The Legend Of Heroes: Trails In The Flash Rides Out To Asia

By Spencer . June 23, 2014 . 1:57am

imageWhile there are still no announcements about localizing The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash into English, Falcom’s RPG will be translated into more languages.


Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia is releasing the game in Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, and Singapore on Thursday. There are two Asian versions, one with Traditional Chinese text and the other with Korean text. Both Asian versions have Japanese voiceovers.


Play-Asia has the Chinese subtitled version on sale for $69.99 for PlayStation 3 and $64.99 for Vita.

  • h0tsei

    no love for the english gamers so far huh..

  • wererat42

    Trails in the Flash localization seems unlikely to happen until Trails in the Sky is complete. Whenever that is.

    • I’ll give it a decade from the looks of things

      • 3PointDecoupage

        Thats optimistic of you.

      • Izzeltrioum

        Pretty much 60 years after KH3 is finished.

        SC got delayed recently because “it’s still being translated and edited!”. 3 whole years purely for translation? Now, 3rd is even bigger; guess what? Zero is even bigger; now now with Ao being double the size of Zero!

        60 years might not be that accurate after all.

        • you really think any company can focus on such a project all the time? They don’t have infinite cashflow you know….

          • Izzeltrioum

            I was being sarcastic.

            I mean they even confirmed Dekamori Senran Kagura localization. Reminds me of the ORAS remakes getting an actual release date just after its announcement, and SMTXFE still roaming the infinite meadows of Limbo without any video at all.

        • If I recall correctly they are still having issues implementing steam on FC which is why they are behind in releasing it. Don’t quote me on that though, I don’t exactly know the issue. SC…well I don’t know but if I recall correctly another translation group is doing that which is why we heard no more than “it’s going along fine”. That’s barely anything to go by.

          My advise is….if you like the series and you can’t speak Japanese or Chinese, you’re going to have a miserable time waiting for an English localization. Something I can’t back away now unfortunately. Hey at least we have senran kagura bon appetite….yeah let me just repeat that over and over and over again.

    • NegativeZero

      2 more Trails in the Sky games, then Zero no Kiseki and Ao no Kiseki as well. They’re all enormous games with an astounding amount of text to translate. A lot of it is incidental stuff too, like every NPC has 3-4 lines of unique dialogue that changes multiple times during the course of the game.

  • negineBIT

    …I find this (and other Asian-version with only Chinese subs) offensive because not all Asians understand Chinese characters. Might as well just release it as “Chinese version” to the market. We are multi-cultural, heck the largest continent on the planet! And we prefer English tqvm (・_ゝ・)

    • Duo Maxwell

      Yeah, releasing it in English will work better as “Asian version” than Chinese.

      • negineBIT

        If there’s an English sub it’ll be pretty sweet. It hurts since the games are there on the shelf but well you know the drill.

        • DyLaN

          While its nice to have english option, there always the possibility tht it will be in engrish. (See: SAO HF) Though I’m sure some ppl will get it for the sake of the hilarious engrish.

          • Firekitty

            Isn’t Engrish better than 100% not in a language you can read?

          • DyLaN

            This is definitely true. Just that it will turn off some ppl as well.

    • DyLaN

      The area its being marketed (namely HK & Taiwan, can’t say abt Singapore) has more ppl that can speak/read chinese over english though. Hence the reasoning behind the localization.

      • negineBIT

        Targeted markets are understandable. But I’m sure Singaporeans used Singlish more often these days.

      • Duo Maxwell

        To tell the truth, I didn’t expect the Vita is sold well there either, given how little games with Chinese language are there on the Vita.

      • Lumi

        Singaporeans mostly are more comfortable with English than Chinese, but most can still read it.

    • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

      You need to rethink your priorities in life if you are feeling offended about this.

      • negineBIT

        Not just about this game, but all Asian releases in general.

    • Jan Daryll Palanca

      Agreed… In a sense if they were going to release this to all Asian countries English would be the way to go! It’s the most common language in the world, that’s why ALL ENGLISH/TRANSLATED GAMES are playable worldwide!

    • bigstew

      well they don’t want to offend the Chinese government and making this Chinese tells them they are almighty may we please do business here

  • AlphaSixNine

    Meanwhile… SE Asia weeps. ;A;

    • Lumi

      If you read Chinese, get a Hong Kong/Singapore account! Otherwise countries have nothing to do with it, just localization language.

  • MK

    Will the Korean version sell more than an English one to warrant a translation? Or are publishers in Korea less greedy?

    • Fruity Insanity

      I dunno, but all I know is what I spent $80 on it. ;n;

  • dahuuuundge

    The hype in Taiwan is real. Hyped for the JDK Band concert in 9/13 too.

  • NegativeZero

    Hopefully if it does get an English localization they’ll come up with a better localized title than ‘Trails in the Flash’. Maybe something that makes sense.

    • DyLaN

      Maybe they should go with “Sen no Kiseki” LOL

      But seriously, “Flash” is exactly what “Sen” means.

      • darke


        閃 (sen) = flash/brandish (as in waving or flourishing a weapon)
        軌跡 (kiseki) = ‘trail’ or ‘path something has taken’

      • Xseed representatives have said more than once they don’t feel these translations are fitting for the games, just like “Trails of Blue/Azure” (ao no kiseki). You can’t translate Japanese in a literal manner most times

        • DyLaN

          And they can feel free to try. But since we won’t have a english localization for a very long while its either a direct TL of the title or Sen no Kiseki. I prefer them to just directly translate the title if they must instead of making up a new name for it cuz it might confuse ppl.

          • a lot of people will be pissed off at it as it does not have that much of an obvious correlation to the game at all. Trails in the Sky does have that, especially in SC.
            Personally i think it is stupid that “niche rpg” posters felt the need to translate this title for no reason at all.

      • NegativeZero

        But the ‘flash’ here is a verb, and so the title doesn’t make sense grammatically. Even if it wasn’t, it looks awkward.

  • Jan Daryll Palanca

    What about Zero and Ao? =,(

    • DyLaN

      I think the PC port was translated into chinese be4.

  • I really want to play this, but it seems pricey everywhere I look

  • Masa

    Other countries getting it why not us in the US and Europe….

    • DyLaN

      Because no one aside frm XSEED dared to pick it up due to the looonnnnggg script and niche-ness.

      • I don’t get how turned-based RPG is niche. 99% of gamers on the internet are always crying out for more of these.

        • DyLaN

          The TitS fan base in the west doesn’t seem to be very big, no?

          • I’m afraid I can only analyze this case a little bit, but perhaps Legend of Heroes didn’t kick off in the West for a combination of reasons:
            1) only one game, 2) released late in PSP’s life, 3) the PSP was not hurting for RPGs at all and so it slipped passed most gamers’ radars at the time, 4) released by a small company and thus much less hype surrounding its release, 5) the game came out 7 years after it was in Japan, 6) kind of a generic-sounding title???, 7) perhaps takes a long time to get into the game for most gamers and thus word-of-mouth in turn traveled slowly, 8) the fact the game’s story is told in multiple chapters perhaps kept some gamers wary of getting attached to a franchise that might not actually get fully localized (too many of us are still recovering from the unfinished Shenmue saga…), and 9) new IPs always have an uphill battle unfortunately

            All that said, I think things could start looking much better for the series once there’s finally two games out, and will be easily accessed by everyone on Steam as well as PSP and Vita. My thinking is that some company really ought to be working on this new Vita game as well though. Vita gamers are starving for this sort of thing, and as far as I’m aware Trails in the Flash is an entirely new story, right? Some company should be making this happen. Should, should, should.

          • ValeRoth

            It isn’t a new story, it’s basically what Zero is to Sora. It’s a new “arc”, but it deals with things that were foreshadowed in previous entries.

      • Monterossa

        I hope NISA will localize this series instead of Xseed.

        • no you don’t, Xseed’s work on it is exceptional, and this a series of games that can be fucked up easily.

          • Monterossa

            they already fucked up even though Trails in the Sky trilogy doesn’t even have voice over, they still taking this long to localize them.

          • the trilogy never had voices to begin with, if it had they would have dubbed it. It is bulshit to determine a bad localisation because of that.
            Nobody can foresee localisation issues, if the game sold faster SC would have been done faster. You clearly don’t know about their vicious circle of bug QA that have been suffering until now.

          • Monterossa

            If they’re having bugs just by replacing texts in the game then… hire some new programmer.

          • You mean getting bugs by porting a game with a completely dated build (2005, win XP) to be functional for today’s platform and also working with the Steam engine?
            You’re a fool that is just because “some” text

          • Monterossa

            then Square Enix must be a god so they can port FF7.

          • and your point is?

          • Monterossa

            my point is it’s the company’s fault that they can’t do their job correctly and that’s why I want NISA to do it instead.

          • xseed is doing their job, in an exceptional manner. Not because the games come so fast (which is impossible). But because they are open about what goes on with their titles, you would know that if you searched for a bit.

        • DyLaN

          NISA still need to play catch up with the HDN series so….

    • Because XSEED is busy translating earlier titles and the series is connected chronologically, meaning they don’t want to skip titles.

  • ishyg

    Does Falcom not realize how much more money they’ll net if they bring this to the States?

    Or am I saying such ridiculous stuff? How did the other titles do in NA?

    • Trails in the Sky did pretty terribly
      Once there’s more awareness surrounding the series it’s likely sales will take off, though.

      Still, I highly doubt this series will ever be anything close to a money maker.

      • disgaea36

        what are you talking about trails in the sky was the most successful one in the states not even counting when they bring it to steam. If your talking about those first 3 legend of heroes then that’s a whole another story. This game can make plenty here especially if they just go the digital route.

      • dude, Trails in the Sky never did horribly.
        Initially it didn’t sell as well as they expected, likely because Namco Bandai butchered the name. But in the long haul it has proven to be a feasible enough title for Xseed and Carpe Fulgur to bring the second game over, which has double script.

        • Exactly when did they say in the long run Trails in the Sky sold well?
          Them continuing to localize the series is out of love and dedication more than money, so I’d not be using that as an argument.
          Speaking of which, what happened to the Steam release of the first game?
          Honestly, seems like they put the series in the lowest of priorities at the moment and with logical reason.

          It’d be surprising if the steam releases and second chapter do as poorly as the first title, though.

          • if my memories aren’t fooling me it both Brittany (hatsuu on Tumblr and Twitter) and Tom (Wyrdwad everywhere) that said it, Brittany on her Tumblr (she posts a lot of nice info about XSeed and Tom on the XSeed forums.
            Almost to every game XSeed localises is out of their love and dedication towards the game, however you cannot deny they still need make a decent profit to be able to bring over new titles.

            TiTS FC hasn’t been released on Steam yet because they suffered from a vicious circle of QA bug testing, which appeared to be quite a sore as the games are quite dated for the Steam engine and Falcom themselves couldn’t provide support to them as they closed down their PC department in, i think, 2009.
            Both titles still are on their way, the bug issues have been resolved and they are fine-tuning the first game. SC might release at the end of the year, but that is a faint chance, hope more for beginning of 2015. :)

            I wonder why you keep thinking the first game did horribly though? It is not like XSeed would lie about it themselves and as far i know the western industry doesn’t release their sales :)

          • “Almost to every game XSeed localises is out of their love and
            dedication towards the game, however you cannot deny they still need
            make a decent profit to be able to bring over new titles.”

            Because they already put their minds into translating the trilogy before FC was released in english. SC translation has been put in the background and made slowly over time instead of being a high priority.
            Maybe my usage of word “horribly” was a little harsh, but what I mean is, yes, sales were enough to warrant a sequel localization but they were far below what they expected to make and what would warrant making SC localization that much more important, all the risks taken into account.

            “I wonder why you keep thinking the first game did horribly though? It is
            not like XSeed would lie about it themselves and as far i know the
            western industry doesn’t release their sales :)”

            I never called them liars.
            From this article:
            “The first game hasn’t exactly turned out to be a top-seller for us so far (despite overwhelmingly positive feedback from fans), which means we really can’t justify prioritizing the second”
            Pretty notorious when such an upbeat positive company makes a grim comment about sales like that.

            No matter how it’s spun, they’d have made SC a priority had FC succeeded.

            To end this in a positive note, though, Trails has a much brighter future ahead of it as long as awareness is raised and they release games in platforms where there’s more active userbase (the PSP is about the worst choice of last-gen consoles to release something right now).

            Don’t get me wrong, very hyped to see where the series are going but I truly don’t believe FC made a splash at all sales-wise with its PSP localization.
            Again, maybe horribly wasn’t the best word, but it’s partly my sourness that I wish FC had been much more succesful.

          • the translation mostly is going slow because A) the script is huge, SC is three times the size of DANGANRONPA for reference. Also XSeed has the philosophy that you cannot put too many people on a translation (about 1 or 2) to warrant consistency. Count up to take you also need someone to edit the work, even though it seems Jessica Chavez (she was the script editor before Brittany) is mostly exclusive working on that.

            I do not understand why you would cite an article that is almost three years old, the game started out pretty slow, not looking good for the second part. But it turned around as it turned out to be a long selling game, which has upped the sales quite well over the years. I would love to show you the forum posts to point it out but i am on my phone, unfortunately. I’ll try to search it soon ;)
            But yes, i cannot deny that SC probably would have been higher priority (not being on hold for a while as it sounds) if the game had a better start.

            It is no problem! You seem pretty affective about the series, that’s great to hear (now peer pressure your friends in buying it when it releases!!!!)

    • Xseed already was six years behind on the series when they started on it, of SC does well they will keep on with the series. As the series get’s more popular, which is possible with the shifting to newer generations (like the vita remakes) they probably will be happening faster too, even though the script seems to grow with every game (overall). Patience is a virtue.

  • Prinny Dood

    Why no english sub dood!?

  • d19xx

    “There are two Asian versions, one with Traditional Chinese text and the other with Korean text. ”

    They made sure there’s no English text….

  • SerRompalot

    I guess I’ll need to import the game from Korea. I sure am glad I can read Korean ;_; (Though I’ll need to have a dictionary nearby for the hard words).

    • Fruity Insanity

      Gmarket, my friend.

      Although $20 import fees suck.

      At least they ship internationally.

  • Kornelious

    Why no English subtitles? :(

  • Ksatmata

    when we get this game, will we get the PC version too?

  • Sav

    lol all these other asian languages and no english subs.

    yeah that’s smart.

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