Terra Battle Looks Like A Fantasy Game, But Will Have Heavy Sci-Fi Elements

By Sato . July 3, 2014 . 12:32pm


We haven’t heard much from Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi in a while, but he recently revealed his new smartphone project, called Terra Battle. While details still remain light, he discussed certain aspects of the game in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine.


During the interview, Famitsu asks if Terra Battle is the final title of the game.


“Yes, this game starts out in a so-called fantasy world, but about halfway in, it gets a very sci-fi vibe, where you’ll be fighting in places like outer-space,” replies Sakaguchi.


In Terra Battle, magic is ranked by “Mega,” “Giga,” and “Terra,” with Terra being used for the strongest magic. You’ll see stuff like “Terra-Flare” as some of the game’s strongest spells.



Famitsu mentions that the main image for the game we’ve seen so far seems to have many characters. Something to note is that the game’s character designer is Kimihiko Fujisaka, who you know from Drakengard and The Last Story.


“And that’s not all of them,” states Sakaguchi. “From those characters, you’ll pick characters you like and put them together in a party. However, just by having their images and abilities, I thought it’d be boring, so we gave them profiles you can take a good look at in the game.”


“They all have personal relationships, so if you get one character that another has some kind of relationship with another in the same party, they might talk about their past, and that gets added to their profiles. So as you go on, their profiles get meatier.”


When asked about the music in Terra Battle, Saaguchi explains that Nobuo Uematsu composed all of the music, and there are about 20 tracks total. Most of the tracks are used in battle, but certain characters have their own themes, and there are situational tracks for emotional moments, and such.



Famitsu also asks if he can share anything about the game’s system, or any of its contents.


“For now, that’s a secret. However I can say that at first, I had originally planned on making a rather light game, but after getting more people who worked on Final Fantasy involved, a personal habit of mine kicked in and I wouldn’t allow myself to settle for something light, so I kept working and adding more and more,” shares Sakaguchi with a laugh.


Final Fantasy? Sakaguchi’s referring to developers like Koji Ono (director) and Yuki Nishimura (game design), both of whom were previously employed at Square. When asked about the game’s development staff, he replies, “I’m the producer, and the programmer [Koji] Ono is the director. Something like that, but the development team has a very small number of people. As far as people in charge… that’s about it.”


“I’m writing the scenario, and the final text is being done by Hatano, who worked with me on The Last Story,” says Sakaguchi when asked if he’s also in charge of plans and scenario. “The parts I write come in a little bit after the plot has advanced a little.”


As mentioned in the earlier report, Sakaguchi mentions that he’d like to see Terra Battle get a home console release, with its smartphone release being a starting point. While he didn’t go too far into detail, he also teased that he’s preparing a “certain something” with all kinds of other creators involved.


Terra Battle launches this September on Android and iOS devices.

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  • Volta

    Sounds too elaborated to be in mobile platforms. If this game is good and makes it to consoles or hanheld dedicated devices I’ll be really interested.

  • Godmars

    Why is that as much as Sakaguchi has complained about Square sticking to old tropes with FF, he’s doing the almost exact same? Including connecting/blurring sci-fi and fantasy.

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      Old school fans praise Sakaguchi games for not having sci-fi elements but this one will.

      There’s also gonna be microtransactions.

      • Godmars

        Pretty sure that there were “mechs” in FF1. Also that steampunk, in regards to airships, is a sub-genre of sci-fi.

        • Stephen Mc Devitt

          It still bugs me how ones can brag on about the aesthetic designs of each installment. Story and characters are one thing but complaining about a setting is just ridiculous unless it doesn’t make sense in the context of the story.

          The way how each mainline Final Fantasy isn’t connected with one another, I feel Final Fantasy can be almost anything while still maintaining certain fundamentals of the series.

          We’ve seen X-2 like Charlie’s Angels and Tactics being similar to Game of Thrones. We could Final Fantasies in the style of MLP, Skylanders, etc. with summons as the main characters or a dark grim violent setting similar to Dark Souls but XV could be like Hamlet if Noctis turns a bit mad and energetic.

          It’s all speculation but I love how FF is unique like that compared to other franchises.

          If Final Fantasy II-onwards still took place in Cornelia, would it be better or worse?

          • Godmars

            FFT was a thing before the first GoT was written.

            Likewise given that each FF story takes place on its own world rather than be connected was only a good thing since the scope of each individual was suppose to be the one world they took place on. That it was suppose to be about the world being saved from its one greatest crisis.

            And while FFX-2 could have been that exception, could have properly continued FFX’s story, because there loose ends, it went on a tangent. Just like FF12 was more about an “event” which could have happened anywhere.

            Really, the series stopped special after the merger. S/E might get the ability to tell a story rather than present story elements as ads to sell other things, but I doubt it.

          • Stephen Mc Devitt

            But FFT’s dialogue didn’t look like GoT until the PSP version, which was after the merger.

            It’s more of the fault of the individuals in terms of story-telling. I think Toriyama only cares about characters being pretty looking and, sadly, newcomers only cared about shipping beautiful looking characters and nothing else.

            You and I, on the other hand, have higher standards. We want good story-telling but I especially want realistic dialogue because a good story means nothing if it’s poorly acted and sounds cheesy. I hope XV goes for Shakespearean like Hamlet or more human like Uncharted or The Last of Us.

            World-saving sounds way too much like an obligation. What if XV has no battle against god or demons in the end? That would be a breath of fresh air.

  • stopped reading at smartphone project.

    • Quan Chi

      Watch out, the dumb mods may delete your post :P

      • yeah, they always seem to do that on my other posts…

  • Vyse Legendaire

    Sounds like a card game.

  • FFmax

    Ugh smartphone games everywhere, the 3ds and Vita could have been a much better choice for this game.

    • The 3DS and Vita fail because of one thing: You can’t do long-distance calls on those. (in the case of the vita, you can only do it with other Vita users.)

      • Stephen Mc Devitt

        I don’t play games on my mobile. I disregard multifunctions. That’s why I only use my scanner/printer/photocopier for scanning images I drew.

      • persona_yuji

        Well… Vita has Skype. Does that count? :P

        • That’s right. But the 3G Vita is almost extinct. How many people actually have internet access? Well, that’s a dumb question, given that most of the Vita library is digital, and one needs internet to get a lot of it.

      • HarakiriKami

        3DS is a profitable device with 45 million sales and has sold 15 million units in Japan right now so….

        • If sales are to be a concern, overall Smartphone sales are more than ten times bigger than that. Nevermind the different model units and brands that can each go twice more than your little 15-45 Million Sales each year alone.

          • HarakiriKami

            So? Doesnt mean you will make more revenue or not if you compromise your product to reach a wider audience when you could make a stronger game and reach your audience all the same on the 3DS.

            Smart companies make games for both.

            But Square enix is dumb. They keep putting console like mana games on mobile for no damn good reason. DQ super light/ Million Arthur X ( and their other mobile stuff) is what they should invest in for mobile

          • But the thing is, they are making the revenue. You just can’t see it. And power isn’t sacrificed for being in another device. There are models that are more powerful than the 3DS. Which people keep buying after being outdated every 5-7 months or so. Because there is just a better model out there.

            In a way, your argument is like the “Neo Geo Pocket vs Game Boy” debates of old. Which one is just the better, and more powerful platform? Well, for starters, power is just an incentive. The one that has a longer lifespan will sell. The one that’s more widespread. The one device that almost EVERY SINGLE PERSON simply owns. KAPITALISM, HO!! And such and such. Of course, this very paragraph can be updated by also mentioning the “Vita vs 3DS” argument.

            But that’s another forest fire that we shouldn’t bring up. It isn’t on-topic.

            But, I do agree on one thing. People just keep making things exclusive stuff for one platform. (Could’ve just made this whole post be this. But I didn’t.) And that limits the access of products. Of course, doing so increases demand, which on paper, also increases revenue.

            Which is something that happens a lot in smartphones… Something that we really aren’t being shown on in this site whose slogan is “Welcome to the Unseen side of Gaming”… Where we get a lot of people like me and you that don’t understand how things like this are actually working from the business side’s point of view.


          • HarakiriKami

            What does power have anything to do with what I said?

            I was talking about the content and quality of the game. Most recent phones are stronger than the 3DS

          • That’s just as debatable, and by the same root.

          • HarakiriKami

            Then try me. And one’s options on a phone are limited compared to a DS

          • Two screens, and buttons. Most (if not all) phones nowadays allow for controller support, like the DS3/4 and the Wiimote. That and two screens isn’t really a big deal. If devs wanted to make a game for dual screens, then yes. We’d have it on the 3DS. If they don’t, you’d expect expect it on the Vita. But while that crowd is still growing, the first most viable single-screen handheld are the smartphones.

  • Andar

    Dagran, is that you? You’re looking a little dark and demonic there…oh wait.

    • HarakiriKami

      Looks like Zangurak to me

    • Alejandro A

      I thought dagran too

  • Mnstrzero00

    Well I would, for one, would like to have some good japanese mobile games on my phone other than Puzzle and Dragons. But this automaric hatred for the game because of its platform means that that probably won’t happen. It means that games like Angry Birds and Candy Crush are going to dominate while games made with passion never see the light of day outside of Japan.

    • HarakiriKami

      Just cause they’re made in japan doesnt make them better or any less exploitative.

      Be realistic for a second.

      When’s the last time real game design went into creating and crafting new games for people to play? Nowadays everyone just tweaks the template of popular or proven stuff. Some being blatant clones running ryfe on the shop.

      Infact I’d say the AAA market is largely similar. Especially when you look at a publisher’s portfolio. Ubisoft largely makes similar games(open world + get to the towers) with different themes that they run annualized, Rockstar largely makes similar games(open world and press X to move) that have insane budgets that release every 5 years on rotation. Activision annualizes their titles but not every game they put out is Call of Duty or skylanders in terms of gameplay.

      All japan can push out is weak Vn’s,cheap pachislot games and super light dragon quest. Oh and FF All the bravest(holy shit at that)

      What we see now is just the same top ten games prancing around worldwide while angry birds slowly makes less and less money with each year as Clash of Clans, Homer’s digital farmville rip off and other similar Zynga-esque games make bank each year.

      You know what Mobile could use a hell of a lot more? Games like Minecraft. Except they start fresh out on mobile as a new IP, but that’s 1 in a trillion with how beleaguered and dilapidated the app store has become on iOS

  • ElAbuelo69

    No one really cares, and we all know this game won’t be near even the feet of the masterpieces Sakaguchi has done.
    Sad thing tho, I bet it will be successful enough to make them believe they are on the right track. Stupid smartphones games are so profitable, damn them.
    Yeah yeah yeah…it might be a good smartphone game, but c’mon…we ALL know Sakaguchi is wasting his talent here.

  • “All games for smartphones are shitty”
    “Why are they making this game that actually looks good for smartphones?”

    • Strain42

      Because people who say “All games for smartphones are shitty” are wrong. Pretty simple.

      • Altin

        The majority of them are shitty and if some are decent, they are most likely ports of good console games. And F2P titles always have a c*ckblocker to break the flow of the gameplay, worst example being Dungeon Keeper. DJMAX Ray does only require payment for new songs, i.e. new content.

      • HarakiriKami

        Most games on smartphones that are good are ports of other games or they get ported to consoles.

        Otherwise its exploitative crap thats worse than candy crush on a “freemium” payroll.

        I’ve yet to see a good original IP for mobiles thats not “free”
        They could do with some more of those.

        Although there are a few over in the west that did well. Square’s stuff has done kinda crap, but they’ve had hits though. all are f2p though. Tbh the ecosystem could use some non free to play games . Its overall not very welcoming and kinda toxic platform to release games on

        • Strain42

          If I were to say “all major video games these days are crappy FPS games full of DLC” chances are good most gamers could prove me wrong without much thought, right? Because a statement like that would only showcase how little I know about the plethora of games available on consoles.

          Your statement has just demonstrated how little you actually know about mobile titles. And that’s fine, I’m not saying you should be looking for them if they don’t interest you, but you’re wrong.

          To name a few original IPs that are good for mobile devices and aren’t free to play, Mistwalker’s previous iOS title Blade Guardian, the Squids series, Nihilumbra, Detective Grimoire, Tiny Thief, Paper Monsters, Penumbear, West Legends, a fair amount of [adult swim] games, I could go on but I know you probably don’t care. And I’m not even counting titles that are free that don’t completely exploit people for cash like Layton Brothers: Mystery Room, or Double Fine’s Middle Manager of Justice. The fact that many of these titles have been well received when ported to other consoles is proof that mobile games can be good (Nihilumbra for example has very positive reviews on Steam)

          I’m not going to pretend that the marketplace ISN’T bogged down with rip-offs and freemium crap. Hell, the freemium aspects are my biggest worry with this particular title, despite really enjoying Mistwalker’s other stuff. Trust me, as a mobile gamer that stuff annoys me greatly. I’ve seen many titles with a lot of potential become annoying because of it, and I can’t tell you how glad I am that the craze of Flappy Bird clones has finally started to die down some.

          But yes, anybody who says “all mobile games are crap” and think only the ports of existing games are the exceptions, they’re wrong. I will continue to stand by that statement.

  • Aoshi00

    Fujisaka Kimihiko + Sakaguchi + Uematsu, everything that I would want in an RPG, except smart phone :P double sigh… If not for the Wii U, I would even settle for 3DS.. I remember I was blown away by Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey.. this is a lost opportunity.. The Last Story was good too, and I even liked Archaic Sealed Heat on the DS which was unfortunately never localized..

    At least we would know the art and music are amazing.. I never follow cellphone game, but would still hear about this one..

  • Callonia


  • MK

    I don’t mind playing on phone if it’s a good game.

  • Ni ~Algidus~

    too OP
    pls nerf

    >They all have personal relationships, so if you get one character that another has some kind of relationship with another in the same party, they might talk about their past, and that gets added to their profiles. So as you go on, their profiles get meatier

    So like FE and SO? I really like to see this mechanic in RPGs

    about phone gaming
    I don’t like playing games on my phone because of the battery drain and that is it. since i don’t know if this is going to be a turn based rpg I have nothing more to say

  • Kelohmello

    Well, I hope this ends up good and they do well enough that they can get a console version funded. I’d really love to see more home console RPGs from them, or home console games period really. I don’t Mistwalker’s gotten a chance to really truly break out onto the scene yet, considering some of their bigger games were RPGs on consoles japan doesn’t play RPGs on.

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    The fact it’s a free-to-play mobile game is an instant turn-off. What is wrong with Sakaguchi? He shot himself in the foot.

    I’m a simple man so I only use my mobile to talk to others. When playing a game, I take out my 3DS or Vita.

  • roockie112

    It sounded amusing Until I read the part that said it was a smart mobile game

  • Nobou Uematsu is composing the music for Project Phoenix, so I hope he tells his good buddy Sakaguchi here about Kickstarter or something. Because I would throw some money at a console RPG from Mistwalker in a heartbeat! After Lost Odyssey and Last Story, the fact that they’re still stuck in mobile is depressing :(

    C’mon publishers; commission Mistwalker and another company* to make another big console RPG! Or Mistwalker, come to the fans! We’ll fund it, I’m sure! Ask Keiji Inafune and the guys from Comcept/Inti-Create for some pointers on how to run a successful campaign! :D

    * – I forget, Mistwalker doesn’t have large development staff. All of their big games have been collaborations with other developers. Feel Plus for Lost Odyssey, Artoon/Azrest for Blue Dragon, and Access/Marvelous AQL for Last Story. They only do the planning, game/character design, music and story. While actual graphics & programming are done by other, more capable (larger) studios.

    • Altin

      I wish Mistwalker would collab with Tri-Ace. Can’t imagine what kind of great game they would come up with!

  • Kornelious

    Kimihiko Fujisaka’s art lured me here…..but then I heard it was a Smartphone game………Much dissapoint :(

    But BOY do I love his art! :D

  • SMT

    I don’t care that this is mobile. I have an iPhone (And most people today have either that or an Android), it actually has some decent games on it, even some fun RPGs like the surprisingly good Final Fantasy Dimensions…

    I’m excited because the game has an interesting-sounding concept, and I like those that are involved. If the game is good it doesn’t matter what platform it’s on, other than the usual “Oh man, now I really need to get a because the game looks good but I have no intention of buying one just for a tiny amount of games”, like how I react to a Wii U when I see awesome looking games like Xenoblade Chronicles X and Bayonetta 2.

    • HarakiriKami

      Except it doesnt have a tiny amount of games. Just not the western AAAA games.

      Which is largely what the 18-35 male gamer buys these days. ( And also the audiences most likely to adopt new consoles early)

      And nintendo has kind of priced themselves out of their traditional family market(by about 100$) and arent doing as much to appeal to females as they used to from a hardware design standpoint ( which have the most disposable income these days, especially if the male in the family is over 35)

      • triablos

        He means a tiny amount of games that appeal to him. I feel the same way. I’d really love to get a Wii U for smash and Mario kart and a few others but those are the only ones that interest me. Sure, people may have fun with pikmin 3, bayonetta or W101 but these are not games that interest me personally.

        • HarakiriKami

          Or you could just be honest and say you’re just not really interested in Nintendo and havent given the console’s library an honest and fair look .

          Because that’s the case most the time and y’all just wanna keep people on the hook like a lady stringing a guy along

          • SMT

            I’m mostly interested in 3rd party titles and less about Nintendo’s IPs, which is why the Wii U has only a handful of games that interest me (Technically Xenoblade is Nintendo… is that called 2nd party?), and not enough to sway me to buy one (Not to mention there’s no Nintendo support in my country, so there’s an added risk), but simply being Nintendo isn’t enough to turn me against them… I bought a 3DS for some awesome 3rd party games (Virtue’s Last Reward, Bravely Default, Phoenix Wright, upcoming ones like Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Shim Megami Tensei IV) and I love it, and have gotten Pokemon X, Fire Emblem and I’m planning to get Super Smash Brothers, because good games are good games regardless of the console they’re on… Which is exactly my point when discussing this game – people reject it simply for the platform its on. It’s one thing to say “It sounds interesting but I don’t plan on getting a smartphone” (Same thing I feel about several Wii U games), to “LOL smartphones meaning it automatically sucks”.

          • HarakiriKami

            Xenoblade’s one of Nintendo’s IP as Monolith Soft is one of their subsidiaries.

            Same thing if Retro made a new IP, it’d be owned by nintendo as Retro is a first party subsidiary.

            As in your case, you’ll probably pick up the system that gets japanese third party support

          • triablos

            Eh? I’m (mostly) a handheld gamer and I own a 3ds and every other Nintendo handheld released (yes even GB micro, don’t ask why!). My 3ds is probably my favourite console atm and I’ve played and owned most of its 1st party titles. My favourite game series are MH and pokemon, both of which are basically Nintendo games. However I do still play consoles but the U doesn’t have enough titles to pull me over especially in terms of 3rd party titles. So please don’t assume I’m not interested in Nintendo, they’re one of the few developers I care about, along with bungie, [DQ division] of squeenix and the [MH division] of capcom.

            That said I do plan on getting the U when I strike it rich because PlayStation/xbox + Nintendo is the way to go.

          • HarakiriKami

            I was kind of making a blanketed statement
            ( Also I’ve run into 3DS owners who’ll swear up and down the country that they’ll never buy a Wii U for no apparent reason)

            I’ve come to the conclusion that people are strange

          • triablos

            Well I think 3ds is a great place for 1st party Nintendo games if you don’t have the U. I’ve had mine for almost 3 years and it was better than the whole lifetime I’ve owned of that smash Bros machine they call a Wii

          • HarakiriKami

            Man you really didnt make use of your Wii did you?

            I bought 120 games for that white revolution, not even counting all the stuff off the digital storefront.

            Even imported 7 games from Japan

          • triablos

            Well yeah, I’ve played a lot of 1st party titles on Wii, but overall I like my 3ds more. I prefer Kid Icarus Uprising (amazing game btw) over any single Wii game. Except maybe brawl (which is my most played game ever) but they’re both made by sakurai

          • HarakiriKami

            Most of my Wii library is Japanese/western 3rd party games, (exclusives, versions that make great use of the wii remote or have some other cool thing to them )and Nintendo published titles.

  • DamTheLad

    It’s a mobile game alright but it’s Sakaguchi-San we’re talking about. If he’s on an RPG there is no other choice for it but to be good. I’m not into mobile gaming but I’ll do this one for sure.

  • Kaetsu

    “They all have personal relationships, so if you get one character that another has some kind of relationship with another in the same party, they might talk about their past, and that gets added to their profiles. So as you go on, their profiles get meatier.”

    That’s pretty cool. It reminds me of FFVI.

  • ShindoW

    I hope we get this in english…!

  • Gemlit

    Haters gonna hate, but this looks good! I hope we get this!

  • HarakiriKami

    Being a mobile game is not a problem. I play lots of Pazudora and I have the 3DS rpg that was made from that game. My problem is this is a free title.

    How’s that supposed to work with an rpg with a story? Bravely Default style? They dont make much money off those do they?

    And the new denpa men game on the 3DS is free too. How the hell do they work? Do they compromise the game design? Tell me Sakaguchi!!

    I dont want to play a game that’s as awful as Brave Frontier was.

  • Cadis Etrama Di Umar

    Mobile is not a problem at all. Chaos Rings 2 told an AMAZING story so I have no doubt Sakaguchi can use the platform well

  • Alejandro A

    I’m still waiting for the spiritual successor to Last Story or at least a game that expands upon that style of gameplay.

    • qygagw wgag

      but LS’s narrative and characters were so……. meeeeeeh lol. come on it was medicore at best. and the combat was way too easy and messy

      • Alejandro A

        I thought the Last Story’s narrative had a great premise. Particularly the part about being mercenaries and being casted out by society. I like the characters for the most part and the friendship between Dagran and Zael. However, what plagued the story was bad writing (at times) and melodramatic moments. I really wish the characters had more back story and that the game started earlier before Lazilus.

        I agree that the game was too easy and that the gameplay was somewhat clunky but I had a lot of fun. I like the idea of an action rpg with turnbased elements. Too bad it wasn’t pushed as far as I would of liked. That’s why I wouldn’t mind a sequel that way Sakaguchi and company could work out the kinks of the battle system and expand upon it especially by utilizing stronger hardware.

  • triablos

    Personally I don’t mind RPGs on mobile due to them not being as button intensive or quick paced as other types of games so the controls don’t get in the way.

    However what I do mind is the free to play model and rpgmaker-like graphics (FFV,VI)

  • chroma816

    At least he has plans to move it from smartphones. I can support that.

    • Ric Vazquez

      Same here

  • qygagw wgag

    mobile….japan is big on mobile but i dont live in japan and i dont have a smart phone. no need for one when there is something called 3DS/VITA WHICH I HAVE BOTH. THOSE ARE FOR VIDEO GAMES SO HOW ABOUT USE THEM IF YOU WANT GAMES ON THE GO HUH

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