This Touching Game Asks You To Restore A Girl’s Memory

By Eugene . August 9, 2014 . 9:30am


Deemo is a mix between a rhythm game and a heartbreaking story. And some amazingly beautiful art.




You’re Deemo, the dark, shadow-looking creature living all by yourself in a lonely castle. One day, a beautiful little girl falls out of the sky. Having forgotten everything, she looks to Deemo for help. The piano in the castle begins to grow a tree every time Deemo plays it, which is where you come in with the music portion.


9 10

There are some 33 different piano tracks from various genres included for you to play through and ace. These play like normal rhythm games, with notes coming down from the top you’ll have to hit as they cross a lower bar.



As you play, Deemo wonders what will happen once the girl returns, leaving it alone again. Or what will happen should the girl regain her memories and have to deal with the truth.


Deemo is out now on iOS and Android. According to the game’s store page, “the Free version has limited story progress, unlock the Full version to enjoy the full experience of Deemo.”

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  • Michael Martin

    Am I the only one who got the wrong idea when they read “touching game?”

    • Elias Villa Estrada

      Yeah it’s just you. How does that make you feel

    • Weeb

      I wouldn’t exactly call it the wrong idea.

    • Stephen Mc Devitt


    • shinserph

      You weren’t the only one.

    • awat


  • anarchy_panty

    This actually looks pretty good. I might download it and give it a try later.

  • joseph joestar

    I love this game
    I hope it gets a secuel!

  • Raze

    Deemo’s demo hahah

    It’s actually nice
    Haven’t had a chance to play this
    But Cytus is nice one for a rythm
    So I think this will be good too

  • FlobotingIt

    This is an alright game. I need to play it with headphones. The one thing that got me was that when I was playing it, as you hit the notes, they sound out of beat/rhythm

    • Dasheble

      That’s because you keep hitting the notes off-key xD
      The game is designed to play notes according to the player’s input.

      • FlobotingIt

        …Shhh… The world doesn’t need to know my lack of beat and rhythm capabilities… Just shh…

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    So much “EMMMO-SHUNS!”

  • I knew their style looked familiar. It’s the same guys that made Cytus.

  • Mila

    This studio is so talented , like i don’t even know what they could do if they make a console game ..

  • z_merquise

    I’m not much into rhythm games but I really love the art. I’ll download and try it.

  • Fastchrone

    well, this is pretty good for rhythm gamer. my fave song is nine point eight – mili

  • Zak Ledward

    Art reminds me a little of VanillaWare. Definitely interested in this, I’m a total sucker for Little Girl emotion stories.

    Fingers crossed I don’t commit suicide when drama hits the fan

  • SlickRoach

    I heard about this game after hearing Deemo being featured as a unit in a collab with Brave Frontier in JP. Unfortunately rhythm games are harder than Demon’s Souls to me but since it’s free I tried it out anyway.

  • Rafael Martines

    Android and iOS? nevermind

  • Kyosuke Yoshino

    “This Touching Game Asks You To Restore A Girl’s Memory”
    Like… Ciel nosurge?

    • aquagon

      Precisely the same thing that came to my mind when I read the title.

  • mojack411

    Well it looks like by buying the full version you can experience the whole stroy but you still have to buy additional songs if you want them.

  • I really love the artwork and the story is simple, yet intriguing enough. I do like rhythm based games, so this will be a instant buy for me.

  • Shade DMessiah

    Wings of Piano makes you feel like such a badass when you do it on the hardest difficulty.

    • MXC

      Woah there have Wings of Piano is nice but have you tried Suika or Entrance(My favs not that Wings of Piano isn’t also)

      • Shade DMessiah

        I’ve played them all, of course. Saika is a close second on my favorite song, but wings of a piano makes me feel….i dunno…like im playing the wings of a piano lol.

  • Ric Vazquez

    This looks like it may be a feel trip

  • Snorlaxation

    Sad ending is the only ending.

    (We’ll see)

  • I wouldn’t be surprise if Sony nabs this IP for their VITA handheld console. I don’t mind :P

    Looks like a story mixmash of Child of Light & Firefly/HTOL and gameplay of Beatmania/DJ MAX:

  • Rafael Budzinski

    …this game is just awesome. The best experience in the genre on mobile I had so far. As they did with Cytus, I’d love Rayark Inc. released this on the Vita. And Implosion, of course. ;D

  • Skye Johnson

    I’m not usually one for rhythm games, but I found this one to be very enjoyable. The vast amount of customizable difficulty settings helped ease into things and allows you to progress without feeling frustrated. The songs are very fun (and relaxing, in some cases), too. I like the art style.

    It also helped that the iOS full version was the free app of the week last week, so free game, with extra music packs consisting of the “in-app” services. The ‘story,’ though, is extremely minimal and very bare bones, told mostly through a few scarce picture ‘cutscenes’ that don’t last long and leaves you to piece together what it’s trying to tell. So if you were expecting more depth and dialogue (my tree is at 15m right now, and Deemo is does not talk), you aren’t going to get that. But it’s cute, for what it’s worth. I really like the music though.

  • Sanagi Isanomi

    is there a lossless or 320k link for the OST collection, consider this game has been released since last year ?
    I can only found crappy 192k…..

  • Jeff Liang

    Currently, you can play 46 wonderful piano tracks (with 3 variations
    each – Easy, Normal Hard). However, 21 of these tracks are in-app
    purchases (full-version payment excluded).

    I’ve been waiting for days for the next update and of course, the continuation of the story (second arc). I love this game (the intriguing story, amazing art, and more-than-decent variety of music). The game price is definitely more than justified.

    • Sanagi Isanomi

      how much do I have to pay to get the story part and all the song up till now?

      • Jeff Liang

        About 18 USD in total. 2 dollars for the full version, and 4 dollars for each of the four song collections (currently, there are 5 to 6 songs per collection). Don’t worry though because new songs may be added to each song collection after game updates.

  • Princess_Eevee9

    The image that says Peach Lady that girl looks exactly like Serena from Pokémon X and Y.

  • Aristides

    This looks pretty awesome :P, a PSM release would be super.

  • Guest

    an Ok game at best, everything is ok (except the story, pretty bare bones and not as “touching” as you would think) but nothing is outstanding or at least good … fortunately it’s free, even if it’s very limited …

  • John Smith

    Cytus is a lot better, but Deemo is still pretty charming.

  • King mogz

    Love the game, found it when Deemo collaborated with BF Jp :) (side note: release the Deemo collab with BF Global!)

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