Vita Game Reimagines The Perry Expedition With Rock Stars From The United States

By Spencer . July 2, 2014 . 11:27pm


Bakumatsu Rock, the PSP game turned anime series where rock ‘n roll is used to rebel against the Shinsengumi, just got wackier. Marvelous announced Bakumatsu Rock: Ultra Soul for PSP and PlayStation Vita.


bakumatsurock The game mixes a visual novel with rhythm game play with new rockers from America.  Matthew Calbraith Perry Jr. (presumably the son of Matthew Perry who opened the gates in Japan) traveled to the country on a world domination tour. He’s the worlds biggest rock star in the world of Bakumatsu Rock: Ultra Soul. J. Manjiro (a take on John Manjiro) is a rock and roll guitarist with some unusual technology. This added story arc takes place after the events in Bakumatsu Rock for PSP and the anime series.


Who’s going to win the rock and roll battle for Japan? That’s up to you and hometown rock legend Ryoma Sakamoto. The enhanced version of Bakumatsu Rock comes out in Japan on September 25.


baku_01 baku_04 baku_03

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  • Ren Yuumei


  • Justin Graham

    American history is never as entertaining as it is when viewed through the lens of Japanese pop culture.

    • Xmas Lopez

      Well, it’s more the reverse in this case.

    • To be fair, Matthew Perry is only a footnote in American history but a monumental figure in Japanese history.

      • Justin Graham

        I understand that’s the case, but in my small town American school, Perry’s actions were a large extent and almost exclusively the formal “Japanese” history that was taught, because unfortunate cultural centrism.

      • JohnNiles

        A few years ago, I purchased and read a book about Commodore Perry’s trip. It was quite educational, going into the kinds of details that nobody bothers to cover.

        This just blows my mind.

    • Firekitty

      Few things are. They have a very interesting way of looking at things, and absolutely no shame or fear of not being politically correct and pissing someone off.

  • Namuro

    Dat strip!

  • Enma_Kozato

    High heeled boots and garters…? All right.

    • darke

      Welcome to 80s metal and Hair bands. All kinds of weird there. >.>

  • JohnNiles

    I thought it was weird before, but the Perry addition puts it over the top.

  • LDM

    When they mentioned Matthew Perry, my first thought is that they were talking about the actor who played Chandler on “Friends.”

  • Hours Left

    Now I want this series to come to the US even more. :(

    • Suki

      I feel you. With something so off the wall and wickedly crazy I would love to see even the anime make it here if the game can’t.

  • new_tradition

    Just to clarify, this is a remake or the original game?

    Still, that whole picture has such a “America f-yeah!” feel to it, lol….

    • DyLaN

      Upgraded rerelease/port.

  • Darkbeat

    Wait… What does Matthew Perry have to do with rock music? The googles do nothing for me, except reminding me how long ago FRIENDS ended.

  • Göran Isacson

    An american flag butt-cape.

    I wholly surrender to this madness, and mourn that there is no apparent English release date. That this guy and Metal Wolf Chaos are lost to us is surely the great tragedies of our generation…

    • Metal Wolf Chaos was several extra layers of stupid though, given how the game came out with English voiceovers and released exclusively for the Xbox, a system that NO ONE IN JAPAN BOUGHT.

      • Göran Isacson

        Oh true that. The only reason I can think of that we didn’t get it was because they must have thought western audiences don’t dig giant robots. Maybe if Transformers had been released earlier, this misconception would not have come to be…

  • CasualGamer

    wow so he wears a garterbelt and high-heels…

  • Pdugna

    Ryoma the guy in the red aka the main character is voiced by the Lead Vocalist of Granrodeo, so this series is definitely on my watchlist. Also first episode of the anime came out recently for anybody interested, you can watch it on Crunchyroll.

  • Duo Maxwell

    I’m not sure what I am seeing, but I kind of want it.

  • …I don’t even know whether this is offensive, let alone to whom.

    • Firekitty

      We’ve finally seen the day when their own historical figures weren’t enough for them…I knew this was coming, but the second I see a moe George Washington, I’m done. You hear me, Japan? DONE.

      • Bentan

        funny valentine lol

      • D:! Now I’m curious to see what Moe Washington would look like.

        • Firekitty

          Just give them time. Eventually they’ll get tired of the Shinsengumi and we’ll get an Otome game featuring the American ‘Founding Fathers’ (And Lincoln because MAGIC). Probably with werewolves as the plot twist.

          • Haunting Horror

            I can see it…

            Yup, by magic and time travel, he will be in there. You’ll have George Washington and his group of “founding fathers” fighting against the British. This group will have taken in a girl whose father/mother/sister/brother has mysteriously vanished on a night of the full moon. She will be sewing them flags and making tea. And there’ll be some original character on the British side that’ll give them trouble (and a rival of George Washington) and turns out he’s a German Werewolf leader (as the British Monarchy had a lot of German ties so they got him because of some debt owed them). Also the girl is a German werewolf and her family had come to America to escape the werewolf slaughter. The girl will either end up with a founding father or the werewolf leader and if him go to Germany to hide from humans.

            And no, I did not put much thought in this. It just came and is Hakuoki inspired (apparently). XD

          • Firekitty

            ….I would probably play it…

            I-i mean. That sounds awful! Terrible! Don’t give them any ideas!!!

          • Haunting Horror

            *snickers* That’s the idea…

            I meant… Yeeeeaaaaah, probably shouldn’t. XD

          • LOL!
            I-I would buy that game (o.o; )

  • Rita Tong

    My literal first reaction when I read the title was just a simple


    I think that sums up the utter madness quite well. I feel like there’s some threshold of wtf-ery that’s been crossed here but I don’t really care.

  • Haunting Horror


    Don’t know rather to laugh, try to forget this, or what…

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