Chaos Rings III Is About The Journey To A Mythical Blue Planet

By Sato . August 7, 2014 . 3:00am


Square Enix recently shared a first look at Chaos Rings III: Prequel Trilogy, the PlayStation Vita’s version of Chaos Rings III. The official website also shared a few new details including the game’s story and details on two key characters.


New Paleo is a coastal city located on the floating continent found in the vast skies. It is here, where adventurers from around the world gather for their dreams and desires… in order to get to the far-off heavens, the planet “Marble Blue”.


Treasure, unexplored areas, mystical creatures, and myths, the blue planet has everything adventurers could ask for, making it very well worth risking their lives.


In a small town located far away from the city, lived Nasca, along with his younger sister and livestock. After hearing a mysterious voice which led Nasca to the garden, he meets a beautiful lady.



She tells him: “You must go…. to the mother planet that shines in the heavens—Marble Blue”.


A world that has yet to be discovered, with treasures that can grant any wish. A myth that will be talked about until the end of time. It is here, where the grand journey of a thousand years of thoughts, begins.





Nasca is a 16-year old boy who lives with his sister Patty on the floating island Sierra located in the second satellite called Thea. After finding himself in a mysterious garden, and meeting a beautiful lady, he decides to go to the Marble Blue.


Since he was a young child, it’s been his dream to find the “Paradisos,” a mythical paradise that is considered Marble Blue’s biggest mystery.




Leary is a young girl who decides to take the Explorer License exam together with the protagonist. While living in the suburbs of the floating island New Paleo, her father and only blood relative, got taken away by an unknown person. Leary then decides to go to Marble Blue, to seek her father and the criminal who took him away.


Chaos Rings III is slated for release in Japan on October 16, 2014 for PlayStation Vita, iOS, and Android.

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  • I love this art style more than the one they used in the previous games, it looks similar with redjuice or NIL’s art

    • CycloneFox

      Completely agree! As opposed to the first game, I would really love to play this. It looks really beautiful now.

    • iamakii

      I love the KH vibe I get from this upcoming game, definitely will try this one out.

  • Ganali Castillo

    Male main character kinda looks like Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Coincendence

    • triablos

      I think not!

  • Would I have needed to play the other 2 previous games to play this one? This one sounds really nice, and I would love to play it on my Vita if it gets localized like the others.

    • Rohan Kishibe

      This game will have Chaos Rings 1, Omega, and 2 bundled with it (at least on vita) so you should be fine :)

      • Ty Austin

        Mind posting a link with that info? Everything I’ve read so far on this site has said nothing about all the games being bundled.

        • Rohan Kishibe

          You can actually find it on this site. Just follow the chaos rings 3 tab

          • neo_firenze

            I don’t see anything in any of the other Siliconera articles on the game (or from any other source) confirming that any of the previous Chaos Rings games will be bundled with this Vita release.

            If I’m missing something, a direct link or official quote/announcement would be appreciated.

      • Cool, thanks =)

  • Impressionnant

    I preferred the character design of the first one. Why’d they have to turn Chaos Rings into another 16 year old shounen adventure thing?

  • EtherealEarth

    I still don’t get the “Prequel Trilogy” part.

    Is it a prequel to the Chaos Ring Trilogy (Chaos Ring I, II, and possibly IV?), or there are three parts to this prequel of Chaos Ring? :/

    • leeorv

      Actually, Chaos rings currently has 3 games (Chaos Rings, Chaos Rings Omega and Chaos Rings II). Chaos Rings Omega was released second but is chronologically first.

      I too don’t know what they mean by “prequel Trilogy” though.

      • Rafael Budzinski

        …because it’ll have the trilogy that precedes the new game. So, the prequel trilogy. ;D

        • leeorv

          Well, that’s my hope too, but I highly doubt it.

          • Rafael Budzinski

            …well, I hope too. Until now, everything makes me believe so…>.<

          • The official site lists it that way, but I don’t think I saw Omega named?

  • Heropon

    Just check the website . Look like they replace the old composer .

    • H_Floyd

      No, Noriyasu Agematsu is listed as the composer.

      You got my hopes up. I think Agematsu is the weakest of the Elements Garden unit. Junpei Fujita or Hitoshi Fujima would have been better choices. Or better yet, Media.Vision should go back to hiring Michiko Naruke to score their games.

      • Heropon

        I am not sure about Hitoshi Fujima but Junpei ‘s music in Wild arm XF is bland . Agematsu is good enough for Chaos ring series

  • Guest

    The story sounds great. Gotta love Chaos Rings, even if the art changed.

  • gangrelion

    This one looks way more generic than the other games. A teenager looking for a special something that grants wishes. The anime art-style. a Beautiful maiden as one of the main elements. I thought one of the main settings in the seires was the world’s end, but even this is not here…until now

  • Tincho Kudos

    Looks very generic so far.

  • Yan Zhao

    Sora and Nanami, is that you?

  • Rusworch

    Uh… This protagonist is 16? Really?
    What happened to all the mature ADULTS from the previous games?

    • Shippoyasha

      Does that even matter at all? The former game protags still looked like teens.

      • Rusworch

        I’d beg to differ, but what’s the point? It’s just a matter of opinion.

  • David García Abril

    The previous art style felt more distinctive. :(

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Nasca…. Sora is that you?

    • That’s not Sora! It’s an accumulation of SE characters… with style.

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        Its the bouncer

        • I didn’t know SE was this eco-friendly. No point throwing out old or good designs, just recycle ’em.

        • Ric Vazquez

          Yep, this si exactly what I thought when I first saw Sora. I wish The Bouncer would come out on PSN as a PS2 Classic even though it’s almost impossible.

  • Zen Grenadier

    Sounds a bit like lunar 2.

    And this mythical blue planet. Its not Earth is it? I think I’ve seen enough of that trope in other games already. Then again I hope they do find it and it’s actually a desert wasteland.

    And then they get captured by adept mechanicus and sacrificed to the Emperor of Mankind. The end.

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    The art is awful, it’s generic Squeenix stuff. Original CR had very tasteful art for all their characters, even Ayuta and Zhamo which were the [initially at least] weak links~.

  • Zypharium

    The art is good, but I prefer the old one. It’s too cute for my taste. Nevertheless, I want to play this game so badly. It has been like ages since I played Chaos Rings.

  • spyro20

    the male character looks like sora from kingdom hearts 2.

    • Skye Johnson

      I was thinking the same thing.

    • yeah , what a rip off
      i prefered by a country mile the previous heroes

      • spyro20

        hows it a rip off? it’s made by square enix who also works on kingdom hearts. besides, the character looks cool.

        • dude come on
          you know what i mean
          the character doesnt look like sora ,you told it yourself

          and yeah ripp off is a bit strong but you see the idea there

          • spyro20

            i did not say “the character doesn’t look like sora” please read the two comments i told you about, square enix works on this game project, therefore they must have had the idea to do the character design as something special and related to another franchise as a complement and could be used as a collaboration or crossover to kingdom hearts. other game companies do this also, so don’t panic. -_-

  • Ric Vazquez

    I”m really digging this art style although I prefer the old one, hopefully SE will make this into a good game *crosses fingers*

    • Lester Paredes

      I think it’s actually being done by Media.Vision. The folks behind wild Arms.

      • Ric Vazquez

        All the more reason to like it, thanks for that info.

  • revenent hell

    Dear Lord……..Sora look a likes are really damn popular now a days.
    That’s not to say I dislike the art style because that’s not the case but I cant even express how tired I am of most male characters in games looking like this…There are so many colors in the world yet developers insist on making all their male teenagers brown haired and Sora-esq…

  • Guest999

    i remember lunar: eternal blue when reading Mythical Blue Planet..

  • Maia Kasoya

    I thought Sora the moment I saw the pic of the protagonist.
    And that girl looks like Namine, too.

  • 4shiki

    Leary looks really adorable.

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