Xbox One Launches With Three Game Bundle In Japan

By Spencer . July 21, 2014 . 11:36pm

xoneb Xbox One will come out in Japan on September 4 and Microsoft has two limited edition bundles coming out at launch.


The Titanfall bundle includes an Xbox One console without Kinect, headset, controller, a code to download Titanfall, and a 14 day subscription to Xbox Live Gold for 39,980 yen. A Day One Edition bundle has an Xbox One console with Kinect, a Day One edition controller, headset, a code for a launch achievement, and codes for three games – Titanfall, Dance Central Spotlight, and Kinect Sports Rivals. The Day One Edition will retail for 49,980 yen.


Microsoft also has a regular Xbox One for 39,980 yen and a regular Xbox One plus Kinect bundle which includes a Dance Central Spotlight code and the Xbox One launch achievement for 49,980 yen.

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  • Shady Shariest

    With Titanfall all ready dead and sequel planned on other platforms… I don’t think there is much value to be had here.

    • charles


      • Shady Shariest

        Heil to you, too.

        • charles

          Haha, just felt like being a smart ass. But yeah on topic, this looks like a crap bundle. Titanfall has got to be the most disappointing game honestly. I don’t even know why. I just couldn’t put more into it.

          • Shady Shariest

            Yeah. Basically most people felt like that… Which mean’t that the essential launch userbase was too small for expansion into a stable audience….
            = Not many play it. Not many want to.

    • The Watcher

      What are you talking about? Mechs are big in japan. Way bigger than they are in the west. I think they will be playing this game the most for awhile.

      • Christopher C

        While I don’t doubt that Japan loves mechs, I don’t tink titans are really that cool. I’ll take gundams over titans.
        Heck, I’ll take an arm slave over a titan any day.

      • Zarathos No Daimaōh

        Titans dont look like the kind of collectible mecha the japanese public often go for , mind you . It would be like claiming MechWarrior should be a hit in Japan . TF could surprise us , but it doesnt look like a game that “should” appeal to that market

        • ishyg

          It did get some audience last TGS, and by the looks of it I think it will appeal to college gamers.

      • Shady Shariest

        The thing is… These are some bland mechs, Japanese love the design… And even if it sold with the theme, the game itself wouldn’t be any better.

  • Justin Graham

    An online shooter with a community that’s already dwindling and two Kinect-required games? If that bundle were being offered in my region, that’d get a solid no thanks from me.

    Heck, I can give it a solid no thanks, anyway.

  • Zypharium

    Three weeks after release:

    A: Sir, we have sold over 9.000 X1 in whole Japan! Is it not great? A new record!

    B: Yeah, we did only sell like 20 X360.

    I do not think that anyone will buy the X1 in Japan. Well, we will see. I may be wrong, but I feel like no one cares about Xbox in Japan.

    • Byron Kerrison II

      I read that as “9” because of the period and wondered ‘how is that better…’? Then I thought maybe it was just a typo.

      I can see why the Kinect isn’t popular over there but the console itself I don’t really understand beside its lack of library.

    • ishyg

      Expat that can’t import cares. Like me, although I really don’t care about the X1 in the first place (not enough exclusives that appeal to me).

  • James Hewitson

    So they’re launching without ANYTHING appealing to Japanese gamers? Sigh mataku!!! :-/

    • Hound

      I love how you have to zoom into the picture and look kind of close to see the tiny Japanese text on that big limited edition box (especially for sports rivals.)

      Gotta make sure that the console looks foreign as all hell and alienates potential newcomers, I guess =/

      • James Hewitson

        Agreed, I mean I admit I’ve never been a fan of the Xbox but I certainly don’t want to see it fail. Although it pretty obvious Japanese Otaku don’t give a damn about the X1 and judging from this bundle Microsoft don’t care about them either lol

  • Well, that bundle with Titanfall sure looks nice. But I expected more like JP-exclusive games…

  • Postnjam

    Why even bother with Kinect in Japan, the standard houses are quite small.

    • ishyg

      I think this current generation of Kinect can work on more confined spaces. Also, motion gaming didn’t stop the Wii before, and Kinects are incorporated on some arcade machines as well. So there’s an appeal to it, albeit small.

  • Göran Isacson

    Huh, can’t say I see any of these games being a surefire killer app… though then again, I don’t really know how popular the Dance Central games were in Japan. They might be superhot there, for all I know.

    • Tom_Phoenix

      I doubt it. Kinect needs quite a bit of living space to work properly, whereas apartments in Japan tend to be very small.

    • wahyudil

      some Japan gamers love to play Titanfall … well, we will see

      • Göran Isacson

        Yeah, I’d see Titanfall as the main draw too, but I wonder how many will want to play it since it seems like the game hasn’t become that big over here…

  • Anihilator

    Useless… Japan… Xbox… Hopeless…

  • DanielGearSolid

    Titanfall might apeal to Japan bcuz mechs but…. I’d like to think Japan likes mechs that actually look cool. Titans look like scrapmetal being held together by a giant magnet

  • Wrathful

    What are they thinking? Then again it’s Microsoft with no sense for game industry.

  • Yan Zhao

    Microsoft stop trying so hard. Just give up on the Japanese market already.

  • darke

    Huh? Why does the expensive one come with Titanfall (online-only) but no free, half-arsed (seriously, not even a month?) two-week Live Gold code (so you can play the online-only game), like the basic one does?

    Are MS’s marketers actually thinking here?

  • Not a fan of all the naysaying going on, lol. Stop it, you’re almost making me feel like Microsoft is an underdog to root for. ;P
    Xbox has its niche audience in Japan; it’s not going to grow though if they don’t release their new system over here. FPS fans do exist in Japan by the way, and there are such things as homes bigger than one-bed apartments in Japan too.
    Not saying Xbox One is going to be a BIG hit by any means–home consoles in general aren’t exactly flying off shelves in Japan right now. It will take time for these new systems to become more marketable in Japan, as developers here generally seem slow to transfer to new systems. Just look at all the games still to be released for PS3–everyone’s going to take their time with this.
    With that in mind, I think this *would* be a great time for Microsoft to try wheeling and dealing to quickly get Japanese developers on board for their new system, but I’m not sure how much of an effort they’ll bother making. Companies tend to just play it safe these days, and the folks behind XBox One are still recovering from changing everything they envisioned the system to be.

    • Tiredman

      The reason there is naysaying is because Microsoft brought it on themselves. They were extremely antagonistic towards consumers with their reveal of the One, and people won’t, and should not, forget the way Microsoft thinks.

    • ishyg

      They already have Japanese developers on board. The question is whether they’ll develop for the system or not.

      I still think X1 have a better chance than 360, with the better Kinect and whatnot, but like you’ve said home consoles in general aren’t really selling well over here. So that adds to the naysaying.

      Also, people tend to forget that there are expats like me that aren’t military people, so we can’t import as easily as they do. I in particular couldn’t care less about X1 currently, but I know of people who waits for it, especially since it’s now region-free.

      That said, I agree with @disqus_gwRZGkQcwi:disqus. MS basically screwed themselves up with that half-assed reveal. I think they could have went with it all the way and surprise consumers with “features you think you’ll never need”, or they could have planned the console better.

  • Raine

    I can laugh at this, right?

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