How Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1’s Story And Localization Changed

By Spencer . August 1, 2014 . 3:45am


Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 is a remake of the first game in the Neptunia series. Instead of using the original battle system, the game uses Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory as a base. Idea Factory also completely changed the story to make it more comical and switched out characters like NISA for Neptunia V’s cameo characters. In this interview, Siliconera spoke with Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 director Shingo Onodera and Idea Factory International CEO Haru Akenaga about how Re;Birth1 changed.


It has only been a few years since the PS3 game why did Idea Factory remake Hyperdimension Neptunia? Why did you choose the battle system from Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory and why was the Scout System removed?


Shingo Onodera, Director at Idea Factory: The main reason for the change was that after Neptunia V, we heard from many fans that they would love to play the original Neptunia game using the battle system from Neptunia V. Also, we had a handful of staff at Idea Factory who wanted to use Neptunia V’s battle system for Neptunia Re;Birth1. We’re grateful that we have so many hardcore fans of the series, but we know that we weren’t 100% satisfied with the original game’s system and our own development skills at the time, since it was the first game in the series.


The staff who worked on the original Neptunia expressed their desire to revamp the first Neptunia using the skills and knowledge they had gained in creating the first three games in the series. With this strong passion, we decided to implement the latest battle system into the first game. The reason that the Scout System is not included in Neptunia Re;Birth is because we have a new Remake System which is somewhat similar.


Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 has a new localization. Can you tell us about the team that localized the Vita game?


Haru Akenaga, CEO of Idea Factory International: Idea Factory International has an experienced translator and editor who are familiar with Japanese RPG titles, and they both enjoy Idea Factory titles as well. We kept the Neptunia terminologies consistent with the original games. The story in Re;Birth1 has been remastered in the Japanese version, so our localization team worked on the new story using familiar terminology in order to keep the world feeling the same.




How has the story changed from the PlayStation 3 game? One example is NISA had a major role in the PlayStation 3 game, but I don’t think the Heroine of Justice is in Re;birth1.


SO: The basic story is the same: Neptune loses her memory, and with the help and guidance of Histoire, she begins a journey around Gamindustri with IF and Compa. However, we’ve renewed the story with feedback from fans and staff. Also, we’ve added more comical elements to the story since the comical touch present in the anime version was very well received.


We have included Vert, Noire, and Blanc in the main story, and as the story progresses, each character can be added to the party, when in the original game these three didn’t have much involvement in the story until the end of the game. This change actually renewed the game as a whole. Also, there are newly added sub-characters who will be involved with these three in order to make them even more irresistible and fun! These new sub-characters are also very charming, so we hope that fans of the Neptunia series will welcome them like goddesses!


We have also included new personalities in the main story who were available as DLC in Neptunia V. The story has been rewritten to be more comical, like the anime. Even with the more comical story, we’ve made sure that the cool scenes are even cooler so that there will be a great mixture of funny and awesome. Finally, a rescue episode for a character has been added to Re;Birth1 as a surprise for fans of the Neptunia series!


Can you tell us some of the jokes that are new for the PlayStation Vita version?


HA: The entire storyline in Neptunia Re;Birth1 has been rewritten to be different from the original game on the PS3, so there will be new jokes and conversations for those who already played the original Neptunia to enjoy!




How much of the voice acting is new? Were you able to get the same voice actors?


HA: Every English voiced line in Re;Birth1 has been freshly recorded, and we are working with the same voice actors who have been in the Neptunia series.


Moving forward, will Idea Factory International bring over the Neptunia games? There are a lot of Neptunia titles to localize too. Are any of the games like Re;birth 2, the SRPG or PlayStation 4 game being considered?


HA: Idea Factory International would like to continue localizing the Neptunia series for many years to come for western Neptunia fans. However, there are no finalized plans for any new titles at this particular moment other than the ones that have already been announced.

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  • AlphaSixNine

    The last and most crucial question for me was not answered. Obvious. Hopefully, they’ll announce those games later.

    • nonscpo

      They might not be anouncing them cause Idea Factory International might be tasked to handle those in the future.

  • Well that kinda satisfied some of my questions. I am sad that i don’t have a Vita, otherwise i would totally get this game. Especially since i have a really bad case of Nep-Nep deficiency!

    Also, anything come of that possibility of the game also coming to PC? I haven’t been keeping up and its also been a while since that rumor popped up.

    • Princess_Eevee9

      Rather them come to the 3DS OR other consoles then PC.

      • Hmmm. I can see why you would want it to, but i am not sure if the 3DS can handle it (feel free to scream at me if you want i know nothing about specs XD)

        I was surprised that they made it for Vita. In all honesty i was convinced they would make it for PS3 when i first heard about it. Maybe they will do what Gust/Tecmo Koei did with Rorona Plus and also have it for PS3 one day?

        I dont have nor due i like xbox so i don’t think it needs to go there.

        Maybe Wii U. Would be interesting to see how they use gamepad for it (besides some “massage” minigame XD)

        Edit-grammar and stuff

        • Princess_Eevee9

          Well I was thinking more in terms that the 3DS IS miming the Vita everywhere so there’s a market for the series there. Not sure about the Wii U most people don’t like Anime-style games which is a shame.

      • Landale

        The thing is, they were looking into putting it on the PC. They weren’t looking into putting it elsewhere. Nothing beyond looking into it yet as far as I know though.
        There’s also the matter of Idea Factory pretty much sticking to Playstation systems, there have been the occasional oddities and the slightly more frequent than that port, but the vast majority of their games have been Playstation. So even looking at new games coming up on things like the 3DS, the odds there are low.

        • PC is about the only other place i can think of for them to go, but its also only a slight chance.
          Playstation is known for being the JRPG console. Xbox rarely get anything even in Japan. So its understandable why they don’t want to move all over the place, especially with an already established series like this, unless they feel like taking a risk.

          • Landale

            They actually had a rather surprising number of games on the 360. They even went so far as to put Spectral Force 3 on it exclusively, which is kind of amazing given that that series was kind of their big thing prior to Agarest and Neptunia.

          • oh snap that was there huh. I remember seeing that game ages ago back when i had a 360. Was probably a bad move though i would think,since the other ones where on PS2 so ppl/fans probably thought it would be on PS3.

            Anyways in general, the xbox gets considerably much less than PS3, especially in the west. Only game i enjoyed on that console was Tales of Vesperia. And even then, it still ended up on PS3, far superior version even :/

        • Princess_Eevee9

          Hope they expand to everywhere. Everyone should get to experience Nep- Nep and the gang.

  • Methylene

    Wait, so on one hand: “The main reason for the change was that after Neptunia V, we heard from many fans that they would love to play the original Neptunia game using the battle system from Neptunia V.” And yet…

    “The entire storyline in Neptunia Re;Birth1 has been rewritten to be different from the original game on the PS3,”

    Doesn’t that seem a bit contradictory?

    • Landale

      Not really, you’ve removed the context of the second bit.
      The plot is basically the same, but finer details have been altered. That’s usually how remakes go.

  • Mika Moreno

    I’m really hoping the 4 other Neptunia games come over that haven’t been announced yet. I’m super excited to get this, sad about Nisa not being in it though…

    • Wasn’t there a whole story behind the reason? Something like NIS taking the rights to her for some reason to use for their own purposes?

      • Landale

        Among other things, yeah. As I recall back just before they first teased Destroyer Trillion with those silhouettes there was some stuff about NIS employees bailing in large numbers for getting screwed over and went to IF, among a couple other companies, so there’s also the possibility of a bit of a falling out between the two companies’ Japanese branches.

        • Haha i think this is the most ive ever talked to you XD

          Yeah i remember hear about the bad blood between the companies after some event. Well now i know. That definitely would make the two companies fall out.

          I just pray that it doesn’t affect localization for future games. That would be the end of me. NIS recently has dropped in opinion for me, this just adds more to that XD

          Well thanks for informing me Landale-san. Very helpful XD

          • Landale

            Even if that affects things with NISA, it’s clearly not happening immediately as they’re still working on some IF/CH games.
            There’s also the matter that between this interview and another IFI has basically gone from “Information distribution branch” as stated on their site, to “Doing this because fans want it and no one else would do it” with Monster Monpiece, to “Yeah, we’re just going to say we’re officially a localization branch now”. So even if IF/CH games stop coming through NISA, it’s likely we’ll still see them.
            Here’s the link to the other interview:

          • That is very good to hear. I guess they cant exactly just stay as an “Information Distribution Branch” whatever that is lol.

            Hopefully it helps improve the game translations (which i have a problem with since i play with Jap audio and tend to get annoyed with mismatched text to audio due to translation)since a new team will be doing it i assume.

            Thanks for link ( ^ ^)/

          • Landale

            Idea Factory International, Inc. intends to focus on providing general and overall information regarding such Idea Factory properties to North American and European fans, as well as strengthen the Idea Factory brand around the globe.
            That’s what’s on their site. And pretty much all that’s there, aside from the forums, is a listing of their games, descriptions of them in English, and links to all of the games’ sites, English and Japanese.

          • Sounds very empty and somewhat of a made up position XD
            Don’t see how thats of any use to anyone, especially now a days with multiple sources of Info on a game existing on the internet outside of their own website.

          • Xerain

            The translations are fine. It’s just that damn editor screwing around. I remember reading a review with the editor, and he seemed to really love changing things to make them “funnier.”

          • DesmaX

            Well, the guy left the company this year.

          • Xerain

            Please tell me he didn’t go to TK, IF, or XSeed.

          • DesmaX

            I dunno, I don’t know the details (I’m not even sure if it’s the right guy, I know it was one of their Script Editors).

            But I don’t think he went to them

          • Landale

            Nope. Started up his own company. Took NISA’s Marketing Director with him.

          • Xerain

            Sounds like a best case scenario. I won’t mind supporting the new things he puts out, although I must admit my views on humor probably stand diametrically opposed to his.

  • ineedgames

    Needs more Plutia/Iris Heart.

    • Landale

      If I’m not mistaken, she’s a DLC character. Her, Peashy, and Histoire.

      • Christopher C

        question is are we even getting the dlc?

        • Landale

          I don’t see why we wouldn’t. The only DLC that never seems to make it over with these games are the ones where working out the rights to use the stuff just don’t work out. There’s no such issue with those three.

    • I didn’t like her, like, at all in the beginning. Didn’t really like her character type.

      However for whatever reason..she has really grown on me XD
      Although sometimes i wish she spoke a bit..faster in her non-HDD form XD

      • Shippoyasha

        Aww. Look at you be tsundere for a dojikko masochist!

        • ITS NOT MY FAULT….its…not…idk why……could not…defy her…

    • Joshua Myers

      Yea agreed XD I liked iris heart made me laugh quite a few times

  • Christopher C

    “Finally, a rescue episode for a character has been added to Re;Birth1 as a surprise for fans of the Neptunia series!”
    who would this be?

  • I’ve had to import from the US as we’re getting shafted with digital in the UK

  • vileBrenman

    I’m glad Nisa isn’t localizing this. I don’t like the way Nisa handles localizations. They dont really know their audience if you ask me because they try to make the games more western friendly by adding internet memes or using the old “it’s a jelly donut” line when they are clearly eating rice balls. I just feel like they should know that their audience consists of people that have most likely played other Japanese games/watched anime. Don’t get me wetting though thanks to them we get games that we probably never would otherwise but it still is kinda silly that they do that kinda stuff.

  • ehtnah

    my only question is are they going to apply the same treatment for Europe? I mean digital only game in Europe and physical copy in US? because if that the case my money will go to an other publisher… one that doesn’t spit on us European….
    I won’t forget that rebirth digital only… next game you can count me out, me and my money of course, but I’m just a European so….

    • darke

      Be thankful you even get games; I think all but one of NISA’s digital-only titles never even made it to Australia, something like 10 or 11 titles are US-and-most-of-EU-only. So forgive me for having very little sympathy when people whinge about digital-only releases in their territory when they mostly import games from the US anyway since they’re much cheaper that way.

  • NeptuniasBeard

    I’m one of the 3 people on the planet that actually liked NISA’s localization. Hope the new translation doesn’t remove the quirkyness I’ve come to love in the characters. But… nah, I’m sure it’ll be fine

    • Pipe

      They are quirky enough in the original. The only thing that’s gone if IFI does a more literal translation is the spiteful and mean-spirited arguments NISA included in Victory.

      • NeptuniasBeard

        I’ll reserve judgement of course. But I’m not one of those people that believe “most faithful to the original” necessarily means that it’s the best. For example, I greatly prefer Funimation’s Yu Yu Hakusho script over whatever the hell was going on in those subtitles

        • Manny Being Manny

          I always consider the original better, since any major changes pretty much amounts to a parody of the original work instead of a true translation. To each their own, though.

          • NeptuniasBeard

            I never really understood this line of thought. How can “original” ALWAYS be better? People have wrote shit stories before. Are you saying there’s no way to improve a shit story? I can give 3 examples where a rewrite can make a story better. Of course, they ALL involve Twilight :p

            A more serious example would be FF6. There is no denying that the localized version of Kefka is the most perferred one. They even used that version for Dissidia

          • Manny Being Manny

            We’re looking at it from different angles. I view the original as “Better” since its the original intent of the creators and writers. Its the way the story, characters and jokes are meant to be experienced. The localization is just sommeone elses take. You’re not reading the jokes made by the original creator, you’re reading the jokes made by some American dude who thinks he’s funny. Theres a big difference.

            Fortunately with Neptunia games, I know enough Japanese to know the basic gist of the jokes they tell and can tell how big of a difference it is, but if you were only playing it in a dub it would be quite a big difference in the character personalities and jokes.

          • NeptuniasBeard

            Not really much difference between a joke from a Japanese person who thinks they’re funny or an American who thinks they’re funny. And I know where you’re coming from. I’m just saying that just because someone came up with an idea, it doesn’t mean it’s objectively the best one.

            Look at the Ace Attorney series, by your logic, everyone should hate it since it’s more different from the original than NISAs Neptunia could ever hope to be, but VERY rarely does anyone actually complain about it. Characters are always referred to by their American names, and even the fan translations of Investigations 2 opted for the localized names and even localized the new characters.

            There are also games with less dramatic changes too, like FFV and VI, where people preferred the Ted Woolsey scripts and actually complained when Square went the “more faithful” route.

            There are many more examples, but in short: No one knocks the original, but neither do they say that it’s “better”.

            By all means, prefer the original version, I’m just pointing out that “better” is not quite the word to use in all cases

          • Shippoyasha

            I sometimes say its more loyal than necessarily better. A lot of translation can hinge on how loyal it is to the feel of the original, if a direct translation isn’t always feasible.

          • Robert Kupper

            I have to agree that sometimes a less faithful adaptation is better, especially if it is in a different medium. (I am glad the LotR movies didn’t have Tom Bombadil.)

            I don’t enjoy something based on how faithful it is to an arbitrary individual’s interpretation. I like to judge things based on their own merits. Especially when it comes to humor, sometimes literal translations don’t cut it.

          • ShadowDivz

            It’s not that they don’t cut it, it’s just sometimes it’s a culture thing.

            I remember reading/hearing a joke in an anime and not finding it funny. Not because i didn’t understand it, but just because it didn’t really fly with me.

            Like the japanese comedy duo: One person says something and the other person hits them while correcting them. (a similar scene happens in P3P. When all the girls (almost) find out you’re a womanizer.

            I totally understand the jokes, i just don’t find them funny.

          • Robert Kupper

            Well that’s just a double act. Western culture has the same thing, we just call them the ‘Straight Man’ and the ‘Funny Man’ Often less hitting, but weirdly similar set-up and dialogue.

    • Lalum


      TL Note: Tadaima means home plate

    • Shippoyasha

      NISA did an okay job. But their penchant for making games buggy to their policies in changing content recently isn’t sitting well with some people as well. I don’t absolutely hate NISA or anything. I just think they can get better and I will give them the benefit of doubt. Also, input from original creators when things are localized is always good.

    • God

      I’m quite worried… I’ve played the game with japanese voices, and the dialogues are COMPLETELY differrent, half of the time Neptune cracks a joke, in japanese, she is just saying something common but with a different tone. I hated when they took out Nisa, and even more when i was told there were heavy changes in the story (this game was my favourite by miles both comedy and plot-wise), but if they take away the jokes… what will there be left? Besides fanservice for the people who like the anime.

  • Erikdayo

    I hope they bring that Vita SRPG over. Really want to play that one. :)

    • Tyler Beale

      After R;b2, unfortunately. There’s a shit ton of Neptunia games in Japan, hopefully NISA will be allowed to step in (like they did with the AnS LE for KT) and speed thing up a little bit. Seriously, imagine how long it would take if NISA did all the work (since they have other projects on their plate right now). Next year, we’d just be getting Noire’s game, while Japan would probably have 3 more games by then.

  • After reading this I’m really hyped for Re;Birth 1. Also that last question and answer made my day:

    HA: “Idea Factory International would like to continue localizing the Neptunia series for many years to come for western Neptunia fans.”

    ME: =^_^=

    • John Hayabusa

      Glad that we are going to see more Neptunia games in the near future. Would love to have some more NepNep.

  • Raltrios

    They dodged the fact that NISA isn’t in there. I don’t have a PS3, but I still want to see her, dammit!

    • Tyler Beale

      I personally didn’t care for the characters in Mk2 that weren’t the CPUs, the candidates, IFfy, or Compa. So I’m glad they took them out in Victory, and even introduced new ones (the DLC characters).

  • Prinny Dood

    Cant wait for rebirth 2 dood!><

    • Tyler Beale

      Which is why I’m undecided in buying digital (to support IFI) or physical (for the box art).

  • alixraen

    So, they removed NISA because…they’re not working on this remake? Some other reason? It was sort of skated over in the interview, which is a shame, because I always used the Heroine of Justice.

  • The answer to the first question was just as I expected. The first PS3 game’s battle system was the equivalent of suffering, dood.

  • Zalin

    My major problem with this remake is that they are still keeping 3 character battle system instead of the 4. Had problems with choosing who I wanted when I could have 4 not 3. T.T

  • Kornelious

    Good to know that the localization will have the same voice actors and the same terms we saw in the original’s, and even better that !f want to localize more!….Now if they could just make some cool Limited Editions…………

    • Tyler Beale

      Yeah. Not sure why they couldn’t charter NISA like KT did.

      • darke

        Given that the NIS character isn’t in the remake, most likely because there was some falling out between the companies, I can’t imagine they’d really want to get the US branch of that company to help out with distribution.

        • Kornelious

          Really? I always assumed NISA just kinda handed over the Hyperdimension series to !f due to all the other game’s there making……And to much stress from the many complaints about the game being 1/3 voice acted :P

          But who knows, Maybe !f had that weird spontaneous moment where they decided that THIS game should be handled with the best care because they believe THIS (not saying it couldn’t) would make there company…..Kinda like XSeed did with Akiba’s Trip XD

  • ZT93

    This is great to see. I suffered through the original game, and thought it had potential. I will definitely pick this up when it comes around…and I pray the scourge known as Plutia isnt there to ruin my experience.

    • ShadowDivz

      Why didn’t you like Plutia?

      • Tyler Beale


        • ShadowDivz

          Yeah, i saw my friend play and i hated that too

          • Landale

            Can’t say I noticed much of that. Once or twice maybe, but she’s really not that bad.

          • Hikari Langley

            That makes her reallly cute~

      • ZT93

        I just didnt like the fact that she turned any person, friend or foe, into putty in her hands. EVERYONE was terrified of her, making our powerfully equivalent CPU’s suddenly worthless. Whatever Plutia told others to do, they did it. “Why are we going to Lowee?” “Because Plutia tortured me into doing so. End of story.”
        In my eyes, Plutia was a god-awful Invincible, Overly-Present, Mary-Sue character whom made even our big baddie from the previous game quiver in fear. Plus, you have to put up with this character the ENTIRE GAME, or at least as far as I got; which was Chapter 7 (3/4 of the way through). Also, from what Ive experienced, and heard from those who finished, Plutia is the solution to everything. Enough said.

        I won’t criticize anyone for liking her, and no offense to those who do, but personally I hope she simply disappears from the franchise. Plutia was the main reason I couldn’t finish Victory.

        • Landale

          She pushed for a few of the things that went on, but then so did other characters as well, and she was also very rarely the solution to a problem and was the cause of more than a few. I’m having a pretty hard time seeing how she was a mary sue at all to be quite honest.

          • ZT93

            My memory of the definition for a mary sue character may have faded, but I use that term because: She pushes the other characters around, and almost always gets her way. Anytime she didnt get it her way was met with a severe beating for someone, a bit like giving a selfish child way too much power.

            This is how I saw her. I cannot remember the actions of the other chars very well, since it’s been over a year since I touched it, so I cant give my opinion on them. All I do remember was a “strong dislike” for the new char Plutia.

          • Landale

            She pushed when matters needed to be pushed, beyond that she was quite willing to just let things go as they were.
            Severe beatings for things not going her way were incredibly rare, if they ever even occur in the first place. We openly see that she enjoys mind games. The few things that could have gone beyond mind games though, we never actually see. The few times she’s shown to be violent, it’s because her friends or family were at risk.
            She’s a sadist, but not actually abusive. She finds the other girls’ limits, and then generally makes it a point to not cross those lines. She toys with them frequently, but it’s never more than words. That’s also why her attention tends to drift away from the other girls and toward Neptune when she’s just messing around. Most of the girls have a low threshold for dealing with her, while Neptune proves to be willing and able to deal with her.

    • masterhiro

      well she is in the game fortunately for you though she will be dlc along with Histoire and yes Histoire is playable in this game X)

  • Zalin

    there are no finalized plans for any new titles at this particular moment. Is what they said last time then a week later neptunia rebirth1 was announced for the west.

  • ShadowDivz

    There was nothing wrong with the original games battle system.
    It was as enjoyable as it was practical =D.

    • Landale

      The lack of explanation for it, and that the enemy guard recovered real time in a turn based system forcing you to abuse animation skipping.
      I enjoyed the concept behind it, especially the item system, but even I’ll admit it was pretty flawed.

      • ShadowDivz

        Agreed. I din’t play the original much, so il probably get this.
        How did you recruit the goddesses in the original? My friends said some pretty mind boggling stuff.

        • mike dickson

          the way you recruit them is weird when your on the map screen notice theres a number of different color bars there empty you have to spam quest to fill it up and that depends at a certain landmass so example black heart is on lastation you have to do lastation side quest to put up the lastation gauge to the maximum but at the same time the other gauges will decrease once you get it to max you get a quest to face black heart rinse repeat on the other landmasses then boom you got all the goddess thats basically it

          • Landale

            The biggest potential issue with that was an unspoken detail as well. Neptune dying depleted Planeptune shares, without sending them anywhere. It’s entirely possible to burn through the overall share total to the point where you can’t raise any other landmass shares enough for recruitment. And that was a fairly expectable outcome as well, given that some of the areas had enemies that were obscenely overpowered compared to anything else in the area, stronger even than the boss types occasionally.

          • mike dickson

            wait dying actually effects it that much hopefully they change this completely in the remake

          • Landale

            I’m pretty sure that detail is gone. It’s been absent from every game but the first.

          • mike dickson

            ok thank god

  • Armageddon

    It’s neptunia whatever changes there will be it’s for the better. Based on their track record anyway.
    On another note: I hope they don’t remove the scene in the first cave.

    • ineedgames

      Yes, Neptunia games only get better and better. Can’t wait for Neptunia VII

  • Kayriss Wins

    I really want that Noire Spinoff, Senran Neptunia, and these Rebirth games, It’s a great year to be a Neptunia fan but that fact that there hasn’t been any localization announcements for the first two games I mentioned I’m a little nervous.

    • masterhiro

      Dont worry knowing both Nisa and Idea factory they might just split the publishing between each other to get the titles released or at least thats the feeling I got from all this when I saw That Idea factory had decided to start publishing for NA and EU just as alot of neptunia and other new IP titles were announced in japan

  • Zoozbuh

    “Every English voiced line in Re;Birth1 has been freshly recorded, and we are working with the same voice actors who have been in the Neptunia series.”
    YES, YES, YESSS. Instabuy for those amazing English voices (particularly Mellisa Fahn)

  • purpleheart727

    Does anyone think will get DLC day 1 ?

  • Alestaos

    Ah i hoped this had a release date for EU since my birthday is coming up. How would players rate this Story wise game play wise etc? Can i be emersed in there world and have fun and it still be a rpg? This is would be my first neptunia and first idea factory game
    ^^ Should i watch the anime or wait?

  • Jeremy Lafferty

    I imported the Noire SRPG, and I’ll buy it again if it gets localized. They gave us Neptunia PP, I don’t see why they wouldn’t bring over everything else too.

  • Dee Ealey

    wait. the ps4 game? when was it confirmed neptunia v2 was gonna be on ps4? did i miss something?

    • theBridgeburner

      It was announced as a PS4 exclusive a bit ago.

  • Vash bane

    comical …. the one word I did not want to see oh well. guess im off the bandwagon.

    • Landale

      Why’s that the one word you didn’t want to see?

      • darke

        Yeah, also confused. “We made a comedy/parody RPG more funny” seems a weird thing to complain about.

  • BlackGirlGamer123

    I hope v2 would allow us to walk around and go inside ACTUAL places and TALK to people… If you know what I mean.

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