” and release this game as Lily Bergamo over there, changing the cover and the voice acting in game lol.

  • islisis

    quote from the summary was the last thing I wanted to read. Way to put the nail in the coffin of what the fan’s were expecting and try to sell it as some pathetic marketing move while at it

  • Make whatever you want. I’m just not gonna buy it/download it and pump microtransactions into it. I get it. Lily Bergamo’s dead, and instead of something interesting, there’s just garbage here that is replacing it. Message received. You wanted to make something dirty and grungy, with stupid non-characters, instead of something amazing looking with a strong, interesting female lead who had unique combat abilities. Fine. I’ll ignore this new thing, then.

    So Grasshopper? I get it. I’m done paying attention to you. Lollipop Chainsaw was disappointing. Shadows of the Damned was stupid. Diabolic Pitch was stupid. Killer is Dead was stupid, AND pervy. I GET IT. You suck now.

  • sakusakusakura_nyo

    They should change it back

    • Colonel Custard


      • sakusakusakura_nyo

        Because Lily Bergamo looked cool and Let it Die looks crappy.

        • Colonel Custard

          in what way both are cell shaded?

  • Brimfyre

    What a joke. I’m done with Grasshopper. Sellouts.

    I don’t say those kinds of things lightly. This was one of my favorite companies.

    • Asura

      You CLEARLY say those things lightly.

      • Brimfyre

        No I don’t. I never call people sell outs.

    • aizen310

      Aaand I read “Sellouts.” as sl*ts.
      Funny thing is, sl*ts almost a matching word for here. Well, they selled himselves, no? :/

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    I feel like people don’t understand that artists can change their minds…

    • Colonel Custard

      I feel like ppl just hate a toned down anime style. Clearly everything should be done in the same fashion every time.

      • Shippoyasha

        It’s not really that though. They advertised one thing and then did a totally another thing. It just defeats the purpose of hyping up Lily like that.

      • Alberto Maytorena

        I actually questioned myself about that, if I wasn’t angry just because the game wasn’t going to have animu aesthetics anymore… but the truth is Lily Bergamo was hyped up for a very long time and this looks like nothing of what we were told.

        It’s not a matter of anime being better than gritty realism (or the inverse), it’s a matter of promising something and delivering other thing completely different.

    • notcarolkaye

      They absolutely can, but people can also be disappointed when a cool looking anime girl becomes a pantsless dude.

  • 『ED−X』゜〜★* 平和 

    This game would of been alright if it still had that style lily bergamo did . . . But it doesn’t . . .

  • Varnes

    Lily Bergamo had so much more potential than this F2P Manhunt-esque game. It’s OverStrike all over again.

  • Rei

    I doubt there will much interest in this stupid Let It Die game.. You have given false hope and you expect us to buy this crap? I hope only 10 people buy this game lol.

  • Jadfish

    There’s a surprising amount of spite around here for Let It Die. I liked how Lily Bergamo looked, but I also like how batshit crazy Let It Die looks.
    Until I see a lot of gameplay, I’m not gonna judge.

    • Vash bane

      I guess their expectation’s were too high?

      • Jadfish

        I just think the readers of Siliconera prefers the anime-inspired design. I don’t blame them, that stuff usually looks pretty.
        I honestly think that Suda51 can make something stupidly awesome out of almost anything (as long as he isn’t designing the gameplay)

        • Ness Edgeworth

          Thats the problem. Its like when i’m showing ya… Dunno, a DMC 5 in your face, done right by the hands of Hideaki Tsuno and months later, Miyamoto takes over the project and turns it into a Super Mario game. I WOULD be at least pissed off.

          Lily Bergamo had a few hints on who Tae Ioroi was, where the events of the game were going to happen, and the direction of the game being pretty hack’n slash-y.

          Let It Die is a survival based game with tons of generic american designs, a darker look and tons of mindless violence. Its, in fact, completly the opposite of what we were told from Suda51. And they somehow ran this idea off scratching the first one, which was far more appealing to my taste. Oh well. Cant be helped anymore, sadly.

          In the end i guess i’ll just go for with WiiU since Play4 hardly offers me anything interesting, other than the MGS saga.

          • Jadfish

            At least it’s still made by the same guy. “naked guys fighting for each others clothes” isn’t especially generic either…

          • DyLaN

            The only other video game that I can remember off my head that has the stuff you mention is Akiba Strip 2, so yeah.

          • murinto

            Weebs are just mad that they lost their anime girl, really. The responses here from people saying “oh he’s sold out, oh I hope it fails, oh where’s my anime” is honestly kind of disgusting.

          • Jadfish

            That’s what I have been trying to say in a polite manner all this time

          • murinto

            It’s also pretty amazing that alot of these people say they are fans too. If you enjoyed his games and think they are good/unique why have such little faith in him?
            Some fans, huh? They haven’t even paid money for the game or know anything about it other than that trailer and they are spouting off all kinds of garbage.

          • Jadfish

            I’m just confused as to why so many people are calling it generic. This totally looks like something Suda51 would do, and I can’t f**king wait to see how more crazy it’ll get.

            And yes, of course it’ll get crazier than this. It’s Suda. fifty. one.

          • murinto

            You took the words right out of my mouth.
            Even if it does suck, the only person losing out is going to be suda, because the game is FREE TO PLAY.

  • Ness Edgeworth

    Lets get real. When we talk about a Suda51 production, we expect a batshit insane game, with anime-style stuff, super absurd arguments and situations. The very first teaser looked exactly like that. We didnt know much about the game, other than the main lead covering her foes with bendages then… dunno, ripping them apart? I was okay with that idea. Because it felt a Suda51 game 100%.

    After hearing that concept turned into a super generic, ultra violent american game, with a lot of elements based on boring slasher movies, I just couldnt help it but feel utter dissapointment. Definitely, wont even spend a single penny on this crap.

    Also, losing faith on Suda51 if he’s trully going to throw away the concept of Tae Ioroi.

    • Ash_Riot

      You mean YOU expect that since you’re a No More Heroes/Lollipop Chainsaw fan? None of those elements were in killer7 or Flower, Sun & Rain…or even Killer is Dead…

  • oresamawasugoi

    So if I am not playing it inline, there won’t be any enemies?

  • Göran Isacson

    Ha ha, oooh man. This interview, man. BRUTAL honesty. Truth be told, I kinda like that.

    Now, to be honest- I wasn’t gonna buy Lily Bergamo. I’m not gonna buy Let It Die. After having played almost every Suda game released so far and only really digging that game where you are Japans president in a giant robot post Shadows of the Damned, I may be a bit Suda’d out. Take from that what you will. Also I’m not much of a F2P kinda guy to begin with.

    But the tori gates, art-style and, yes, female protagonist, did make the game stand out. Only visually, true. But at least it stood out. You can argue that there aren’t done a lot of games that truly reach the gore and splatter levels of Manhunt these days and that that alone makes it stand out, but I think they could have kept the cel-shaded, stylized look and still given it splatter qualities. Designing yet another game that are all dudes all the time (yes they haven’t said that is the case but they HAVE advertized the game as being all about dudes so far) doesn’t really help it stand out that much.

    Granted, I wasn’t going to buy it either way. I’m not that upset, and maybe this game will find a splatter-happy audience to call it’s own. If that’s the case, good for them. I’m just a little sad that there’s nothing about this game that really super-stands out from a lot of other gameplay concepts.

    • Colonel Custard

      look closer its still cell-shaded just not as heavy.

  • Aaron Rodriguez

    Great, just great ¬_¬

    An interesting japanese “cell-shading” graphic game becomes a “free to play” generic game with “Manhunt style”.

    Suda51, you used to be cool. I liked games like “No More Heroes”, “Shadows of the Damned”, “Lollipop Chainsaw” and even “Killer is Dead”. But this…is quite dissapointing.

  • Vodoka

    Pretty disappointed that Lily Bergamo turned into this, but it’s totally sensible.
    PS4 isn’t performing that hot in Japan, with bulk of sales being in western market. So no wonder you have developers trying to appeal to bigger market.

    As for myself, trailer didn’t really hit right notes. Since it’s free to play, I’ll probably at least test it out when I get PS4 and it’s released, but I would’ve preferred the original style.

  • ChiffonCake

    Holy shit. This is easily the most disappointed I’ve been this year.

    Suda, you are fucking dead to me.

    • aizen310

      At least for now. I just let it die this time.

      • Axle

        +3 points Aizen

  • heartless141

    God really. i liked the man so much before this news hit my face.

    :< i even liked the idea of Lollipop Chainsaw so much that i almost bought it.

    • aizen310

      Lollipop Chainsaw is awesome and it has the “Suda flavour” all around. Bosses, dialogues, secrets, the gameplay… really it’s just old-school fun with so much craziness. :D You should get it. At least instead of… this.

      • heartless141

        xD i was gonna get it. but then i have this bitterest memory with it.
        >Event in akihabara Japan
        >Wait 2 hours for it to start
        >Jessica Nilgrils and a Japanese girl cosplay as Juliet.
        >Group Rock Paper Scissor for prizes
        >First win with longest winstreak
        >Continue to wait awkwardly for 7-8 more winners near the stage
        >They announce the prizes.
        >Wait for EVERYONE ELSE to take all the cool prizes (100 bucks PSN card, a free copy of the game, PS3, Xbox, chainsaw replica, etc etc)
        > Last one to come out, all i get is a candy and a picture with the 2 girls. which everyone else also got.

        :< First world problem, i know

    • revenent hell

      The game isn’t really as good as reviewers would have hyped everyone in to thinking.

      The game is comical, colorful, has interesting to meet characters and antagonists and has an interesting take on a Zombie game.

      The downsides are, and as the biggest offender will go first:

      *It is repetitive as all hell.* like really bad and it gets that way really quickly.

      The only worse thing is :

      The mini games.


      Because not only are they repetitive as the regular gameplay, but they are WORSE!


      They all are easy, repetitive, boring, and not fun to play.

      The “commentary” in the game also goes a little far with its use of foul language. Don’t get me wrong I cuss, I am pretty foul mouthed as far as anyone you could ever hope not to meet can get but some of them seemed to just be used because they could be. It really felt like some repeatedly used words where just said to fill the silence.

      The sexual themes are in line with what a teenage boy would think up, but felt awkward and kind of out of place.

      Like weebles that wobble and everything just fails with them, controls are wonky as well as the camara

      • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

        holy crap dude. OK, playing zombie basketball once, fine. but over and over and over again, with less context for doing so each time….

  • HighBrowDrifter

    How about you scrap Let It Die (<- His way of telling us to let Lily Bergamo die…bas-turd) too and give us something along the lines of Samurai Champloo II, No More Heroes 3, or Shadows of the Damned II?

    ….I'm disappointed in you Sudafed 51…..

  • Silent

    Just how the amazing anime-like Lily Bergamo has turned into this dark shit?

  • Kornelious

    This looks more like a De-Evolution if you ask me :(

  • E.T.993

    ”I think that the game can’t be serious all of the time, so there will be spots with Suda flavor in it[…]” SPOTS with Suda flavor in it? What happened to all the cool stuff we’ve seen in No More Heroes, Killer 7, Shadows Of The Damned or even FUCKIN’ Liberation Maiden?

  • Jon McGuire


  • mirumu

    This has evolved into a game that I’m not really interested in playing, but I trust Suda following his instincts. If the game wasn’t working as Lily Bergamo the developers would know. Trying to force something they don’t have their heart in wouldn’t lead to a fun game.

  • Kei-chan

    Thats super disappointing!!!! I was looking forward to Lily Bergamo!!! I’d rather have that game w/ its concept vs. this F2P stuff that looks like Manhunt >_>

  • Zak Ledward

    People keep pointing out that Lily Bergamo fans can’t really complain because all they had was a teaser and a few pictures, but isn’t that technically enough?

    I mean of course, you can’t talk about gameplay or w/e (except for their few comments on how the game would be) but you could still say you liked the game. I’ve gotten into plenty of games/animes just from the picture of a single heroine. I didn’t know anything about the gameplay or how the story went around, but I could definitely say I liked that person.

    So if the Lily Bergamo fans say that they prefer Lily over LiD just because of the visual aspects, then isn’t that fair? If that visual aspect was traded for something less visually appealing of course their would be butthurt :

    • Shady Shariest

      It’s whether or not there was enough of it… But if it’s healthy to cling onto…

      edit: Basically, to expand my comment, there is a certain restraint everyone should assume when concept and teasers are shown…

      And if there is not even a demo, that is a sign of extremely early state, further adding good reasons to not overly hype. When we talk about games, teaser and few pics are not even technically enough. Because they do not show that there is anything else…

      • revenent hell

        Going on that premise, no one should get exiled or look forward to any video game for any reason. Because they are all to “early ” to genuinely become anything and its all just early information and should hold no baring on ones judgment.

        If that’s the argument used, is it supposes to apply only to Lily Bergamo’s case? Because that’s not fair. Its time to tell a lot of video game news type site that they are un-needed until videogames are actually released on to the market because any early information on any game is useless and not worth knowing.

        And by the way most games don’t get demo’s. That’s a stupid argument as to being able to tell what stage a game is in otherwise 97% of the games I own , I wouldn’t because based on that they still aren’t complete or ready to be sold to people.

        • Shady Shariest

          Hmhm? Yupo….

          “Going on that premise, no one should get exiled or look forward to any video game for any reason.”

          -Yes. We should look forward to games. But we should be prepared to see some of them crash and burn. Adding certain level of “Salt” or awareness to out way of thinking.

          Clinging onto what little you have seen about something as a justification for not thinking about the not-so-ideal outcome can be avoided with simply not completely trusting anything that early in development will be published precisely on that form.

          Not going to the extreme of blatantly saying “THIS WONT COME OUT”, (Remember, not a lot of things are min – max) but having the possibility of game in question not coming out present in some shape or form.

          Next point:
          Gaming news sites are about news, not about hype.(Some impure social media hotshot sites might lead one astray) There is a new game in the making? Sure, they will write about it. The skepticism and/or preparedness comes from the reader. That is where the hype and problem in question comes from. Victimizing something you are not a part of is never a good argument.

          “And by the way most games don’t get demo’s.”

          -My point was about press-demos, and most games get those. Even a small stage to show the press how things go. Commercial demo’s are a whole different thing.

          • revenent hell

            Hey I was applying my statements to your words as you used them. Wanna go correct your statements?

            And what I said still applies.

            Not all or even a majority of games get stage demos. The majority of the games I have never even came minutely close to one This sentiment of yours is ignorable.

            Game sites mention aspects pertaining to games which include “early” teasers or images. My statements stand, as you said these “early” things are of little importance so there’s no reason to care about any news of any game or get excited or look forward to any of it.

            You cant change what you say later because its logic is flawed in concept when you want it to apply.

            The point of game teasers is to get people excited for the work in progress. And people can and do get pissed if that work turns out to be later trashed because what the teaser or artwork shown did what it was supposed to do. You cant get hypocritical on people when they do, because that was the point in showing what they do/did to begin with.

            Saying people , especially here, have no right to be irate because so little was shown and blahblah blah about Lily Bergamo actually holds zero value and zero meaning. You know why? The Base point of giving out anything regards to anything is to promote hype and interest for it. It worked and based off of the comments rather well.

          • Shady Shariest

            I wonder why you never dig in to what i’m trying to point out. PREPARING FOR THE POSSIBILITY OF THE GAME IN QUESTION NEVER COMING OUT.

            If people ignore this possibility, there is no justification for their irritation, fault lies in them being overly optimistic over something and not thinking realistically.

      • Zak Ledward

        There have been quite a few games though that show near to nothing (teaser, one or two concept arts) and still get the hype. This is probably one of the few games I know that actually got “cancelled”

        It’s completely normal for people to love and expect what they are shown when they are virgins to the idea of a game getting cancelled.

        • Shady Shariest

          -Sigh- Yes. Guess it is one of the famous cases of there needing to be that experience once -_-‘

    • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

      I imagine Lily Bergamo probably wouldn’t have been very good either, but at least it had Kozaki’s unmistakable visual flair.

      • Zak Ledward

        Well it could go either way. In all honesty, I wouldn’t care either way of the game itself was actually “Good.” It’d look amazing, and that’d be enough for me.

        • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

          Yeah, for real. I probably would’ve bought it…unlike LiD, which I have no interest in playing for free.

          • Zak Ledward

            Generic western game is generic

  • Atarada

    Well maybe we can’t “complain”, but from a game I was gonna buy instantly, I can now only look at that trailer with vomit in my mouth. So yup, i’ll pass.

    The guy totally got dumper by his girlfriend and went into depression, and changed Lily into that. Clearly.

  • SpardaCastle

    Let It Die looks so… generic (-n-). At least Lily Bergamo has that visual charm for the few seconds it was shown. Honestly I am disappointed, Lily Bergamo looks like it have some interesting narrative going on. This one just reminds me of Splatterhouse.

  • Floyd Norman

    What the f**k Lilly Bergamo looked far better than this piece of sh*t >.>

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