Ar noSurge Will Be Localized Into English, But Right Now It’s Just For Europe

By Spencer . June 25, 2014 . 1:14am

imageTecmo Koei announced Ar noSurge: Ode to an Unborn Star will be the first English localized game in Gust’s Surge Concerto series. The PlayStation 3 title has a battle system reminiscent of the Ar tonelico series since it has song magic. Speaking of Ar tonelico, the game features returning characters from Gust’s RPG series and characters from Ciel noSurge.


Delta and Casty are the main characters in the sci-fi RPG which follows a society that has been roaming through space for 2,000 years.


Ar noSurge: Ode to an Unborn Star for PlayStation 3 will be released digitally and in stores in Europe on September 26. The game will have European and Japanese voiceovers. As of now, this news is just for Europe. Tecmo Koei says a U.S. release is undecided. The PlayStation Vita version, which was just announced in Japan was not announced either.



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  • fyi1191

    Umm, why is this happening? But still thank god the PS3 doesn’t have such thing known as region lock.

    • Kai2591

      yeah. thank GOD. We can just get the EU version and play it if we must. Thank you Sony :)

  • The NA version being undecided is weird, but then again, this is the European account we’re talking about. Just have to wait for the NA account to say something, I suppose.

    But even if an announcement never comes, on the bright side, this is a physical release. It’ll probably be fairly painless to import the game otherwise.

    Hope they can manage to get the Vita version too down the line. I love RPGs on portables.

  • Kai2591

    Everyone! Sing a hymmnos!

    Oh how I’ve been WAITING for this day! :)

    Humans, let your bodies be filled with joy tonight!

  • Max Eisenhardt

    So can I expect a British dub? LOL

    • amanojaku8

      Nope, an English one.

      You know, like the language your nation continued to speak after leaving these Isles?

  • Merleawe

    Tecmo Koei said that they’ll do their best to localise the newly announced vita version later down the line.

    • Kaien

      Yeah. I can’t play that notsafe loli thing on PS3. Vita ftw.

      • Kaien

        Oh, a late Vita version would be digital only, like Atelier plus, right?

        >20€ or burst.

    • really?! Where did you get the information from? If it’s true I’m really happy since I want this on my vita

  • NegativeZero

    I think by ‘undecided’ they mean that they haven’t confirmed a release date for the US so they can’t tell you what the date is. There’s no reason why they wouldn’t do at least a digital release for it.

  • AlphaSixNine

    Bless region free systems. *Glares at Nintendo*

    Even if it doesn’t get a US release for some reason, I know my local store will still stock the EU version! It’ll be really weird if it really doesn’t get a US release though.

    Oh and btw…KT said in FB that the game will come with ENG and JP voices. Not sure why they say EU voices on twitter lol.

    • Max Eisenhardt

      Yea EU Voices can mean a number of things, do not know why their 1st tweet was like that it just causes confusion among the fanbase

      Looking at you BAMCO and Hearts R nonsense

      • DizzyGear

        My money is on Brittish voice actors. They already confirmed dual audio so its all good.

      • Ladius

        As far as I know Namco never said Hearts R was dual audio, they just had to clarify it only had Japanese (the same as some games from Koei Tecmo on Vita, like Toukiden and Deception Blood Ties).

    • pimpalicious

      I’m sure it will get released in the US but maybe digital only like a lot of the Musou games.

  • Manny Being Manny

    Tecmo of America is pretty terrible with their PR so it wouldn’t surprise me if they do a stealth release

    • Haha, tell me about it. I’m shocked they started using their NA twitter again…

    • Didn’t Totori Plus was like that xD?

      • Yep! But they did announce Meruru Plus at the E3 last year, and they announced Rorona Plus, so who knows. Maybe they’ve gotten on their feet a bit.

        • DizzyGear

          Weird thing is that TK NA did properly announce Rorona+ on the NA PS Blog while in the EU the game just showed up on the store out of nowhere.
          These guys really need to work on their communication…

          • I dunno, we did have the announcement for the EU version. It was announced quite a few times on the Atelier page (which is European based) for Facebook especially, and their twitter’s been pushing it.

      • AlphaSixNine

        Yeah but that’s on both region lol. But eh… they already improved. They still won’t do physical releases for Vita games though. D:

  • TheRealMalek

    Physical release *dance*

  • Kyosuke Yoshino

    I wonder how will someone enjoy this, without playing Ciel no Surge first, or do they plan to remake the story too?

    • I’m betting money there’ll probably be a summary feature in the game.

      • Kyosuke Yoshino

        But what about the part when *spoiler* Sarly explains what was the part of Ciel no Surge, and the world packs, why she created as she did, and how they recovered Ion’s memories? *spoiler*

        There’s a lot of things story wise people won’t be able to appreciate enough, and understand with just a summary.

    • AlphaSixNine

      We’ll know when we play it. If something feels missing then we need to demand Ciel NoSurge next. I seriously wish they announced it too. Maybe after the offline version comes out.

      • Maybe if we’re lucky, that’s what the Plus version will come with over here, since the work on Ar will be mostly done then. Gives them time to sort through the wads of text.

      • Kyosuke Yoshino

        Well I’ve already played it, and I know it won’t give the same experience without playing Ciel (or at least know exactly what it was about, and how it worked, I’m not sure if some summary is enough). The game does-have in-game terminology though, but not releasing Ciel at all is a very, very bad idea.

  • Alos88

    Could somebody who has played the game please give me a basic rundown of what it’s like? I’dlike to know about the combat and story in particular, please.

  • Now this is something I thought I’d never hear. I’m glad it’s getting a physical release which means I can just import it but I still hope this gets release on America as well.

    • Kai2591

      haha almost nothing is impossible these days :)

      well, ‘almost’ ;)

  • DizzyGear

    This game is now on my most hyped games for 2014 list. Bless you TK.
    And looking at the boxart. Since when did Gust change their logo?

    • Kai2591

      This is my most hyped game OF ALL TIME! haha!

    • Duo Maxwell

      TK (or is it KT now after they announced the changed name?) has risen at rocket speed in my favorite list after this campaign. My hype level now archived critical level.

    • AlphaSixNine

      Gust’s EN logo has been changed since Escha and Logy. It looks much closer to their JP logo now.

  • persona_yuji

    This is great, but I’m still hopeing that someday…somehow…we’ll see Ciel no Surge-

    • Kai2591

      Same here. Same here :)

  • Alex Sargeant

    That seems fair. US have based Atlus. EU gets based Koei.

    • Kaien

      The world gets based NISA. It’s better.

    • Postnjam


  • Randgriz

    If its rated 16 im guessing there might be some censored/removed content?

    • DizzyGear

      Doubt it. I mean Ar Tonelico Qoga got rated 12.

  • Sentsuizan_93

    Me: Hmm… September seems to be an empty month for me.
    Tecmo Koei: “We can change that.” *shows Ar no Surge*
    Me: My poor wallet…

    • Yeah I’m pretty spent out September, Luckily its near the need the day after I get paid =P

  • Jesse

    Well, this is different. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what TK America will do with this. Maybe they’re still deciding what to do about the Vita version. Either one I’ll buy. I’ve no doubt we’ll get the game too.

    As for Ciel No Surge, I’m guessing they can’t say anything about the Offline version possibly being localized yet(the reveal IS only about two days old), so maybe they’ll say something once it’s been out for a bit.

  • Woah. That’s a surprise! I own a japanese version, but GUST games are very difficult to play when you don’t know language.

    • Zack

      I picked up the JP version of AT Qoga, and I had no problems understanding everything. It’s just that Ar no Surge is half RPG, half VN, so I’m guessing that’s why you’re having trouble. I remember playing Danganronpa 2 in Japanese. Even though I’m semi-fluent, I still had trouble understanding some of the stuff that was brought up. Don’t sweat it bro :)

      • The main problem was to find what to do next. So i cycled around town and dungeons, spoke with every npc, google translate jap wiki for this game. Sometimes it was very frustrating, when you spent a couple of hours just trying to figure what this game wants you to do. No quest markers, no glowing points in world map. When once again i stuck in a new area i decided that this game not worth my patience and moved on.

  • OMGZZ I’m so happy,

  • Yeah! Looking forward to this!

  • LM009

    Huh this is new, I guess I’ll have to import from europe if it comes down to it. No idea how though, never had the need to.

    • DizzyGear

      I believe 365games ships worldwide.
      Though i’m pretty sure an NA release date will follow soon.

      • LM009

        cool that sounds good, even if there’s no NA release, it’s just nice to know I can always pick up an EU copy

  • Just pre-ordered it

  • landlock

    Honestly I wouldn’t worry. They just need to make there own annoucement I would guess.

  • Alex Cattaneo

    Yes yes yes yes!!!!!! Love you gust! Digital and physical!

    Pre order the physical one this game looks cool!

  • Roger

    Is it necessary to play Ciel to fully understand this? Looks good, btw.

    • aquagon

      You have to read at least a story summary for Ciel nosurge if you want to understand everything that happens in this game.

  • Vita too pls

  • GamerLegend

    While EU gets the PS3 version, maybe the US might get the vita version instead.

  • Anesia Hunter

    vita for NA please

    and bundled with ciel nosurge too.

    • michel

      That would be a Dream Bundle!…

  • Splinter

    At least is region free, but I really wanted a Vita release in NA.

  • Great news! i have already finished the JP version and i can tell you it’s a pretty good JRPG, nice story with godly soundtracks ~ Don’t miss this!

  • Tetris

    Thank god for PS3 being region free.

  • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

    I like the art style. But is this game as skeezy as Ar Tonelico?

    Edit: Google Image Search says yes, yes it is.

  • Jack Frazee

    Guess I might just have to import then and go for the Japanese voices. I generally prefer to play English dubbed, but gosh are EU dubs terrible.

    • sakiu

      I loved what they did with Project Zero 2 Wii Edition :3

  • Bob Slim

    I might just rage if we dont get a NA release soon
    I dont import

    • Crimson_Cloud

      Why not? It’s what Europians have been doing for quite a while now. Not all online stores have overpriced shipping if that’s what you’re concerned.

    • darke

      Why not? I’m in ‘Europe’ apparently yet we have to continually deal with things being released months earlier in the US and either import or grab it from the US PSN.

      At least the PS3 is region unlocked so you can import; unlike those poor suckers with a 3DS pining for that Persona game Europe. :P

      • Bob Slim

        DLC region lock is the reason I dont import I love to buy dlc with all my games, I have a Japanese account im not gonna make a European 1 for 1 game, But anyway I dont now

        • darke

          I’ve got an EU/AU, JP, and US accounts, because the EU store sucks, so I know how you feel. :( But at least this isn’t a Vita game so for me swapping accounts is a minor inconvenience rather then a reset/reboot/swap-memory-card thing.

  • Tenshigami

    “Tecmo Koei says a U.S. release is undecided.”

    And by that they probably mean, “We’re not sure we want to release it in the U.S., but we won’t let anyone else do it for us.” Because I’m pretty damn sure NISA would jump on releasing it for them if they could – especially since all the localization work would already be done.

    Oh well, At least it’s region free, so I can buy it and play it in the form I want it – even if it’s only released digitally stateside.

    • Guest

      I doubt they’d be like that. =P

      • Magicks

        You mean NISA, or TK NA? Because quite frankly, TK NA has been a huge disappointment. In fact, I’ve pretty much been getting my news from Siliconera as well as TK EU. Difference between NISA and TK? When I came into the Atelier series with Totori, they offered an LE. Same with Meruru. The moment TK picked up Gust for Ayesha, bam. Na-da. Atelier Escha&Logy? Rorona Plus? Nothing.

        On top of that, IIRC, there are typos in the releases of Escha&Logy (clarity issues between “slags” and “slugs”. Specifically at Assignment #5, “Exploring the Slag Graveyard” Which, btw, is “slags” since they’ve always been referred to as them in Ayesha. Wilbell’s DLC did not have the background theme when using her special. I believe there’s also a glitch where only Reyfer and Threia can have elemental properties on their 200% upgraded support attacks. Unsure, need to check this. )as well as Rorona. Heck, I’ve only been playing Rorona for 30 minutes, and there were two typos. (In one of the tutorial images, “differen” -> “different”) and during the friend request tutorial, (“quest requests” -> “friend requests”). Let’s also remember the whole problem with Ayesha’s release when they didn’t include dual audio. (Which, in my case, didn’t bother me as much. I can get behind the english voice-acting. But for some people, that was make or break. A good amount of my friends actually just decided to import Atelier Ayesha from Japan.)

        So yeah. I felt NISA have treated the games reasonably well. I didn’t have much to complain about. But TK… Jesus.

        TL;DR: Issues with lack of LEs once TK picked up Gust. TK NA’s lack of communication/advertising. (Kudos to TK EU.) Localization quality issues.

        PS. Apologies with the long post. I just feel frustrated with this.

        • Hikari Langley

          Blame Acttil, they are the ones responsible for the translation work that has occurred in Atelier Escha and Logy. Not KT.

          But for KTUS to not say anything regarding this game, kinda bothers me. It sucks they mostly only care about Dead or Alive 5 U, not that it’s a bad game, but come on.

    • Michael Vu

      I feel you there, TK US is kinda bad, especially when compared to the EU branch.

      Its too bad because NISA would have given us an LE too, main reason I wasn’t too interested in the last couple Atelier releases.

    • darke

      Odds are it’s simply because they haven’t organised/scheduled/done-the-paperwork-for-things yet. Usually it’s the reverse, something is announced in the US, and then months later gets a “oh, yeah, it’s also coming out in ‘Europe'” message.

  • Liamv2


  • Jesse

    I’m keeping an eye on TK America’s posts to see if they decide to comment on this today. =o

    I’m still pretty sure we’ll be getting it, too.

    • Michael Vu

      You might be waiting a long time then, TK will probably announce the game the day after they release it like they did with some of the Atelier games. They’ve been getting a little better, but overall I’m still not very happy with TK getting Gust.

      I should point out that it seems like the European branch seems excellent in putting out preorder items (physical, not DLC) for the Gust titles. The US branch seems dead based on their social media and announcements, you might hear something if a new Dynasty Warriors or something comes out though.

  • Ladius

    I’m really happy to see Ar nosurge localized and I will support it day one, I just hope Ciel still has a chance to be translated at a later date, especially with the Offline re-release coming in Japan.

  • Aristides

    I hope we get the Vita version too ^_^. Not sure why NA release is undecided but to tell you the truth since it’s region free it’s not like we can’t get our hands on it.

  • Mika Moreno

    I hope an American release happens, but if not hooray for no region lock! I hope Ciel noSurge gets localized also.

  • Kornelious

    The game is being Localized in English!? And it already has Awesome boxart!? AND IT’S BEING LOCALIZED IN ENGLISH!?………………….Oh it’s only in Europe………..that’s a new one…….

    Well I’m sure that an announcement for the U.S version won’t be far behind, and if not that’s why we import kids. Just glad it’s getting localized! :D

    Also what excactly is a European Voiceover? Do they mean like Xenobblade and the Last story?

    • darke

      It means they have people with an English accent speaking the lines, rather then those with an American accent, since it’s being dubbed in Europe.

  • If it never gets localized to the U.S., I’ll just import the European version. I mean hey, it’s still in English lol =)

    • Anime10121

      And with European VA’s to boot! Worked EXTREMELY well for Xenoblade :)

  • Takane Shijou

    Really happy this is being localized, and I hope we’ll hear an announcement for NA at some point in the future.

  • nyobzoo

    well I can always import if it doesn’t come to the US

  • Raspberry

    Best news in a while! Loved every Ar Tonelico , and this one looks even better!

    • nekolife

      Sadly it’s not. I can say with no provisos that this is not a good game. I thought it had to be uphill after Ar Tonelico 3, but I was wroooong. :(

      • TheCynicalReaper

        This made me laugh like crazy.
        Dude, please, explain this to us. You have to. Save the spoilers for later in your reply, though, so it’s hidden in the collapse.

        This has to be explained, man. I gotta know!

        • aquagon

          I can say with full confidence that he’s wrong. Ar nosurge is an excellent game in all respects, its only issues being that the shop events have poor pacing and that difficulty is low (unless you’re playing in Veteran), but it is a great experience worthy of being part of the EXA_PICO universe, and one that is easily in par with AT2.

          • TheCynicalReaper

            On par with AT2? That’s a big comparison, mate.
            Alright then. I’d still like to hear nekolife’s take but I’m more pumped after reading this. The battle system looks better than AT3’s and without the translation-buckery it should be good.
            I don’t mind the VN-like cutscenes so long as the story and characters are good. It’s just par for the course

          • TheCynicalReaper

            No spoilers (if you don’t want, I’ll be getting the game either way) but is the ending satisfying?
            Literally every JRPG I’ve played recently has kinda…petered out in the end and I’m wondering if there’s a trend here

          • aquagon

            Yeah. The True Ending solves all of the plot points from this game proper and those that were left dangling from Ciel nosurge, so it is pretty satisfactory to watch. However, I have to add that a small part of it can only be seen in Ciel nosurge if you’ve done the Sekai Link between both games.

          • TheCynicalReaper

            Nice. The True Ending doesn’t involve some Agarest tier “complete these inconsequential sidequests” to get, right?

            “I have to add that a small part of it can only be seen in Ciel nosurge if you’ve done the Sekai Link between both games.”
            That sucks, but you said “small part” so I’m sure it’s just a bit of a thing thrown in for Ciel fans. Shame we can’t get that. Might even go untranslated on the disc since we won’t be getting Ciel…

            Thanks, mate. Who did you pick as your-? Wait, is that “character romance” choice still in this since it’s only a spiritual successor to Ar Tonelico?

          • aquagon

            No, it doesn’t: it just requires having synthesized a certain item before battling the final boss.

            And it’s actually something important, but it’s given through Ciel nosurge’s own internal e-mail system rather than something gotten in Ar nosurge: it’s a photo and a pretty long voicemail from Ion.

            And no: there’s no choice to be made with the Heroines this time around, as Delta has been in a relationship with Cas since long ago (though you can dump her for another girl near the end of the game, but it results in a bad ending), while we’ve been dating and interaction with Ion since Ciel nosurge’s events because Earthes is our stand-in in the game world.

          • Revyatheworldeater .

            Seeing you write this recommendation makes me super excited for this game.

        • nekolife

          It’s not an interesting explanation. Just everything about the game is poorly made, mediocre or bad.

          The battle system is boring and so easy you’ll wipe out all the enemies in the entire dungeon in a single 30 second fight. But that’s a relief, since it’s not even slightly fun.

          Dungeons are so small you’ll walk through the entire thing in 2 minutes, if you’re slow.

          Shop crafting is so thrown together you’ll do dozens and dozens of them in a row using ingredients you already had without trying. Seriously, hours of boring unfunny dialog with shop keepers all at once.

          Similarly, talk matters you’ll have dozens before it even introduces the system to use them. Then you have another huge backlog of boring unfunny dialog to go through.

          Cosmosphere’s are boring and predictable cliches with hardly any voiced lines to give it life. Recycled character assets show up way before you’ve even seen the character in game.

          And speaking of lacking voice, almost none of the events have voice. Instead there’s tons of boring/useless character monologues while you walk across the 2min dungeon. In fact they all pile up like everything else, you grind through a bunch of them back-to-back.

          Oh, and the game engine is pathetic. It frequently chugs below 30fps on very basic scenes. It stutters for no reason during frequent basic data loading (like the sound of stepping on a save point). Character animations are terrible, and most areas are so basic they look like a prototype.

          So, there you go. Real reasons to keep your expectations low for this game. I’m sure many of you have high hopes that this game would be a return to the awesomeness of Ar Tonelico 2, but it’s not. Not even close.

          • aquagon

            It’s not so easy, as several boss battles can easily make you get a game over if you’re terrible at judging which attacks have to be blocked or which ones should be let in, not to mention you need to have a good strategy breaking the enemies in order to survive some of these battles.

            That same thing is what makes battles fun: having to decide between pushing back the enemies, attacking several of them at once or causing large damage and Break value to one, given the limits given to attacks, as well as having to decide when to use the Friend Skills and items.

            And shop synthesis thrown together? Have you actually played anything made by Gust? The synthesis system is exactly the same as the one in AT2, and some times you have to actually look for the ingredients because the game doesn’t hand them over as easily as you make it seem (the Sharl Meats, for example).

            And the Genometrics being cliches? That’s where you lost all credibility from me: the scenarios are pretty much like Infelspheres between the characters involved, and some of them, particularly the ones on Ion’s side, actually deal with themes that were never seen in Ar tonelico. Reducing them to cliches is quite low to do, especially given that all of the Ar tonelico games were faulted with their Cosmospheres being cliches.

            The same goes for saying the field dialogues are boring and useless, when they actually help flesh out the characters, exactly like the Talk Topics did in previous games and still do in this one.

            And finally, no mention at all of the music, of the storyline, of its characters or its themes. Good doing, with that you really help others. /sarcasm

          • darke

            Yeah, I saw no comment on the music (let alone storyline or characters) and just assumed he never seriously played the game.

            His complaints read like the basic western review of Japanese game you see all over IGN/gamespot/etc, where they’ve had a reviewer try to rush through a 40+ hour RPG in the standard time it takes to play a CoD-clone and then doesn’t actually cover the important or actually differentiating parts of the game. :(

            Who cares about whether the plot is good! After all, the game goes below 30fps so clearly nothing else about the game can be good, right? (facepalm)

          • nekolife

            Well you’re allowed to like the worst game in the series. But attempting to gloss over all of the very real problems throughout this game is doing fans a disservice.

            Dedicated franchise fans will choke it down despite all the flaws, but be realistic instead of inflating people’s expectations. Letdowns suck.

          • aquagon

            Though considering the only thing you’re doing is showing flaws without showing anything of the good things the game has to offer, is pretty hard to take you seriously, especially having the gall to say that it’s the worst game in the EXA_PICO saga. I’d say that’s much more of a disservice.

            Plus, I rebutted most of the points you made there, so I don’t see how I’m inflating anyone’s expectations or glossing over its flaws.

  • Callonia

    Ar no Surge confirmed! Next Ciel no surge left XD

  • Crimson_Cloud

    Nice, shower me with love Tecmo! <3

  • Godmars

    Can you say import?

  • Istillduno

    Man Tecmo’s pretty much gone from “They have Gust noooioo” to being a decent publisher, day 1 buy here.

  • SirRichard

    A company’s European branch being more proactive than the American one? Will wonders never cease?

    Tecmo Koei Europe have always been pretty great, though, and even given the US branch’s wariness I sincerely doubt they’ll pass over it. That mention of “EU” voiceovers is interesting – British English VAs? As lovely as it’d be I don’t see them springing for other EU language dubs for a niche game like this.

  • Kelohmello

    Congratz, Europe. You got one.

  • TheCynicalReaper

    A-and NISA isn’t going anywhere near the translation, r-right?

    Oh, oh man I’m importing the hell out of this.

  • TheCynicalReaper

    Also the character designs look way better than the last Ar Tonelico title
    I’ll also buy it when KT releases it Stateside too

    • Revyatheworldeater .

      I enjoy ntny’s work and agree that I like it better than Nagi. But I am not sure calling it way better is called for, particularly AT2’s designs.

  • Prinnydoom


  • Tincho Kudos

    Which games are from the surge concerto series?

    • darke

      Just two: Ciel nosurge and Ar nosurge.

  • LDM

    Oh joy, the one GUST game I want to play and we get screwed over. I hope at least NISA get to localize this. There is no way I am importing!

    • Um… why not? It (the UK Version here) is in English, the PS3 has no region lock… just wait until a Play-Asia sale so it’s a normal $60 or 50 bucks, and import it.

      Really, it’s not that big of a deal.

    • darke

      Then just download the digital version from the PSN? It’s not difficult, I’m in a ‘Euro’ zone and do it all the time.

  • Interesting. From what I’ve seen, it looks really promising. It has some cool style, and a fantastic soundtrack… but I don’t know if it’s worth getting too worked up about just yet. I will be watching the UK reviews when it comes out, at least.

    And if it DOES turn out to be good, but Tecmo-Koei North America don’t bring it over for whatever reason (just announce Atelier Shallie already), I’ll import it. The important thing is it’s getting translated (and the PS3 has no region lock)

  • Niyari

    i’d prefer that they (US branch) just waited for the vita version at this point

  • While you guys are complaining about wanting the Vita version, I’m just going to preorder the game and be happy about the fact that I get to play the game. You guys ask for too much.

  • I guess I’ll import.

  • This is nice, we get it before Usa does, hehe.

    • Hikari Langley

      EU got almost every Atelier game before US. It’s nothing new, but I am bothered by EU voice acting, while it fit in games like the Last Story, or Xenoblade. Ar nosurge, doesn’t really have the atmosphere for it.

      • hehe sorry I have a job and things to take care, I cant be online 24/7 :)
        But I decided to Boycott all japanese games, specialy RPG’s,(with a very very very few exepctions) without Japanese voices. ~
        So if it has no jp-voices I wont even bother try to know about it.

        • Hikari Langley

          That;s good for you I guess? I can’t stand JP voice acting.

  • ShadowDivz

    Europe gets a game before north america?
    Unthinkable! Unacceptable! Unforgivable!

    I’m kidding congrats. Although if they get it and we don’t the shoe will truly be on the otherfoot.

  • Jesse

    Now we can calm down about whether we’ll get it over here or not.

    • Revyatheworldeater .

      I figured it was likely a corporate PR issue.

    • Kyle

      America is just too bitchy when it comes to imports… srsly get off ur high ideals

    • Bob Slim

      Thank god for that now I dont have to rage

      • Keksus

        You wouldn’t have to rage otherwise either. PS3 is region free. So you could import it.

  • Yan Zhao

    Why the hell would the US version be undecided when they localized it for Europe which already contains English text translated? It would barely cost anything.

    • Landale

      Because there are more things than language involved. How to distribute it would be one, and given that the US branch confirmed it would be coming, but that details on how would have to wait I’d be willing to bet that’s the key thing.

    • darke

      They also need to dumb down the language for those unfamiliar with real English as well. Like what happened with “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” which became “Sorcerer’s Stone” in the US. /sarcasm

      Anyway, it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s a different set of requirements that Sony US has to Sony EU for approval that they need to go through, because any large bureaucracy likes rules for rules sake.

  • Alestaos

    Wow alot of US people saying there screwed or being angry that us EUers are getting it first. Yet when the EUers are the same on a game that hasnt even been announced for Europe but has for US we get told to chill out or sucks to be EU. Cant we all just be happy that this game is finally getting a release, import or wait, its great its coming out and obviously it will come out in US at a later date.

    Also not saying all the commentors from US have been like the above.

    • Belphegor

      This happens every time on those few occasions that we do get a game over here before the US or by some miracle we get a better collector’s edition. Whilst I hope that everyone gets the game, after a decade of playing RPGs and being screwed over on release dates (or just getting a release at all) and collector’s editions I just find this type of protest from the US gamers amusing.

      • Alestaos

        Precisley just like it was when Europe got Tales of Abyss 3DS before america, and yet the ps2 game wasnt released here.

        Or should we bring up the huge elephant in the room SMTIV releases for NA residents in 2013 Physical and Digital and Yet EU STILL doesnt have a defined date just Q4 2014 and its ONLY digital download release. The response i got from one US fellow on here was “Just buy a NA 3DS and all EUers stop moaning”.

    • Keksus

      I agree with you. And especially regarding that this is a PS3 game I don’t see what the problem with importing it would be.

  • AlphaSixNine

    Guess it’s coming to US after all.
    Details are just undecided

  • Keiji Johnson

    Aww, I was hoping that Ciel noSurge Re:Incarnation would get localized. WellI at least we’re going to be getting this, I guess. But I was more interested in Ciel more and had been keeping an eye on it since its announcement.

  • artemisthemp

    I hope Ciel noSurge will be coming to the West also.

  • DS23

    Europe got a TON of DS games that the US didn’t…

    • Keksus

      Europe is still waiting for Shin Megami Tensei 4

      • DizzyGear

        And Rune Factory 4

  • Keksus

    Played it for 6 hours by now and hope that I will have more time for it soon. My biggest problem so far is the battle system. Because apparently the big casts are literally battle enders. You just throw that out and no matter how good your burst was, it just ends the battle.

    • aquagon

      It’s programmed that way, the only exception being boss battles and event battles that don’t have turn limits. Still, I don’t see why you find that bothersome.

      • Keksus

        Because it’s too easy that way. Looks like you literally can’t lose the battles and the only reason not to use these battle enders is to get a good rating. So if you don’t care about that it’s like the game is playing itself. I also don’t see why there’s a need for different spells if they just end the battle anyways.

        • aquagon

          Because some songs become more useful depending on the enemies you’re fighting, the characteristics of the song and the personality trends the singer has at that moment.

          Plus, not everyone is going to think about ending the battle with a non-fully charged song, especially if its Burst charge isn’t enough to wipe out a specific wave like the Boss-class monsters that begin popping up later on in the game.

          • Keksus

            But why should I care when I can win the battle with any song anyways? It’s basically a menu option “Win battle”

          • aquagon

            And again, they don’t work that way in a boss battle or an event battle that doesn’t have a turn limit. If you try to use a song that doesn’t have enough Burst to eliminate the boss, the game just sends you back to the song selection screen.

          • Keksus

            But this basically reduces the game to the boss battles. Because in these battles your song can be strong enough to just take out one group, but it ends the battle anyways. Are there even any downsides to this?

            And how do the bursts work in boss battles there? How do you notice if the song can take out a boss?

          • aquagon

            There are, as getting a lower rank decreases the chances of getting dropped items and reduces the EXP, CT and DP you get from battle, as well as having to battle more than if you had just cleared the entire wave bar in a single battle.

            As for the boss battles, the wave marker only begins shining in red once your song is powerful enough to kill a boss, and if you release the song before that point, it’ll deal damage to it, but then you’ll be prompted to choose another one to finish the job.

  • Neppygear

    I didn’t know it was Christmas already…

  • Zoozbuh

    Wait a second, I missed this before: “The game will have European and Japanese voiceovers.” !!! PRAYING FOR THOSE BRITISH VOICE ACTORS, ALA XENOBLADE/LAST STORY :D

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