Tree of Savior Feels Like A Spiritual Successor To Ragnarok Online

By Eugene . August 9, 2014 . 3:27pm


Fans of Ragnarok Online’s cutesy 2.5D art style should keep an eye on another MMORPG coming up, Tree of Savior. Though they aren’t from the same devs, they do look pretty similar in style and feel.


The game was intended for a closed beta test in Summer, including an International version they announced in February, but that’s been delayed by the developers for further balancing.



There’s a lot to like with what we’ve seen so far, but for now here’s some of the new classes introduced by the developer. Some classes have been listed as pure crafting classes.



A class using both sword and shield, players will be able to also shield bash foes. This does bonus damage if the foe is frozen or petrified, which combos well with two other classes in the Creomancer and Elementalist classes. If you enjoy risky play, you’ll also be able to actually throw the shield at foes, but you’ll have to pick it up quick or it might disappear from the world.




Not the kind of person who sold indulgences, but rather a maker of Booster items that’ll help in attack or defense. They can also turn one of their skills into a consumable item! There’s word of a “Staying in the field after being logged out” feature which the Pardoner seems to also have some links to.




The spear wielder, they can go into an Overhand thrust stance which raises critical rates in exchange for lowered evasion. Perfectly countering foes with a shield bash and spear thrust will give them a counter bonus. They’ll also be able to deal some extra damage to gigantic boss monsters with their pokey stick.




Think of them as a kind of pet-based mage. Defeating certain monsters will drop cards, which can be inserted into a Sorcerer’s Grimoire. These then let you summon a devil version of these monsters who’ll fight for you. You can even mount them(!)


We’ll keep an eye on this title. Tree of Savior is intended for PC, with a multilingual client.

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  • deathman00789

    Really digging the style. Hopefully we see it in English.

  • Hound

    If it’s as monsterously difficult as pre-renewal Ragnarok Online, I’d play it like a mad person.

  • Art style looks interesting, combat however looks a little slow and boring? Time will tell I guess.

    • Yorai Dragon

      This is the latest video. Also would be nice if siliconera keeps the weekly updates on this gem. =). I have all of the latest info on my forum post. All the info and links in one place. Just a heads up though, the English blog updates either every friday or monday. This monday will be the last update until the 22nd due to a holiday in KR.

    • Suicunesol

      Looks more exciting than Ragnarok Online. I’d say par for the course for an RO inspired game.

  • CycloneFox

    I wish Ragnarok Online 2 would have looked like this.

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery
    • Spirit Macardi

      Dear lord, that was one of the worst game-based anime ever >.>

      • Not as bad as blazblue though, I think RO anime was actually quite good

        • Spirit Macardi

          It started promising, but then it devolved into medieval Evangelion.

    • Ni ~Algidus~

      we are the staaars sora wa kaketekuuu~
      I can’t forget this song.
      the RO anime was alright i still hate some developments that happened near the ending

  • Suzaku

    It’s not by the same studio, but the lead developer was the original lead developer for RO.

  • Love the concept and idea! And not to mention the design of the characters :)

  • JohnNiles


    I want an Etrian Odyssey MMO. ._.

  • MinakoArisato

    This looks astonishing!

  • Looks very nice! The art style is super neat, it reminds me sorta of Vanillaware artwork.

    I just got back into RO in the past couple days (after RO2 apparently doesn’t want me anymore due to that dumb as hell four-digit second password nonsense, UGH) and I’ve been having fun, especially with them having an actual working quest system in, so I wouldn’t mind seeing more RO-like games around. The 2.5D style was definitely one of the drawing charms of the game, and I’d hope this would have customizable stat placement, too.

    Also, /super/ digging Sorcerers.

    • $18114340

      What server do you play on? Do you play on iRO servers or on a private server?

      • Currently I’m playing on the Steam server, since it’s been the easiest place to start. I used to play on a private server that was handled by a friend of mine, but he wasn’t interested in attempting to dive into the code to do updates (since he had gotten the files from a previous person) for what amounted to three or four people. Which is a shame, nowhere else actually has reasonable exp/drop rates like that one (they were around 15x) and also put the level cap at 250– with a reset available for third level jobs.

  • You guys can follow news about it on

    It’s helping me with the wait

  • Kumiko Akimoto

    Was this the same thing people said when it first got announced?

    • It was the exact thing people said when the game was announced.

  • Sakurazaki

    The looks of this game was exactly why I loved RO so much.

    Not to mention that I hope the music is in similar tastes. soundTEMP da bess.

    • Gungnir IV

      soundTEMP is already confirmed to do at least some of the BGMs in ToS :)

      • Sakurazaki

        That’s really good news :D

  • ER_Mac3

    This game looks absolutelly beautiful, can’t wait for it! Brings the trully unique aspects of Ragnarok back and build much more based on it.

  • Era Angelus

    Wow.. this game looks breath taking.

  • Lemski07

    keeping an eye on this sht.

  • Ein

    This probably the only game I will play on pc

  • Where’s my assassins?

    • CheeseCake

      Yea. I need my fast attacker/evaders.

      Also that nice DoT poison damage

      • Jan Daryll Palanca

        Ahh your basic STR + AGI build!

        • Ferrick

          i think you mean AGI + LUK (added with crit damage+ cards) build ;D

          • Jan Daryll Palanca

            that too! but we poor assassins never had that luxury to get crit equips so we just have to settle with a 1 slot Lv.3 weapon with a sidewinder card for katar double attack action! XD

          • Ferrick

            yeah, but the dps was worth it (at that time), love seeing that hp bleed down to zero

          • Jan Daryll Palanca

            i really didn’t like the game’s (i.e ragnarok online..) transition over the new assassin classes. its like they’re straying away from what an assassin should be!
            they have somewhat turned them into a magic/casting class?! not only was it un-assassin like, but it turned out to be the strongest types of assassins yet! (assassin cross and guillotine cross..)
            and dont get me started with the ninja class…ughh…

          • Ferrick

            it’s pretty much unstealthy at this point
            speaking of which, tempted to make an guil cross with twin nacht seiger red and blue

    • Jan Daryll Palanca

      That job will probably make a comeback due to its popularity with 99.9% of all Ragnarok enthusiasts!

      • Hound

        I thought High Priest was the most popular followed by Heavy Tanker and One-shotter/Heavy AoE..

        • Jan Daryll Palanca

          Those classes are popular with serious mmo gamers, as for the rest of the casual players who just wants to see flashy moves, it’s the high DPS class of melee fighters!

      • RocKM001 .

        As long as they don’t make the Mage class absolutely useless I’m cool w/ this. They turned the Mage/Wiz from standard AoE glass cannon from the early days… to an over glorified fireworks maker as the game went on due to the insane MDef buffs given to monsters and player gears alike =/

        • Jan Daryll Palanca

          the mage classes from almost every mmo are pretty IMBA if you know what i mean..
          so it might be a nice change of pace if they did limit their capabilities to balance out the game’s game mechanics IMO…

          • RocKM001 .

            Mage’s are your traditional glass cannon class.. even on RO. A well played Sin or Hunter can knock one out fairly easily… They hurt a lot because they’re supposed to die even faster unless your paying attention.

            I play spellcasters because of risk vs reward mechanic for mages is a lot higher than a tank/ranged class IMHO. But when you take away what makes a mage a mage (ie. the cannon part) your left with a rather useless class of all risk and no rewards

          • Jan Daryll Palanca

            i know, that’s why i mentioned balancing out the game mechanics for all classes including the mage.
            since (like you mentioned) they’re quite useless fighting on equal footing against strong melee damage dealers. maybe they’ll become similar to the hunter class? (based on the trailer above)

    • Hound

      It seems like they’re trying to move away from the standard “DPS, Tanker, Ranger, Rogue, Area of Effect/Glass Cannon , Healer/Buffer” set-up. (unless my understanding of the descriptions are poor.)

      So far, it seems like there’s no healer to begin with (unless Pardoner plays the roll of buff and heal.)

      • Kenzor

        There’s a class called Cleric and an entire class branch from that, there are healers. Pardoner is a branch from Cleric.

        The classes in this siliconera article are 4 of the 80 classes.

        • Hound

          80? Ick. I guess I’ll pass then.

          There’s no way that a proper balancing test will yield outstanding enough results (unless every character is severely under pressure from RNG nonsense or they all play, hit, range, and tank in basically the same way)

          Knowing Korean MMOs (and having played far too many), making a single character would be too much of a nightmare just to realize that it’s severely tame compared to the alternatives.

          • Kenzor

            Well the way the classes work isn’t one class vs another since you have advancement tiers for your class branch and when you reach each tier, you can pick a different class within your branch (e.g. Cleric) and mix and match skill sets from multiple classes where each class probably has only a handful of skills unlike other Korean mmorpgs where a class means 30 skill. For instance pardoner has access to both Pardoner and Cleric skills then for a 3rd advancement you can pick some other class within the Cleric branch…or you could choose to specialise more in the things a cleric or pardoner does.

            I won’t try to explain the games mechanics further since it seems you’re the type of person who jumps to conclusions from a minuscule amount of information anyway as shown by your two posts so if you or anyone else is interested, the currently available information about this game is easily found on Google.

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery
  • zzzSleeping


  • WyattEpp

    It’s too bad it’s probably got a horrendous XP curve to draw out a longer grind. It looks like it’s got a lot more precision control than RO ever did.

    • meiam

      Yeah that’s what stopping me from actually getting excited about this game, I’m guessing I’ll play it for a bit just to try out the different class but I’ll never but a regular player since it would get very grind heavy.

  • SuperSailorV

    Stirring up some nostalgia looking at those sprites!

  • Cerzel

    Different developers to Ragnarok Online 2, maybe, but ToS is from the original creator of RO. It’s a spiritual successor in every sense.
    We also have SoundTEMP primarily in charge of the music again, along with RO’s free, quest-minimal, explorative gameplay, and individual maps for areas again.

  • To anyone interested; they keep their dev blog updated in English here, so you can keep up on the game and dig into info whenever you want:

    Also, it may not be the same dev studio, it does have some Ragnarok talent behind it, including the creator or RO. From

    “First known as Project R1, Tree of Savior is currently in development by IMC Games, founded by the “father of Ragnarok Online”, Mr Hakkyu Kim.”

    I am super excited for it. It’s gorgeous, charming and ambitious (there are 90 classes!). This storybookish, watercolory art is how I want a new Seiken Densetsu to look. I’m glad to hear Siliconera is gonna keep an eye on it! :D

  • thrak

    Why every class is presented by a female?…What is this new trend?…Are we living in all-female world now?

    • Yue D Andre

      Well, let be honest. Female chars is better in appearance than male.
      I myself usually choose female chars if it’s possible for the sake ‘i-can’t-stand-watching-a-male’.

  • Tarkovsky

    Ragnarok Online was awesome! Spent over 1000s of hours playing that game back in the day, I can still remember walking down the streets of Prontera and buying goods from the lovely player merchants. Definitely looking forward to ToS since it’s from the same developers.

    • Jan Daryll Palanca

      But then the bots came and ruined my gaming experience..
      Hopefully they can counter those 3rd party hacking [email protected] in this game.

  • Aristides

    I can’t wait to play this, it looks so awesome! RO was one of my first MMOs and I truly loved it ^__^

  • Kelohmello

    If there’s any definite worry I have for the game at the moment, it’s gotta be balance, so I’m pretty glad they’re delaying it to work on that. With the boatload of classes they have, and all the really crazy skills combined with a combat system that definitely allows for alot more freedom than Ragnarok did, there’s huge potential for this game to be broken. Alternatively with fine-tuning there’s potential for it to be the greatest MMO ever made. The latter is certainly what I’m hoping for.

  • NightzeroAX

    Dungeon Fighter Online and Ragnarok (Pre-Renewal). The only MMO’s worth a damn. ToS don’t fail me. Ragnarok as it is now is Turn-In online.

  • Lastlight

    This game looks sooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooodddd

  • the9reen9uy

    Absolutely cannot wait for this game.. been following it since its been first announced and am crossing my fingers for a hasty NA release, or at least a beta!

  • Rabbit

    Been waiting on this game for a while now. Excited c:

  • Mugiwara

    I’ve been looking forward this game for a while now… :D

  • Kuromadou

    welp, you don’t say ! XD

  • Ladius

    Despite not having played MMORPGs in ages I could end up giving this game a chance just because of its gorgeous art direction and nostalgia factor, it looks stunning.

  • Jeremy Lafferty

    The artwork looks like Vanillaware. I’m game.

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