Omega Quintet Is An Idol Simulation Meets JRPG

By Spencer . July 18, 2014 . 1:51am

Compile Heart is about to release their first PlayStation 4 game, Omega Quintet. You play as Takuto who is the manager of the Verse Madiens, idols that use the power of song and dance to ward off the "Beep."


Like Compile Heart’s other games players can do way more than 9,999 damage and the game also has costume destruction.


Omega Quintet is slated for release on September 18 in Japan.

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  • Sentsuizan_93

    Man… I like what I’m seeing so far~

  • Go2hell66

    this game could very easily run on ps3

    • Eric Harris

      Eh maybe. One thing I’ve noticed is the colors are deeper and the outlines are sharper. It’s a nicer cel shaded style look. The PS3 games are 720p. Maybe the PS4’s power will allow them to put it in 1080p.

      • Forrestfield

        Sadly colour contrast causes vibrant colouring, so it’s not something limited to the PlayStation 4. As for the overall crispness, I think that’s the developer putting in more effort than on the PlayStation 3. Valkyria Chronicles is as crisp line wise.

        Just a case of wanting to release it on the PlayStation 4, rather than needing to.

        • waku waku

          Nothing wrong with wanting to release it on PS4. The console is already designed to be more accessible than the PS3. I just think people should try not to always relate a next-gen console to something along the lines of “more horsepower”. Sure it’s great, but in the end it’s supposed to benefit every kind of developer rather than just the ones who want to push the limits.

          • Eric Harris

            Compile Heart is already doing what Enix, Konami, Tecmo, Atlus, Capcom, Sega, Sony, and so many others were afraid to do when PS3 hit. That’s, continuing to make console RPGs on the next gen. To that I give them props. Guys? It’s your turn. Dark Cloud? Suikoden? Wild Arms? Grandia? How about reviving some of those great series? No? Didn’t thank so. /hugs compile heart.

        • Eric Harris

          well part of it is they are getting better as a developer. The budgets for their art seems to have increased. Or at least it LOOKS like it has. In battle graphics look much better.

          • Forrestfield

            Think it is a whole lot of better resource management. And the absence of the cell processor in the PlayStation 4.

    • MrTyrant

      YEAH! why on ps4!?
      …It…its not because ps4 here are very overprice….1000 dollars….;____;

      • Wtv

        Here is 2000+ dollars, so think that is not that bad to you yet…

        Well, official price, I can find it cheaper. It’s also cheaper to travel to the USA and buy the console there.

        • MrTyrant

          Aja we cannot travel to usa because our goverment put special taxes for buying and traveling to foreign countries. So calculate that it would be close to 3000 dollars haha……;___;

          I hate socialism with communism tendencies you know…

    • drproton

      Compile Heart’s PS3 games run at an inconsistent sub-30fps framerate on their PhyreEngine based tech.

      I’m happy to see them make the switch to PS4 if only for a better resolution, texture resolution, and framerate.

    • Shocker.

  • Shippoyasha

    It looks quite a bit more magical girl than idol at this point. Which isn’t a bad thing.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      5-6 girls, different color, red as main character
      magical ranger idol

      • Pink is nice girl, blue is serious, green is wacky, purple is quiet. Not sure about orange but They REALLY didn’t want any surprises here!

        • Shippoyasha

          Green is TOMBOY! Get it right!

  • Eric Harris

    They are def getting better at magic spells. I mean look, the fire actually looks like explosions, not red and white streams with fading colors.

  • Princess_Eevee9

    Hoping for a Wii U version but forever doubtful.

    Hey look at that the Male protagonist fights along with the females. And interesting the release date is the same date we get Hyrule Warriors! Would be cool if the US got it the same week or something.

    • Eric Harris

      Very likely only PS4. I mean all of these games have been PS3/Vita so I expect them to stick with Sony. But I’ve got a PS4 so I’m all ready.

      • Princess_Eevee9

        But how does this help me? TnT

        • kratoscar2008

          Stop dreaming and hope that this trash never to soil Nintendo systems.

          • Princess_Eevee9

            So you want less games of quality to come to a system vastly needing them? Please do tell more of these good business strategies.

          • kratoscar2008

            This is CH though, there is no quality in them and thats the problem with the company. No quality but only fanservice.

          • Princess_Eevee9

            And the problem with that is? Unlike other companies Compile Heart puts soul into their games so the fanservice is just another part of their charm. Besides they make fun of fanservice just look how they showcase it in different games.

          • kratoscar2008

            LOL no they dont they just analyze their fanbase and panders to the to the max. Its no better than any explosion filled FPS that comes in the west.

  • Looking good so far. I love how explosive their attacks are lol. Also, I think I’m going to refer to Aria as Danganneko or Monocat lol

  • Black Heaven

    I really hoped that this would’ve been a different (i wanna say better, but that’s obviously subjective) experience if it had been just the quintet without the male Manager (self-insert generic wish fulfilling MC >_<). You could play as one of the five girls.

    In a world overtaken by … beeps (?), 5 girls serve as the last glimmers of hope. An interesting overarching story that could easily be a Madoka kind of setting (and I'm sure as hell they don't like their 'manager').

    • MrTyrant

      What a pitiful post. That’s why is better if they dont please you at all with their decision.

      • Black Heaven

        This is obviously my subjective opinion, hoping for something different with all the fanservice games coming out. It’s not like I’m pleading they do away with the male MC…

        • Theob Vious Choice

          Don’t worry about it. Idk what people are saying “a company like CH”, any of ye ever played Neptune?
          Don’t expect too much in the way of Neptune when we are talking the Galapagos RPG line. I am assuming they will be adding alterations to gameplay, *like idol simulation* while keeping the JRPG feel. Fairy Fencer F was a primer for this, male protagonist and his harem, quirky overdone gameplay and meh-ish character types.
          I wanted a mahou shoujo JRPG that wasn’t a poorly done adaptation. I guess I can only hope CH stays alive long enough to finish the Galapagos line and provide that. I am not even 100 percent complaining about the male lead, at least he doesnt seem to be like Fang. But yeah, CH has enough of an audience in Japan to pump out games regularly. Once the Galapagos line is finished, then we will probably get more games which aren’t just “Date A Live, only not: THE JRPG.”

          EDIT: Before anyone gets pissy, its ok to enjoy this and it could turn out great. Enjoy the game, just don’t bandwagon and stomp on other people’s opinions.

          • zazza345

            Please point me where Fang had “an harem” in Fairy Fencer F, because surely I didn’t play the same game.

          • Theob Vious Choice

            Yeah, in all seriousness, the comment was more broad, but yeah, Fang didn’t really have a harem. He was, however, a boring character in an awful game. Just my opinion though. I’m just glad you called me out on something I was actually wrong about.
            Idk, I personally couldn’t get into FFF, I tried really hard to though lol. Omega Quintet however, does look like a harem game.

    • I’m sorry that the JRPG staring idols didn’t turn out to be your grim-dark game for mature people. “self-insert generic wish fulfilling MC” pretty much assures me that you are not one of the people Compile Heart considers while making their games.

      That’s actually a compliment btw.

      • Black Heaven

        I am well aware that I’m not Compile Heart’s target audience. Hell I’m perfectly fine with the recent costume ripping trend despite my nitpicking. Believe me I don’t exactly want this to be a grim-dark M rated game. My comment just yearn for an idol based RPG where that girls ARE the main characters. Kinda like an Atelier feel I guess? Youthful, lighthearted, inspiring much like what the trailer wants the game to be, just without the dude. Again that’s just me, no offense to fans of CH.

        • Basically you want a Symphogear JRPG, I feel you and I think that would be awesome! I just think it’s asking a bit much of a company like Compile Heart. I look forward to their games like I look forward to the kebab and chips deal down the road from me. Not very good or interesting but that still doesn’t stop me wanting them after a long say at work.

          (And sorry about the grimdark bit, I love madoka but hate the way it gets praised as a magical girl show for adults just because it was suffering)

          • Black Heaven

            I guess Madoka isn’t really the best example out there, but I really can’t think up of other shoujos fighting evil. Oh wait… sailor moon? Yeah, that’s a good example too.

            And I guess my snarky comment about the MC probably earned me a few downvotes among the fans. :(

            While Quintet does not fit my primary tastes, I won’t be so obnoxious and close my doors to them. I will still give it a chance if it turned out a great game.

    • kratoscar2008

      He is not a self insert though, please tell me how he is one?

      • Black Heaven

        Oh um, hello there.

        That question seems a bit confusing and may lead to some misunderstandings, so forgive me if I don’t answer as what you have asked. But I’ll try.

        In literary sense, he’s not exactly portraying the author / developer by emulating their personalities.
        Although, ‘self-insert’ could be attributed to the players. In order for this game’s target audience (mostly the ‘shounen’: teen males), games like these tend to have a character that represents the player. As there are multiple personalities and playstyles different to each player, those characters tend to be blank – slated or generic, no preset personalities, in order for the player to freely do whatever he wants without consequence or worry being ‘out of character’. In japanese games, this is a common device to the harem games, different players can get different girls (waifus) of their preference without worry of who’s the canonical love-interest. In western games, this can be seen in rpgs like skyrim or dragon age, where YOU are the hero of YOUR story with a character YOU have created. But western games are another story (this post is already long as it is)

        For this game, you play as the Quintet’s manager, although initially you are the red girl’s friend, you can get to pursue any of the other girls if you wish. (The girls’ different ‘flavors’ are another story too)
        As you may have read, my stance on that is I am not most pleased. So I voiced my ‘what if’ concern that if the guy isn’t there the focus would have been just the Quintet and their deeds of bringing hope and joy to an otherwise gloomy world overrun by monsters.

        That’s (those’re) my answer/s. Sorry, I don’t have a tl; dr.

        • kratoscar2008

          It do answer it kinda however this character in particular doesnt looks like a self insert since there is nowhere there for you to insert. Persona for instance does this by giving you a character with no personality whatsoever so you can Self insert your own opinions.

          This guy doesnt seem to have anything for players to inject themselves. If anything he is just generic for the sake of player empathizing with him rather than project themselves.

          If he was really a self insert i would be all over this game, sadly he isnt.

  • KazukiNanbu

    ok, i’m interested in the game, but just a little

  • Eric Harris

    We have yet to see any “idol simulation”. I’d be perfectly happy if they left that gameplay out of it. Just let it be about idols/fantasy hero girls. They can leave the DDR **** out of it.

    • Do you mean with the trailer or in general? Hyperdimension Neptunia PP is an idol simulator. ^^()

      • Eric Harris

        I mean in this game. We haven’t seen any of that “push buttons and kinda see girls dance in the background” for this game yet. And I would actually prefer it that way. Let it be a story about idols without all the crappy idol gameplay.

        • Aside from PP, I haven’t played an idol game. PP was fun when you got to see Neptune and the girls interact, but keeping track of all the events was kind of a pain. The concerts were very uninspiring, too. I thought there’d be more rhythm timed button pressing, but instead it was just messing with stage effects and a camera.

          • ShadowDivz

            idol simulation =/= rhythm game.

            And keeping track of all the events is suppose to be a pain. You’re a producer, in charge of advertising and…whatever the hell it is producers do.

            That said, is the game fun? I saw my friend play it yesterday looks cool, but 40$ cool?

          • Still, with a game that has a lot to do with music, you’d think there’d be more interaction. Producing is probably really aggravating in the real world. It should easier in the virtual world! At any rate, I think it’s more of a 20 dollar game than a 40 dollar game. There are some fun events with the gals, but nothing remarkable.

        • ShadowDivz

          I love rhythm games. Their fun.

          But i get your point. Still, wouldn’t it be weird to have an idol RPG without the idol simulation.

          And FYI. Idol simulation =/= rhythm button pressing.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    I can’t believe people are upset on the “direction” this game took. Look who made it. It’s like being mad that Eushully makes another H game. And I’m still laughing at those angry at the male “self insert” protagonist. Get real

    • Black Heaven

      Damn, I must have been raging out aloud and wreaking havoc in this forum coz CH added a self insert. *_*

      (Uhh, that was a lighthearted sarcasm if you don’t mind)

      In my defense, I wasn’t fully aware of CH portfolio until now. When I first heard of Quintet they didn’t mention a male mc, so I thought… “oh, an idol game RPG with a singing-dancing minigame.” Then came out the other updates and saw him so um… the rest is as you see.

      If I recall correctly, the only other CH game I heard of was Arcana Hearts, which is an all-girl fighting game. Again, sorry if I did not know they mainly create games for this genre.

      Edit: after a quick look, arcana hearts wasn’t made by CH, sorry for the bad reference.

    • Kelohmello

      Yeah like, you should expect this from this company. That’s why I don’t buy their games!

    • NeptuniasBeard

      Go ahead, LAUGH! Get your jollies in at my expense! But I swear, my day will come, and ILL be the one laughing!

    • Wtv

      You know that CH is know by Neptunia games, right? And, at least in the main series, they didn’t have a male self insert protagonist. So I don’t know why people shouldn’t hope for that on their other games too.

      And none of those games with self insert sold more than Neptunia. I don’t know what CH is doing, actually.

      • FitzpatrickPhillips

        First of all, you should probably ditch the use of the word “male insert” as it is stupid and pointless. Second of all, you do realize that Neptune isn’t the only game CH has made, right? Tons of their games and especially recent games have male protags, like Fairy Fencer F, Agarest Marriage and Moero Chronicles. All of which have awesome ones, especially FFF’s Fang. Third, Moero Chronicles did exceptional in sales for CH. Nep having good numbers as well says absolutely nothing of male protags.
        Besides, you can still have whatever yuri harem fantasy you desire with a male protag. Doesn’t really effect anything.

        • Wtv

          I’m not really complaing, just saying that there’s a reason why people would expect that.

          I don’t even care about male protagonist, while I would like better without them. But what annoys me is harem. And not only het harem. Mk2 was annoying because of how everyone loved Nepgear, too. A harem of subtext, but still…

          But yeah, I agree that it’s stupid complaim about the “direction” that the game went. But I don’t think it’s stupid to hope for a female protagonist and be disapointed for this. But it’s stupid how CH always hide these protagonists until way later. They should at least advertise it since the beggining, then no one would care.

      • darke

        I’ve played a ton of CH games, and zero Neptunia. So no, CH isn’t “known by it’s Neptunia games”, that’s simply your perception.

        • Wtv

          It’s their more well-know game without doubts. You’re the exception actually.

          Of course there will be different cases, but…you can’t argue against that.

          • darke

            Sure, it’s their most well known game; but I’d say most of the people who buy it probably don’t even notice who makes it, they just buy the next Neptune game.

            If who makes it does enter into their consciousness, they probably think NISA makes it.

            It’s like asking people who makes their favourite TV show; almost everyone could answer which tv/cable channel it airs on (except those torrenting), but even if they flash the logo of the production house once an episode, it won’t have sunk into most people’s heads for them to recall it when asked.

      • kratoscar2008

        This guy isnt a self insert though, the character you play as in PP and Geki Noire are though.

        This guy is worse because he is too generic to work as a character and too developed to work as a self insert.

        • Wtv

          I see it as a self insert, though, while different from PP and Geki Noire cases.

          Actually, let me just say that this is in case this game becomes a harem. There’s possibilities that it won’t, while some sentences in the trailer makes me think it will. Harem usually have a generic character. But of course, if the character will appear and be kind relevant to the plot, he needs a apparence and personality.

          This is not the case where you think: “this guy is me”, of course. It’s sure it’s not you…he has another face and another name. However, he’s generic so he could be you, if you want to think like that. Like, one alternative you….not saying that you’re generic, but…the way the girls will react to him is not in some original way, showing his personality, but a generic way that could be like that for anybody.

          So you can easily think: “that’s how they would act while talking to me.”

          • kratoscar2008

            Mmm im not sure about that but it would explain why most anime protags are generic as hell.

            I wouldnt consider him a self insert but rather a character designed to empathize with.

  • wahyudil

    that is the graphic of PS4?

    • Mr_SP

      In the same way that Compile Heart are the masters of PS3 graphics, and that Guacamelee is putting the PS4 through it’s paces.

      In other words, no.

    • You expected something more from Compile Heart?

  • Limbless

    Judge not a game on its graphics, but its gameplay.

    That said, this is Compile Heart, so…

    • Yan Zhao

      As far as Compile Heart goes, graphic is the only thing worth judging cause gameplay are usually mediocre, but the awesome art always draws me in :3

  • Lyli

    i wonder if they are making this game because they want to or to appeal to a certain type of person. jrpgs can be really wonderful things, it’s just upsetting to see sometimes that there is so much focus on fanservice and stuff.

    • This is Compile Heart’s thing, they are company that lives of fanservice first, making an actual game second.

      • Dashaun Rutledge

        What’s weird is that from strictly a gameplay prospective their most fanservicey game Monster Monpiece was one of their best.

  • NeptuniasBeard

    The game actually looks pretty good. Shame the MC is just as pointless and generic as I feared. I don’t even understand Japanese, that’s just how generic he is lol.

    Well, hopefully by the time this gets localized (if?), the PS4 will be a console worth owning for me.

    • Shippoyasha

      To be fair, the guy isn’t really an ‘MC’. He’s basically a second fiddle to these girls. Like Tuxedo Kamen or something.

      • Wtv

        It’s a idol game, so it makes sense to say that he’s like the Producer in [email protected], actually.

  • WyattEpp
    • ShadowDivz

      So it’s not just me.

    • Princess_Eevee9

      What’s that?

  • Demeanor

    Sooo… Giant Hammer for Red Ranger, Spear for Blue Ranger, Bladed Fists for Green Ranger, Rifle for Orange Ranger (woah, didn’t think shy Nene could pull off such moves) and Twin Fans (more like beheading chakrams, coolest weapon imho) for Purple Ranger.
    There are definitely improvements with the special moves, although the field and battle systems look a little too much like a Neptunia reskin, I’d like new IPs to have more personal identity than this.
    Still hoping that it’ll be overall good, and definitely going to support the jump to PS4, I’m VERY eagerly anticipating Nep V II.
    I STILL don’t get how the idol thing ties in with battle prowess though…

    • Eric Harris

      Personally, I get what you are saying. But I wouldn’t mind it just as long as CH keeps getting better and better with the battle graphics. And it appears they are.

  • Kornelious

    This game looks even better than I expected! Looks like this can be the next Fairy Fencer F! (In terms of hype anyways)

    I’m still trying to figure out where Takuto comes in….Apparently you are playing as him, and I can understand the Idol-sim parts but the battles confuse me. he isn’t part of the party though he attacks just like the rest…..I doubt he’s a support character so I’m not really sure where he fits in……Though unlike most people, I don’t really mind his presence…Though it still confuses me :P (I like all of the girls weapons though :D)

    Another thing is the old CH framerate issue which still seems present here….even though it’s on the PS4….Though I’m sure that part is still in development So I don”t think i need to worry to much :P

    All in all I hope a localization doesn’t take long :D

    • zazza345

      Takuto can be used as support because in the world of Omega Quintet only the Song Maidens (and a couple more exceptions) can actually damage the beep – normal weaponry doesn’t work at all. Technically speaking he’s Otoha’s manager and bodyguard, though in the movie Kannadeko you can hear Kannadeko saying that it’s not fair, as Takuto is their manager, to which Takuto replies as “Since when I’ve become the manager for all of them?”.

      As for the idol part, it was justified in an early article by saying that Song Maidens need to cheer the people inside the city, since the situation is far from good – humanity’s reduced to tens of thousands, locked up in small cities. There’s a PV editor you can use to create movies that can be uploaded with the SHARE button.

  • Eric Harris

    I really don’t like the whole “quiet girl” thing Japan does some times. I mean it works out some times if the voice actress does it just right (Blanc in HDN). But the voice on this one just sounds so forced. . faked. I mean it doesn’t sound, naturally quiet.

  • Vash bane

    … lol wasn’t expecting them to have manager and all that. so im guessing aside from the fighting you got to do some stuff like in those idol games?

    that 58.000+ damage tho

  • TerrenceEncore Jones


  • ShadowDivz

    Yeah, yeah that’s cool and all.
    And i hate to be that guy but….
    Symphogear? Pretty much same concept.

    Still, Compile Heart is making a PS4 game. That’s good news. The first of many amirite?

    • XiaomuArisu


  • Looks intresting enough will just have to wait for my copy to come now

  • Eric Harris

    I can’t wait for localization. CH first PS4 game!

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