An Update On Agarest: Generations of War 2 For PC

By Ishaan . July 21, 2014 . 11:29am

Earlier in the year, Ghostlight announced that they’re bringing Record of Agarest War 2 to PC, under its European title, Agarest: Generations of War 2. Recently, they provided an update on how the PC port is coming along on their blog.


“Currently most of the work on this one has been on the technical side of things as our programmers have been busily rewriting and replacing the original PlayStation 3 libraries ready for the PC version—no small task,” wrote Daren Morgan, Development Manager of Laughing Jackal, who are handling the game’s PC port.


He continued, “Until this process is complete we’re not able to fully run the game on PC, so as you might expect I haven’t managed to get my teeth into this one much yet—but I can’t wait! I have, however, been spending quite a bit of time working on a new control method for the PC version.  Adapting the controls hasn’t proved too troublesome a task, aside from the battle system which still needs a little more thought given to it.”


“As you may be aware, Agarest 2 has a different, much faster paced battle system compared to the first two games in the series and it’s proving a bit harder to nail down a mouse & keyboard replacement for the battle wheel.  There’s still plenty of time to work on improving the system though, and we’ll hopefully have it sorted as we go into early testing—I’ll be looking forward to feedback on the control system from our Beta testers a little further down the line.”


Agarest: Generations of War 2 is scheduled for release sometime this year.

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  • Dago

    I just want to know two things:

    1-Is this game going to be the censored EU version?
    2- how are they going to adapt the bath minigame controls for PC?

    • Tyler Beale

      And one further question:
      Is it the same censoring as the NA release (some of the bath CGs removed)?

      • Robert Dexter

        The NA release was never censored.

    • greg_67

      So what was the difference of censoring between the US and EU versions?

      • Dago

        AFAIK the US version has no censorship whatsoever.
        The EU version had Fiona (gen 1) removed from the bath minigame and some CGs were removed as well.

        • Arrngrim

          I dunnoooo, seemed to be a bit of censorship on the NA version….I haven’t researched it greatly, but it certainly felt like they had “changed some of the clothing”, like they did for Zero…

          • Dago


            From Gostlight´s blog “, we have had to make a small number of minor changes to the game.
            Firstly, while she remains a playable character, we have had to remove
            the 1st generation version of Fiona from the minigames (and
            only the minigames). Don’t worry, affection levels have been taken into
            account when making this change.”

            “In addition to this we have had to remove 4 static images from the
            game. Please understand that we are making these changes under
            advisement from PEGI and the USK, as without their approval we would be
            unable to publish the game at all. To be totally honest, I feel this
            topic has been done to death in the comments to the previous blog, so we are unlikely to be discussing this further, but I felt you should know.”


          • Arrngrim

            I got pwned :)

          • So… that means the PC version of Agarest war 2 will be censored then?

            EDIT: And also does Agarest war 1, and Agarest war zero that was previously released on PC is censored in any way?

          • DesmaX

            No, the PC versions aren’t censored.

            PC games don’t need to pass ESRB/PEGI ratings in order to be released

          • Dago

            Yeah,but the version they (Ghostlight) have is the censored for PS3,unless they port using the AKSYS one or bother to re-add in the content they previously removed for this port.

          • aizen310

            I hope there will be mods to undo the censoring.

          • Dago

            I would say yes (regarding RoAW 2) i hope i´m wrong.

  • Yaro

    As long as I can plug my controller in and play the same way as ps3 version im set. Agarest 2 has the best combat of the entire series. Looking forward to this one.

    • Tyler Beale

      I just want it to actually run smoothly (and also eliminating that 1 min. load screen)

      • DesmaX

        Well, it would be a waste if they don’t even work on that

      • Micrll

        Hopefully, they will address that, pretty much every PC sold today has far more RAM than the PS3 so ideally they should be able to load a lot more of the game files into it to cut down on loading. Too early to tell given that they have not gotten it running on PC fully yet.

  • Maria Garcia

    of course it will take them time.This game its not on the xbox 360 so the pc port its something totally new

  • based ghostlight

  • Yan Zhao

    This game had the best waifus out of all 3 games :3

  • First off, that’s a wrong screenshot. The one the staff posted is from Agarest War/Record of Agarest
    Second, PC gamers will be very happy with this port. Great story, combo mechanics and visuals. Everything you can expected from a RPG game!

    IMO, they should port this to the VITA :)

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