Natural Doctrine Levels Up With New Challenges For PS4

By Spencer . July 6, 2014 . 10:45pm


Kadokawa Games has a big update planned for Natural Doctrine, their internally developed tactics game. All three versions of the game – PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 4 – will get a patch that streamlines the game’s mechanics.


nat-doc-09 nat-doc-10


An additional tutorial that pops up after the tutorial already in Natural Doctrine was added to further explains the game’s mechanics. Before you start a stage, Natural Doctrine will give players tips and tactics on how to clear the level. The number of checkpoints within a mission have been increased too just in case you get a game over. Players will also be able to play Natural Doctrine in easy mode where the difficulty has been greatly reduced. Also, if you hold down the X button you can speed up enemies when they move so you don’t have to wait as long.


Natural Doctrine will also have three addition online co-op missions to play through. One has players fight Aslan, the Lion King, and an orc army. Another mission is a battle with the Great Sage Solomon and the final mission is versus the Immortal King Gomorrah. The patch also smoothes online play by speeding up enemies and matchmaking.


If you purchased Natural Doctrine for PlayStation 4 you’ll also get a set of extra hard downloadable missions for free. These challenge missions will send players deep down into the Glion Hive. The Glion Queen is waiting for players in the heart of the hive.


nat-doc-01 nat-doc-02 nat-doc-03 nat-doc-04 nat-doc-05 nat-doc-06 nat-doc-07 nat-doc-08




The extra content will be available on July 10 and Natural Doctrine for PS4 will have a 1,000 yen discount on Japan’s PlayStation Store. In Japan, the game sold over 50,000 units across all three platforms since it came out in April.


NIS America will release Natural Doctrine in North America on September 16.

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  • TreizeX

    Thanks Aunty Allison

  • darke

    50k units? That’s surprisingly respectable since from memory the only one on the top 20 charts on release week was the Vita version at 6k units in spot #20. :(

  • michel

    Glad for the patch. I hope it will be included from the start in the western version. But… doesn’t giving tips and advice on how to clear a stage kind of defeat the essence of a tactical game?

  • JustThisOne

    Also, if you hold down the X button you can speed up enemies when they move so you don’t have to wait as long.

    Ah yes. Good. This ought to be a staple. :>

    • darke

      Needs to be a toggle though. I’m playing Wizardry LoLS and it’s pretty annoying to have to basically hold down down-left-thumbstick and X simultaneously all the time. :?

  • DesmaX

    Oh, now that’s some great news. Really wanted an option to speed up enemy turns in Valkyria Chronicles

  • I’m looking forward to this but I know its going to stress me out

    • darke

      That’s why Easy mode+more checkpoints. Unless you’re an achievement hunter there’s really no need to be stressed unless you want to be. :P

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      Yep…I couldn’t bring myself to play on Easy and Normal just destroyed me. I had to drop the game. So humiliating.

  • Armageddon

    Seems fun, but I don’t seem to like the graphics for some reason.

    • darke

      PS3-level more like it.

      • Armageddon

        that makes since. I was dissapointed since those were ps4 screens. How about the vita version how much is the difference?

        • darke

          It was released pretty soon after the PS4 was released so while the PS3/Vita look about what you’d expect for a ‘gritty’ RPG (multiple shades of textured brown) the PS4 just looked pretty… average.

          I guess it was mostly a rushed port done because it was available and they figured they could make a few extra sales off it from people with a PS4-but-no-Japanese-games; would like to see what the split in sales was between the three platforms now it’s hit 50k.

          • Armageddon

            Greedy people XD or desperate D:

          • darke

            Maybe. But I’d prefer it on the PS4 in the long run anyway; the PS3 is just that much more clunky to use. :?

        • Prinnydoom

          *sense. Yeah I AM that guy.

          • Armageddon

            Uhh. Thanks?

  • Ladius

    I’m happy to see sales have improved a bit since the first week, 50k across three platforms isn’t such an awesome outcome but it’s still far better than the previous data.

  • Kornelious

    This looks like some nice content (And also looks like they are REALLY trying to sell the PS4 version)

    I can’t wait to get my LE PS4 in September! Hopefully we will get the same content :D

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