Batman: Arkham Knight GameStop Pre-Order Lets You Play As The Red Hood

By Ishaan . July 22, 2014 . 8:12pm

Batman: Arkham Knight will have a significant piece of GameStop-exclusive DLC when it launches in 2015, an ad on the retail chain’s website reveals. Pre-ordering Arkham Knight will allow you to play as the Red Hood in an exclusive Story Pack. The ad in question can be seen below:




As previously reported, pre-ordering Batman: Arkham Knight also allows you to avail a Harley Quinn Story Pack, although this isn’t exclusive to GameStop.


Thanks to Siliconera community moderator Solomon Kano for the heads up!

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  • Rabbit

    Well there goes that theory on who the Arkham Knight was.

    • jchill

      it was confirmed that it wasnt him months ago

      • Rabbit

        I was referring to the rumors circulating with the game was first announced. Red Hood seemed to be the prime target of fans’ theories, so I thought there’d be a certain amount of irony that he’d be a playable character.

        • DrShimo

          Just being a playable character though doesn’t mean he isn’t him. Not that I think they are the same, but I’m just saying.

    • Shippoyasha

      I’m actually really glad it’s not Red Hood. It wouldn’t make a lick of sense if it was him.

  • Demonspartanx20

    it’s nice seeing red hood wearing an actual hood lol in all his previous incarnations he’s wearing a red helmet, never understood why you call him red hood then lol though i do get its reference to joker being the red hood when he original started being a villian lol it just never made much sense to me as to why call him red hood when he’s wearing a red helmet.

    • k.b.a.

      This is uneasy for me. Me no gusta… though a red x dlc or great young justice game would shut me up

      • Rabbit

        Nah, Red X deserves his own game… And his own movie series, novel, cartoon, Angry Birds spin-off — God, I love Red X.

  • Tenabrus

    gotta get dat preorder….

  • Naruto

    I have been waiting for the chance to play as the red hood. It’s nice to know I will finally get the chance.

  • Suicunesol

    Uhhh… guys…

    He doesn’t look kind of Assassin’s Creed to you?

  • I think I’ll skip this retail specific pre-order garbage and wait for the complete game in 2016 with all the content for half the price.

  • Altin

    “Utilize her Unique Weapons, Gadgets and Abilites”


  • dahuuuundge

    I’ll just wait for 10/10: BAM HAM Knight GOTY edition with all the scattered retailer exclusive DLCs included.

  • Makoto Yuki

    Red Hood looks overweight and Harley is like an old woman =_=

    • Takui Nanao

      so true
      true words mfriend

  • Ben Sylvia

    Well I know I;ll be getting the GotY version if I ever get a PS4.

    Was really hoping Red Hood would be in the game, and we actually get to play as him? Even better!

    I do wonder if anyone else will get playable story missions: Nightwing, Robin, Azrael… heck maybe even Batwoman!

  • Impressionnant

    He looks really, really plain. I wish they used the Under the Red Hood version of him.

  • hazelnut1112

    Yeah screw this crap. Bad enough they announced the Harley Quinn DLC WHEN THE GAME WAS FIRST ANNOUNCED!!
    Then they go announce MORE FUCKING DLC already. Especially since the game got delayed. I guess more delays means they need to work on more cut content.

  • Armageddon

    Don’t fall for it!

  • Takui Nanao

    cant say i wont buy this but cmn …dont getis that a beer belly red hood got or armor under . he looks like not cool

    • dj_jm09

      How does he look like a “rapper” All I see is that he is wearing a hoodie and a jacket… Also what do “rappers” look like?

  • Rohan Viajar

    ehhh.. what?
    they already gave batman a militaristic-techy suit

    why not the same for red hood (jason)?
    I mean like this.

    Wasted opportunity if you ask me.

  • Skode

    Not a fan of all this announced pre-game DLC but when i see two packs and both story efforts im starting to relent. I dont give a jacks ass about costumes and the likes but story content appeals especially because of how great RockSteady are with story telling the Batman universe – i will get both of these ideally with pre-order but it depends on whats offered for me in the UK… Gamestop aint really relevant in this neck of the woods.

  • itsameluigi1290

    That ain’t Ezio. Heh heh. Still, he looks pretty cool to me. But if I do plan on getting this game, I’ll wait for a special edition that comes with all the DLC.

  • Niceneasy92

    Didn’t people flip their shit when Catwoman was a pre order exclusive in Arkham City? Because it kept story content away from people who decided not to pre order through gamestop. And now they’re doing it again but with two different characters?

    • Adam Sheridan

      The annoying part about this one too is they’re announcing the DLC MONTHS before the game even goes gold. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure both characters will be very fun to play, but it is a stupid gaming trope of the modern gaming age to announce DLC before the main game is even completed.

      • Unfortunately, it kind of has to be that way, given how long it takes to develop this stuff. People want the best visuals, the best polish… this is the trade-off.

        • Adam Sheridan

          No, it really doesn’t. This is an unfinished game. A game that is STILL being worked on at this point in time, won’t be out until next year, yet they can already tell us what the extra content is going to be? How the hell can it be extra content if the game hasn’t been made yet.

          This isn’t a situation where the game is in print and they’ve announced DLC for launch day, this is much, much worse. This is you literally being told in the middle of production “hey this is the content you’ll be able to buy after buying the game”

    • Solomon_Kano

      Catwoman actually wasn’t. She was included with all new copies of the game as something of an online pass equivalent. Since Harley is available everywhere, I’m thinking it’ll be the same deal. Robin was a pre-order exclusive for AC, at Best Buy, and this time around Red Hood seems to fill that spot.

      • Niceneasy92

        Oh yea, thats what it was, people were mad that pre-owned versions didn’t have the Catwoman sections. But wasn’t the Robin DLC just for the challenge maps? This says that Red Hood is story content. I really don’t like the ideal of story content being locked away behind pre-order bonuses.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Yea, Robin was just a challenge map character.

          That Red Hood and Harley are set to have story content kind of has me in doubt as to its significance though. I don’t really have any basis for it, but that our first hint at the Red Hood even being around is him getting his own story, I have to wonder if he and Harley won’t just be getting some spruced up challenge maps with a bit of narrative thrown in. Surely, it won’t be something so significant as Harley’s Revenge if it’s set to be ready by the game’s launch.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Oh, hey. I got a shout out!

  • Sperium3000

    At this rate, we’ll have to buy the Batman story pack too.

  • InsertOffensiveUsernameHere

    I would get this only for Red Hood. Screw Batman. Screw Harley Quinn.

  • monkey king

    And here I am, still waiting for cassie batgirl…..:'[

  • Göran Isacson

    Huh. Wonder if he’ll be actually killing crooks, or if they will just have him disable them as Batman does.

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