Senran Kagura Producer On Fan Service And Why A Dude Is In Senran Kagura 2

By Spencer . June 27, 2014 . 3:57am


Siliconera spoke with Senran Kagura producer Kenichiro Takaki about his breakout beat ’em up series. We talked about Senran Kagura 2, his thoughts about fan service, and if we’ll ever get another Half-Minute Hero game.


image Why did you make a male character playable in Senran Kagura 2?


Kenichiro Takaki, Producer: I wanted to try a male character at least once, that’s why Murasame is in the game. He’s treated the same as the female characters, he has sexy poses too. [Laughs and makes sexy face]


So, how did you decide on how to make sexy poses for a male character?


[Laughs] I looked at a lot of magazines that show the male form for reference. Yeah, we did our research. [Laughs]


Can you tell us about developing the AR mode in Senran Kagura 2? Was it difficult to implement?


It was not technically difficult to implement and you can change the clothes of the girls and they’ll show up with different costumes in AR mode.




It seems like more games developed in Japan have more fan service with different costumes as DLC and crossovers than ever before. Being the king of fan service with the Senran Kagura series, why do you think this is the trend?


I feel it makes it more entertaining from when you first announce a game to when you release it, to have something fans can enjoy as they follow along with development and then finally they get it in the game where they can enjoy it there too. It’s not just listing out the features, which is boring.


That makes sense to have media updates and not every update can be about gameplay. The beat ’em genre has broader appeal and I think that people may miss that when glancing at all the boobage in Senran Kagura.


I would like to make more normal games again. But, personally this kind of the game with sexiness and violence is the kind of game I want to make.


And food?


Yeah! [Laughs]




When does fan service go too far? Have you ever designed something that you felt went too far and had to change your plans?


I keep in the R18+ or Japanese version of the R rating in mind. In Senran Kagura: Bon Appétit there are scenes where you see the girls get covered in food. Originally, they didn’t have chocolate sauce drizzled on them. I added chocolate sauce because I thought the girls showed too much skin and it turned out adding that in was even more erotic.


Speaking of Senran Kagura: Bon Appétit, that’s a rhythm game, but it feels like the gameplay is more simplistic compared to other music games on Vita, even compared to IA/VT, which you’re developing. Did you consider the Project Diva or IA/VT style for Bon Appétit?


In a lot of rhythm games, players focus on icons or the rhythm bar and that’s all they are looking at the whole time. In the Kagura series, you want them to focus on the visuals, the background, and the sexy girls. There is also an extra element in that players will look away from the icons and look at the screen and make a mistake. Then they have to focus back on the gameplay. This "feast for the eyes" fits the Senran Kagura series.


Have you talked to Xseed about bringing IA/VT Colorful to North America?


Jimmy Soga from Xseed: We’re still in talks [with Marvelous], but Tom really wants to do it.


Is Xseed the caretakers of the Senran Kagura series in North America and will handle future releases?


KT: That’s the plan.


JS: We’re taking it case by case. Senran Kagura Burst did really well. It was download only, but there’s enough to say there is a US audience for it that’s why we went with Shinovi Versus. It’s sort of risky, but we localized Bon Appétit at the same time. We think there is a core audience for it, but it’s case by case for now. If these sell well enough of course we want to continue with the series.




Have you thought about considering the Half-Minute Hero series?


I love the series and I would like to continue it in the future. One of the challenges is taking a whole three to five hour RPG session and squeezing it down to something you play in three to five minutes. To create a lot of little stages that are condensed versions of full RPG sessions takes a lot of effort. It’s like cramming five or more RPGs into a single package. Since you can’t do a half-assed job on it, at some point I’ll sit down and do it, but I am focused on Senran Kagura right now.

  • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

    Localization resources are like finite set of silk toilet paper – Seran Kagura has literally taken one company hostage and XSeed is now a mining drone for BitBoobs.

    • Shady Shariest

      Except, Unlike with Bitcoins, they are making actual money worth something! :3

    • TheEndlessSlaughter

      Where are these BitBoobs and how do I start mining them?

      • neocatzon

        Google this: Titcoins.

    • I’m not sure if this post is sarcastic or not, but XSEED has a lot of other games coming out besides Senran Kagura.

  • Enjoyable interview; I really wish the recent Nintendo magazine ordeal was bought up though. Would have made for a good question regarding a developers stance when a foreign company misportrays their works as something that it is so much more than.

    • AkuLord3

      Eh at least things like that help get the games more attention

    • British_Otaku

      I think he has addressed the idea of both foreign and Japanese groups not being interested or disliking Senran Kagura in another interview already. I wouldn’t be surprised if he responded to that type of thing for Ikki Tousen’s PSP games as well.

  • AkuLord3

    Oh boy i loved if they follow up on the IA/VT localization (though if not i’ll import it~) but yeah fun interview. I’m one of those people who can see the series as something besides fanservice, like yeah its there (and nice <33) but has its other merits and is just a fun little series…well besides Bon Appétit, it knows what it is lol

  • NeptuniasBeard

    I hope the other guy is also hot. I swear to God of the other character is Hanzo, someone’s getting lit on fire

    • wererat42

      I’m betting it’s going to be Kiriya.

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      You haven’t seen him? He’s douchey but he’s fairly good looking.

      • NeptuniasBeard

        Hanzo? I’ve seen Hanzo, he’s as old as he is creepy.

        If you meant Murasame, then yeah, I know about him.

        I read somewhere that there will be 2 male characters, but maybe I’m mistaken

        • Kumiko Akimoto

          Well that’s what it said he may have dropped it because he wasn’t used to it or it may come as surprise later on.

  • If I remember correctly isnt the male Ikagura’s Step brother?

    • Silver

      Yes, he is.

    • Brimfyre

      And completely unlikable. Hopefully they improve his personality a bit, but I doubt it. Wish they would have made a character from scratch.

  • magicalfollower

    “I looked at a lot of magazines that show the male form for reference. Yeah, we did our research.”

    I respect this guy.

  • Neppygear

    Takaki-san… I love you…

  • Namuro

    Sexiness and violence, damn!

    There should be a new genre called “Sexlence” for games like this. LOL

    • X_Bacon

      How about “high-impact sexual violence”?

      …oh sorry, wrong game.

      • darke

        Yeah, that’s the Atelier series you’re talking about; the Australian censorship office has odd tastes sometimes.

  • Rawindra

    Do you guys think he’s going to be a dummy for tutorial & challange as well?

  • Armageddon

    maybe they should put more male characters for balance

    • Neppygear

      Would be nice, but this way they’re more special when they actually happen.

    • Firion Hope

      I hope not. I hate the idea that fictional characters have to be 50% male/female because apparently that’s what (fictional) equality is. I’d rather them make a game about only male sexiness and leave this one as it is.

      • Enzo

        Personally I also don’t think it should be 50/50. However, there also is such a thing as over-representation as well.

        • Firion Hope

          on a macro level sure. For a specific game? I don’t think so, nothing wrong with having an all female busty cast and vica verca.

          • Enzo

            I have played the 3DS Senran Kagura and I don’t mind that the cast is all female, but I would have liked if the generic characters you fought weren’t also all female as well since it’s been made clear that not all shinobi are female at those schools. But that’s just my opinion.

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        I think that adding a few male characters into the fray won’t change much, though an all male game would be nice.

        • murinto

          you could always go play sengoku basara, that’s basically like an all male version of senran kagura.
          sort of, not really.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            If it’s not really then don’t suggest it.

      • celery

        If such a game, about “all-male sexiness” was made, then absolutely, there would be no reason for this one to change. But until that happens I can’t blame people for wanting the cast to be more inclusive. Sometimes it seems easier to broaden the demographic of an already-existing franchise than to start an entirely new one or spin-off.

        • Firion Hope

          There are some out there, they just aren’t quite as common. But I don’t think existing games has any responsibility to appeal to multiple demographics. It’s a niche game for a niche audience

          If it started focusing on male fan service that would get in the way of people who enjoy it for female fan service. The inverse applies too.

          • celery

            There are lots of games that have female-only fanservice. The number is growing and growing. I can’t think of any games that are like SK but with men. At all.

            I agree, I don’t think existing games should strive to appeal to different audiences; there’s a time and place for everything and not every game should appeal to everyone. But the fact that female-only fanservice games are growing in popularity while the number of male-only fanservice games (especially ones that take it to the extreme that SK does) remain nonexistent will make people request these kinds of things, and I think it’s fair for people to want them.

          • Firion Hope

            Yeah I think it’s fair to want them too. Hell if they were half decent I’d give them a shot. I just don’t want them to come at the expense of the opposite.

          • celery

            I feel ya there. This is probably just the easiest outlet to let that opinion be known, that a “genderbent SK” would be welcomed by some fans.

    • 古戸ヱリカ

      If some of these comments are anything to go by, I’m pretty sure the company would be in smoldering ruins before they even finish announcing them.

      • Armageddon


    • Shippoyasha

      Nahhhh. This series has the main point of featuring cute girls. Maybe they can make a side series having male ninjas perhaps. But I don’t think the male figure is all that interesting a sexual Muse compared to female protags. And Takaki mentioned how there weren’t enough pure boobie game out there and wanted to follow through on his vision.

      I can see the game having 3 or 4 more canonical males but I don’t believe they should take focus away from its core.

      I believe games should have the freedom to have a certain niche and vision. If that means Life and Hometown, let it be.

      • Armageddon

        good point(getting tired of harem or anything like it anyway)

  • Shadow Rebirth

    looks like IA/VT Colorful will be localized(i’m sure it will). This is really makes me happy ^^. I hope Bandai give God Eater 2 localization to Xseed if they don’t want to do it.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      I don’t think so, Bamco never gives the rights to 3rd parties like XSeed Aksys IIRC, since they’re exclusive games, except some like Toki to Towa, or Gundam Musou which were not real Bamco games

  • C_Diamond

    “he has sexy poses too.”
    Hoping to see some jojo poses.

    • karldeck

      The only way you can make hilarious sexy man is taking poses directly from Jojo.

    • bassgs435

      what if the magazines they used for their research were JoJo mangas?

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      There better be some jojo poses

  • SeptimusHeap

    The inclusion of a playable male character in a great all-female game is the biggest mistake this producer has ever done. At least this generic dude’s DLC. I hope he becomes the worst DLC in the whole video game history.

    Honestly, I don’t get Japan’s fascination of inserting bland and boring pretty male MCs in female-dominant anime/manga/video games. First Atelier, then Omega Quintet, and now this. Neptunia is like a comet that comes like every eight decades or centuries. We’re probably never another one like Neptunia.

    Well I still love Senran Kagura anyway. I really hope the producer made him just for a one-time change only and we’ll never see male playables in the future SK games.

    • Herok♞

      What exactly is the problem with putting males in game like this? If you don’t care for them it doesn’t take away the experience for since you don’t have to play as them its not like they made his the character you are going to use most often, you said it yourself he’s DLC. Speaking of which the worst DLC happened when Capcom pulled the stunt where they finished all the characters for Street Fighter X Tekken and kept them locked, a single male character isn’t going to be anywhere that bad. Also you are forgetting it does more good than harm. Now any females or males who would prefer to have the male fanservice won’t feel alienated causing the series to grow more. Also even as a straight male, I rather have a male character in the game to play as since I want to play the game for the gameplay and not the fanservice.

    • Brion Valkerion

      They do it because they get berated by people with questions like “why make a fanservice game.” That and they probably want to increase the appeal across the board to the female audience which is never a bad thing, something Japan has been more active with in recent years after people realized how many women were into stuff like Dynasty Warriors (ever wonder why their character designs shifted so much?)

      Either way… its anime based. They only use like 4 character archetypes anyway, all of which have been filled by females in this game. Only real choice is to make male counterparts to all of them at this point lol.

      • Regarding that last bit, I don’t agree at all with Senran Kagura’s cast. Every one of them is a fairly unique character relative to the series, and even when it doubled with Shinovi Versus, the new characters were all still distinct.

    • Draparde

      I wouldn’t place Atelier in that group, they’ve had 6 games with Male MC’s, and even more games with playable male characters. Arcana heart, Neptunia , ect. don’t have playable male characters. let alone MCs.

      • Christopher Nunes

        Does Hyperdimension Neptunia PP count? Seeing as the Producer is the player, and implied male.

        • Pipe

          Why would a spinoff count for anything? That’s like saying that the metal gear franchise is hack and slash just because of Rising.

    • J_Joestar

      This guy isn’t anywhere close to being an MC though, he is just a minor side character that i doubt will ever grow to be anything more important than maybe some character development for Ikaruga.

      Typically the Bland MCs are from series that just want to give players a self insert, but this guy already has established one which is closer to the typical jerk rival that is unpopular with the female characters.

    • Shippoyasha

      Yeah but Murasame is a joke style character. He is like Street Fighter’s Dan. He is far, far away from being a protagonist or a romance material.

      As long as Takaki has fun doing it, I have faith.

    • vileBrenman

      I think the reason they are including a male character this time around is because I think they want to start providing fan service to both genders and sexualities.

      • SeptimusHeap

        Quite frankly, that’s really stupid. Kenichiro-san would just end up alienating the core fanbase. There are games that targets a specific kind of fandom. Senran Kagura was one of them until this game. The majority (like 99.9%) of the fans never asked for a worthless male fighter. It’s a dumb move, like what KyoAni and [email protected] did.

  • fyi1191

    I would love Murasame more if it weren’t for his personality.
    He got the looks of a Harem King in SK world.

    Oh, and give us a bonus like getting Murasame to max level will unlocks his female form.

  • RawrWata

    Yaaaaay smexy males.

  • In Murasame’s biography in Burst’s Library (or at least in the localization), his profile ends with something I see as a tease to his playability in SK2. I figure this is something they were wanting to do for quite a while.

    “When will the day come when Murasame gives up his attachment for Hien and conciliate with Ikaruga…?”

    This is really an opportunity for them to expand on a character who previously was very involved in a sub-plot but never got much spotlight ever since, and I like that Murasame is being made to be a more substantial character.

  • Jadfish

    I approve. Male fanservice would make me hilariously uncomfortable.

  • Andrew

    Wow Xseed is able to make both female and male heroes. Ubisoft must be so jealous.

    • neocatzon

      MarvelousAQL, not XSEED.

      • Andrew

        Xseed’s publishing, why I used them.

        • J_Joestar

          They publish the localizations, i doubt they have any real say in actual development of the games.

        • neocatzon

          Different case. Ubisoft as a publisher made the decision, while XSEED only handles overseas publishing. MAQL as the original publisher is the one that should be compared with.

    • Shippoyasha

      Ubisoft being a French company might be doing it a disservice PR wise. If they want to make male protags then that’s that. People just used their awkward PR language to pounce on them. So much drama over nothing.

      • Andrew

        They aren’t even allowed to talk about why they don’t put women in video games. There was an article from E3 about it. Some writer asked, and the PR rep told the dev not to answer. So until they do, they deserve all the slack they are getting for it.

        • Kumiko Akimoto

          They can do whatever they want with their games, no one would ask a female developer why all her games star women would they?So why is the reverse ok, I understand wanting variety in a game but they can do whatever they want just like everyone else can.

        • Shippoyasha

          Personally, I don’t blame Ubisoft. Anything they say is used against them and the media hasn’t been fair by pouncing on them. They are a proactive company in regards to making female protagonists too. They actually don’t get enough credit.

  • Learii

    Kenichiro Takaki sure laugh a lot XD
    anyway I be waiting for the games XSEED

    • Satori Satya

      Wouldn’t you laugh a lot talking about this series? ;)

      Nah, but seriously. I notice that Japanese devs tend to laugh a lot during interviews.

  • shuyai

    “Senran Kagura Producer On Fan Service And Why A Dude Is In Senran Kagura 2”

    i dont why when i read this title sudden deep voice whisper this to me

    “Beautiful thing are only beautiful when there are someone to appreciated it beauty, Boobs without a man to appreciated it is just a lump of fat with neither hope or dream”

    no idea if i heard this somewhere or i made it up

    • Satori Satya

      Yeah I read someone say something similar about HYRULE WARRIORS.

      Apparently, all the females in that game are suppose to be there to serve as eye candy to the lone male character included in the game. Despite the fact that they kick as much ass as any male character in the DW series.

      In this particular case, we could be cynical about it as well…. or take the dev at his word that he added a male character just to see if he could. Probably to appeal to females and men who are into “sexy men”.

      And BTW, maybe the male character swings the other way. If he does, then those beautiful bouncin’ boobs will be nothing more than just ‘lumps of fat’ to him.


        “Beautiful thing are only beautiful when there are someone to appreciated it, Boobs without a man to appreciated it is just a lump of fat”

        ^this would make sense if there weren’t several males sitting behind their screens appreciating them + Hanzou…

        “Apparently, all the females are supposed to be there to serve as eye candy to the lone male character included in the game.”

        More like the opposite, the lone male is what ties the females together through a common interest – standard harem plot device.

        No way to exactly know who they are targeting – I’d also throw in the crowd who wouldn’t play a game unless it had a male character . What is certain is this is just a test, so if Murasame isn’t well-received, chances are there won’t be playable male characters in the next SK games.

        • Satori Satya

          “More like the opposite, the lone male is what ties the females together through a common interest – standard harem plot device.”

          And yet if the lone male character was there to merely serve as a stud for all the gals, then that could be taken as being insulting to males as well. Because it would only continue with the stereotype that males are mindless animals.

          So anyone looking to getting the vapors over something in this series, could very well find it.

          • Wtv

            Funny thing is…in another interview the producer said that Muramase is a joke character and it’s really weak. So…

          • Satori Satya

            So he’s a faithful representation of most Otakus out there? ;)

          • Wtv

            He’s not fat, though.

            But seryously, in these all girls works (usually in animes), when there is a male character and it’s not a harem, he usually is there to be abused, humiliated or ignored by the girls.

            Like the guy in Non Non Biyori or Kyoutarou in Saki.

            Maybe that’s the case here. Since it’s a trope used a lot in otaku works.

          • Satori Satya

            Yeah, maybe he’s not quite a faithful representation….. but more like what most Otakus think they look like inside their minds – or wish that they would look like :p

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            There are otakus who can be weak and thin

          • J_Joestar

            Probably more mentally than physically representative of Otakus.


            That’s usually the case, and why people have problems with the harem genre. But this is more the case with Hyrule Warriors. Murasame in SK is the guy everyone loves to hate.

          • Wtv

            You really think Nintendo would make Zelda a harem-game? There are more girls because there are more girls in Zelda…and because Koei work with female character more than male in general, but I don’t think everyone will love Link.

            Hell…I don’t think even Zelda will love Link, since even in the main games there were never romance between them. I mean…outside of the fan’s heads.


            Nah, not saying it’s a harem game. Just using it as an example in the context of “if” it were a harem game to contrast the roles both lone males would play.

            I doubt Nintendo will ever strongly insert romance in their games, being family friendly and all, but you can’t deny they are pandering a little with their roster choices.

          • Wtv

            By using a lot of cute female characters, sure.

            And it’s funny because both musou and Zelda games have a lot of female fans.

            I think Link is bishounen enough…and every other male character in Zelda is ugly anyway.

          • Satori Satya

            The ‘harem genre’ would apply to Hyrule Warriors if there were at least 3 people trying to get it on with Link. But we only have confirmation that it’s basically just Cia.

          • Shippoyasha

            The harem genre is a lot more complex than it is led on though. Not all harem are like Tenchi or something like in late 90s or early 2000s. Being a harem style show doesn’t mean the boy has a chance with everyone or that all girls are receptive to him. That is a baseline cliche about that mechanic, not how it actually is. Most harem stuff nowadays are self conscious enough to make it more of a romantic battle and there usually is only one or two canonical possibilities by the end.

      • Shippoyasha

        There are several male characters in Senran but they don’t think of the girls sexually because they are the girls’ mentors.

        Murasame is the brother of Ikaruga and actually is more of her rival.

    • J_Joestar

      If someone needs to be there to appreciate them, we already have an expert connoisseur of fine boobs.

  • ShinNeoGranzon

    Sometime in this game it will be revealed that Murasame, Kiriya, and Hanzou are all actually just flat chested women who pretend to be men to hide their flatness. Because only females can be ninja in Senran Kagura

  • Kornelious

    I’m really glad that Senran kagura is turning into a franchise in the west, since we have Shinovi Versus (Physical Limited Edtion no-less) and Bon Appetite, I’m sure that Deep Crimson will be right around the corner :)

    Also it looks like XSeed is really considering localizing IA/VT Colorful…….There is hope after all! :D

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    I want to see a Trap next…

    • ShadowDivz

      Please no….

    • lol that comment with that avatar face just… works XD

    • SeptimusHeap

      Seriously, go away and leave SK alone. Just kidding.

  • spyro20

    i hate how they address the male character as “DUDE” but anyway, i would play a game like this if only it did not have cool looking female characters breasts to look like they were deformed and acted to pervy, it’s like it’s have porn and have game, seriously, i would want to play a game with female characters that were bad-assed and looked decent instead of some prostitute looking whores. -_-

    • Shippoyasha

      How dare you call them whores. Only Haruka is a dominatrix!

      • J_Joestar

        i don’t see how being a dominatrix makes her a whore…

        • Shippoyasha

          Haha. Yeah. She teases more than anything. She uses her sexuality as her weapon. I translated her torture scene of a male ninja before.

    • buddyluv324

      Given that SK is starting to become more of an established series and that the series has always been consistent about over the top, busty ninja girl action I’m afraid this is the wrong series for you.

      • GÍlgamesh Goldenking

        Lol you think that’s busty lol XD look up on a;ll three record of agarest war for ps3 you would just understand that this is nothing compared to that wish i owned a vita >.>

    • GÍlgamesh Goldenking

      Dude you have no sense or the essential knowledge of what makes a jap game popular we all want some fan service my half of ps3 is fulled with ecchi games and if you know the meaning of ****e you would know that what you said was big wrong answer :P

      • spyro20

        uhhhhh, like, what i understand is that you’re a perverted otaku, and i am not. i was just giving my view on how much cooler this game could have been if all the characters were not looking like girls with deformed – abnormal breast sizes, and less pervy trash.

  • alixraen

    If I get a game in this series, is there an option to turn the fanservice off?

    EDIT: (I just realized what a stupid question that is but OHWELL~)

    • GÍlgamesh Goldenking

      Lol enjoy fan service now XD because e.e when anybody get’s married fan service is lost forever unless his wife is lil pervy :P if you know wat i mean XD

  • There are a lot of lines I would like to quote, but I’ll just sum them up by saying that I love every interview done with Takaki. His interviews are always fun to read =)

  • leingod

    It’s awesome that there’s a male character in SK2, although I’ll never play as him :P

  • Jake Joe

    thanks for asking about IA/VT Colorful. We need them to know more about the possibilities of more Games coming to the West.

    • Senka

      Yeah, I fell in love with that game the moment I saw it, so I’m really excited about any possibility of getting it here.

  • Crazy_O

    If he really had fun making a male character there is nothing I can say. It is his game. But I don’t want to play as a male character or against in an online mode. I don’t mind creating a separate game targeting people who like male objectification though.

    But as long as I don’t have to I’ll buy the game.

  • Pinkemon

    I can totally understand that fans wouldn’t like this, to be honest. To put it in comparison, I wouldn’t want some random chick in my Yaoi game just to have her there.

    Though, if this guy decides to make a gender swapped version of this series I’m in.

    • J_Joestar

      I’d be against it more if it was some boring self-insert gary stu kinda character, but this is Murasame, Ikagura’s inept brother who apparently sucked so much that they had to adopt her into the family. Although i guess we don’t know who the other male character is supposed to be yet.

      • SobriK

        For what it’s worth, I’m pretty sure there’s only one male character and the initial report of two male playable characters was a mistake. Other interviews with Takaki from E3 have him only make reference to a single male character in SK2, and that’s Murasame :)

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      Women pop up all the time in yaoi games, it doesn’t need to be gender exclusive to keep the overall theme.

      • Guest

        Lol enjoy fan service now XD because e.e when anybody get’s married fan service is lost forever unless his wife is lil pervy :P if you know wat i mean XD

      • Shippoyasha

        Depends. They shouldn’t chew the scene up and take attention away from the core if they can help it. When I play something like Hakuouki or girls side games, I want to see hunks.

        • Kumiko Akimoto

          There are plenty of otome games fan who feel the opposite, not that they want girl romance options just that they wish there were stronger female side characters to hnag out with.
          Like in tokimeki, girl’s side 3 has a wonderful example of female friends who are really cool and fun to hangout with.No of the guys lose their hunkyness.
          Senran kagura has more then 20 girls on it’s roaster a few guys isn’t going to change the hot and cute chick ratio of the game.

          • MrTyrant

            The original Tokimeki also has male endings in fact since it was pretty difficult for me to romance the girls and get their ending I got the guys ones and was pretty fun. It wasn’t gay it was something about the gym teacher and your bros hanging out after the graduation.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            Ohh so they guyfriend hang out endings too? I wish someone would localize one just so I can see the flipside.

          • Shippoyasha

            Well, Senran lore has about 50-60 more girls they need to get to with the New Wave girls. So they have a lot on their plate with the girls. Any time they focus on a male character, it means the development for the girls suffers. And I’m sure that’s not going to please a lot of Senran fans.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            I’ve seen people use this argument but that really doesn’t make any sense when there’s more girls to develop them guys, I’m not saying add a 50/50 roaster. Just a few guys here and there. They are going to spend more time developing the core of the game and thing that they have more of.

    • Nazoc

      I’d pay far too much money for that.

  • Kurai Buzzwagon

    As long as he does manly poses like in jojo im all ok with a male character

  • Bob Slim

    I say no to male characters in Senran Kagura im sorry dont fit

    • Satori Satya

      C’mon, there’s always room for some sausage!

      • Bob Slim

        I dont think so ew

        • Landale

          Sexy ninja. Seems to fit into the setting to me. Do feel free to explain why you don’t think he fits though.

          • Bob Slim

            Its nothing to explain really I just dont want a guy in Whats supposed to be a all girl series and. You put 1 guy in it dont fit to me. Im sorry if cant explain it more than that. I still like the game though just minus him

  • GÍlgamesh Goldenking

    Lol one answer XD what will be a jap game if you don’t get a little bit pervy and nosebleed fan service XD :v

  • lel

    Im afraid murasame is the first step on future titles with male chars only on them. The slogan will be abs are life,pecs are hometown.

    • Doctor Nebula

      I wholly support that.

    • Hours Left

      I would support this 100%.

      But people who like the male form like butts too. Torsos are life, butts are (still) hometown.

  • ShinNeoGranzon

    I don’t really mind having a guy in the game, but isn’t Murasame supposed to be a complete failure as a shinobi, or at least nowhere near as strong as Ikaruga and the rest of the girls? He better have trained a lot in preparation for this game. I’ll probably play him just to beat Ikaruga with him

  • Hinataharem

    Males in sexy poses…..hmm….

  • Darkwing7

    Lol male character in the cast is fine, always good to try something new. Plus it doesn’t really matter in my opinion because most of the girls are into yuri xD

  • Vash bane

    you want male with….err…erotic bizarre poses there is one series in particle that comes to mind…and ugh bo….nmv..(XDD)

  • DizzyGear

    I hate to be that guy again but it would have been nice if you guys had asked him who the caretakers were for Europe for the Senran Kagura series since we have yet to hear about a release date for Shinovi Versus…

  • Nazoc

    Oh shit this dude is hot, speaking as a bisexual man.

    Mmm…I want a whole new series about men that fine.

  • ShadowDivz

    Not to be THAT guy but…..
    He didn’t really answer question 4.

    I don’t mind having a guy in SK…. Okay i mind a bit. As long as he doesn’t get a harem im good. Also, i hope i don’t start seeing harem pictures of him around the net.

    • Kayriss Wins

      He has to get passed Kat’s harem first

      • ShadowDivz

        Holy sh…. Where is that from?
        Who’s the woman on the left? Im sure the other two is Homura and Ikaruga.

        • Kayriss Wins

          Daidouji believe it or not, it’s from Dekamori btw.

          • ShadowDivz

            Oh, i thought it was something i missed in SV.

            Daidouji… That does make sense. But isn’t she more blonde than brunette?

            Edit: i just noticed the background. Is that a huge ass or a huge pair of boobs? I mean, either way im good.

          • Kayriss Wins

            Naw Daidouji was always Brunette I believe also her hairstyle is unmistakable too, why is she there? I have no clue but I’m DIEING to find out when Bon Appetit releases. And knowing Kat’s that’s probably cleavage in the background, also notice those polls on her thrown have nipples lol.

          • ShadowDivz

            Oh my god, they do. xD

            I didn’t recognize Daidouji because i didn’t have her in SV and it’s been awhile since the anime, since I haven’t seen her much i can’t recognize her instantly.
            And the only time in the anime you see her normal hair color is during those commercial breaks.

          • Kayriss Wins

            I understand, it’s easy to miss since she has different hair color AND style during her transformation. I’ve been goofing around with her in SV a lot so that’s how I knew lol.

          • ShadowDivz

            You got the JPN DLC? Damn you!
            Well, it’s getting localized so il be able to play as daidouji too.

            You getting the localized version?

          • Kayriss Wins

            Yeah I’m gonna buy the Localized version as well because I’m curious about the story and Navigating to online play since I don’t know Japanese, only reason I got the JPN ver. was because I grew severely impatient, I actually got the JPN ver literally the Day before Xseed announced it for North America lol. And while Daidouji is awesome Yagyu is the best :P

          • ShadowDivz

            Man, that timing would have pissed me off.
            I’d be happy, but pissed.

          • Kayriss Wins

            I probably would have been pissed, but I was too busy enjoying myself with the game LOL.

  • Taylor Davis

    the guy is really cute!~ (I would like a much older guy but they can ignore me *laughs*) That would interesting if they made a spin off with just guys in it but who knows.

    • ShadowDivz

      I…’d actually be cool with that.

  • new_tradition

    Please add more guys! I’d definitely start buying the games if there’s more men to play as that get clothing damage >3>

    Doesn’t even have to be equal right away. There’s, what? 12 women you can play as in Burst? Gimme 6 men, and I’m good, promise! :O

  • ineedgames

    I feel like the game would of gotten a much bigger audience if it had male characters stripping at the start.

    • Shippoyasha

      I don’t know. I get the feeling it might divide the appeal of the girls (or even totally destroy it) if he is bringing Life and Hometown and there’s a whole faction of guys in the mix. Not to mention the plot of the game itself is really more about the female ninjas. Not to mention Nan Yaegashi (the artist) specializes in ‘thick’ female characters too. I kind of think the niche and specific appeal of the boobie ninjas helped it actually.

  • Paulthesnug

    Personally I wouldn’t mind a few more guys if they kept em looking good. No homo or whatever.

  • ninjamitsuki

    Hell yes!

    I might actually give this game a chance now…

  • Petey

    I can totally get behind this….I mean, it’d be nice to see an ecchi game go from the niche of sexy girls losing their clothes to BOTH sexy girls AND GUYS LOSING THEIR CLOTHES HNGH~ Seeing as how they might not want to make the “target otaku male” player feel left out by the only canon male character possibly being the center of a harem, I could totally see there being more men…how about some oyajis, ya’ll?

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