Senran Kagura 2 Introduces A Challenging New Monster Fighting Mode

By Sato . June 27, 2014 . 4:01pm


Senran Kagura 2 introduces new systems like the Pair Battle system along with new and improved costume and AR features. Marvelous also shared a look at another new mode, the “Wraith’s Den,” that lets you take on monster-filled stages for some neat loot.



The way the Wraith’s Den works is pretty simple. It’s a grid-based stage system that will have you take on rooms full of monsters. By clearing out the room, you can advance to the next stages.



Once you clear a stage, any of the adjacent rooms can be accessed, afterwards. In order to clear a stage, you’ll need to reduce the number of monsters (located on the top-left of the screen) to 0, or defeat the boss of the stage.


What makes this mode a little tricky, is that the characters keep the same amount of health they had left over from the previous stage, so health points become a major factor. However, there are three ways to recover health in the Wraith’s Den.


The first and simplest way is by transforming, which allows you to completely recover your health once. The second way is by activating Meiken, where the character also gains a temporary buff along with a draining effect, but it also takes away your scroll meter, so it comes with a risk.


The third way of recovering health is by defeating certain enemies that drop Onigiri rice balls; however, there are stages where these enemies won’t appear at all, so you might not want to rely on having those around.


By clearing certain stages, you can acquire all kinds of different weapons. These weapons aren’t restricted to the characters you select, so you can take on the Wraith’s Den with any of your favorite girls.


Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson is slated for release in Japan on August 7, 2014 for Nintendo 3DS.

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  • Kornelious

    Yet another neat feature to add to the list. This reminds me of a couple of different things but that doesn’t mean it’s bad, it’s actually seems like a cool form to get some cool gear

    And I dont know if I said it yet but I LOVE that they are bringing the 3-Deimensional battlefields from Shinovi Versus in this :D

    Also I’ve yet to fully beat the first Senran Kagura so were there “Mosnters” in it or is that new too?

    • Monster enemies are new. In the first Senran Kagura, the enemies are only either human or puppets.

      • Kornelious


      • Kouji Tamino

        Yeah, it’s essentially an extension of the monster that the characters faced at the end of Burst.

    • I’m actually not happy to see the 3D battlefields. They’re fine for Shinovi Versus because that’s it’s own spin-off, but I prefer the side-scrolling of the main series. Now I know Burst wasn’t completely left to right and that the core of this game is still side-scrolling, and it appears to just be in this mode, but still.

      The 3D battlefields here look awkward because the camera isn’t behind your character like in Shinovi Versus. Moving in three dimensions with that fixed camera looks award and really sloppy in that footage.

      • Kornelious

        I dunno, it’s kinda cool. It reminds me of the targeting in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep (At Times) it looks sorta Dynamic :)

      • Highasthesky

        My thoughts exactly. Hopefully there is an option to have the camera set to your back like in SV. It’s not even a gameplay thing, the angles just look bad IMO.

      • Odin

        If you’ve played Tamsoft’s other series Ikki Tousen, you’ll know the 3D battlefields aren’t new.

        • I never said they were new. I’m saying 3D battlefields don’t work well with a fixed camera.

  • Daniel Rossevelt

    I’m assuming there will be tentacle monsters, right?

  • Aspenharls

    Alright, I’ll bite. Why does the girl in the thumbnail look like she’s about to take a dump right there?
    Edit: I’ve made a huge mistake. Not THumbnail, but top picture.

  • Kumiko Akimoto

    I like that intro lol

  • nonscpo

    Just as long as you dont rip off Monster Hunter well be happy Tamsoft. Also stick with what you know best!

    • Wtv

      How can you not want a Senran Kagura hunting game?

      Never fought about that before, actually.

      • J_Joestar

        XD Both Monster and Hunters have “Breakable Parts”

  • Kayriss Wins

    This game is just BRIMMING with new content.

    • Pythia Brixham

      Yes, I’m also excited for all of the “content” this game has to offer, especially the “male content”.

      Also excited for all of the new game features.

  • idrawrobots

    This sounds like it will be a fun/challenging mode for unlocking weapons.

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