Nintendo 3DS RPG Excave Gets A Sequel With More Content And Dungeons

By Sato . July 8, 2014 . 4:01pm


Late last year, we saw a semi-roguelike for newbies by Mechanic Arms called Excave. The series is getting another title on the Nintendo 3DS, with more content and ways to explore dungeons.



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Similar to the first game, there’s a male and female protagonist in Excave: Sorcerer of the Underworld. The male character excels at powerful attacks to go with sword, great sword, spear, katana, and axe as weapons. Meanwhile, the female lead is a speedy fighter, who uses a sword, bow and arrow, dual swords, rapier, and rod for weapons.


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Like most roguelikes, you don’t progress through character leveling, but by acquiring items and equipment found in dungeons. Weapons boost attack and elemental attributes, Magic Stones can be used for spells, equipment for defense and resistances, and food for healing and boosting max HP.


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Dungeons are filled with all kinds of loot, and you’ll have a storage of up to 900 slots in town. However, while exploring dungeons, you can only carry 23 items with you at a time. These items can be found as drops or in treasures.


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Excave: Sorcerer of the Underworld also brings back the feature that lets you return to town when things get too tough. This time, there are set dungeons that are used in the story quests, but there are also auto-generated maps that have different drops.


Additionally, there’s the Challenge Dungeon mode, where you won’t be allowed to go in holding any items. The game also introduces Dungeon Medals, which can be found throughout your explorations and exchanged for rare weapons, and more.


Excave: Sorcerer of the Underworld is slated for release on July 16 in Japan on the Nintendo 3DS eShop for 1,300 yen.

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  • Princess_Eevee9

    Oh wow this looks really fun. The main protagonists look adorable. I’ve never heard of this series but I will give it a shot .

  • Kornelious

    Never heard of this series before……Was it released in the US?

    • Princess_Eevee9

      Doesn’t state in the article but if I could hazard a guess I’d say no.

      • Didn’t you see the Japanese flag?

        • Princess_Eevee9

          I’m on the mobile version of this site so no.

          • Yeah that’s a bummer I see what you mean. Always expect the worst when it comes to localizations anyway.

            By the way I meant to reply to Kornelious initially so please don’t get me wrong.

          • Princess_Eevee9

            S’ all good.

  • MagiusNecros

    Was a JP eshop title. US/EUR never got it. Siliconera tends to make headlines for articles without specifying if it is a Japan only thing or not, hence it is misleading in some cases. They can try and defend it by saying the region is at the top of the article but by then you are already reading the article itself. So I reiterate that it is a misleading topic to some. Odds are the sequel will be a JP eshop exclusive as well.

    • It isn’t misleading, this is a Japanese gaming/import site and they like to make articles for new titles announced. If a game is localized, or pending localization they report it as well.

    • awat

      thats just sad, cause this looks like a fun rpg

    • keithmaxx

      Sad thing too is that such indicators never appear on the mobile version of this site.

  • bre

    Oof, sad that there’s no pole arm action for the lady protag, you’d think with the history of the naginata in japan they’d give her that as one of her weapons. Though I guess they’re going for a vaguely euro-western feel so… *shrug* Or maybe the article’s just listing what weapon types work with their skill distribution?

  • I’d love to try this. Is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon really the only roguelike available for the system in the US?

    • Exkaiser

      I believe so, though as far as DS games go, there is the always wonderful Shiren the Wanderer.

      • Princess_Eevee9

        Choboco Tales if you’re talking about Mystery Dungeon Style games?

      • AJ

        Shiren the Wanderer is a completely wonderful game. I’ve been playing it over and over for years. I wish they had released the others in the series in English…..

        Izuna 2 is also a lot of fun. (Very grindy, but fun.)

        Izuna 1 less so.

        And Chocobo’s Dungeon never got an English release on the DS, sadly.

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