Here’s A Look At The Balance Problems Plaguing Freedom Wars

By Sato . July 2, 2014 . 11:02am


Earlier today, we reported that Japanese fans have expressed their concern about Freedom Wars’ difficulty. Following this, a compilation video was put together by a fan, which shows what they’re talking about… and it definitely looks pretty rough.


As some players have mentioned, it’s not the Abductors that makes things difficult, but the humanoid enemies who are said to have god-like aim with shots that can take you down in just a couple hits.


The parts shown at 0:47 , 1:50, and many other occasions shows the player getting killed in a matter of seconds by what should be small fry enemies. While they can still be avoided, things like reviving allies or accessing certain areas can easily result in death.


The player in the video also shows himself being defeated by enemies on purpose for the sake of demonstration, but you could probably see how there were times where it would’ve almost been impossible to react on time.


To make matters worse, there are some Volunteer missions that are in three parts, and if you die in the final part (and it can take roughly up to 30 minutes just to get there), it’ll require you to start over from the beginning.


While fans continue playing Freedom Wars, it seems like the difficulty with overpowered humanoid enemies start kicking in at around the 4-1 to 5-1 missions that are about halfway through the game, where a sudden jump in difficulty becomes noticeable.


Producer Junichi Yoshizawa stated that the development team be looking into countermeasures for the problem in the next few days.

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  • God

    Cowards, i will conquer this game’s “problem” an become the very best, like no one ever was!

  • Jorge

    Discussion: is this game actually hard or are we used to games holding our hands over the years?

    Note: I am not giving my opinion on either side. Yet.

    • ZEROthefirst

      Freedom Wars isn’t hard so much as it’s just the enemies have some extremely un-fair attacks, especially for small fry enemies.

    • God

      Most of the deaths i saw where beacuse the guy left himself open, planned his actions poorly and didn’t look at his surroundings. I haven’t played the game though, so i may be wrong. Oh, and a question, when he died beacuse he took too many enemies by himself (wich happened in at least half of the deaths) did she have to go solo or was it a choice?

      • ZEROthefirst

        Sadly enemy attacks are unforgiving in this game. Even if you see them coming a lot of attacks are extremely hard to avoid or near impossible because of how fast they are and how quickly you’re actually able to move.

        • God

          You have a the grappling hook-ish thing, doesn’t that compensate for the speed disadvantage? And only some guns seemed to have long-range damage, doesn’t it mean that you could hook away from any other danger, leaving you at a safe distance?

          • ZEROthefirst

            If you notice from the video the grapple doesn’t move you instantly. You use it and you have a delay between grabbing something and moving, and the AI’s attacks are faster than that. Basically you HAVE to move around non-stop in this game if you want to stay alive, if you stand still you’re pretty much asking the computer to kill you.
            It doesn’t help that some of the guns seem to have broken hit boxes like the Plesioth in MHF2 (over exaggerating here but you get the picture). You’ll see shots going by you off to the side but you’re getting hit and even like in the video if you pay attention early on when the player knocks the AI down it shoots him while it’s not even facing him and kills him.

          • Jadfish

            I noticed a point in the video where the players gets two-shotted by a sniper. The first shot obviously comes as a big surprise, but it doesn’t take more than a second before the other shot comes flying – the player character is still in the “getting hit” animation so they couldn’t do shit.

            AND THE gosh darn hit-by-flamethrower-animation is hilarious in all its glorious spasms

          • God

            The sniper thing was mostly beacuse the player jumped from a secure location to a wide open position in the middle of the area, i would have been more surprised if no one attacked him.

    • For what it’s worth, the game is sitting at 2.5 stars on Amazon Japan, and a lot of user reviews on there are talking about balance issues. This is definitely an issue. It’s not just a couple of people complaining.

      • Jorge

        I guess with games like Dark/Demon’s Souls we can kinda tell whether games are hard or gamers these days don’t like a challenge and want to complain. Maybe this game has real balance issues and it’s not just people wanting an easy game.

        • ZEROthefirst

          It has balance issues sadly. Coming from a lot of games in this genre like MH and GE I promise you it’s not difficulty entirely.

          • Jorge

            MH is Monster Hunter but what’s GH?

          • ZEROthefirst

            God Eater. Freedom Wars gameplay is a lot like GE’s but slower paced with differences. It honestly feels like a mix of God Eater and Phantasy Star Portable 2 gameplay-wise, it’s kind of fast like GE but kind of clunky like PSP2.

          • Jorge

            Oh ok! I have GH but I have yet to start it. And yet I still want them to localize GH 2…

          • ZEROthefirst

            Same here I’ve been playing GE2 on the Vita since it came out waiting for it to get localized. I hope it does soon since the online patch was released recently, but it might be like the first game and get an expansion so who know when/if it does lol

          • Jorge

            I wish I could speak Japanese. Or afford to import. So many games we’ve missed out on in NA….

          • ZEROthefirst

            My Japanese isn’t very good honestly, and it’s actually fairly cheap to import if you look around enough on ebay or amazon. I got mine from Playasia on launch with the GE themed Vita Slim model though so I didn’t get it cheap XD

        • It definitely has real balance issues. Monster Hunter on higher difficulties is extremely challenging and no one complains about those games. The same goes for Dark Souls or Mario games on the later stages, where the difficulty gets pretty crazy.

    • Curan_Altea

      The humanoid enemies can line up accurate shots way too quickly.
      Most of the time its not hard to react or kill them quick enough, but when you walk around a corner and there’s one there you weren’t ready for you might get shot down before you see them. Oddly enough snipers aren’t that bad.
      The revive system is pretty forgiving though, instantly back at full health with seemingly no penalty on score.

      Its easily my biggest complaint about the game.
      I don’t mind the abductors doing tons of damage

  • Aleister Crowley

    Enemies look like stun-locking laser pirahas with perect accuracy. The game’s balance is pretty much non-existent.

  • ZEROthefirst

    Sadly Freedom Wars’ gameplay isn’t the most entertaining thing out there either and this just adds to the amount of regret for purchasing this. Good thing is I didn’t buy it and just commandeered a friends copy, and I can definitely see myself never buying this game when it’s localized unless it’s in a $5 used game bin.

    Edit: This is my personal opinion on the game, personally I REALLY don’t like it, but if it’s something you’re interested don’t let this take you away from it. I would however highly recommend playing a demo for this before purchasing or possibly looking into another game called God Eater 2. It’s made by some of the same people in the staff for Freedom Wars, but gameplay it’s more refreshing, fast paced, and over all much more polished than FW.

    • refrain

      Okay, sure

      • ZEROthefirst

        Play the game and even read around most sites to see other people’s views on the game. My views aren’t much different, but feel free to heckle when you haven’t played it yet and know why so many people have issues with the game.

        • refrain


          • If you have nothing intelligent to say outside of snarky one-liners, please don’t say anything at all. When people are making the effort of trying to have a productive discussion, you either contribute yourself or say nothing.

    • Ninezero

      When the NA version arrives it will definitely get all the balance patches, so I fail to see the problem.

      • ZEROthefirst

        I know the balance patches will come out, I just find the gameplay bland and un-entertaining. It feels a lot like GE, but slower and some obvious differences. When playing the game it feels clunky and slow, kind of like Phantasy Star Portable 2 (not Portable 2 infinity as they touched the mechanics up a bit). I don’t find any of the fights throughout the game to be entertaining, and they feel more like a chore than anything.

        For me it’s honestly one of the least entertaining games I’ve played, balance issues aside. I think I had slightly more fun playing this than another game in this genre being Ragnarok Odyssey, but it’s just something I don’t see any real reason to play or get into.

        • Ninezero

          To each their own, unfortunately you didn’t like it, I can see its potential though, I like GE a lot probably that’s why I like this game, it definitely has balance problems with some unfair attacks, hopefully they will get fixed in time.

    • It would help if you actually explained what your problems with the game are, instead of simply dismissing it with a vague “it sucks”.

      • ZEROthefirst

        I just copied my response to Ninezero below for this. I know it’s not fully in detail but whatever lol

        I know the balance patches will come out, I just find the gameplay bland and un-entertaining. It feels a lot like GE, but slower and some obvious differences. When playing the game it feels clunky and slow, kind of like Phantasy Star Portable 2 (not Portable 2 infinity as they touched the mechanics up a bit). I don’t find any of the fights throughout the game to be entertain, and they feel more like a chore than anything.

        For me it’s honestly one of the least entertaining games I’ve played, balance issues aside. I think I had slightly more fun playing this than another game in this genre being Ragnarok Odyssey, but it’s just something I don’t see any real reason to play or get into.

        • Curan_Altea

          That’s not really a fair assesment of the combat.
          There’s not as much combo variety as say GE, but your ability to traverse the environment and grapple onto enemies adds a lot of options. If you’re just attacking enemies while standing on the ground it’s a little limp.
          And the gunplay is better than other similar games.

          You’re allowed to not like it, I can see why you wouldn’t, but you don’t have to slam it so hard.

          • ZEROthefirst

            I wasn’t trying to slam the game down, I was giving my personal opinion on the game. I REALLY don’t like it compared to most other games in this genre. Not telling people they should dislike the game or ignore it, obviously it sounds that way, but I don’t mean it in that sense.

          • Guest

            So who said FW is a hunting game ? Even the producer never said it

  • TheGioG

    Goddamn, the Stormtroopers need to take a page from the Freedom Wars Enemy Soldiers’ “Book of No-Sh*ts Given.” If this is really being addressed as a problem, I hope that they at least leave the brutal enemy AI in as some “Madman’s Difficulty Mode” for challengers of the masochistic variety.

    • dawnbomb

      i agree, please don’t remove a hard mode because kiddies can’t handle it. infact i am now extremely interested in the game now that i’ve seen this.

      • AkuLord3

        Can’t really say that and its not even hard mode…its not about people not being able to handle it or not but unfairness. There’s hard and then there’s BS, if you can’t see some of it then…ok.

        • God

          What i saw was not “bullshit”, it was pathetic planning, poor positioning, little/no awareness of the surroundings, leaving oneself completely open, and trying to take too many enemies alone.

          • deutrino

            Battlefield of Duty is serious business. Oh wait what was this game again?

          • Liamv2

            Yeah but your god you kinda have an unfair advantage. :P

          • God

            That’s why i nullify my omnipotence when i play human-made games, unless i’m playing online, then i just give those motherfuckers a taste of divinity.

          • ishyg

            Wow, you really are omniscient. Awesome.

          • God

            It has it’s perks, like unlimited trolling oportunities.

    • God

      That’s too advanced for them, Stormtroopers need to take a page from “How to throw pebbles: for 4 year olds younger younger”,

    • Shippoyasha

      Catherine had the same squabble over it so maybe they can just add in many difficulty levels, move up this game’s normal difficulty and call it hard. Catherine did just that, I remember.

      • Jorge

        Really? Catherine wasn’t that bad. Although I guess I played on normal.

        • Shippoyasha

          I remember the Japanese players were saying it was excessively hard, so they called the original normal mode ‘hard’ then made a new normal and easy difficulty under that.

  • Valtiel Ikari

    well, if it’s dificult, JUST GET GOOD AT IT!
    are gamers really getting used to hand holding and Stormtrooper IA and Aim?

    • Leon_Tekashi

      Dude, there’s a difference between something challenging and something bullshit. This is clearly bullshit problems.

      • Valtiel Ikari

        well, I used to belive that some game where bullshiting me in difficult, until I got good at it, by learning to effectively use other strategies and platora of abilities given in game, there is always a way around stuff.

      • Shippoyasha

        I think some stuff like backtracking 30 minutes to get to a hard part can be alleviated I suppose. They can balance the stun locks and aiming of enemies a bit.

    • Raymond

      You can’t just tell people to “Get good at the game!”

      • Valtiel Ikari

        why not? it has worked when I’m loosing badly and my friend is like “dude, you’re sucking at this, GET GOOD!” and I manege to either turn the tides, or win on the retry.

        • Zalin

          Because we have this thing called a life and most people don’t want to spend it all on their ass playing a video game so they can get so called good at it.

          • Dede Ogbe

            then they shouldn’t complain if they suck at it lol

          • Valtiel Ikari

            I never said to loose your life for it, just to try again latter, wen you cool down, and can have a better plan and overall mood to get in the game, so you can get better at it, just learn a bit from past experience, try another aproach, I never said to not have a life, so don’t put words in my mouth

    • Jorge

      I was drawing a comparison with Dark Souls that people actually can handle a challenge, so maybe this game does have balance issues and it’s not people just complaining

      • KuroNathan

        The difference in dark souls is that its a game that is built around exploration and taking your time. If you take it slow you can peek around corners, see indications of traps (like scratches on a wall from a boulder or blood from a spike trap) and enemies can be outran.

        Here you open a door and a flamethrower kills you. Or you step out into an open area and get sniped. Hell even while using the thorn whip which makes you move super fast the guy got sniped out of mid air. if a person with a gun spots you then no amount of evasion will save you, you’re either going to get behind a corner really fast or die.

        Also there’s no time limit in Dark Souls.

    • Skeptika Crediblus

      If something shoots you before you can even wheel around to react to it, though? You can only twiddle the controls around so much, and the AI needs to be reflective of that lag time. It’s kind of like that one boss in the latest Front Mission that could jump away, dodge, and fire missiles all at the same time while all you could do was stomp around.

      • Valtiel Ikari

        dude, I used to get in those situation, and then blame the game, but I learned to predict enemy movement in game that where clasified as “unfair and imposible to win”, so in the end, is just about how well one use the abilities given, I want this game now, so I can master the hell out of it.

        • KuroNathan

          no amount of getting good will save you from spawn camping at the end of the video

          • Valtiel Ikari

            he was in the worst posible spot to be agaist a foe that can use flamethrower attacks, he had time to dodge.

        • Skeptika Crediblus

          Oh, I could predict it, I just couldn’t react fast enough because my brain wasn’t connected directly to the PS3. Because he was in my face, he hit immediately for a ton of damage. People don’t have the response time/twitch reflex to react within a certain time frame. It’s why bullets kill us.

          • Valtiel Ikari

            you know, afther seeing several videos of players in the same situation and overcoming it, I can pretty much say that the guy in the video, and those who complaint, are bad at the game, they do not use their arsenal in the best way, and haven’t learn the basic the game teach you, so yeah, they should get good at it.

    • Masa

      GET GOOD AT IT! “So original”
      Go away.

      • Valtiel Ikari

        excuse me, but why should I go away?
        because I’m just stating my opinion that probably they are lacking in skills and can’t learn how to adapt to the enemy AI and by (probably) not using the full posibilities of the characters ability and combining it in order to not get hit and overcome said dificulty, in a relative funny way?

    • admiralvic

      I’m sorry, but there is a very clear line between challenging gameplay and serious balance problems. A great example of this is Declassified, which is possible to beat on hard (I got the platinum for what its worth), but almost every section took multiple tries (around 40+ per mission), meticulous planning and to a degree a lot of luck.

      • Valtiel Ikari

        We always say the same when a game is to dificult (we blame the game), but we need to just plan ahead of it, in videogames you can die and try again in order to learn from previous experience and mistakes in order to overcome said challenge.

        I remember I saying the Valkery in Soul Sacrifice had balance issues, but I tried, a couple of times, and ended with a better strategy to defeat her, using the same spells I used before, same for similar situations in other games, I just try another strategy and go at it, in the end it’s about adapting, even original Ninja Gaiden trilogy on the ness can be beaten, jus have to learn about to problem in the strategy at hand.

        • admiralvic

          I am not saying we should never blame ourselves, I am just saying that based off the video, outcry and what I know about the game, the complaints might be valid and it could be a design flaw, similar to Declassified. Now if you don’t considered Declassified to be flawed in terms of design, then maybe no one should ever complain about design flaws. I know this is an extreme jump, but you can almost ALWAYS figure out a way to beat the system (no matter how poorly conceived), so if you think people should just get better, then technically it should never be considered a valid complaint.

          • Valtiel Ikari

            I understand your point better know, there is no doubt that there are design flaws (hell, every game has some), but I’m in the line of thinking that every game can be beaten with a good plainig, even the unfair ones (just look at I wanna be the guy series), then again, it’s just my point of view, I like to have challenges, I like being punished in a game sometimes, it just make victory much more sweet once achieved.
            BTW; the get good is just pretty much a very short way of saying every thing I said in both post combined, it just easier than writting so much (and I had to get ready to go to work)

        • admiralvic

          While I understand where you’re coming from, I look at this from the position of having mastered Declassified (I keep bringing this up because it had quite obvious design problems). As I’ve already mentioned, it’s entirely possible (in most cases) to complete the game no matter how poorly designed it was, but it required a lot more planning, consideration, trial and error, memorization and thought than could ever be considered fun. This is a stark contrast to Vanquish’s infamous Tactical Challenge 6 (something I also completed), which required tactics / skill, but also left enough error to be accessible and fun for most people.

          With that being said, I also think obvious design flaws take away the sense of accomplishment you might feel. I don’t know about you, but in the back of my head I have that constant reminder that if there was a slightly larger margin of error, I would be done with this.

          In the end, assuming these people aren’t completely off base and the game does have serious design problems, I don’t think its fair to tell them to solve their own problems when said problems shouldn’t exist in the first place.

          • Valtiel Ikari

            I see your point and I feel it is very valid, yes to some people it can be something unsatisfaing (dunno I I wrote that right), but for what is shown in this video, and the history behind (many death being deliberate for the sake of demostration) I asume that the problem lies more in the players, yeah, it might have some balenced issues, but for the look of it, it’s nothing that can’t be sorted out by preparation and better tactical positioning.

        • admiralvic

          Well, remember that most of the video showed them fighting grunts and it’s hard to say if you would have the same chance at a tactical advantage if you were fighting the larger boss like enemies.

          • Valtiel Ikari

            Good point.

            I really have enjoyed our conversation, you know how to make good points.

            Guess well have to wait until the US realese and hope for “unbalanced” dificult mode and see for our self if is that hard.

  • Jadfish

    Oh my god that is amazing. 50% of these deaths look like super bullshit, and I hope they intend to do something about it.

    as for the other 50%, pic related.

  • NeptuniasBeard
  • rinalicat

    Aaaaahaaaaha…man some of these deaths are utterly brutal…

  • Guest

    The game isn’t really that hard but some enemy attacks are definitely unforgiving for some players, hopefully this is going to get fixed when the NA version arrives, outside of that the game is pretty enjoyable for me.

  • Duc PC-QB

    So this guy was playing the game solo ? The NPCs/AI seems like non-existence

  • Suicunesol

    Do the enemies have limited ammo?

    If so, one could possibly jump around until they have to reload. Then, go in for the kill.

    • Mitternacht

      Around 3:29 they try to pop up from cover to shoot an enemy while it’s reloading. They get killed by an enemy off to the side faster than they could get a kill.

      Generally the video shows that the AI has near-perfect aim, a much lower time to kill on a player than a player has on them, and any high TTK weapon in the hands of the AI stunlocks the player.

  • Kelohmello

    Half of these incidents are definitely complaint worthy and stupid. The other half… the guy’s just playing kinda poorly. Well, it’s valid in any case.

    • ZEROthefirst

      If you read the description in the article Sato says how the player lets himself get killed by the enemy at times to show how some of the things happen.

      • Just a quick note: The article is by Sato. All credit goes to him for staying on top of this situation.

        • ZEROthefirst

          Oops I forgot to check it and assumed it was you since usually the mod that wrote the article is in the discussions. My bad, fixed it now lol

        • Jorge

          Oh hey just saw your (kinda) opinion about it in the Media Create article :D

  • JAY

    The death at the 0:48 Mark, when the gate opens LOL!!!

  • Ninezero

    This remembers me vanilla DMC3 and how people reacted to its difficulty and how others absolutely loved that, anyways I hope they can balance the game so everyone can enjoy the game.

  • revenent hell

    Hmmm, I’m kind of conflicted watching this since some just looks, as the article said, that the player is either doing poorly deliberately or is just a poor player in general for certain bits. The other parts though…..I kind of feel 50/50 on it looks way to difficult for certain aspects and yet not.
    My problem is I haven’t tried out the game or anything and have pretty much kept any knowledge about it at a base minimum so it can be a “bright and shiny new experience” when it does come out for where I live…..

    • Mitternacht

      It’s clear in parts they’re playing in such a way to illustrate the AI’s perfect aim and reaction time.

      I think in hindsight its kind of telling that pre-release combat gameplay demos videos showed Abductor only fights almost exclusively.

      • revenent hell

        The perfect aim thing I don’t really have an issue with so much as most of the mob scenes.

        For most games the enemy AI tends to be rather well done, in a good percent of games I play anyways, so I don’t really think their aim being to good is an issue so much as if the person is instantly stun locked and swarm killed. That is an instant frustration when its commonplace in …well…any game.

        That bothers me more for some reason. I think their aim being so good isn’t as much of a problem per say because…well its not like it totally cheated and showed it curving around stuff to get at the player, which is really more offensive to me than the AI just being damn good.

        • Mitternacht

          It’s easier to make a game AI that has perfect knowledge and aim than to make one that behaves in any kind of sophisticated tactical manner.

          The video shows the game’s AI is very simplistic in that it’s behavior is just to be as aggressive as possible and has a significant health/damage buffer over a player.

          • revenent hell

            Overall that doesn’t really bother me. Since the enemy isn’t tactical I would expect them to do a ton more damage in its place. And to be honest, for me, it doesn’t look like its unmanageable in most of the cases shown.
            Though, that is easy to say since I cant see the levels of everything or the stats for that matter either. And these are supposed to be “regular” type enemies and not “boss” type creatures so….I still don’t quite know what to think yet

          • KuroNathan

            Well the problem I see here is imagine if there was a flamethrower guy standing around a blind corner. No way of seeing it and no way to know without being super careful all the time.

            That’s basically the definition of artificial difficulty, the mooks become less of enemies and more of instant death traps. If you know where they are then you can avoid them but the moment you lose track of them they destroy you.

            It’d be different if this is a game built around exploration and taking your time carefully like Dark Souls, but its a hunting game and when the small guys do more damage then the boss does then it gets a bit ridiculous

          • Mitternacht

            My favorite in the video is the respawning, starting to move away… oh look there was a sniper right where you spawned.

          • revenent hell

            Ha! I forgot the time limit.
            I agree ,though.
            Actually everything you said about this reminded me of an Ultima game for the NES and doors….and instant kills because you cant see behind them till you open them up……

          • Mitternacht

            Honestly, I generally agree with you. I just think from what the video shows the aggressiveness and level of damage from the human-type enemies to be at odds with the level design and the supposed mobility offered by the thorn (using the thorn in the video was a liability practically every time).

          • revenent hell

            Well, bah there’s just so much I don’t know about the game itself its hard for me to actually express a valid opinion :(

            The thing for me is, even if its a cheap gimmick to kill off the player by having the “normal” non boss enemies easily be able to kill off the player, even that doesn’t bother me much if the player can actually out run them to the boss without getting a negative impact somehow from doing so.

            I know its an “unfair” thing to do for most people because they are just grunts and shouldn’t be able to do that much damage…..But to me if their is an easy way around it, even if you have to die a few times to figure it out, I just kind of don’t see why people don’t just do that if it doesn’t penalize the player character…..

            But I do see the points in both cases regardless.

            Edit: My theory of outrunning the mobs was incorrect, but still…… Until I actually play something its really hard for me to judge it at hard or unfair myself…..:(

  • Unlimax

    If only Dynasty warriors has this type of AI in enemies
    Difficulty level : Freedom Wars

    • Jadfish

      “UUAAAAHHH!!! IT’S LU BU!!!!! RUUUUUNNN-wait a second we could probably take him”
      – “yeah we are like 500 guys”
      “Okay dude, just stunlock him with the flamethrower, me and the guys will be over there with sniper rifles”

      • neocatzon

        I’m pretty sure that’s how I beat high lvl Lu Bu using Lvl 1 Zhao Yun and lvl 1 Xing Cai.
        So, my sibling and I trapped him inside Hu Lao Gate. Juggled and eventually mobbed him to death with our flimsy 4-hits combo.

  • Natat

    The problem here seems to be that you get stun-locked too easily? I mean there are mobs everywhere and if one hits you, you are pretty much stun-locked and get comboed to death.

    • revenent hell

      I was kind of thinking this exact thing as I was watching myself.

      • Natat

        Yeah, I mean when you get hit the stagger time seems pretty high, very easy for a mob to continuously hit you until you are dead. Even worse those flamethrowers, those seem to lock you until you are dead looking at the video lol. Right now it seems to be one of those “just don’t get it” games.

        • revenent hell

          Well, I personally am still interested in it and wanting to play it but I think thinking terribly tactically will help a lot…maybe.

          The “stun lock” is pretty much the only concern I had while watching since its the thing that has ever truly pissed me off in a few games… It just gets irritating and old quickly when its that that ends up KO’ing you over and over and over again… Its a damn irritating gimmick to me.

          • Natat

            Oh I am still very interested in it. I love me some difficulty in my games, but I will call bs when I see it. It’s not quite in fake difficulty territory, but it is still quite stupid that you get hit once in a mob and you are dead.

          • revenent hell

            A few games tempted me to break them because of that very thing….. Either stun lock or not having “charm” immunity type crap on characters. It doesn’t matter what exactly the effect is when it leads repeated deaths. It just becomes irritating and in some cases almost makes the game feel unplayable.

            I just kind of hope they fix whatever it is that leads to that type of death so often… Like reducing its percentage of happening or having an anti stun type thing equip able early on… I don’t really know but I do know that will undoubtedly piss me off.

  • Fefen Ardiansyah

    was it looks that difficult?? IMO descendant of the kings MHFU is far more troublesome and its the best quest to farm heavenly scales

    • Jadfish

      to be fair though, I think those are giaprey tier enemies that are two-hit killing the player, not the boss monster

      • ZEROthefirst


      • Fefen Ardiansyah

        they are prisoners just like you, they are similar human being, of course they would hit as harder as you, which means they also die as fast as you

        • Jadfish

          Which is neat, except for the AI being a ridicolous good aim and all that

  • NyaBoy

    He gets what he deserved by playing alone.
    “Decide how you want to fight.
    It’s the only freedom you have left…”

  • X_Bacon

    Holy mother of stunlocks, that flamethrower is complete bull.

  • 하세요

    I think we can all agree the flamethrower stun-lock is a little stupid.

    • raygunner659

      But basking in the flames and laughing maniacally is the only response to getting flamethrowered!

      • 하세요

        If it stays, we need Pyro mods over all of them ASAP

    • Curan_Altea

      It’s an easy weapon to avoid though, enemies using it are slower and it has a long enough reload time.

      • 하세요

        Then just make it an OHKO weapon. Having the player stand there and watch themselves die is just painful, giving them false hope that “maybe, just maybe the stun-lock will en- nope, ded.”

        • Curan_Altea

          There’s a chance someone could kill the person using it on you. Happened the one time the weapon caught me.

          • 하세요

            Well you’d know better than I would, since I don’t have this.

        • God

          They have “ammo” too, so if they run out, you still will survive.

          • 하세요

            So another enemy can follow-up with a slash or a few bullets? I’d imagine 1v1 against it could have a chance, but in a group one tap is guaranteed death by the looks of it.

          • Curan_Altea

            1v1 they wouldn’t stand a chance.
            its range isn’t that good.

            And you’d have others with you if you were against a group.
            I’ve only noticed enemies using it once so maybe its a problem in a mission I haven’t played, idk.

          • God

            We don’t know how long do the effects of the stun last and there is an auto hook shot thing, so if the stun only lasts as long as the flame, you could hook yourself away.

  • raygunner659

    Any game/movie with grunts should take a note from these guys; there’s one guy who’s making more progress than the rest? rush that one guy with no mercy XD

    • lackofstyle

      yea i am loving these grunts, they’re the type to get the job done. its kinda funny

  • The Flamethrower stun-lock looks OP! D: It does looks difficult but making enemies’ attack do less damage and less stunny should be enough to make it more friendly.

  • Curan_Altea

    My biggest complaints with the game are easily its AI.
    When I see my accessory trying to run through an enemy instead of taking the 2 seconds to go around it then failing to revive me in time it’s a little annoying. (She’s still wonderful and beautiful.)
    And allies follow commands a little too well, individual team commands would be great.

    I’m enjoying the game enough to overlook the issues, but the most intense mission so far was one where you fight a bunch of human enemies alone.
    Suspenseful as hell.

  • DragKudo

    Oh wow they made it seem like it was really unfair. I’m not sure which parts were him just showing how bad it is because he/she kind of sucked. I hope they don’t do anything or they keep the difficulty in there for people who want a challenge.
    Reminds me of Soul Sacrifice get bodied in one or two hits if you were stupid or you messed.

  • Arcade Bumstead


    • revenent hell

      I don’t think the good people of Japan would complain so much if they really didn’t feel it was an “unfair” advantage.

      And frankly they are the gaming epicenter of the world so I kind of give them value in that……though in this day and age of gamers it almost gives me some doubt in giving any value in that.

      • Fefen Ardiansyah

        they complain Catherine was hard

        • revenent hell

          Don’t pick on me!

          I actually found that a really easy game…………. Mind you I did put in “……though in this day and age of gamers it almost gives me some doubt in giving any value in that”…..

    • KuroNathan

      When the vespoid equivalents are doing more damage then the boss itself does, I think there’s some issues there.

      • Fefen Ardiansyah

        vespoid equivalent? they are similar human being just as your characters……of course they would have similar stat………

        • KuroNathan

          from a game design point of view they’re supposed to be minion characters. Enemies that interfere with your objective or make boss fights more interesting. However they way they’re implemented now, they’re more like death traps then enemies.

          If you see them then they’re easy to take care of since they don’t seem very smart, but if they catch you around a blind corner then you’re dead instantly. Those ranged enemies seem to be able to lock on to you no matter what evasive manuvers you take which means you either have to find a hard point to take cover really fast or die.

          Basically it becomes a game of CS:GO except the other side is being played by aimbot newbies. Can’t miss but have no tactical sense whatsoever and they outnumber you 5 to 1

          • Fefen Ardiansyah

            what? outnumber 5 to 1?
            i thought you have 3 more allies + 4 accessories……

          • KuroNathan

            yes but there’s more then 4 of those enemies per map.

          • Fefen Ardiansyah

            remember that you can be revived and they also died as easy as you do

          • Shinobikens

            Did you even watch the video?

          • Fefen Ardiansyah

            i did and watch people stream their game, those enemies dies as fast as you

          • KuroNathan

            but they still outnumber you greatly. and have better aim then you. and they can steal your partners while they revive infinitely

  • DanielGearSolid

    Custom Character looks very cool

  • Mar Mar

    The music fits the compilation.

  • Shade DMessiah

    I’d still play it and beat it on this difficulty. Makes it harder for me to put the game down i guess. But still, it’d be cool if they fix it even a little but.

  • Dede Ogbe

    Yeah, am not going to lie the Human opponents are a problem in this game. Especially when you got abductors in the mix. The real problem for me is that your A.I, although helpful gets killed way too easily and if the Abductor notices that they’re down, you have a certain time frame to revive them or they get kidnapped. This can be a bitch if you get killed by the human enemies as seen in the video and then get dropped at the other side of the map, so you can’t get to them in time.
    EDiT: Nah scratch that, just watched the rest of it and i haven’t gotten to this bit of the game. And i thought it was already hard. That’s just bull. Especially the flame-thrower.

  • Suriel Cruz

    Can’t imagine the final boos. lol

    • revenent hell

      Going by the article it will probably be a regular grunt just to mess with the player.

  • TheCynicalReaper

    -Getting stun locked by a flame thrower is the DUMBEST concept for game design. You are literally paralyzed as you perpetually take damage to death.

    -50sec in she had almost full health and took a single hit off screen that one-shotted her.

    -3:43 STUN LOCKED BY FLAME THROWER FROM BEHIND There is nothing you can do against that.
    -4:48 The enemies locked in at the spawn point?!

    • dusk

      not to mention at around 4:33. I see people saying “Oh, the flamethrower enemies you can dodge and they move slower.” Around that timestamp, the player dodges as a flamethrower attack starts, and the enemy stops, turns, and starts using the flamethrower again before the player character recovers from the dodge.

  • TheCynicalReaper

    No, this is more than git gud. This needs to be fixed. Stun-locking flamethrowers and two-shot killing human grunts aren’t acceptable in any game.

  • fyi1191

    AI uses No-Scope!
    Player rage quit. It’s super effective!!

  • Draparde

    yeah, some of those deaths are pretty BS.

    if they where touting this game being Super hard, it would be another thing. but i don’t recall that. yet you can see the player hitting the little guys, only to be one shot by something they never saw.

    and flamethrowers should never have stunlock :/ its always broken. for both players and enemys.

  • Ethan_Twain

    Although obviously there are damage scaling issues and stun locking issues in play here, it’s worth noting that there are also definitely camera issues here. I feel like a number of these deaths happened less because of insane damage scaling and more because the field of view was restricted to the point that the killing enemy was never in vision.

    The camera controls also don’t look great when transitioning to melee combat. Maybe zooming the whole thing out would help? I’m no programmer and I can’t exactly diagnose a solution, but I can recognize a problem. And this camera is a problem.

    • Somerandomperson

      I agree with you on the. There are different controls that you can switch to though. There is shooter type, hunter type, default etc.

    • revenent hell

      Actually now that you mention it that was my first thought that the camera seemed to move a lil weird as the video played but it was quickly ignored as I watched the character going down repeatedly.

      A better camera management will probably help keep people alive longer but the damage output by the “minor” enemies still seems a might high…….Though, for some reason that doesn’t really bother me much overall.

      • Ethan_Twain

        Oh certainly. I don’t mean to suggest that the listed problems aren’t problems. I’m just pointing out another one.

        I mean, wasn’t the whole idea of having two full analog sticks on the PS Vita to avoid the camera control problems that plagued 3D games on the PSP? This looks like Parasite Eve 3 :/

        • revenent hell

          It reminded me of something else but I don’t think its fair to actually compare that game to this one, but at one part of the video it gave me a flashback to fighting the camera in something worse than Parasite Eve 3….

          Again, it was a brief moment before I focused back on how easy it appeared to get stun locked, my only real worry in regards to the game . I cant really express eloquently how much that irritates me in games especially when it leads to multiple deaths in a row…….

          Oh, and I didn’t think or mean to imply you may have thought the problems weren’t actually there with the enemy issues I just kind of added that so people wouldn’t think I was :D

          • Ethan_Twain

            You’ve… you’ve played a game worse than Parasite Eve 3?

            I’m so so sorry. If you ever need to talk, I’m here for you.

          • lackofstyle

            wait wait… its not that bad.

          • revenent hell

            Well, in all fairness it is an old game and on a handheld…… Valhalla Knights or the second. I found one more playable than the other but I kind of played them at the same time and it was some time ago so they both blurred together in my memory but neither was a screaming win or worth a replay but in one the camera was a complete loss.

            In theory I don’t think its a bad game and it could be fun and playable but the camera out of everything for me made the game completely un enjoyable and barely playable.

            Doing anything within the game, just walking is a trial of endurance because of it.

            I have been frustrated by cheating AI that has curving weapons or spells that aren’t suppose to track but do, I have been left in dungeons I literally had to draw out to get my baring’s on (back in the day obviously), I have faced broken boss’s/enemies, broken items, freezes or glitches that make a game unplayable because it in totality ruins the save but by far the worse thing I have ever encountered in any game was that ones camera.

            Others may disagree but the one thing that will totally annihilate a game for me is the camera movement, especially if the game doesn’t even give a nominal option of allowing the player to control it even minimally, in that game not only does it seizure, and often, but it is completely out of your control to fix ,not in any way….

            The game , while still not a spectacular piece of work , was just made so much worse because of it… To me it made Parasite Eve 3 shine (in a way) in comparison. That game didn’t irritate me to quite the degree this one did and I actually completed that… Its kind of a cold day in hell when I don’t finish a game….. and that one I did not. I barely made it past the fifteen minute mark…

            That’s not to say the 3’d birthday was a winner by even the remotest means but at least the frustration that involved didn’t give me headaches and eye pain….well not as painful ones at any rate,what does qualify it as worse is that for this game it had a hugely large budget in comparison….

  • Samuel

    Why is the protagonist special? Why should the others prisioners be weak? I mean, they live in the same world as him,so they should know how to fight and stuff better than the player.

    It kinda makes sense for them to just own you :v

    • Fefen Ardiansyah

      this is what i think too, the enemies are the same as you, they have accurate aiming but they are just AIs, the player has the freedom of mind

      • Shinobikens

        Except they have aim bots, infinite stun-lock, auto-detection, ect. Cmon now it’s some serious bullshit

        • Fefen Ardiansyah

          there are many players who are already finished the game…..its not as impossible as you think

          • Shinobikens

            I never once said the game is impossible.

        • Samuel

          You have strategy. This isn’t a who-can-shoot-first game.I mean,It wouldn’t be like that in real life. You have to use all your wits.

          • KuroNathan

            except very often the enemy can see you before you can see them. From around corners and behind doors too.

            Also I’d like to see what strategy you have against the spawn camping at the end.

    • Draparde

      the only problem i have with it is how buddy-buddy the other prisoners are with the abductors. unless there supposed to be?

      and stun-locking flamethrowers.

  • Dragard Kaos

    Sounds like people need to get good.

  • z_merquise

    If the difficulty is totally unbalanced (in other words, unfair and bullshit), I think “just get good at it” isn’t the correct solution.

  • Milewide

    If they be tweaking I hope they don’t swing around too hard. I would like a bit of challenge when I finally get my hands on this.

    • KuroNathan

      they can easily make these guys still threatening without making them impossible. Hell even if you keep the same damage (remove the flamethrower stun) just make them have a little more variation in their aiming or reaction times like a regular person would have.

      • Milewide

        Sounds like you’ve actually played the game. What do you think would be an ideal balance? How ‘heroic’ should the player be allowed to be?

        • KuroNathan

          Well the enemies have infinite spotting range and instant reaction. You can’t sneak up behind an enemy at all and sometimes when you step into an open area they just shoot you without you knowing where they are. Also as you saw you can’t really “Dodge” the flamethrowers since they disengage and re-engage the flamethrower faster then the player’s dodge recovery.

          As for how to make them more balanced? I have no idea honestly, maybe make their aim worse? something where like while running you take some damage and if you’re standing still you’ll get shot to pieces? Something more human like in reaction rather then super aim bots

  • Aldorr

    No one played Demon’s Souls before, I cannot understand? Grit ur teeth and TRAIN

    • KuroNathan

      no amount of training will save you from spawn camping. Also in demon souls they didn’t have instant death traps behind a door with zero clues to tell you otherwise.

    • Shinobikens

      There’s a difference between a hard and challenging game and one that’s hard simply because the enemies have aim bots and near insta kills

    • Astraea’s Eyebrow

      I imagine its akin to playing an online multiplayer game and all your opponents are using cheats to kill you. Not something you can just “get better” at.

    • planetofthemage

      Demon’s Souls is similar to these kinds of games, but honestly, Demon’s Souls isn’t actually that hard.

    • Aldorr

      sissies :D

  • Hentailover

    Wait so there’s an enemy type that can stop the attack you just dodged and hit you again before you have even recovered from the dodge… and it’s a guaranteed kill? Wow, how is this game even possible O_o

    • Fefen Ardiansyah

      there are many who already finished the game…..not nearly impossible at all

  • Brimfyre

    Sounds like 1980s game design.

    • revenent hell

      I guess being older will help playing this game then eh?

      • Brimfyre

        I loved it at the time because I usually only had one game to play every 6 months, but now… not so much into that.

        • revenent hell

          I was trying to be witty :(
          But, yeah I know what you mean. Back then it was fun….but now a days……man some mechanics, as much a nostalgia can hit for stuff, could really bite for a lot of games.

    • darke

      From the sounds of it, what happened is likely that near launch they thought the early game was too easy, so they tweaked the numbers a bit to make it harder.

      Then when people were running through testing it, they didn’t play deep enough into the game (which is natural if you’re doing it at the last minute…) to notice that the increased numbers weren’t linearly increasing the difficulty, but hit a breakpoint where the game was suddenly doing more damage to you then your stats/equipment at the time could possibly mitigate, and things went pear shaped.

      It’s quite possible that if people can get past this difficulty spike, that the game actually gets easier when they get the next tier of gear, but… who knows. This is why testing is important. :P

  • Is this person playing by themselves? I think I see one other player in some of the clips, maybe. It just looks likes it’s balanced for group play… like how games like this should be, right? I don’t play Monster Hunter clones, but I play Phantasy Star Online clones… which are usually lumped into that category anyway. Games including Ragnarok Odyssey ACE and Vindictus. Sometimes, things are just balanced so you should be more social and go grab a group.

    I don’t complain when I’m trying to do missions in the seventh (or above) Chapter in Ragnarok. I just hop online and get a group going or join one attacking the same chapter. This looks like Freedom Wars is doing the same thing, to encourage having multiple players to revive you at the VERY least. And to stay in a group/don’t go running ahead of the group.

    Only some of this stuff look like actual exploits on the part of the enemies. A lot of it just looks like punishing stuff for the sake of going at it alone. The Flamethrower at the very beginning is pretty cheap though. What’s that called again? When it hits you, then hits you again while you’re in your, “I’m damaged!” animation?

    Also, another article on Siliconera here (“Freedom Wars Producer Responds to players who say the game is too tough”) makes a point to mention, “Keep in mind, this is coming from a nation full of G-rank Hunters and seasoned veterans of the hunting genre, so they’re not exactly too shabby as players.”.

    So I gotta ask… maybe it’s just them not used to the controls? Does Freedom Wars use free-aiming with the second stick versus that horrid ‘Monster Hunter Claw’ gamers love in Japan? I’m definitely noticing a lot of, “Moving the camera OR the character, not both at the same time” and “using a button to re-center the camera” in the above video. Not the most effective tactic when it comes to keeping track of enemies swarming around you.

    • Samuel

      Your staggered. Can’t move,can’t do a thing.

  • -Misaki-

    I think stunlock for flamethrower should be removed and make it burnt status for short amount of time, if they only removed the stunlock then the flame thrower will be really weak and maybe pointless, imagine how you can dodge it with the maneuver gear.

    And yea AI should be fixed, I wonder how long this’ll take to fix.

  • Afrit

    Who would thought that the price of freedom will be easy and cheap?

  • Lisandra_brave

    Wow, Ok. So, first off, playing alone, and trying to be a hero. Things aren’t supposed to be balanced around being one against a whole army, especially in later stages. You have companions, USE THEM.

    Second off, if you watch, the player is doing the same amounts of damage to the enemies as they are to the player.

    Third off, why the hell are they charging in against gun wielding enemies with a sword? You have a gun, use it!
    About the only thing I saw that needs balancing is the flamethrower stunlocking players, other than that, they seriously need to git gud.

    • neogeno

      I have to agree with this. In all of these shots the player is shown alone charging head first into a sea of blades. The allies are nowhere to be seen and the gun is never used when it would be the perfect time to use it. Naturally the game will look hard if you are the only one alive and the entire enemy team is chasing you while you have nothing but a knife out.

      Use your allies, give commands, hide behind stuff, don’t stick your head out with a spray and pray tactic while your HP hasn’t recovered and think the enemy is going to wait their turn to continue firing. Dont try and revive a teammate who is surrounded by enemies and a massive abductor.

      The flamethrower is the biggest problem I see here.

    • Sentsuizan_93

      I have to agree with this.
      Charging in head first into armed enemies is just asking for trouble here. Flamethrower’s stun lock takes the biscuit though, but other than that, some deaths are avoidable with careful attention and timing revivals.

    • revenent hell

      OMG…. siliconera, with people, commenters… with common sense….
      I may have to rethink my viewpoint on humanity. Kudos to you.

  • sakusakusakura_nyo

    This game looks freaking impossible!

    • Lisandra_brave

      Anything can be made to look a lot different if you cherrypick the parts that support your viewpoint.

  • neogeno

    Wow I didn’t think it would be that bad. Abductors are not a problem compared to the human opponents. That flamethrower really needs to be checked. Maybe they can allow faster player movement but remove the rapid stunlocking.

  • The game is gonna be retard easy or uber hard there really isn’t much you can do I don’t think. I mean you can just raise you ally in a second
    The only time I really said woooow that needs to be fixed is at 1:40-1:50. Flame thrower can be fixed by adding some cooldown after they stop firing, you shouldn’t be that close to someone with a flame thrower anyways. I can image when online comes into play you can lure enemies to areas and raise to your hearts content.

  • stephane3012


  • ShadowDivz

    As some players have mentioned, it’s not the Abductors that makes things difficult, but the humanoid enemies who are said to have god-like aim

    To be fair, they ARE robots. They calculate distance,wind velocity, etc. in a matter of seconds.

    But seriously it looks brutal. xD

    • tubers

      Yes they have godlike aim like you see in the vid where a dash trails off the laser from the AI. No it’s not god-like.

  • ARMs7777

    Would be nice to see some well thought out gameplay of these difficult stages instead of going in like a moron against a dozen enemies by yourself.

    I have seen some youtube video of mission 4-3 and 4-7 and maybe a 5-1 and when played normally it didn’t seem that hard and the player on youtube was not some amazing pro.

  • Daniel Rossevelt

    Sounds fun tbh.

  • Lester Paredes

    lol. That’s one helluva death montage! I hope they fix whatever balancing issues they’re having.

  • Callonia

    Ewww Don’t like!

    It’d be one thing if it was on an Console where you get to fight impossible aims with a controller but a handheld console? Nope I’m out.

    Looking forward to the further updates.

    • lackofstyle

      Wait what difference would it make?

      • Callonia

        I’m better at console controllers than handheld gameboys etc. Plus I still have memories of a jackal dodging an headshot from my little bro’s energy sniper in halo 2 on legendary mode. Plus if you get stuck on a place and you’re about to beat it and whoops ur battery ran out without u noticing it xD And it does make a big difference for me

        • lackofstyle

          Oh so you some kind of crazy handheld induced PTSD gottcha lol

          • Callonia

            Basically yeah. :P

          • Ronaldo

            This game is also Ps Tv compatible so the handheld argument is kinda mute.

        • Duo Maxwell

          It’s like you don’t know about the suspend and resume feature of the Vita.

          • revenent hell

            Brother has a point here.(and by this I mean the one to whom I an replying to)

            If I play for long periods without a break or pause, like over a four hour period I keep it plugged in (don’t know when the power gives out but I have never played it outside of a plug for over about six hours and it tends to work, obviously not continuously) so it dying out shouldn’t be a problem and every Vita game I have I have easily….just kind of stopped playing.

            The Vita will go in like a “sleep mode” state when left unplayed for a while and will restart where you left off when you pick it up again.. Alternatively you can tap the screen—->ignore it—>Goes to sleep like mode—->Return —->Tap screen—>Tap screen—> continue to play from where you left it.

            Basically what Duo said. I’m just asinine with my explanations lately.

          • natchu96

            And I’m pretty sure the Vita TELLS you when your battery is low so you can suspend before the power cuts out :/

    • tubers

      It’s VITA TV compatible and if you have that, you’re in luck.

    • Duc PC-QB

      Play it on Vita TV with DS3 and you are good to go

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    Here’s the first thing I thought after reading comments online and watching this video:

    • lackofstyle

      lol….i’m dying

    • revenent hell


  • Dinoegg96

    Man, this looks so fun!!!

  • ARMs7777

    Here is a video of someone playing one of these stages. Its not as bad as this video makes it seem.

    • lackofstyle

      i love that the first thing he does is get the hell out of the starting room.

    • KuroNathan

      Hmmm, damage scaling is not as bad as the article vid makes it out to be. The vid in the article might just be horrifically under-geared. Still weird to have perfect aiming enemies. Flamethrowers would still suck if they get you around the corner though.

    • 하세요

      The fact that he had to do all of that luring out and whatnot does say a lot though. I just don’t think they intended it to be played this way.

      • ARMs7777

        Thing is this is one of the end game missions where your solo. Normally your backed up by 7 other companions.

        If you can solo this just think of how much easier it is to eleminated them with 7 other allies that can soak up way more damage then you can.

      • natchu96

        Hit-and-run is how I always get by with most games like this, tb.

        Don’t just stand in a bulletstorm you know >_<

    • Lisandra_brave

      See, this is how you’re supposed to do things when you’re out manned and outgunned. You get the hell out, and pick them off one by one.

    • natchu96

      This guy seems to posses the piece of wisdom (read: common sense) that a lot of people don’t seem to have for some reason.

      If know you can’t win a fight, you get the fuck out of there.

      And if a fight isn’t being fought on your own terms and your own terms alone chances are you are not going to be winning that fight.

      Take the age old shooter tactic and hide behind walls while shooting down choke points and it suddenly becomes much easier.

      • X_Bacon

        But it’s not really fun if that’s the only viable strategy.

        • natchu96

          Fun is rather subjective.

          That kind of gameplay as the “fighting on the brink of death” feel at least. Some seem to like that.

  • straightthrucru

    There should be a block button!

    • natchu96

      Considering that they are sending prisoners to war against armed personnel and giant robots that shoot missiles while wearing suit and tie (among other things), I’m beginning to suspect that defensive maneuvers may not be a priority in the training program XD

  • Grobnar

    I don’t think these are just “grunt enemies” like some people are saying. going off of the demo, I remember the grunts being these little hovering turrets that were little more than a nuisance. These humans are probably intended to be fully fledged threats, just as much as abductors are. That why later missions have you fighting nothing but humans. What’s more, the guy in the video seems to be making the mistake of fighting just as stupidly as the AI. your character can have grenades, and guns, and Thorn abilities… Use them! don’t run headfirst into a bloodthirsty mob with just a sword…

    • lackofstyle

      Yea after looking at the vid posted by arms777, i’m starting to think that these “mooks” are suppose to emulate real people, which is the reason they hit as hard as you. They are suppose to prepare you for the more pvp orientated mult-player parts of the game, which is what single player should be used for in these games. If people would stop treating them like distractions, and more like what they are, added threats, then they would not die as much. That and avoid the flamethrower like the plague

      • Grobnar

        Exactly. If anything needs fixing, it’s that flamethrower. Other than that, a tactical approach and some fair risk assessment seems to get you through those humans.

        • natchu96

          Yeah, continuous-fire stunlock attacks are always a balance issue.

          Other than that, learn to take all hostiles seriously I guess.

  • Fintlook

    It seems fun if you are looking for a challenge or if you are masochist. flamethrower look so unfair though.

    • tubers

      Not exactly, just stay at range and the enemy is pretty useless.

      Even in the cramped infiltration missions there’s quite some verticality options w/c makes the AI laughable.

  • tubers

    Folks. It is not this hard.

    This video seems a video deliberately trying to be stupid or a noob.

    On almost every occasion was an avoidable disaster.

    Let’s bring a knife to a gun fight. Right..

    Yes. Let’s gather the mobs not use ground Thorn dashes and don’t use Thorn traps. Let’s also not use an AP landmine or a toss a grenade during cover.

    Let’s also stay at their usual spawn points.

    • It isn’t limited to one of two players, dude. Look up the game’s page on It’s sitting at a rating 2.5 out of 5 stars, with multiple user reviews complaining about the difficulty. Pretending there isn’t an issue here or that the people complaining are just “bad” is silly.

      When was the last time you heard about a game being singled out by a large number of people for unfair difficulty? It doesn’t happen—not unless there’s a very good reason.

      • ARMs7777

        Its not really a problem from what i can see. This is only a problem for people who has not played a cover shooter and goes into this game thinking its a monster hunter game. We have heard of people saying japan don’t like shooters so its seem to me like its just inexperience. Rushing into a mob of enemies in monster hunter is fine but doing that in a shooter will get you insta killed.

        • Duc PC-QB

          Sorry about that folks, If you play FW like the way you did with MH or Toukiden then you are screwed.

        • We have heard of people saying japan don’t like shooters so its seem to me like its just inexperience.

          Shooters aren’t as popular in Japan, yes, but that doesn’t mean nobody plays them. Freedom Wars isn’t selling to kids or grandmothers—it’s selling to a very hardcore audience that is likely familiar with the game.

          • revenent hell

            To be honest I see peoples issues, not that the issues actually bother me to much but that’s besides the point. If people en mass have issues with this I think a nice fix would be maybe making and patching in an easier mode than what this is.

            Some people might actually enjoy this as a challenge and I kind of think it would be nice to leave it in for them.

            There is obviously problems occurring for people so I think that really should be addressed but as some have mentioned its like the Catherine game, some may find it incredibly difficult but others may not so much so I do think this is probably a valid fix to the issue….as long as people don’t get nit picky about playing on a much easier level and all that.

          • Gasarocky

            If you look at other videos, how many of them ever use cover? I’ve just done some cursory browsing and I haven’t seen one video where someone used cover in a firefight. And yes, the game does have some sort of cover system, it has a prompt to enter it every time the player is near waist-high cover.

            I feel like the biggest issue is people wanting to play it their way, instead of the way the game wants you to play. Melee should be saved for close combat or monsters. You should be running after an enemy without using cover when they have guns. If you REALLY want to play with melee mostly, then you NEED to learn how to use cover.

            Actually, the biggest problem I see is that the enemies also don’t use cover, their AI is really basic and don’t act as if they care about their lives. When it’s like that, then cover does start to become useless because they’ll just keep firing not caring about damage.

          • Duo Maxwell

            No, they are certainly not familiar with the game. The game encourages you to use the thorn, to bring you partner, to set up command for your AI partner (heck, it even has the text-to-speech synthesizer), variety number of range weapons, but no, let’s solo it using melee weapon only like how they did in MonHan.

            It’s like playing Uncharted by going rambo like how you did in Metal Gear Rising.

            I can see the Japanese will have a tough time in the PvP when the online patch comes out.

      • Duo Maxwell


      • tubers

        So? Are they also playing the game like in the vid? If so then that’s terrible.

        • revenent hell

          Well… In all fairness the article did say some of that was deliberate to show off the problems….

          My problems kind of stem from the fact that there’s nothing to compare it to in the video like a level previous or something. For example (and a totally different game obviously) take Child of Light. Even on hard mode I really had no problem with the “basic” enemies sue me I skipped some) but the boss’s in comparison where a damn drastic change…. It kind of sounds like that but in reverse here.

          I kind of want to see some more about this issue but since I have the game pre ordered and for this type of game… I kind of don’t want to….

          • tubers

            “say some of that was deliberate to show off the problems….”

            W/c usefulness takes a nosedive unless its significance is “How not to play Freedom Wars; A Knife to a Gunfight Edition”.

          • revenent hell

            Ok… what the hell does W/C mean? ( I should google it but I am going to assume you will tell me and if you don’t I shall continue to ignore it) I ask because you are the only commenter thus far I have actually seen use it.

            And I have stated, repeatedly in fact, I actually don’t see anything majorly worth t other than the stun lock thing , in my view,(termed differently obviously) but in a way it is kind of a way ot point out issues….. Though I agree not a very good one….. Who the hell stands around to deliberately get hit? Other than someone who doesn’t consider the time limit and thinks exploration is the main focus in the game… Why I do not know.,

          • tubers

            W/c = which.

            If anything, the video at least shows people how not to play freedom wars. Would be perfect if the player himself or another shows a “How to play the game” in the same or similar stages/scenario.

          • revenent hell

            Thanks for informing the elderly.
            And to be honest besides the stun lock I have no issue with the complaints mentioned BUT I can see how people are miffed. Its good money paid for a game, regardless how they play, that they cant. That why I think an “easier” mode should be patched in since for now I don’t really see to much of a problem for myself if I played it, as I have mentioned in different terms in other comments and often, (in theory mind you) but besides the obvious ” I don’t want to play on easy mode” gamer pride hit I don’t see how this is a real problem and its a rather easy fix and one that can pacify most.

          • tubers

            LOL “elderly”. Perhaps it’s even my fault since “w/c” probably is the wrong way to use it but I just got very used to typing that down :P Sorry.

            IMO, they may just have to read around a bit (hey, it’s internet age) so they can have a better edge against the campaign.

            Or grind for better gear.

            I assure you. The game isn’t as punishing as the article w/ its video imply if you make sure you DON’T play it like that and take advantage of the Player’s (your) skills and mechanics (Lock on when appropriate, consumables [grenades and mines], long range strategy, using the right weaponry, equipping better modulars, Thorn Skills, etc.).

          • revenent hell

            Ah, well I grew up in a time where “internet slang” was…..non existent so unless its something regular I see I don’t really bother to learn it via google.

            Like I said personally for now other than that stun lock crap that always upsets me in games I don’t really have issue with what I have seen to much though I do think that for those who have a patched in super easy mode would be nice and kind of make all peoples happy.

            For me there’s a lot of things that make this game look appealing and realistically if I kept getting KO’d because I wasn’t very….. “good at this type of game” I would be a bit sad so I can see helping out those folks. Just because they….aren’t as good as one would imagine they might or should be doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have an option to play it as well, they did pay for it after all…. So I can see attempting to help em out but I don’t necessarily agree with “dumbing down” the AI… I think it should honestly be left as is since I think quite a few folks would enjoy it.

            Edit coming: gimmee a sec I play a whole hell of a lot of grindy games but I don’t think way to many people actually enjoy them so I can see how most would prefer not to… Hell, really I would as well. While I don’t mind a bit I can kind of see why most, especially in Japan would prefer not to. While they are the epicenter of the gaming world they also happen to be the number one force of mobile gaming hence why I can see why grinding a lot, or even a little, would not be something as I see as first fix to the issues given.

          • tubers

            KO here doesn’t seem to automatically be heavily detrimental w/ how your Acc. and Allies can infinitely revive you. They won’t always follow your revival orders but not as bad as an auto “1 KO = 1 Life Lost”.

            More often than not, in the demo I’ve tried and the hours of twitch streams I’ve watched, someone will revive you successfully.

          • revenent hell

            Yeah, but overall it doesn’t make it any less irritating. Plus there’s the time limit. For most they could die enough before reaching the boss because of the time it takes to revive (even though I think it seems rather speedy myself).

            I’ve said before I am kind of 50/50 on how I feel in regards to peoples complaints and but that’s mostly because I can kind of feel for both sides since frankly who hasn’t been there at some point in “your” gaming history(if you say you haven’t your a damn liar, there’s always that ONE DAMN GAME).

            Though to be honest I kind of think the new age of gamers, regardless of country and no real hateful intent is meant here, is kind of used to games as more of interactive movies as of late.

            Not to shit on any particular game but with most I find incredibly easy even Dark Souls and people swear they are “difficult” and frankly its not the case in my view. It just has a ton of cheap and mostly unavoidable deaths so I don’t comprehend how people have the nerve to actually claim them as difficult games. They dont really require involved tactics or any major player skill beyond “hoping” some crap enemy doesn’t fling you off of a spit thin ledge, or invisible enemies in fog , or invisible ledges that you cant notice the snowflakes hitting unless you have a giant sized TV right in front of your face and not a even minimal distance away….. but I digress.

            I think these people deserve some form of option for help since its apparent people aren’t pleased with the game. Consumer satisfaction makes them buy second games, for that reason alone I think some type of thing should be done….without actually taking away a more….”thought intensive” experience for others.

          • tubers

            The thing with some of these games is that you can grind.

            It’s not like Uncharted where you can’t and while playing in Crushing difficulty or what not.

            That’s a massive tablet turner for those supposed “time limits” since you will have competent damage after a few upgrades.

            As for difficulty settings, that may not be bad at all but I think it may be also a good alternative for the game (either through more ads) or the other media/ game forums to tell how the game should be played as opposed to other hunting-action games because that is where a lot of the “difficulty” lies it seems.

            Perhaps a patch for a better tutorial or early game scenarios or before you start a game, there should be a tutorial/tips link/video links that’s officially from the game makers.

          • revenent hell

            If you read my latest comment above yours at the top I think you might grasp what I think the over reaching issue may be….

            Times have changed for gamers and I think people expect easy with minimal grinding…. Sadly that, I think, effects gamers ready to ….”get hurt”? I don’t know how to phrase it but I think games should come mandatory with easy (and super easy) options just to kind of prevent this type of thing from being complained about since then there’s a quick simple fix to the issue.

      • TheCynicalReaper

        Well, the last time this happened was Drakengard 3
        …and all of the 2 star reviews were about the final boss, and yeah, all of the low scores and complaints were entirely valid.
        I see your point

    • KuroNathan

      how about the spawn camping though? Not really much you can do when they’re all shooting at the spawn point like that.

      • ARMs7777

        they can’t spawn camp casue you have a choice of over half a dozen spawn points. If you don’t want to be spawn camped spawn in an area that isn’t full of mobs.

        • KuroNathan

          huh, in that case the only real thing I can think of is the stunning flamethrower.

          • revenent hell

            Not that I have played the game but people have said keeping distance nullifies that so…… Granted, running in to one around a corner would suck but that also could boil down to being aware that shit can and will happen and prepare a player better for the next round or go.

            I’m not trying to really argue this since I haven’t played the game myself so my opinion is rather moot but a lot of games are trial and error… I still kind of put this one in that general category for now… Later I will potentially rage about it but for now I am trying to kind of see “both sides” if you will.

          • tubers

            W/c is basically useless when you stay in range and take advantage of the Thorn system.

            This video is a great example of how NOT to play the game.

            The player in the vid likes to take damage. Doesn’t use the defense Thorn.

          • KuroNathan

            They showed a flamethrower behind a door earlier. Don’t know what you can do when you open a door and a instakill flamethrower is behind it

          • tubers

            Check the map. Assume it’s a flame thrower “dot”.

          • KuroNathan

            so don’t open that door or wait till it moves on? I mean you have to stand next to the door in order to open it.

          • tubers

            Sometimes, you can also go around the room w/ another door at the end. They mostly come to you anyway so might as well lay a trap not that that’s the only thing you could do.

            Also don’t have to go through the door.

            Take advantage of the rev time of the flame thrower.

          • revenent hell

            Remember it for the next run….
            Sorry, sorry I couldn’t help myself.
            I actually find you arguments articulate and valid but I do have ass moments.

          • KuroNathan

            its not like dark souls though when you die everything resets. The game is still going on so afterwards if you go back the flamethrower npc would have moved on

          • revenent hell

            Sorry I would have replied earlier but I didn’t see this and discus thinks I am unworthy of prompt notification of replies…..

            Honestly? If you read a reply or two lost here in the canals of comments you will see how I feel about the DS games, no point to reiterate here since its rather moot but if you get bored and like to hunt for stuff…..

            I have grasped the enemies move on, but I was more or less making mention in regards of being and expecting this/these types of things. I know the time limit is there but the flame thrower is on the ground, I do believe your capable of jumping through the air (or really however the Spidey thing wants to be termed as far as here goes). Easy means of getting around it in a way.

            How often it’ll work I cant say but after running in to it once I can safely say I would probably not just run blindly around corners and probably attempt to “Spidey” myself around them. Like I said I don’t think it would or will work every time but I kind of think it might for a good chunk of it and if not I would change how I engage the enemy and see what works best.

  • tubers

    0:47 – Large enemy opening upon the raise of blockade, seen in the map, player carries a rifle yet uses the knife. Doesn’t Lock on. = Good riddance.

    1:47 – Stays near enemy spawn area instead of staying at a better range. Heads on against the superior fast damage burst rifle enemy (w/c isn’t as accurate as the players weapon of choice at a long distance). = Best strategy.

  • Gasarocky

    I like how even in one of the videos linked below, they NEVER use the cover system,and rarely ever uses the right stick to aim. He tends to set his general direction and just tries to move them into the reticle. Which just smells of PSP monster hunter style aiming.

    • natchu96

      I don’t play MH actually . . . I imagine PSP MH claw aiming is not exactly designed with rapid fire in mind? :/

      • Gasarocky

        Well, basically, you use the D-pad to aim the reticle, and analog nub for movement. So since those are both on the left side, both actions have to be separate. Looking at how some of the players in some of those videos do it, they’re still treating it like that instead of using them in tandem.

        • natchu96

          Hmm . . . what’s weird is that I actually did play GEB and aiming while running around felt pretty routine. You CAN aim and run with only one hand :/

  • James Reilly

    All I’m seeing is stupid “tactics” in solo play. Really hope the developers understand this and don’t ruin the game by making it baby easy. Maybe just get rid of the stun locked flamethrower if anything.

  • rekka_zan

    If you consider this game not a “hunting game”, but a “third person shooter” instead, everything except the flamethrower stun-lock seems normal. It’s even a bit forgiving, because you know, traditionally in a shooter, melee attack is a one-hit-kill.

    • natchu96

      The sliding scale between “hunting game with loads of guns” and “third person shooter with giant robots” finally in effect for once I guess.

      I suppose the solution is to not get shot. Scratch that, don’t even so much as give them the opportunity to shoot you.

  • TheAnswerisback

    I don’t give 2 sh*** this game still looks cool and fun as crap. The harder the game the more I want to play it to get better at it . Bring on the challenge !

  • Armageddon

    this video made me feel is ” I WANT IT NOW!!!”. Plus, 2 hits really? that is tough as in “very hard” tough.

  • Bobby Jennings

    Wow those 1hit kills are ridiculous.

    I feel like I’m playing Soul Sacrifice at full Chaos.

    • ARMs7777

      This guy is playing with low level armor on an end game dungeon. The one hit kill moves that the devs talked about is suppose to be from the abductors not from human enemies.

      If your put yourself in a postion to be shot by 4 enemies at the same time and eating 50 bullets then oviously your gonna die.

      • Bobby Jennings

        Yeah sure, but he/she is dying in one hit.

        And no doubt those little mobs have hax-ass accuracy.

        I mean you can defend it all you want, but that’s what’s happening here.

        • revenent hell

          Yeah but you can hang from above , fire at a target, fling thyself to a new spot before a bullet or whatever hits, rinse and repeat…. Not to say you wont be hit by this method but from what I viewed it seems like a method that would work better than staying on the floor like you have no alternate means of attack.

          • Bobby Jennings

            Do you see that aim? they were shooting him with perfect accuracy.

          • revenent hell

            Which I think is fair considering the Ai is as smart as a rock.

          • Bobby Jennings

            And looking at this video that isn’t a great thing

          • revenent hell

            If you play like that person does obviously not.

            Though, even for the AI being able to one or two shot someone I can see ways around that. As I have said before deaths will still obviously happen but in most games a player is supposed to learn from their deaths and mistakes so it doesn’t exactly look completely unbeatable and their are means of not being on the floor right next to what will kill someone.

            I see it more as a problem of people not grappling around and shooting more than great AI.

            It really doesn’t seem all that unfair and I kind of think the gamers need to remember those things and use them which in this very poor showmanship of gaming does not, not even a little.

          • Bobby Jennings

            I can’t really say. I have not played the game yet, but from what I’m seeing im not liking this one bit :/

            Still love how fast paced the game is though. Looks amazing and I can’t wait to play it.

            Hopefully they balance it before the release

          • revenent hell

            Actually until I play this myself I can’t genuinely claim much but it does seem like there’s ways around standing on the ground and getting one shot.

            So for now I am not to worried, but based on the video I would say the major issue appears people don’t realize that they don’t have to stay on the ground and obviously they have use of a gun. Sadly, even if deliberate, watching this kind of ust makes me think people are to lazy to think beyond the obvious

          • Bobby Jennings

            Eh. We’ll see when the game comes out.

          • natchu96

            I feel like FPS/TPS skills would be relevant here.

            Get out of range, stat. Maybe fire a rocket or something.

    • Duo Maxwell

      And those people said they are veteran at G-rank MonHan. I’m starting to have doubt.

      • tubers

        The MonHan vets can mean jank here if they aren’t FPS/TPS savy/competent.. heck maybe even simple TPS/FPS tactics and skills.. and no aim assist BS here unless you use the Thorn w/c slowly drains your energy.

        Perfect example in the vid trying to play the game like a melee hunter w/ poor to no use of Lock on.

      • revenent hell

        Not to be shitty here but this isn’t monster hunter… I dont think its entirely correct to compare the two. They aren’t exactly the same games or in the same sphere of “hunter” games.
        But again this is my opinion.

        • Jimmy Bump

          He is stating their credentials he never said that it was monster hunter.

          • revenent hell

            Exactly and this game isn’t monster hunter so regardless that’s rather moot as a point how good they are in a game that is not this one.

      • Jimmy Bump

        Yeah me too.

  • Belenger

    Another fine print of journalism, keep up the good work.

    And that agenda against the V….

  • Zazon Zenzy

    Stun locks and such from small fries, now THAT’s a problem! No wonder those veterans complained :(

    • revenent hell

      If they are people like me its …. a personal pet peeve. I detest games that use those types of “techniques” in them, since they tend to be done on a regular basis for a while, and I consider them damn cheap, borderline cheat like… Unless there is a cheap available anti “whatever the hell pisses me off item that nullifies whatever status that takes my movability/choice of action” out of my control.

  • Namuro

    So… those who still complain that the players in the video are just stupid, and don’t know how to play the game, just charging in blindly, etc. didn’t read the article, I guess?

    The article clearly says “The player in the video also shows himself being defeated by enemies on purpose for the sake of demonstration”.

    So, I don’t think the problem lies with the tactics and such. It seems pretty clear to me that they wanted to show things like the damage scaling, attacks from blind-spots, attacks that are too fast to react to, stun-lock attacks, etc. Rather than the game being “difficult”, it’s more like that it’s “unbalanced” at the moment.

    A lot of insanely difficult games with high death-rate come from Japan, so the gamers there should be quite used to the difficulty (obviously not all, but most). This is a bit out of topic, but a British friend of mine used to be really good at DDR; he actually won a DDR tournament in Europe once. Later on he went to Japan, and lost to some random schoolgirl…just like that. The thing is, even if a game is extremely difficult, but if it’s fair, the players would know and accept it, then try to learn the game more in order to beat it. That’s why games like Monster Hunter or Touhou thrived. But if even the players on the home turf started complaining like this, clearly something is wrong.

    There are also those who have already beaten the game, and claimed that players just need to “get good”. Again, if the game is hard but fair, then it’s worth trying to get good. But if it’s unfair, it’ll most likely just piss people off. I think anyone of you here who have been playing games long enough should be able to differentiate between “fair” and “unfair” hard games.

    Also, a game should always aim to draw in as many people as it can to play it. You can’t just say that “it’s only for the best of the best, not for the weak”. If the game was to drive away people like that, then it’s just destined to fail. Even games like Monster Hunters that people came to accept as being a “good, hard game” have a hard time breaking into the casual market, because of its difficulty. A new I.P. like Freedom Wars need to gain fan-base in order to build itself up, and compete with the big ones, and it cannot do that if its difficulty drive people away, too.

    However, if the developers intended for their game to be this way, to be EXTREMELY difficult, that only the elitists can get through them, that completing the game will give you maximum satisfaction, then give the players options! Just make a simple difficulty selection; that way the masochist players can enjoy their sadistic game, while the newcomers can get into this type of game. But at this point in time, the difficulty is FORCED onto everyone.

    Let’s see how the developers will react to these feedbacks.

    • tubers

      Yes. and I should deliberately carve a carcass in the middle of a raging monster and a few small fries and make a video out of it to show “imbalance”.

      Should’ve shown actual instances of the player doing competent and the game screwing him hard than this.

      Flamethrowers are pretty much useless against you outside of range just how in some FPS/TPS where a melee could destroy you.

      • Namuro

        Good for you.

        In this case, refer to my last point about difficulty options.

        • tubers

          Well. I don’t think I have qualms of people getting a lower difficulty just make sure the rewards they get are fair.

          I would’ve been extremely saddened if NGS, DMC games had no easy or normal.

          • Namuro

            That’ll be up to the developers to decide how the rewards should be distributed.

            Just like in games like Monster Hunter, if you’re not good enough to fight high-rank monsters, then you won’t get the nice high-rank armors. And those that could do it, can flaunt their looks with pride.

            …Unless, you leech off other people. LOL

          • tubers

            Hehe. It’s fun to leech and be leeched off sometimes xD

    • revenent hell

      Not to be an ass, but if people want to use the excuse that Japanese gamers excel at “monster Hunter” games I really have to say this isn’t Monster hunter. It may be in that overall sphere of games but its not the same and shouldn’t really be compared.

      Also if that argument is to be used I think people also need to actively remember Japan is currently the leading country where cell phone games out popular handheld and home console game. Which says a lot in my opinion. Grinding is severely reduced in those games as well as overall difficulty of this particular type.

      Don’t get me wrong, I am a broken record here in this comment section, I do think a simpler easy mode should be implemented for those people but I don’t think overall any enemy AI in this difficulty level should be changed, a lot of folks do enjoy a genuine challenge and I don’t think its particularly fair to them to change it because other cant play this as they do Monster Hunter.

      • Namuro

        I did say “Games like”, so I’m not using just Monster Hunter as an example. I’m talking about difficult games in general.

        I also used DDR and Touhou as examples.

        • revenent hell

          Yeah but difficult is all perspective.

          For me its tactical and actually involves a lot of thought in a small time span…..I actually don’t find those games you mentioned hard :D

          I really am not trying to be overly conflicting here but I do think most of the peoples issues stem from them expecting the game to go in the vein of something similar to a Monster Hunter game and totally getting side swiped by it not being like that at a certain point.

          I also have the idea its also a lot of people not as used to difficulty hikes in games as I have been hit with. Just because folks excel at “hunting” games doesn’t mean they have any idea about others that like to torment a player by making enemies, completely at random, boss level strong.

          Perspective….that’s mostly how I view this, really and ones interpretation of “difficulty”. Don’t get me wrong the stun lock still irks me but… I can see outs for it so….

          • Namuro

            How do you know that those players, especially the ones that complained, have even played Monster Hunter games before? I don’t see any comparison being made with Monster Hunter in the video, or in the article, either.

            You can’t use yourself as the standard, anyway. We’re talking about all kinds of players here.

            Also, you can play every single DDR songs, and every single Touhou games on Lunatic with no problem?

            If that’s the case, then good for you. You’re a really good gamer.

          • revenent hell

            Thank you! I enjoy playing games on the hardest mode I can unlock or available ( I used to have much more time on my hands than as of today I do). I don’t think I deserve kudos for it but I enjoyed doing it, though to be honest I hate DDR and games like it. I’m not really a good gamer as far as DDR goes I kind of can just…”remember” things I see once which makes mimicking them easier….But its fun to watch my friends try to beat me :D But its kind of unfair I suppose.

            And I mentioned the hunter games or, Monster Hunter/Hunter like games because the article itself mentioned it as well as about 90% of commenters here in “defense” of the game being to hard. I think its validated for my mention of it given that.

            Even people who are used to difficulty hikes or whatever game type its not to say they have have a tactical bone in their body so until a person (myself really) plays the game I for the majority prefer to give a benefit of a doubt.

            As is a common reply I viewed, the Japanese gamers also said they found Catherine way to hard…..and but for moving a block in a certain area that made all of them free fall for…until I reset the game I kind of only died in one level and that’s because I was to busy watching the baby because I thought it looked cool so otherwise I think it was more or less cake…. Like I said perspective and such.

            But like I have broken record said I think to be fair easier modes should be patched in to pacify all the gamers paying hard earned money for the game

          • TheNobody

            Being unbalanced and difficult is totally different. What people are complaining about is not about it being too hard in general, but the sudden spike in difficulty only at around mid-game. Using Monster Hunter as an example, if your fighting regular Great Jaggi, and then had to fight monster like Rathalos +, then obviously its not balanced. Its doable, of course, and you’ll probably find people beating it, but it does not do well with the difficulty curve. Monster Hunter is difficult and doesn’t have a tutorial, but it still prepares the player for harder and stronger enemy.

            The problem about the game is that you still don’t know half the thing about the game, but suddenly theirs enemy that can perma-stun you, and guess what, their not the big bad Rathalos but the regular roaming dumb Jaggis. Imagine hunting for Rathalos, and a Jaggi just comes out a nowhere and kills you in a couple of seconds.

            There still might be people who can pull it off, but you know what, majority of the gamers don’t/can’t play for hours and hours just trying to beat an enemy mid-game. That’s ridiculous.

            What I’m trying to do is not trying to say your wrong, i just want to justify their complaint of the game being “imbalanced” not difficult.

            P.S. Sorry if my grammar sucks

  • Asuna Ilano

    Seeing how this game works, I feel like it’s a combination of hunting and shooting genre, like God Eater with a bit of CoD on it. I’m not sure if the game IS really that hard or Japanese people just aren’t skilled enough for shooting type games. I wonder if western fans will have the same complain once it gets a US release.

    • revenent hell

      The more I read comments and think about it the more I kind of think more of the western audience wont have as much of a problem as the Japanese people.
      But that’s based solely on what I have seen here and not trying or looking more in to the game than I absolutely have to.

      • tubers

        Well, if West is more used to snap/magnet aiming then there could be complaining as well.

        Wish this game had gyro aiming.

        • revenent hell

          I just wish, sorry for constantly repeating myself here as well, no stun lock…. I hate those damn kill you off gimmicks…. And I don’t care I doth consider them cheap gimmicks!……… And no block. I am so shitty as a dodger…Eventually for most games I get used to it but really for how I like to take on enemies I prefer blocks.
          Personally, focusing on gunplay I think the US will be fine, or do better. That was prominent in my mind while answering… But I have played a few, very few, games with this type of mechanic (obviously NOT the same or as it is here) and I found it fun and interesting… How the rest of the US takes it… Is anyone’s guess.

        • The gyro aiming from Uncharted Golden Abyss was near perfect (to me anyway :O)

          WOuld love that aim option to return in more vita shooter type games; would make me play a whole lot more of them since i personally hate FPS games and mopst 3rd person shooters with the exception of a few. Uncharted series being one of them because I stayed for the story.

          • tubers

            You have no idea. Gyro does so much for me in terms of shooters for the VITA. xD

            I wish KZM had UCGA’s sensitivity.

  • xXDGFXx

    Cannon fodder are no longer cannon fodder. o-o

  • I was looking forward to this but all I’ve heard is that its really hard ¬_¬

    • Jimmy Bump

      I know it feels like they forgot about it.

  • Joseph Fontana

    Lets be honest those NPC’s are jank as fuck. Not only does it sometimes bug and seem like they one shot you but the sheer amount of them looks like they just stun lock you down and rape you. Not to mention the camera angle’s look like shit in half the video which doesnt help when a single npc flamethrower/sniper/or even the shitty machine gunner kills you in about 4 seconds. Also that dash to enemy thing doesnt look that amazing considering it puts you way out of melee range so you cant follow up with anything and gives the npc enough time to just turn around and start bashing you.

    Also this has nothing to do with “Ehhh japanese so hard blah blah” that is just unbalanced damage and npc mechanics mixed with tons of bugs.

    On a sidenote. Atleast by the time the game comes state side itll be better balanced and we’ll get the “ultimate” version

    • natchu96

      4 seconds is pretty long on a battlefield :/

      The rest I agree with, but 4 seconds is pretty long. 4 seconds where 3 of them is you being stunlocked would be the real issue.

  • chibiwall

    i’m seeing the video but… are they really complain this game because you die if you go in the middle of a bulletstorm?

  • natchu96

    I think not fighting them as if they were cannon fodder would be a start.

    Some of those were probably legit gangbang moments, but a lot of those scream stupidity to me. Or could be solved by not being in melee combat against people with machine guns.

    With this coming off as a hunter/TPS hybrid OP humans are somewhat expected for me. At that point . . . well, it’s awkward bring up points made by the SAO protagonist in a shooting game but you gotta start predicting things and avoid them before they even happen.

    • ShoeTyrant

      Yeah i agree
      Thinking of the humanoid enemies as cannon fodder would most likely get players killed faster than they know what happened.
      I learned that the hard way,i got killed by humanoid NPCs a lot of times , since then i think of humanoid NPCs as Human players instead.

      Besides, using the proper commands and tactics would carry you through a tough situation.

  • Daioh

    Reminds me of this video where Hitler plays the FegelStation 4,particularly the part at 01:35

    • awkwardkorean

      Oh god. 1:03 killed me. So unexpected.

  • Rabbit

    God-like aim?? He was literally running away from all those bullets in 3:25!!

  • d19xx

    I want this game more than ever after watching that video.

    Sony should run an ad with the same vain and tag it “no scrubs allowed”.

  • jinter

    it seems that even japanese players are calling BS to this video

  • Alexander Marquis Starkey

    Why is fire making you stagger, you should be able to still move while being hit by a flamethrower. That said, the damage is pretty high. I’ve been hit hard in Mass Effect and I never didn’t that fast.

    • TheCynicalReaper

      “Why is fire making you stagger, you should be able to still move while being hit by a flamethrower.”
      Taking minimal chip damage from being on fire after getting hit from a flamethrower is also fair. But getting stunlocked by a flamethrower? Come on.

      • natchu96

        I prefer flamethrowers that deal that kind of silly damage but actually do so to make the point of “why would you just STAND in fire”. Stunlocking flames is pretty stupid, I agree.

      • MisterHoot

        You do know you can actually roll away from the flamethrower

        You don’t get stunlocked in it

  • Eilanzer

    THE SAME problems that some dark/demon souls players have…They refuse to learn/think (or just have fun) and blame the game.
    There´s a bunch of other videos of the same game of people beating THE SAME game…C´mon just “git gud” and stop crying ¬¬
    In the past people didn´t cry over a hard game…Now… =.=”

    • TheCynicalReaper

      “and blame the game.”
      Getting stun-locked by a flamethrower until death from behind is bad game design. Getting sniped off-screen where nothing tells you an enemy is, is bad game design. Enemies crowding a spawn point is cheap too. So is having a room full of assault weapon grunts who never have to reload. And having six of these two-shot-to-kill-you grunts swarming you when you’re trying to kill a giant monster.

      Dark Souls 2’s horrendously cheap enemy tracking is bad game design.

      Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls are good game design.
      Except for that dual Maneater boss. That’s just cheap.

      • natchu96

        As far as I can tell from youtube videos all enemies show up on the radar on the top left, so you technically DO know if they are there. You can also choose your spawn point every time you spawn it seems, so you can’t be spawncamped for the most part.

        I agree about stunlocking flamethrowers though.

      • tubers

        Getting stun locked by a flame thrower that has a rev time from behind is being unobservant of your map same with being sniped off from screen.

        Deliberately diving into an area of supposed high enemy spawn rate and crowding is moronic.

        The room filled with grunts aren’t closed off. You can get to other rooms, funnel them and destroy with the plethora of mechanics the game throws the player with (Mines, Traps, upgrades).

        Most of the problem here lies from the Player’s inability to take advantage of your basic features or the game. I’d say it’s more of the earlier since just a little bit of thinking and exploration of the system is more interesting than spoon feeding you heavily.

      • Alter

        “So is having a room full of assault weapon grunts who never have to reload”

        Get you facts straight. I’ve been put like 60 hours into the game. They do need reloads even for NPCs. So 1:1 damage ratio is a bad game design ? In FPS games ofcourse you can’t win against 5 AIs without using your wits. Like i said FW is not goddamn MH. And you’re not super human either like in Dynasty Warriors. This game is fair and beatable, Flamethrower has short range, you can always run before it actually shoot out flame AKA rev time. More, who told you there are just one spawn point? Do you think devs not actually testing/playing it before the release. LOL
        If you think flamethrower is overpowered then why not try use one, it’s usable and none gonna stop you from using one, Except you can’t use it while sticking to the wall, with that range i wonder if you can actually burn someone sticking to the ceiling.

  • هاكو ممممممممم

    What if the producer made the game this hard on purpose ? to get the demon souls feeling or style to it, so if people did as they did with demon souls here the game name would really spread wide and it would get popular in no time , I cant deny that they are some players who are looking for a challange like that but for someone else it could be frustrating, specially with people who have anger issues like throwing the game pad on the wall after dying couple of times or breaking the console itself XD

    • TheCynicalReaper

      “What if the producer made the game this hard on purpose?”
      He would’ve said so when Japanese gamers were complaining to him en masse. It also would’ve been marketed as such

  • Rita Tong

    I enjoy Monster Hunter and God Eater but I am absolute SHIT at FPS, just a matter of fact. I’d prefer not to leave my chances to my (non-existent) shooting skills.

    I know it’s not the best comparison, but in God Eater, customized bullets were the best way to utterly wreck bosses in no time flat, but if you didn’t want to use them, you could still beat everything by specializing in melee and being careful to dodge knockup or OHKO moves. It wasn’t “better learn to use that gun or you’re screwed because the enemies can stunlock and instagib you from afar”

    • natchu96

      Considering spamming wasn’t really a thing in God Eater and you kinda had to melee even as a gunner unless you wanted to blow cash on ammo injections, it wasn’t really that bad and you can take your sweet time standing in the background with your sights up while the NPCs go on their merry way as cannon fodder.

    • tubers

      Better to learn the map I’m fighting in and take advantage of it.

      Better to learn becoming observant of the red dots in the map!

      Better to learn to use that Thorn Trap and Land Mine!

      Better to farm and upgrade Boosters and Modules!

      Better to learn how to use the walls and ceilings with a Personal Firemarm (can be fired off even when attached to a surface) or have faster reaction with Thorn Dive Melees from the walls and ceilings with the appropriate time to use Lock On!

      Better to learn that the FlameThrower actually has a rev time before firing!

      This video of the map where the flamethrowers are “OP” shows gives you a better perspective of how to easily overcome those mooks with what I mentioned above.

      He doesn’t even even use Thorn Traps, Grenades and Land Mines.

      It’s not as bad as the article video implies specially with the deliberate attempt to get into a death trap situation (like how he keeps diving into pool of enemies and enemy populated corners).

    • tubers

      Here’s a possible tactic you can use with PVE in this game. Another dynamic to the game’s combat. I’ll call it “Thorn Lock-On For Firearms”.

      1. Use a Melee Weapon

      2. Lock on an enemy/enemy part

      3. Throw your Thorn to Locked on enemy/enemy part

      4. Fire Away

      This will create some sort of auto-lock on the part while you being able to use firearms and don’t need to use the right stick to aim. You can also strafe while doing so.


      – Very slowly drains your Energy Bar.
      – Can block your own missiles from launchers (use machine guns and mini-guns instead).
      – Slowed movement (like firing off a mini-gun).

      You can detach any time.

    • Lastlight

      This is a TPS not FPS

  • Dkmariolink

    If anyone wants to party up with me (will this game have voicechat?) add me on PSN @ Dkmariolink

    No, I’m not a “G-ranked MonHan Veteran” >.>

    • Shadow Rebirth

      lol, there’s nothing special for that name. i speak this as a guy who’s in G-rank in MH3U btw.

  • Alter

    Heaven’s Judgement missions are supposed to be hard, it’s expected.
    If you don’t have any balls to do these missions just do story missions, it’s super easy. That 10K years reward for Heaven’s Judgement mission really worth it. As for 7-5 boss (at the end of video), whoever did the video did it wrong way. And there always AED kit to help you a bit when you died.

    Even Pro G-Rank MH player can’t handle this !!!!??? Obviously they playing it the wrong way. Applying MH rules to FW is a BIG mistake. Kick out your MH (or clone) mindset out of window and start afresh.

    For every task there’s a perfect tool, AA mines, AP mines, Flash Grenade, Fragment Grenade, Bouncer Grenade, Civilian Decoy etc. Obviously these guys think they could do it without any support items then whining/complaining when they couldn’t win that way. LOL

    It seems very low Ibara (Thorn) usage for people coming from MH background. You can also paralyze NPCs with charged Ibara.

    • tubers

      So much this.

      Even flamethrower grunts seem to be one of the easier enemies to manage in this game with it having a rev time and a pathetic range.

      • Alter

        obviously, NPCs can’t move when they shooting flamethrower.

        • tubers


          • Alter

            uh, i meant they won’t move from the spot

          • tubers

            Oh. Gotcha.

            What I was saying is that the enemies that carry Flamethrowers are easy to manage (and kill) before they get close to you, rev up their weapon and grill your face to death.

  • Shadow Rebirth

    now that i see it, not that hard as i think it would be except the sniper who can kill me in two shots. I hope they don’t change the difficulty instead make the allies npc more “active”.

    • Guest

      just some negative campaign from monster hunter fans camp

  • Lastlight

    I have an idea
    Use a damn gun
    Stop rushing in like an idiot
    Hell, he’s not even playing like a MH vet…I thought when you play MH you learn the move sets and pick the appropriate weapon…

  • Yan Zhao

    I lol’d at the beginning of the video where the flamethrower instant killed you at full life.

  • Ric Vazquez

    That was painful to watch

  • Vash bane

    the stun locks are crazy in this vid. and ….are those snipers? there accuracy was crazy (and also seems to be very damaging) also…the player is half to blame from what I see. it just keeps rushing in swords first. but near the end I can clearly see what they are talking about

  • PragmaticSoul

    Lol I would have thought this was Ninja Gaiden 2 on Master Ninja Mode or something.

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