Onechanbara Z2: Chaos Shows Its True Form

By Spencer . July 31, 2014 . 1:11am

D3 Publisher’s Onechanbara series has some changes for Onechanbara Z2: Chaos. The previous game introduced vampires Kagura and Saaya as rivals to Aya and Saki. In this game, characters can drink the tainted blood and transform as seen in this trailer.


The PlayStation 4 game also introduces a new pair of sisters… zombie sisters. The video has a glimpse of Anzu, a zombie who fights with a giant claw, and Sayaka who uses an iron ball.


Onechanbara Z2: Chaos comes out for PlayStation 4 on October 30.

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  • Genjo

    i wonder if D3 going release it out side of japan along with the one was released on ps3

    • landlock

      The PS3 one has no chance now but you can import it. it’s perfectly playable and a lot of fun. This one I guess is 50/50 since Bandai Namco hasn’t got much going on the PS4 you never know.

      • The only thing is that the game, like any import, is pretty pricey. So you might wanna add that Genjo (or anyone else) wait for THIS new one to come out, to push the price down on the PS3 one. It’s fun, and playable, but not worth the almost $70 you’ll probably pay for it. I wish it was cheaper when I got it :P

        I actually think the chances are a little higher nowadays since Bamco seems to be perfectly happy with digital only, barely localized releases a la the recent One Piece titles (barely localized = no English dubbing). So maybe they’ll bring this one over as a digital only game for PS4, because you’re right that they don’t have a lot going on right now for the new current gen and this could certainly fill a void…

        • landlock

          It was only $49/£29 from Playasia when I imported it earlier in the year. :)

  • NyaBoy

    Character-Design = It’s look like ok
    Level-Design = it’s look like a PS2 game…

    • Namuro

      Just because it’s on the PS4, doesn’t mean the developer will use / have the money to match the game with the console’s capability. :)

      Especially, when you look back at the series’ origin.

    • Yeah, it’s a budget series alright. So is Earth Defense Force. The D3 label was made by Namco specifically to make budget games, so it’s kind of crazy that – at least – these two series’ continue to this day and look as good as they do :)

  • That was a fun trailer. I’m liking the fact that there are new characters as well. Those Zombie sisters looked interesting. Hope D3 thinks about localizing this one. Also Kagura’s English makes me smile lol

  • Anime10121


    Never bought an Onechanbara game before…but if this is localized…that will swiftly change!

  • landlock

    Ah! what a perfect way to use PS4 graphics.


    ZOMBIE SISTERS! Here’s hoping they’re playable… maybe at least as DLC.

  • Armageddon

    Man, after watching that trailer I want too see actual gameplay. I hope its has fluid gameplay.


      This is from the PS3 game, the prequel to this one, but it’s good enough. TamSoft isn’t radically changing the game up. And D3 is technically Bandai-Namco’s “budget label” — you’ll see plenty of reused assets here in this video, though maybe they were remade for the upcoming game?

      Whatever. It’s gonna play like this, so enjoy the video! The beginning shows off the menus and character customization; I skipped to the gameplay for ya though (if it doesn’t work though, scrub to 3:00)

      • Linhua

        … LOL… dem stairs is so lazy tho. XD

      • Armageddon

        The fighting okay, but the most dissapointing part has to be the boss fight so anti-climactic. I guess I’ll wait if Z2 has better boss fights.
        Tnx by the way.

  • Namuro

    Seeing how this series started off as one of the Simple Series, making it all the way to PS4 like this is really cool! Glad to see that they retained that B-Movie feeling!

    Yeah! Bring on da game!!

    • Tis true. I like how fun they are to play =)

  • Xinen

    Looks awesome, can’t wait to get it. Makes me want to go through No!No!No! again.

  • Genjo

    well i e-mail D3 U.S and got this

    D3PA Customer Support (D3Publisher)

    Jul 31 13:21

    Thank you for contacting D3Publisher of America Customer Support,

    Unfortunately, we do not have any information on the possible
    release of this title outside of the Japan region. We will forward this
    email to the developers so that they may make a more informed decision
    on possibly localizing the title. If you have any further questions,
    please feel free to contact us again.

    Support Services

    so start your e-mailing them so the devs know we want both of them!

  • BentoBlame

    Are those the same zombie sisters back in the PS2 games?

    Regardless this will be one of the games I’ll get once I buy PS4. For now… gotta import No! No! No!

  • Vash bane

    wait wait all 4 ladies in one game? cool :p but….is….that…TRANSFORMATIONS? have they always had the ability>
    (I’m new and not new to the series if that makes sense)

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