Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s New Charge Blade, Dual Blades, And Heavy Bowgun Features

By Sato . August 4, 2014 . 12:31pm


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate brings new and familiar monsters to the table, giving Hunters more of a challenge than before. To help in the hunt, new features are being added to the Charge Blade, Dual Blades, and the Heavy Bowgun in the game, and Famitsu have provided a rundown of these.



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The Charge Blade, which made its debut in Monster Hunter 4, is a weapon that can switch between sword and axe forms, that lets you charge up energy to unleash powerful attacks.

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In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, the weapon gets a new feature with a shield thrust attack while in Sword mode, and a powerful spin-attack in its Axe form.



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The Dual Blades also have a new feature in the Archdemon mode (the one that activates after Demon mode with a full gauge) that allows you to use your finishing move, but instead of experiencing the normal delay, you’ll be able to keep on attacking with continuous combos.


Finally, the Heavy Bowgun also gets an additional bump in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate; however, this only applies to weapons of six-star rarity and higher.

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The new Heavy Bowgun feature lets you unlock the weapon’s limits that allows you to use a FireWyvern shot, and then attack with other shots while reloading the FireWyvern ammo. This also decreases the weapon’s downtime while waiting for the reload.


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be released in the West in early 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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  • Namuro

    No details about the new “attack-boost mode” for the Charge Axe?

    Here’s from Kogath’s blog:

    “In Blade mode you can now do a shield bash which can also combo into the the big elemental burst attack. This change makes it so now the Elemental Burst can be used in both Blade and Axe modes.

    The Elemental Burst can also now be canceled out of, which will put you back in Blade mode. Doing so will transfer the energy to your shield and a red shield icon will appear next to your Sharpness bar.

    This new state is called Elemental Power Up (属性強化状態). Certain moves will be powered up in this state, and the Elemental Burst will use all your phials as well as the charge in your shield to unleash a devastating attack.”

    Visit his blog for more Monster Hunter stuff:

    • Thanks for the plug. :D

  • ronin4life

    “There are new Bowgun features… but I can’t say what they are yet LOLZ”
    *Posts about features 1 week later*

    • triablos

      I dont think this is what it is. I knew about the wyvern fire back then

  • KuroNathan

    I’m confused by the HBG’s change. You can already reload between wyvern fire shots…. so uhh, what’s new?

    • Namuro

      Here’s a better explanation by Kogath.

      “Heavy Bowguns can now preload WyvernFire Shot, then load another ammo type and use the WyvernFire whenever they want.”

      • KuroNathan

        I was hoping for something more significant…. but that’s ok I guess. Better then nothing.

        • Namuro

          What were you hoping for?

          • KuroNathan

            something that would expand HBG’s crouch fire for instance. like letting it move very slowly or something of that like. Maybe charged shots where you hold down the fire button.

          • Namuro

            Sounds like a Gunlance. LOL

          • Diarek

            I already think its Gunlance, that WyvernFire name, from what i understand, its like you has an under-slung barrel to house an WyvernFire Shell next to your standard barrel, So its Gunlance, without a lance and a shield. That armor wielding the HBG looks amazing though, its like you has two shoulder cannons for extra boom. Anyone know which armor is that ?

          • Namuro

            That’s the Seltas and Seltas Queen armour. It is a pretty great-looking armour, and has some nice skills, too.


            It’s a new gunner armour, likely a G-Rank variant. I have no idea what the set’s skills are.

        • Ruins72

          that’s not all they’re getting. Everyone seems to be missing this. bowguns in general are getting something new that they’re waiting to reveal they said.

  • Spider-Man

    Neat. Greatsword needs more love tho. Even though I’m aware of its features in 4.

    • Namuro

      Look up the Great Sword in Frontier. They added some really cool new moves for it!

      • Attribule

        Looking up a weapon in a spin-off doesn’t do any good if the changes aren’t actually in the core series.

        • Namuro

          Well, at least you get to see some pretty neat ideas that MIGHT make it in the numbered series in the future.

  • shuyai

    havent play Mohunt in a long long time but is it still true that alot of weapon still reuse the same texture and model? i remember i use to slave away trying to craft new greatsword and being disappointed that most of them just looks exactly the same as the first greatsword or a few other thats you already seen

    • decus

      Pretty much, yeah, to some extent. Though the new monsters always give a handful of new ones or whatever and depending on how long a “long long time” is you might only recognize a handful for each weapon type.

    • Attribule

      No. Not even remotely true. I’m guessing the last time you played was 1st Gen or something which is essentially the Stone Age for MH.

      • shuyai

        No the last Mohunt i play is mohunt3 on psp and if you say thats no true that you are being a delusional fanboy because while nearly every boss has a new set of weapon, every other weapon(the one that use material from different boss) reuse the same model and texture, which is why huge number of weapon looks exactly the same

        • Ruins72

          yeaaaaah, nooooooo…You must not have gotten far at all. You realize MH in general, even P3rd alone had hundreds of weapons in each class each with different models except for the first 1 or 2 upgrades, which makes sense actually. Also “every other weapon(the one that use material from different boss) reuse the same model and texture” shows me you have no idea what you’re talking about, at all. As of MH4 now, there are 14 weapon classes, with 12 of those having dozens if not over a hundred different branches in their trees. The 2 new ones have slightly over a dozen different endgame forms which is only going to multiply several times over in 4G/U. If you gave up after making a weapon and upgrading it once (which is usually the upgrade before a major change in model) then that’s on you not the game.

    • Namuro

      I don’t know, I think the weapon variety is quite vast and varied, especially in MH4. Have a look at some of the Great Swords (these are just from MH3, by the way):

      There are some in there that look similar, but that’s only because they’re upgrade versions of the same weapons; such as the green bone-sword that can be upgraded into a green bone-sword with yellow pelt cover, or the rusty sword that can be upgraded into a damaged sword, and finally into a tombstone-like sword.

      Other than that, they’re quite different, in designs, shapes, and colours.

  • SMT

    I hope they also somewhat tweaked the long swords, I don’t want them nerfed like in MH4 :(

    • Namuro

      If you’re talking about the changes in the spirit gauge system, I doubt they’ll change it back. People were complaining that it made the Long Sword too overpowered. If anything, I say it’s more “balanced” now.

      • triablos

        Are there any differences between longsword in 3U and 4?

        • Namuro

          The biggest change is the way the Spirit Gauge reduces. In MH3U, when the red gauge expires, it will revert to the yellow gauge, so you can get back to the red gauge quite easily. But in MH4, when the red gauge expires, it goes back to nothing, and you have to start collecting the gauges again from scratch.

          Also, there’s a new move in MH4, where you can connect a Fade Slash into a Spirit Round-Slash combo. So you can feint an escape from a monster with a backward Fade Slash, then quickly close the distance into a combo. It’s pretty cool!

          • triablos

            The fade slash combo sounds really useful, especially for congalala and his uncontrollable gas lol

      • SMT

        At the very least, performing the spirit gauge combo with a red gauge should reset the timer. And it’s hardly a balance when GS, Hammer (And Insect Glaive, but who knows the extent to its nerfing in 4U) basically allow you to hunt monsters twice as fast because LS is now overall weaker (Since you can’t maintain the attack bonus).

        Hammer’s disadvantage of hitting other players now became an advantage, whereas LS can still be problematic for multiplayer… Making the hammer, that is already stronger than the LS, stronger, and the LS weaker – is not balance.

        • Namuro

          That depends on how the players play, in my opinion. There are some monster that I can kill more quickly with the Long Sword than any other weapons.

          Also, here’s a quote by GaijinHunter:

          -Why people are bitching-
          “In MH3U the red did not reset to nothing. What this really means is you have to play aggressive and smart during a red gauge to be really effective, making what used to be a great weapon for beginners a weapon for pros.”

          Personally, I quite like the change, it adds to the challenge. But that’s just me.

  • Go2hell66

    Well charge blade just sounds OP. If the damage output is anything like hammer and greatsword i might just drop those weapons right there and then

    • triablos

      Its half sword and shield, aka one of the worst weapon types

      • Jonathan Hume

        The weapon itself may share a similar design with the aforementioned Sword and Shield when in sword mode, but that doesn’t mean it shares any stat modifiers with it. Sure they may look similar but the movesets, speed and raw power of the weapons are quite different from one another.

        • triablos

          Sure, but most of the heavy damage is going to be done in the axe mode.

          Anyway, I think you should use whatever weapon type you want, OP or not. Luckily you can easily put restrictions on yourself in monhun, like not fully upgrading your weapons. But ultimately the only thing that changes is the quest time.

          In multiplayer it’s a slightly different story, but to be honest I’d be more worried about you flinging me about with charge strikes than the monster dying too fast.

    • decus

      They buffed GS too by letting you keep a level 3 charge after using a level 3 charge. Most broken weapons are probably still HBG and Bow slime, if you’re talking 4 person hunts, though 4-man GS videos are hilarious now too thanks to the charge change allowing for chain KO.

  • wererat42

    Wasn’t there already a weapon that changed between sword and axe? The Switch Axe?

    • Pedro Furtado

      The Switch Axe in MH3P didn’t have a shield though (I think), so I think they decided to call it something else, maybe.

    • Attribule

      Charge Blade uses the same concept as the Switch Axe but is a unique weapon type similar to Lance and Gunlance.

    • Namuro

      Just think of it this way:

      Switch Axe: Axe ➡ Great Sword (with special move)

      Charge Blade: Sword & Shield ➡ Axe (with special move)

  • Houten Lee

    If I didn’t read on after seeing the heavy bowgun picture I’d almost say the new addition would be twin shoulder mounted bow gun so you can shoot while you shoot lol

    • Namuro

      Yo Dawg, I heard you like shooting… Ah yanno the rest.

  • Ric Vazquez

    Charge Blade and Insect are goint to be my new weapons of choice, especiallly the charge blade, the one from Brachydios looks so awesome.

  • J_Joestar

    Wonder if HHs will get any tweaks in 4U?
    i heard they already got a new move that lets you get out notes a bit faster in 4 but i wonder if it is useful from a raw damage point of view.

  • MaskedHeroxx

    Monster hunter so cool

  • Dr. Mario

    I hope they include Jaggi Rare Species into 4U
    PD: I hope LS gets fixed

  • Bernard Walker

    When will the hammer get a new move?
    X+A moves for other weapons
    Great sword rising slash
    Long sword fade slash
    Sword & shield jumping slash
    Dual blades butterfly slash, demon flurry (full gauge)
    Hunting horn full smash or backward strike
    Lance backhand slash
    Gunlance rising slash or wyvernfire
    Switch axe rising slash (axe mode) discharge thurst (sword)
    Heavy bowgun crouching shot
    Bow melee attack and equip coating
    Charge blade lunge slash (sword) upswing (axe)
    Insect glaive vertical slash or frontal slam

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