Marvel’s New Spider-Man Game For Smartphones Looks Pretty Cool

By Ishaan . July 30, 2014 . 4:00pm


Marvel announced a couple of mobile games at the San Diego Comic-Con last week, and they actually don’t look half bad. The one that caught my eye in particular was Spider-Man Unlimited, a runner by Gameloft where you play as multiple Spider-Men.


In Spider-Man Unlimited (which isn’t based on the cartoon of the same name), the Sinister Six has invaded Manhattan, and you play through a a mission-based episodic story to stop them. You’ll get to play as the regular Spider-Man, the Scarlet Spider, the Iron Spider suit from Civil War and other variations of the character.


Spider-Man Unlimited will be released this September for iPhone, Android and Windows Phones.

Another game that Marvel announced was Marvel Contest of Champions, which is a fighting game for smartphones and tablets coming this Fall. This one is being created by developer Kabam, and is a one-on-one fighter with RPG elements.


The game’s story is being penned by Marvel’s Sam Humphries and is loosely based on the original Contest of Champions crossover story from 1982. It will include characters from the Avengers, Thunderbolts, X-Men, Inhumans, Guardians of The Galaxy, the Brotherhood, X-Force and other superhero teams.


Creative director Cuz Parry says that the game will feature light, medium and heavy attacks, as well as multiple special attacks for each superhero. A combo system will be implemented and will help regenerate your specials attacks as you fight.

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  • Desk

    oh you actually had me excited for a second there

  • Shippoyasha

    One looks exactly like Templerun and the fighting game looks like it’s trying to be Injustice. They even have the same lighting as Injustice..

  • lackofstyle

    hey you guys remember spider man unlimited, the cartoon that was no fox, good times

    • Rohan Kishibe

      I saw the title and though it was a game centered around that Spider-Man universe. I thoroughly enjoyed Spider-Man Unlimited and wish to see it get used in a marvel game somehow.

    • Spider-Man

      Yes I have, was a very strange series.

  • SMT

    Decent runner is still a runner, and fighting games on mobile are just…

    I mean, I’m usually one of the people here defending mobile games, but these look lazy and uninspiring.

  • 하세요

    I give it to them for having all of Spider-Man’s awesome outfits / alternate versions / whatever you want to call them.

  • $15672307

    “a runner”
    I just can’t stomach anymore of those, once you play enough of them it all blurs into a single game.

  • I’d rather have capcom make my fighting games when it comes to marvel so don’t end up with marvel presents injustice with marvel characters

  • subsamuel01

    I don’t really care about the endless runner, but the fighting game on mobile broke my heart. Game looks really good, wish it was on consoles.

  • You guys are being really harsh. Runners are a genre that I think suits Spider-Man very nicely. It’s a good choice, since the emphasis is on swinging around and dodging stuff, which is what most people play Spider-Man games for anyway.

    • Spider-Man

      I do a fair bit of swinging for traveling, but my combat is mostly ground based. I can see Runners working with swinging, but other than that I explore my environment and take priority in stealth. I interact with a lot of different Marvel characters. I really do wish this game had been something open world, or even a fighter.

      I love Spider-Man games, but I’ll have to pass on this one.

      • Anime10121

        Whelp, thats an end to that! Doesnt pass Spidey’s Official seal of approval so its a no go! :P

        Seriously though, it does look fantastic from that trailer, but I just dont see it playing/controlling as smoothly as it seemed to in that trailer… on a tablet, maybe, but a phone? Lolnope :P

    • David García Abril

      I strongly disagree.

      The charm of Spider-Man’s swinging isn’t based on “dodging stuff”. It’s a means to moving around the environment both vertically and horizontally, something that runners directly don’t do at all, since they move one-dimensionally by nature.

      Plus, Spider-Man has been proven to work best when he’s put in a free-roaming environment and gives the player as much agency as possible for swinging around. “Spider-Man 2” is still largely considered the the wall-crawler’s best game ever for this very reason.

    • Scissors

      Word, if I had a smartphone I’d give it a chance.

  • PowerSerg

    I really want a console Marvel fighting game. Although it be on Xbone/Ps4 with i’m not buying so I guess this works.

  • WhyWai

    A runner by gameloft = I need to play 300 hours to unlock a costume or pay $4.99 for it.

  • Kamen Rider Rayz

    For Smartphones? I’ll pass…

  • Sometimes I forget how much power mobile phones have, graphically. It looks pretty fun.

    But you know, anything “mobile” to a gamer is instantly deemed trash.

    • 하세요

      I like a few of them and I have nothing against people that play games on phones. Sometimes it’s much easier and appropriate to whip out your phone and play something real quick rather than a bulky Vita or 3DS.

  • maelxich

    so marvel contest of champions is, injustice with marvel? oh wait there is 3 attack strengths so tap for light swipe sideways for medium and slide up and down for hard. I can already tell there will be no controlled movements and the specials are based around tapping icons on the screen. I by no means think this is a bad concept, marvel wants more money make simpler free to play games it worked for them so far. To bad it cost us console games as they refuse to give away their licenses anymore. Though unlike injustice this marvel fighter seems to have the cast share some animations which makes it look kinda cheap.

    • Spider-Man

      I agree, would have killed for a Marvel console fighter. Like Marvel Nemesis Rise of the Imperfects. Ah well.

  • MK

    I guess Injustice Mobile is too popular that Marvel wants to do a similar one.

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