Final Fantasy Record Keeper Turns Memorable Fights Into 16-Bit Style Battles

By Spencer . August 8, 2014 . 2:23am

Square Enix is banking on Final Fantasy nostalgia again for Final Fantasy Record Keeper. This smartphone game has a meta story where you help Deci, a student working under Dr. Mog, to enter paintings which contain memories of various Final Fantasy games. By entering say Final Fantasy VII, you can unlock characters from that game and bring them into other Final Fantasy games.


That’s how we end up with Kain from Final Fantasy IV and Snow from Final Fantasy XIII fighting Rufus or Dark Knight Cecil helping Terra destroy Magitek Armor.


Final Fantasy Record Keeper will be released on iOS and Android soon.

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  • Sora96

    Hopefully Nomura didn’t work on this one too after ATB’s mess.

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      Yeah, I’m really surprised that Nomura and Ito were actually involved in making that abomination, something I would expect from Toriyama.

      • Sora96

        That was a different Ito, it was the KH Re:coded Ito. Toriyama doesn’t do mobile games.

        • Stephen Mc Devitt

          Well you think micro-transactions would be his thing given his track record and tarnishing the Final Fantasy name.

          Why doesn’t HE just make mobile games from now on and let more competent people make console games?

          • Sora96

            Yes, tarnishing. Yep, because he’s the only one who works on games these days. Kitase’s right there approving everything he does.

  • revenent hell

    If this gets a release in NA I am going to be one conflicted individual.

    I rather like the idea of being to go in to the paintings and fighting the memory within and getting the characters but I don’t like how there’s not much depth to the story outside of that. What has been said for Deci going in to the pictures is all rather bland to hear for me.

    I am of the mind there should be a better reason for doing so than just because one can and that’s how it kind of sounds to me.. I would probably take to it better if there was a actual reason for Deci to be doing this…. Like to prevent a great catastrophe from happening in their world he/she has to go in to these memories to get items that can prevent the disaster from happening or something along those lines.

    Really, when developers make games with predominantly the usage of their other games, I consider it to be less work on their part so I think the least they can do is give a damn good story outside of those to pull it all together.

    • Astralwyrm

      In the Trailer the paintings were going black, thats probably a hint that Deci has a reason to be entering the paintings. DR Mog wouldn’t make much money from a gallery of picture frames.

      • revenent hell

        Personally I just got the impression of that as “having to save the memory worlds” which isn’t overall an impressive thing to me in itself simply because its about the painting worlds and not Deci’s.

        I’d like to see a bit more focus and effort that has to do with the world Deci lives in since the game has him as the Protagonist from what has been viewed and remarked upon. I wand and would like to see more depth there.

  • Yaro

    This isnt just a reskin of that abomination All the Bravest?

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    I’m getting really sick of Square-Enix showing all their past big titles just show their new game, not even a mainline roman numeral title. Because WHO wants a big epic game with a grand story, various characters and gameplay based on Kingdom Hearts on a brand new console at 1080p when we could have tiny F2P games with sub-par artwork, cynically pasted in nostalgia and timed-pay-walls?(!)

    It’s as if Square-Enix was saying “Hey, remember all these classic Final Fantasy games we’ve once put a lot of time into? Well, it’s all come to THIS point! The apex of Final Fantasy! Download it on mobiles and tablets now so you can give us loads of that sweet-sweet micro-transactions-money!”

    • revenent hell

      I feel ya, but I kind of get why they do it.

      Mobile gaming is actually popular in Japan so they make mobile games simply to feed off of that, it just so happens that its extremely cheap and easy to do and you end up with much more profit than what you actually had to put in to the game time, effort and money wise.

      While I normally wouldn’t begrudge them this I do feel they focus to much on “mobile” games instead of console ones and that has indeed made me bitter towards them.

      Its kind of like a big screw you to the people that helped the company become what it is, by buying their products to begin with thusly endowing them with profit, by ignoring console gamers as they seem to be doing as of late.

      • Stephen Mc Devitt

        But what about us western fans? We deserve better than this. Isn’t Square-Enix aware of how we saw All The Bravest? Even big sites gave the game a 1/10 or actively warning us not to buy it.

        What am I saying? The AAA industry is run uneducated manchildren.

        • DeepSleeper

          Wuh bluh bluh, what about WESTERN fans? So much more IMPORTANT than Japanese fans!
          Get past yourself.

          • Misty Dawson

            No but we also enjoy their games so why can’t we express our feelings about them as well? The audience that plays your games should be looked at as a whole, not sectioned off. I don’t pay final fantasy because it’s conveniently on my phone, I play it because I love the characters and the story… But since it’s all about one piece of their audience, their opinions are the only ones that matter. Or should matter, right?

          • Tienron

            most likey because when they make games they make it for japan, only afterwards does international take place, to be honest aslong as it sells in japan they actually dont care about the outside world, it’s just a formality

        • revenent hell

          I am a western gamer…..and I stated what I thought above.

          I don’t think they shouldn’t make mobile games but I think there should be equal focus on both mobile and console games, a happy medium.

          Mobile games bring in a great deal of profit for frankly minimal effort and work, so I am not quite hateful enough yet to begrudge anyone easy money but they should start focusing more on console games, since frankly its safe to say we (console gamers) feel slighted at this point, rather than “all mobile” ones simply because that’s an easier way to go.

        • MinakoArisato

          You know… When it comes to things like listening to fans and what they want…

          The japanese people don’t get us westerners.
          They simply do not understand what we want.
          I mean, Japan always was a bit introverted when it comes to global things. If they could, they would strictly do their own thing.

          Of course there are exceptions, but I have a very valid source for this. I don’t know, if I am allowed to link videos.
          But just browse through “Gaijin Goombah”s channel. He can explain it much better than I can.

          • Stephen Mc Devitt

            Oh, I already saw Gaijin Goombah’s rant so you don’t you worry about me.

            What’s even stranger is that Square used to get it but I guess successors like Wada and Toriyama don’t get it like Sakaguchi, Matsuno, Ito and even Nomura when you remember Kingdom Hearts having Disney characters and the humor had to be Disney-esque.

            While Arc System Works, Atlus and Koei-Temco gets it, big companies like Capcom, Sqaure-Enix and (especially) Konami don’t get, probably will never get it and will likely not survive this generation for not getting it.

          • MinakoArisato

            Maybe, lets see what the future brings.
            I am only interested in Atlus at the moment and the only thing from Squeenix that would get my attention would be Star Ocean or Valkyrie Profile.

    • Godspoken

      I guarentee you the people making shovelware like this are not related to the people working on FFXV and KHIII, and the cost to make something like this is insigifnificant compared to those games.

      • Stephen Mc Devitt

        Well priorities are still messed unless XV does in fact show in TGS, which is in itself unlikely because, for some reason, XV lost the Yebis 2 engine for the lighting effects so I imagine we’ll hear Shinji Hashimoto once again say “Please wait a little while longer.”

        How long? We’ve been waiting for a LONG time. If the company won’t even explain why’s there’s no new info or anything like that, tell us why. Is the game really that big, is there more animations than Assassin’s Cred Unity? Is Nomura going back and forth with re-writing plot-points like Stanley Kubrick?

  • Göran Isacson

    Huh. Welp… at least it looks like all the battles and bosses will get somewhat redone and/or retouched sprites. That would indicate some level of effort going into this. More than what they gave for ATB…

  • seyEliveD

    It’s really too bad that SE isn’t keeping Final Fantasy as a premium title, especially since it’s their flagship series. When a series is exploited at every available opportunity consumer interest drops exponentially (see FFXIII-3).

    • James Robert Thompson

      This is Square Enix, who are notoriously dismissive of their western audience… They probably consider Dragon Quest is their flagship title, and they are keeping that premium… for the most part atleast, DQM Superlight is an exception.

      • Codi Schumacher

        Well if they keep being dismissive of their western audience they only have themselves to blame if they go under

  • I really wish they could stop reusing old screenshots and artwork, it just breaks the graphic line or at least if they’ll reuse work, why not Amano’s? Amano illustrated pretty much every Final Fantasy so his ilustrations would feel in line with each other but oh well, can’t really expect quality on mobile games no? :V

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