Get A Grip With The Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Extended Slide Pad

By Spencer . July 20, 2014 . 11:07pm


Hori has an accessory for Monster Hunter fans, an accessory that changes where buttons are on the Nintendo 3DS. The Extended Slide Pad controller puts a slide pad where the left shoulder button is. ZL has been moved underneath the grip on the left hand side. The right shoulder has a trigger-like ZR button. With the slide pad on the left shoulder you can control the camera and move only using your left hand.


mh4_pad_06 mh4_pad_02


The accessory has Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s highlighted monster on the back. Hori has two versions of the accessory one for Nintendo 3DS and one for Nintendo 3DS XL. Each one costs 2,980 yen.


Hori will also release a Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate accessory kit which includes a cleaning cloth, strap, and decal. Like the slide pad accessory, there are 3DS (2,180 yen) and XL (2,280 yen) versions of the accessory kit.


mh4_pad_09 mh4_pad_10 mh4_pad_11 mh4_pad_12

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  • Combo

    I guess this is meant to appeal to the MH players that are used to “finger hooking” on the PSP? Personally, the idea of controlling movement and the camera with the same hand is very disorienting :l

    • HarakiriKami

      Its something you have to get used to.

      Like dual analog controls

  • flameraver64

    Perfect for anyone who got used to clawing on the PSP. Didn’t enjoy using the Circle Pad Pro but did get used to just using the touch screen, but maybe I’ll try this out too

    • Zazon Zenzy

      My thought as well, though I do enjoy my circle pad pro.

  • Chadi

    Are those decals? How come it says TPU on Hori’s website?

  • Shinobikens

    Controlling movement and the camera with the same hand is so terrible. I couldn’t play anything on the PSP that did

  • RedSuisei

    Huh, I might have to get this. I got so used to clawing during the PSP days that I even claw on the 3DS.

    • Namuro

      You used the index finger to control the analog stick?

      • RedSuisei

        Nah, I moved the virtual D-pad to the top left of the screen, then use my index finger on it. It works surprisingly well, since I can freely move camera while attacking while holding the analog to redirect the attack if necessary.

        • Namuro

          I just tried that out, and it’s painful as hell for me!

          Maybe you have a longer index finger? I just can’t do it. Not to mention that the finger gets in the way of my thumb, and I can’t move the analog stick properly.

          • Juan AndrĂ©s Valencia

            I tried it out as well. I remember having cramps in my hands while using the original Xbox controller (The insanely huge one with awkward buttons) but this is a completely different level of awkwardness. I’m pretty sure clawing is a nice way to prepare yourself for artritis.

          • RedSuisei

            Just like when I tried out clawing in PSP for the first time; awkward, but I got used to it quick.

          • Namuro

            The layout between the PSP and the 3DS is different, though! I mean for the PSP, the D-Pad is right above the analog, so you can naturally (but not comfortably) reach there.

            As the for the 3DS, it’s just impossible! (at least for me) I could just about reach the touch panel, but that’s about it. I can’t tap the right side of the virtual D-Pad at all… Just look at the photo. LOL

            It’s pretty amazing that your finger can reach that far!

          • Namuro

            Believe me, I stretched as far as I could…

          • triablos

            That can’t be good for your fingers lol

          • RedSuisei

            I don’t play MH4, but in MH3U the top bar can be moved to the bottom. Also adjusted the virtual D-Pad so it is smaller, and is on the top left of the square. I played like that just fine, soloing until end of HR7

          • Namuro

            Oh damn! I totally forgot that you can customize the size and location of the virtual D-Pad. LOL

            I had to go and try it out just now, and yeah, I can reach it now!

            …But it still hurts my thumb like mad, and I still couldn’t move my index finger properly.

          • RedSuisei

            I got used to it pretty quick. Personally, the hard part for me wasn’t my finger positions; it didn’t hurt at all, only felt awkward for like the first few minutes. The hard part was getting used to the touch screen. It doesn’t have the same feel as physical buttons or analog sticks.
            But I value the ability to run while rotating the camera with my finger ready on the face buttons more, so yeah, I had to do get used to it.

          • Namuro

            My index finger is still a bit sore from trying to play the game, using the touch screen, LOL. It really is impossible for me!

            If you can get used to that set-up, I bet you can use the Hori’s Slide Pad pretty well!

            As for me, I’m already comfortable with the normal Slide Pad, as I have no problem switching between the action buttons and the analog stick. But I still would like to try out the Hori one. Who knows, I might prefer it over the normal Slide Pad.

    • triablos

      This isn’t the PSP claw.

      • RedSuisei

        Similar concepts in moving characters with your left thumb and moving camera with your left finger. That’s all that matters to me.

    • PreyMantis

      Ahh… The claw. It was such an awkward technique, but it works.

      • The Watcher

        Gun x Sword

      • RedSuisei

        Heck, even when I play Soul Sacrifice I remap the camera to the D-pad. Losing the ability to move while adjusting camera and quick access to the right face buttons didn’t feel right with me.

  • Guest

    being able to move and control the camera with my left hand… Reminds of when I used my thumb for the analogue stick and my index finger for the DPad when I played Freedom Unite on PSP…

    Also, I guess it is time for me to make another custom 3DS decal, since I like that decal in the picture, but I prefer red.

  • Cazar

    One reason I’ve never been able to get into MH is the camera controls. I wonder if this could alleviate that? The circle pad pro never appealed to me since it seems like it’d make the right-hand buttons harder to reach.

    • funny enough it doesn’t, they’re still as easy to reach as before.

    • HarakiriKami

      What was the last one you played?

      I stopped controlling the camera entirely since I’d just tap the lock on button.

      And they went with a free camera in MH4 so its even smoother there

      • Cazar

        MH3:U on the 3DS. I couldn’t really get on board with the camera lock/reset. It felt jarring to me due to the nature of the battles.

        Free camera sounds like a step in the right direction. I might give MH4 and this thing a try.

    • Namuro

      Well, try it out for yourself, if you have a chance to.

      I have my doubt about the thing as well, but now, I can’t live without one.

  • $18114340

    thine pockets weepeth.

  • $1392518

    I never found the XL comfortable to hold, and found the circle pad a horrible abomination.
    These look quite nice, and while I make do with the touch pad controls much better than others, I could consider buying these.

    Question, does MH4 have any underwater sections? I gotten used to aimming with God eater, but not going to enjoy swimming with a freeform slidepad

    • Aaron K Stone

      No underwater.

    • HarakiriKami

      The camera’s much better in MH4 anyway

  • Land of Green Pasture

    I don’t know, I heard somewhere that moving 2 finger in the same time in different way need more focus… (yes, yes, like clawing), digital pad should do in this game too…

  • Namuro

    I was kinda wishing for one of these “clawing-scheme” slide pads, before I tried the normal one, which works fantastically well.

    I don’t think I’ll be switching to a Hori’s one, but I sure would love to try it out, and see how well it works for me.

    I think I’ll get the cover for my XL, though.

  • triablos

    I’m a good user of the claw on PSP but on the PSP you use the thumb for movement and index for camera movement. This is flipped.

    • GOLD

      pretty sure movement on would be mapped to the native slider

  • ZEROthefirst

    I can see A LOT of screwing up the camera using this setup on my end. I definitely like the trigger grip like setup there, but that analog stick… not so much. Who knows won’t know until I use it.

  • Ren Yuumei

    Hope that skin isn’t only for the top part of the 3ds

  • PersonaSpace

    The slide pad doesn’t seem to be available on Amiami yet, here’s hoping.

  • Pythia Brixham

    I don’t like blue so…
    Edit: If there is another comment with the same image, sorry for the double post, I thought the image didn’t upload.

    • Ruins72

      sorry, but this looks pretty horrible compared to the original. All of the dimension and texture the blue one has is now gone, why?

      • Pythia Brixham

        Dimension? What do you mean?

        Also, it is still a work in progress. What I posted is more of a preview of what I am doing. I still have to add the splotches, the other stuff on the side, the text, and I have to redo the monster design because I forgot that there was a color version on this article that I could use as reference. But as it is… Yeah… it IS pretty awful.

        • Ruins72

          oh okay, sorry I thought you were done.

  • Hausuke

    Been playing fine without the CPP and when I did use the CPP I just used it for ZL/ZR anyways. Though this looks pretty interesting and I wanna try it.

  • wahyudil

    I want this when MH4 released in US


    That… Just looks uncomfortable… I play Heavy Bowgun on my Wii U, and I’ve gotten so used to having a second analogue stick! I bought a Circle Pad Pro for my 3DS, but I haven’t tried it out yet.

  • SHSL Big Bro

    Things like this disappoint me even more that MH moved from PSP to 3DS when it could have been on the Vita, which natively has 2 analog sticks. But apparently on 3DS you can sell not one but now three accessories to restore that functionality…

  • Spider-Man

    You’d have to be a masochist to use this.

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