Cancelled Horror Game Dark Deception Will Be Back

By Eugene . August 3, 2014 . 9:31am



Dark Deception looked like an interesting Kickstarter game. Its shortened premise: Think Pac-Man meets Silent Hill meets crazy evil monkeys. Then it closed the doors on funding.



Its developers, Glowstick Games, noted in an update that “it had become apparent [they’d] made some mistakes” and decided to quickly pull the plug.


The low number of backers—just 43 with only about $1,000 out of a $50,000 goal—probably helped with that indication. Glowstick hope to make adjustments to the game and re-launch it.




Dark Deception looked like it had promise, though. A fully 3D game with a hellish backstory, players are running away from monsters and trying to collect all the shards. It had Wii U support as well as Oculus Rift play.


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It also was to have starred the voice talent of Carolyn Seymour, the voice behind Gears of War’s Queen Myrrah. She would have played the role of Helen Bierce, the strange starlet who disappeared along with her legendary ring.


The dev team itself has worked on a variety of solid triple-A titles, including Uncharted 2 and 3, Gears of War, Silent Hill and Bioshock Infinite. We’ll be keeping an eye open for the re-release of this game.


Dark Deception was aimed for release on the Wii U and PC.


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  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    I would love if this big Kickstarter title won’t end up like Project Cars again though. Where they promise most on Wii U first and it end up delayed for next gen consoles which is not even mentioned on kickstarter.

    • landlock

      Problem with Project Cars though is they signed up with a big publisher so most likely lost some control.

      • CozyAndWarm

        This is one of the many reasons Kickstarter always leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Too many times a project is crowdfunded (i.e. bypassing a publisher contract/funding) only for a publisher/corporation to end up with the rights anyway. Oculus Rift getting bought by Facebook for billions is another blatant exploitation of the process.

        I know this isn’t really the place to argue this, but I agree with Mrgrgr here on what we should hope for.

        • darke

          Yeah, Oculus is really looking like the poster child for how to betray your backer’s expectations.

          Hopefully they’re not going to screwup; but they are hooking up with Facebook who seems to corrupt anything it touches with creepy, invasive social; and Samsung which is race-to-the-bottom-of-the-barrel (not that it’s necessarily a bad thing; but it doesn’t bode well for ‘innovation’ if people are expecting your product to be half-arsed from the get go).

        • TalesOfBS

          >Oculus Rift getting bought by Facebook
          Thanks, its bleeding again.

    • PreyMantis

      That controversy left bitter tastes on a lot of the backers. I don’t understand why they cannot just hold off the other systems’ release dates to line up with the Wii U’s.

      • darke

        Probably because they’re finding the WiiU is more troublesome to develop/optimise for then they expected.

        They aren’t the only studio which decided that has had to delay the WiiU version to get the others out; at least on the positive side the WiiU version is likely to be considerably less buggy since the other platforms have beta-tested for it.

  • Pattonfiend67

    Damn. Some of those drawings are f’ng wicked!!!

    Thanks for the article!

  • AAa

    mmm…..can i be honest here…the monsters looks rather…comedic. Also crazy evil monkey?? Oy Ape Escape.. gone horror

  • Tom

    I thought a Deception game is bearing this title. I found out it’s Deception III: Dark Delusion. This Dark Deception title is confusing…

  • This DOES look interesting… too bad I never heard of it the first time around. It certainly sounds like a great download though. The arcadey chase gameplay of Pac Man actually totally could be terrifying when done in fully 3D from first person. And the monster designs here – especially that kid with the long arms – are really creepy!

    Keep us posted on when they relaunch the campaign, Siliconera! I definitely want this on my radar!

  • Raymond

    Oh god….I could imagine me playing this game and yelling “NoooooooooooOoooOOO DON’T KILL ME” as I’m getting chased by demon kids and killer monkeys. Looks like fun!

  • Shade DMessiah

    I saw Markiplier and Pewdiepie play this. I did’nt know it was gonna be a full fledged game. That’s cool. I need more jumpy horror games on consoles like Outlast on ps4 and Zombie U on WIi U.

  • Inganno

    I played the alpha when it was released, and simple as it was, it was a genuinely terrifying experience. Then again, a first person Pacman would be.

  • Snorlaxation

    I’m enticed. I’ll easily admit, I’ve seen scarier shit, but really, these are creepy enough. All they need is the right music/sounds/atmosphere, and they’re set. Wish I’d been able to play it.

  • Glowstick Games

    Dark Deception Kickstarter is relaunching this week. Stay tuned :)!

  • Glowstick Games
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