Arc System Works Shows Off More Of Its Co-Op Vita RPG, Fantasy Hero

By Sato . July 9, 2014 . 5:00pm


BlazBlue makers Arc System Works made a PlayStation Vita action RPG called Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy, where you have a transforming hero, gunner, a girl with robot turrets, and a masked wrestler. The game’sĀ official website shows more of the title in a series of videos.



The aboveĀ video gives you a basic idea of the Fantasy Hero‘s gameplay, where you see the four playable characters taking on everything from jellies to rhino enemies, while exploring different types of dungeons.



The second video, above, provides a look at two rival characters going at it.



This third one’s a trailer about the female character named Ashuta and her treasure. Is it just me, or could she easily pass as Kokonoe’s little sister?



In the fourth video, the characters demonstrate their skills as they compete to show off who has the best ones.



Finally, the last one shows.. a chicken-looking character talking to one of the characters, next to a bunch of sleeping chicken.


Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy is currently available in Japan for PlayStation Vita.

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  • yeah ok

  • Kornelious

    This seems pretty cool……this should get localization, LE and everything I usually say (sigh)…..i’m still just sad to keep getting reminded about TLOH :(

    • awat

      agreed mate, it looks so much fun very similar to the YS series dude man have you got ys celceta if you do ,do you recommend it and how good is the replay value and the story.

      • Kornelious

        Funny you would ask because I actually just beat it a few days ago :O

        The game is amazing. The gameplay is tons of fun (Can get a bit repetitive, but just keep stringing together skills and you’ll be fine) The characters are really likeable (I REALLY liked Freida personally <3…..and the rest of the girls :P) What really makes it shine though it the music! Ys has always been known for it's great music so it's no surprise but it's still just AMAZING! the boss's are all really fun to fight (Especially the final boss) and really just pump you up :D

        But there is one nagging fault that I can't seem to let go of…..the game has NO Epilogue (Or ending really) I won't spoil anything but just don't expect a lot……Though if you plan on getting everything in the game then you will have to play it through a second time, so there's the replayability….but don't expect anything new the second time around other than collecting the rest of the items.

        So all in all, Even though the lack of an ending REALLY bugged me, It is still one of my favorite vita games and would DEFINITELY reccomend it! :D

  • xXDGFXx

    Playing this game, the only thing I could think of was that it has the weirdest cel-shading, or something, I’ve seen o_o

  • rekka_zan

    Kinda reminds me of Soma Bringer…. I think ._.

    • RedFayt

      I can see that! Soma Bringer played much better than this looks though, especially for the DS and time of it’s release. I remember being so damn excited for Soma Bringer… and then it never released in the US, so I eventually played the translation patched version. “Fantasy Hero” (I was hoping this was just code name, but Oh god… they have a logo developed) is here in 2014 and this game is looking pretty archaic gameplay-wise and graphically, especially for Vita! I’m very interested, but not at all impressed.

  • Kurow Akutenshi

    You are the most generic name ever

    • darke

      Yeah, but it’s not called something like ‘mugen/kuusou yuusha”, it’s in English! Therefore it is both cool and totally non-generic. >.>

  • revenent hell

    Hmm it is kind of interesting to me. I like the style of the game (it reminds me of some of my favorite play station 2 games for some reason) but I have to say the “masked wrestler” is really off putting to me.

    I just detest that type of character in any game, the whole “lucha libre” thing is just a concept for a character that I just don’t like. Sorry to those who do, but I just really cant stand it. I find its concept in games horrible and comical but not in a good comedic light but one of “This is a horrible looking character and he acts stupid”, since that’s pretty much my experience with this type of game being.

    Other than that thing, I kind of think I would rather enjoy the game from the looks of it thus far, it kind of looks like something that would be fun in brief spurts …. Well, if the wrestler wasn’t in it anyways.

  • neocatzon

    The game looks fun like YS, but with a generic title like that, um…
    Also, the visual style made it darker and gloomier than it should be. Too obsolete?

  • RedFayt

    Hmmm, didn’t expect this one. I like Arc System. It looks like a slower, clunkier version of Ys or Diablo. And having played nearly all Ys and Diablo extensively, this gameplay looks pretty terrible to me, as well as the graphics (not that I take much stock in graphics, but Vita is very capable and this game doesn’t do it any justice). Why is the character constantly sliding around as if the entire environment was made of ice? Can’t he at least step or hop? It seems like terribly lazy animation. Even with that… if it happened to come state-side, I’m interested enough to definitely buy it. I’m a sucker for supporting 3rd party Vita games, especially from Japan. I mean… I am a Siliconera resident. I’m just left with the impression that they could have given us much much better. Blazblue is a freaking beautiful game, this isn’t. I’ll have to wait to play it and see.

    • revenent hell

      So you would just buy a game so you can support the Vita? Sorry but that dose not make any sense. People shouldn’t buy games just to support a system they should buy games they think are good and deserve the money they pay for them.

      • RedFayt

        It makes sense to me, it’s my favorite system. I actually bought a Vita to support Vita. I’m buying Vita games to support Vita games, in hopes that the companies I care about to bring more to my region. I did say I like Arc System, and I do enjoy this genre they are trying to achieve, to me it just looks incredibly sub-par… so far. I’m starving for Vita games though, and I would buy this, if it’s shitty or great. If it’s not a good game, I’ll play it and figure out why for myself, and give feedback in hopes that the developers listen to their players. I’d take this route over sitting idly by and complaining that a game sucks and bandwagoning off other’s opinions as to why. I’d rather formulate my opinion after spending some hours with the game in my hands, especially one I’m this curious about. Don’t you think it’s a bit pompous to tell people what they should and should not buy and in what context to do so? Who are you trying to convince here, yourself? I already told you what I would do. I’ma buy it, nomnomnom.

        • revenent hell

          No I don’t considering you didn’t mention anything positive about the game in your first post. I personally think its a waste to buy a game “you” have no interest in just to claim its because one wants to support a device or company.

          People shouldn’t buy games alone for that reason, they should buy games that they find appealing otherwise its just a waste of money to buy something ,chances are, one wont like.

          And that makes no sense to me.

          If a game has no appealing aspects to it other than you enjoy the genre I consider it a waste of time (to play it and not enjoy it) and a waste of money.

          You can buy whatever you want, I could care less, but when someone outlines every distasteful aspect of a game without so much as one positive thing and then goes on to say they will buy the game regardless just to support the companies and device involved I find it silly.

          I like to support niche companies by buying the games they develop that I have interest in but I wouldn’t buy a game from them I had no desire or interest in simply because I wanted to “support” them. Its a waste of my hard earned money and not much more.

          I agree about playing a game for ones self to determine whether its good or not and not base ones judgment on “reviewers” and such but if the game in question didn’t actually appeal to me in any means other than its of a genre I tend to enjoy playing, I personally wouldn’t buy it.

          • RedFayt

            Right on, right on. I’ll just leave it at I’m interested enough to buy this game. I just hope it’s better than it currently looks. I’ll have to keep an eye out.

          • revenent hell

            I agree with you here, I’m tempted to play it a little but I would personally like to see a bit of improvement myself.

  • Lemski07

    want this sht

  • Skeptika Crediblus

    Localization, please?

  • DingLayGorFe

    This is the type of game I like. First day buy if localized.

  • Lester Paredes

    Must. Play. As. Luchador.

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