Keep Your Eye On Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax With These Screenshots

By Spencer . July 10, 2014 . 12:18am

Crossover fighting game Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax is leaving the arcades and coming to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita this fall. Sega will publish the console version in Japan which will have additional content not found in the arcade game.


dengeki-01 dengeki-04 dengeki-03 dengeki-02


Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax is developed by Melty Blood developer French Bread and recently added Yukina Himeragi from Strike the Blood and Rentaro Satomi from Black Bullet as playable characters.

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  • Alex Cattaneo

    Cant wait for this game i love anime fighters.

  • Armageddon


    • Renaldi Saputra

      it’s SEGA

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World


    • Eder García

      we don’t know how many companies owns the rights of these Dengeki chars in the west so… no

    • Neppygear

      Not super likely. This here is a whole mess of licences that has kept many similar games from ever getting outside Japan.

      • Renaldi Saputra

        plus it’s SEGA

      • Armageddon

        One can hope :D

  • John Diamond

    How’re you gonna put in himeragi and not the actual main character…

    • DyLaN

      Kujou is in the game as support.

      • John Diamond

        that’s like better but still not good… like wow he’s the main character, it’s like sakura being in the game, and having naruto as an assist

        • Janrabbit

          to be fair, he is basically support all the way through the anime aswell…. Himeragi always jumpin in with her spear telling him not to destroy everything even though he never seems out of control. I think they did it purposefully lol

        • Rol

          Perhaps like having Misaka Mikoto in the game and having Kamijou Touma as support?

          Maybe like having Kuroyukihime in the game and having Haruyuki Arita as support?

          Kinda like having Taiga Aisaka in the game and having Ryūji Takasu as support?

          A bit like having Miyuki Shiba in the game and having Tatsuya Shiba as support?

          It’s pretty much the pattern going for the whole game with Kirito being one of the few exceptions.

    • katzedan

      Himeragi’s main character as much (or even more) than Kujou.
      and the light novel covers just confirm this xD

  • Crevox

    While I can’t say I’m interested in this game at all, it’s French Bread. I really hope it does well for them.

  • hng qtr

    No Fear, no buy.

  • I never imported a single game from japan but I think thats about to change…

  • Rawindra

    Really appreciate the real Akira & Pai as playable and mid-boss (as well as having revamp moves & final boss being malevolent entity taking their replaced with new one), along with other Dengeki well known fighters (Yuji Sakai, Emi Yusa (since Sadao Mao’s there as assist), Ariadust (w/ Tori Aoi as assist), Takumi Mayuzumi (as Cyan Pile), Izaya Orihara, & Accelerator), other 2 Sega guests as mid-boss (Sakura Shiguji (w/ Iichiro Oogami) (since her series has a manga adaption by Dengeki Bunko) & Sonic (w/ Tails) (unique example for humanoid character in fighting game)), joined by Tecmo Koei as one of playable mid-bosses, 1 takes “Akira’s” place as an actual final boss (since their co-op w/ Sega for DOA5) (Ryu Hayabusa (w/ Momiji) (always best choice), Ayane (w/ Hayate) (second best, & for w/ Hayate due to her main partner system in DOA5), Sterkenburg Cranach (w/ Gino Knab) (from Atelier Arland in Meruru appearance) (he’s a knight because there’s a character from SAO, Accel World & Irregular High. Fit as shoto fighter), Orochi (w/ Kyubi no Kitsune) (antagonist from his titular Warriors series) (a better final boss that replace “Akira” & he’ll be like SNK Boss)

    • ShinNeoGranzon

      From Sonic downwards, you do realize that with the exception of Akira, Pai, and Dreamcast (or whatever her name was), every character comes from a light novel and not an anime/game right?

  • MSJ

    totally importing this when it hits consoles.

  • jsecula

    gah!. import for my vita please!

  • Kornelious

    Pretty sure this will get a localization….Tis inevitable, let’s just hope it’s a physical release :)

    • JamesPod

      Lol to this being localized. You keep waiting, meanwhile when I will play the actual game when it releases XD

      • Kornelious

        THERE’S A CHANCE!……If Aquapaza and Under Night can……Besides, i don’t know Japanese :(

        • JamesPod

          Don’t take any of this the wrong way when we say “lol to localization” I am sure we all want it to be localized. The thing with Aquapazza and Under Night In-Birth being localized is they don’t have to go through licensing hell. I am sure we all want this game to come out here, but because of the cost to pay for all the licensing for all the characters, plus the fact that it is a niche market in st states pretty much seals its fate for the US.

          On a side note, it is a fighting game, you don’t need to know the language. Only thing you won’t understand is the story, and to be honest, with all the popular characters in this game, I am sure there will be translated screens sooner or later.

          • Kornelious

            Fair enough….If it doesn’t get localized, i guess i’ll import it too….But I still have faith in a localization! >:D

        • Renaldi Saputra

          yeah, but this is published by SEGA, who only care of Miku and Sonic

        • Jonathan Caminhas

          i think the main problem will be dengeki bunko, if they can get their concent than there’s a chance

    • Renaldi Saputra

      pretty sure? with SEGA?

    • あっかり~ん

      This game will be localiced as soon as Jump Ultimate Stars and J Stars Victory VS get localiced. (/sarcasm)

  • Death Metal

    Wow, I didn’t know it was developed by French Bread. Count me in!

  • axess707

    I read “additional content” as “playable Kamijou Touma.”

    • Jonathan Caminhas


    • darkbartz

      How about we one-up that? Secret boss Touma.

  • Prinny Dood

    I hope we get this game dood!

    • Eder García

      don’t get your hope high dood! u speak Japanese dood?

      • Prinny Dood

        Uuuuhhh! Konichiwa dood!?><

        • Eder García

          good! you are ready to understand any Japanese game dood!

    • MakaiWars

      No Asagi dood?

      • Prinny Dood

        Of course dood!

    • darke

      I’m usually not pessimistic; but I’d say this is an import or get it on the Japanese PSN.

      They really need to sort out the cross-country licensing mess so it’s not insanely difficult to gather all the equalivant character licences elsewhere.

  • Oh man, I’m getting hyped already! Must… surpress….

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