This Awesome GIF Sums Up Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

By Sato . July 16, 2014 . 2:33pm


Capcom recently streamed the latest trailer for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and its new monster, Serlegios. Following the trailer, producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and director Kaname Fujioka showed off more of the game during a special NicoNico Live stream.



One of the first things they showed in the stream was a first look at a weapon and armor set (above) that can be made using material from the new monster, who has golden scales, which definitely shows on the new and shiny armor.



After giving us a quick look at the new armor, they proceeded to show us some of the newest features of the remade Old Desert map, which includes fast dunes and some parts with moving sand that pushes players standing on top.


The above video shows us a little bit from their NicoNico Live session, which shows us some parts of the Old Desert and a few fights against monsters.


In the oasis area, where monsters go to rest once they get damaged-up, there are a few palm trees, and Fujioka showed how you’ll be able to climb them up and jump from tree to tree, which adds more evasive possibilities and ways to jump on monsters.


Fujioka and Tsujimoto demonstrated what looks like an advanced jumping technique, where the Charge Axe-wielding Fujioka jumped off the tip of a dune and Tsujimoto managed to Hammer-launch him in mid-air, which resulted in an extra high jump.


While on the subject of launch-jumping, as some of you may have noticed in the latest trailer, a Felyne is shown launching the Hunter in the air.



The above GIF image was put together by a Japanese fan who also points out that it looks like the Felyne shows some kind of signal prior to launching the player up to perform an air-attack on the Pink Rathian.


Finally, Fujioka also reveals that one of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s new features lets you set an automatic notice whenever you place a large Barrel Bomb. This option can also be switched off and on.


Messages can also be set for your deaths, as Fujioka and Tsujimoto felt that communication is an important factor in the game, but since Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s action never stops, automatic messages would make things easier for the Hunters.


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is slated for release in Japan on October 11, 2014, and in the West in early 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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  • A gif? On Siliconera? What sorcery is this?

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    (…)”shows some kind of signal prior to launching the player up to perform an air-attack on Rathalos.” *Rathian. Pink Rathian :3

  • I know Monster Hunter is important. . . but why is this gif allowed and not my ultra important Free! gif that had magical girl lovin. =o=

    • because monster hunter is #1!….(not really)

      • Right! (It’s great, but definitely not #1.)

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      • it’s fantastic! As a sports anime, it’s pretty good. As a slice of life, it’s quite cute. As fanservice? Absolutely delectable. Yum~.

        • Dystopiq

          I see it as garbage but FS sells.

  • Hyero

    Is it just me or does that pink Rathian look a little darker than the ones seen in MH3U?

    • Land of Green Pasture

      you’re right, I thought it was los before you mentioning it, but could be because of lighting tho

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  • Every time I see Capcom’s home-grown Monster Hunter games… I just get a bummed out that they’re still making vaguely awesome-looking PS2-era games out of the IP. These just don’t look great compared to what they could be.

    Why they keep Monster Hunter Online in China exclusively (built by Tencent for Capcom, using CRYENGINE 3) is one of the most baffling gaming mysteries of our time. They’re always like, “We want to grow the brand in the West!”, but then they refuse to bring us multiplatform releases, or their most impressive-looking game. I mean, I guess there’s a reason Cap is hurting financially these days, right? And it’s decisions like that.

    At the very least, can’t they contract Tencent to make a single player Monster Hunter using their already-made-for-the-MMO assets? And make it for PC’s and current gen consoles? It CAN’T be expensive since they’d be recycling stuff. Capcom, you are a mystery…

    If you haven’t seen Tencent/Capcom’s Monster Hunter Online:

    • At the very least, can’t they contract Tencent to make a single player Monster Hunter using their already-made-for-the-MMO assets? And make it for PC’s and current gen consoles? It CAN’T be expensive since they’d be recycling stuff. Capcom, you are a mystery..

      Because that would defeat the purpose entirely. Monster Hunter is popular because of its multiplayer. As for Monster Hunter Online, that game is partly based on Monster Hunter Frontier.Those games are far less polished than their mainline brethren and I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t cost as much to develop either, despite being on consoles, not taking into account things like server maintenance costs.

      Your mistake to assume that people play Monster Hunter for its graphics and that if Capcom were to give these games a significant HD visual upgrade, there would suddenly be an audience of millions willing to buy them. That isn’t the case at all.

      Sure, some people might buy it. For example; let’s assume the very best case scenario—that every single person that loves Dark Souls in the West goes out and buys a copy of Monster Hunter on consoles—that still wouldn’t be nearly enough to make up for the lost sales from Japan, were the series to abandon the portable format.

      What Capcom are doing is nurturing an audience of people in the West that are willing to play Monster Hunter the way it’s meant to be played. Since the series sells incredibly well in Japan, they have the luxury of asking people to accept it on its own terms in other parts of the world. There is absolutely no good reason for them to drastically change the game to cater to other people’s tastes. They have nothing to gain.

      • Black Heaven

        I might add a bit to that.

        I think the reason of MonHun’s less amazing graphics is that it’s meant to be played on a handheld device (3DS) and the graphics are ‘good enough’ there. In 3DS, hunters can team up with friends (they personally know) using Local Multiplayer capabilities, which may be a more valuable experience for Nintendo than teaming up with random strangers online.

        Off Topic: Ser Mod, how do you bold and italicize in the comments? Is Disqus using BBS or something? (Sorry, am kinda new here)

        • I think the reason of MonHun’s less amazing graphics is that it’s meant to be played on a handheld device (3DS) and the graphics is ‘good enough’ there.

          Exactly this. The vast majority of people simply don’t care, as long as any game in general plays well and looks “good enough”.

          For bold/italics, use the pointy brackets with b or i in between them.

          • Attribule

            Not really “exactly this”. The games have never had amazing graphics no matter what platform they’ve ever been on. Even before the first handheld titles were ever released.

            Monster Hunter is literally summed up as: Gameplay before graphics. It’s that simple. The time and cost that would go into the unnecessary visuals instead goes into actually improving the gameplay of each title. Monster Hunter is like one incredibly long game that has been updated, revamped, polished and tweaked for an entire decade.

            There are almost no franchises in existence that have had that kind of dedication to quality.

            Though, you are right – the vast majority of people don’t care, and thankfully they don’t. I don’t want to sound like “that guy”, but I’m tired of people wanting developers to push for the next shiniest step possible when they don’t realize that it costs a ton of resources to make their games even shinier and also use up more resources from the platforms they’re on which means these games aren’t typically as good as they could actually be. They almost always end up as just a form of “fanservice” as opposed to legitimately good games.

            For example, people want MHO because it looks gorgeous, but they don’t bother to realize that the core gameplay itself is honestly just your typical Asian MMO; it just has a Monster Hunter skin. Even the combat doesn’t have the same tactile feeling the main series has – though it’s unsurprising considering it’s a 3rd Party development team using a completely different engine entirely, so expecting the same quality as the main series is unrealistic. Heck, even Frontier can’t reproduce the same quality.

        • MaidKillua

          The local vs online multiplayer is just a question of the market more so than it being Nintendo’s preference. I mean, even if they do see local multiplayer as being more valuable, i’m sure that by now they must have the sense to see that Western markets have almost no interest in it these days. It works for Japan but how many people do you know in real life with whom you could hang out and play a game like MH? Because for me it is and always has been 0, as I am sure is the case for many others in the EU and America. The graphics argument was a dead end to begin with since they made the assumption that Western gamers will buy a game solely for graphics, which if you look at Call of Duty (which has consistently looked like an early lifecycle 360 game every year and still sells more than I will ever understand), is not the case

      • You’re right. Durrr.

        MH is multiplayer focused. I know this. I am too used to writing that same sentiment when talking/complaining about PSO2 and Sega… because they actually are doing that, sort of, with Phantasy Star Nova.

        I did mean a NORMAL Monster Hunter entry. Co-op encouraged, but non MMO. Came out as single player. Good catch though. My brain is a bit fried :P

        Think I’ll stop commenting for the day ;)

        Though I will say this; I’m not saying that there would be an instant overnight audience for MH if Capcom were do that. But it would certainly OPEN THE DOOR to such an audience. Whereas how they’re doing things now is just keeping it niche – as vocal and passionate some handheld fans are in the West, you’re not gonna have a hit game on your hand when it’s exclusive to handheld. Outside of Japan… and even that is looking less and less likely these days.

        • How is Phantasy Star Nova any different? It’s still on a portable. And if you think the platform it’s on is going to do it in any favours in the West… hahaha.

    • decus

      Yeah, just in general, things like graphics aren’t as big of a concern as animations for the genre. The day they go full-out on graphics is the day they lose the ability to recover the extra investment required (it’s big) with another game once it becomes obvious nobody extra would buy a game that’s been around for over ten years just because it suddenly looks a bit better. They already have real data on this too with MHP3rd. The Wii releases gave them a good idea of what releasing on the best selling home console would do compared to releasing on even the worst selling handheld.

      I’d like to think Capcom and japanese developers in general know the large risks associated with investing in graphics, given doing so killed a lot of series in the jump from PS1 to PS2 and beyond. Heck, FF would’ve been long dead if not for Enix saving Square after their graphic investment related mishaps.

      As for multiplatform in general, that’s another thing that would just be extra investment on their end for minimal returns. As many consumers as they need to predict/care about either already own the consoles they release on or are willing to buy said consoles just to play MH. There’s a reason they announce the games and the consoles they’ll be on a long while before release, every time. In the case of MH4/MH4U, 3DS is actually the best selling console of the generation anyway (and the cheapest to buy), across handheld consoles and home consoles in every region. And likely the cheapest to develop for too, as an added bonus.

      • Tarkovsky

        “I’d like to think Capcom and japanese developers in general know the
        large risks associated with investing in graphics, given doing so killed
        a lot of series in the jump from PS1 to PS2 and beyond. Heck, FF
        would’ve been long dead if not for Enix saving Square after their
        graphic investment related mishaps.”

        This, unlike most Western devs who just blow huge money on projects, Japanese devs tend to manage their budgets relatively well.

        • Namuro

          I’ve seen a conversation about this issue on another site just the other day, where they said:

          A: “I don’t get how all, well, most of the developers in the West managed to invest so much on the graphics in their games, even the indie ones. Compared to the Japanese devs that seem to be more reserved in said area.”

          B: “Well, that’s why you don’t see Japanese developers go out of business as often as the Western ones. Speaking of which, Neversoft just went kaput.”

  • SetzerGabbiani

    But can it take down jho + Super Saiyan 3?

  • tubers

    Does it have voice chat?

    • Namuro

      You can always use Skype and such.

      • tubers

        3DS can use Skype on the background? Nice. Wish it had in-game voice chat tho.

        • Namuro

          Umm… Sorry, but I meant using it on your PC, or smartphones…

          • tubers

            Ahh.. thanks for clarifying.

  • Lastlight

    That felyne is from Dragons Dogma lol

  • Namuro

    Ah! I almost looked at the new armor! No-no, I’ll craft and see it for myself in the game, thank you! (I can tell that it looks awesome, just from that very brief glance, though :D)

    Advanced upswing jump? That’s awesome! I wonder how much higher can that send you up. Also, it would be pretty funny if you can keep juggling a player in mid-air with the upswing! I so have to try this out…

    I though the Felyne giving a boost signal is being shown quite clearly in the trailer (even though it’s very brief). But then, there are still loads of people that got very excited on how “the players can jump on his own now”. I guess they really do need to make the gif as a proof. Heh, just imagine if you can upswing the Felyne to boost another players mid-air to launch him even higher!

    The automatic notice and message is a very good idea! It would be good if it works for when you’re riding a monster, and not just placing bombs, too.

    There are still three months to go… I sure hope they can add in some more stuff. Personally, I really want a replay feature! Replay with different camera angles like in racing game. I should really try to get in touch with CAPCOM and present them with this idea for the future installments…

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