How To Play tri-Ace’s Vita Game, Judas Code

By Sato . August 11, 2014 . 12:18am


Judas Code is an upcoming free-to-play PlayStation Vita game that offers a single player shooting mode, and a card game for its multiplayer action. 4Gamer provides another look and more details on how the game works.


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The action shooter part of the game will have you take cover and shoot down enemies. You’ll also be able to do stuff like throw grenades, but you might also need to move around when objects get destroyed, or even return enemy grenades back when they toss them your way.


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The basic weapon types are assault rifles, sub-machineguns, handguns, rocket launchers, and there are over 70 different weapons total. Additionally, there are over 30 skills like grenades and aerial bombardments.


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Judas Code is expected to have monthly updates with special scenario missions and limited events. tri-Ace will also have challenging high-difficulty missions for players who wish to have more challenges.


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The multiplayer card battle mode will give you different opponents everyday throughout the week. In this mode, you can use rewards you’ve acquired through the missions in single player, and even team up with other players to complete missions.


By getting high scores by teaming up with other players, some limited edition cards and other exclusive rewards can be acquired, as well.



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You can also check out more about the game’s story and characters, here and here.


Judas Code will launch on August 21 in Japan for PlayStation Vita.

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  • Maria Garcia

    any word if it will works on ps vita tv?

    • probably , ps nova is compative vita tv

  • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

    Title kinda mislead me into thinking I could actually get it and play it.

  • Armageddon

    This game looks a lot like Valkyria Chronicles. I was hoping more on Resonance of Fate -ish game.
    Looks good, I’ll wait maybe they’ill reconsider F2P…hopefully.

  • Jadfish

    The “movement” in this game looks like you can only move between set locations, instead of having free movement. Like, flick the left stick to the right and he’ll run over to another wall with a perfect view of the field.
    So all in all it looks like a light gun game for the Vita. A free to play light gun game without a light gun.

    I hope it’s good.

  • michel

    Looks great to me, so far.
    But how can I make Tri-Ace crazy enough to make this game available to Western Players? Perhaps by drugging their food?… :(

  • Kai2591

    Its a Vita game but the graphics look like a PSP one…?

    So is it simply a third person shooter or is it hybrid turn-based JRPG like Valkyria Chronicles?

    • Duc PC-QB

      ” … the graphics look like a PSP one…? ”

      You need to get your eyes checked sir

      • But he is right , it looks like an atari game to me (sarcasm)

      • Kai2591

        eh…but….they really do look like PSP graphics… :(

        I mean, other games like Spec Ops: The Line and Gravity Daze have far better graphics than this….

        (you even got 6 people liking your comment seemingly in agreement…*gasp* do my eyes fool me?! have I been living a lie?!)

        • Lastlight

          I remember when people were saying Shinobido 2 looked like a PSP game

          Then you realize that they probably never had a PSP because Shinobido Tales of the ninja was on the PSP and it looked NOTHING like Shinobido 2, infact it made it look like it was PS4 material

          Don’t believe me?

          People are forgetting how PSP games look like

          • Ladius

            I have to agree, there are a lot of comments like this regarding lowmid budget games and they tend to be rather overblown once you remember how games really looked on older platforms (not to say every game is a quantum leap in terms of graphics compared to similar budgeted games on the previous comparable platform, obviously). Those differences are even more striking for cross gen games, like Toukiden’s PSP and Vita version.

          • ronin4life

            Shinobido is not a good scale for this. It is always far uglier than Its systems can put out since it is a Budget style dev.

            Shinobido would look similar to a high end PSP game. And the PSP ones would naturally look even worse. So it doesn’t say anything to compare the two and judge the legitimacy of a third games criticism.

          • Kai2591

            The graphics of Shinobido 2 that you’ve shown me could pass as Vita graphics, I suppose, but definitely not PS4 material….

          • Lastlight

            When I said ‘infact it made it look like it was PS4 material’
            I was just Exaggerating…..

          • Harvey Tejada Loto

            the difference on this is models the scenery looks like ps2

        • X_Bacon

          Spec Ops: The Line? That’s not even on the Vita, did you mean to say another game?

          • Kai2591

            ooops. you’re right sorry. I meant to say a different game but I can’t remember the name at all…ah well nvm just forget abt it haha

      • To their defense it does look like an upscaled PSP game.

    • michel

      I’m playing Final Fantasy Type-0 on the PSP, at the moment, and it can’t even come close to the graphics of this game.
      As for your second question, it looks totally like a shooter to me.

      • Kai2591

        hmm ok I guess the PSP can’t reach this level of graphics and maybe I really am the one forgetting how PSP graphics really look like haha, but I guess what I really meant was that this game’s graphics could have been better given the Vita’s capabilities..

    • Harvey Tejada Loto

      maybe ps2 and what do you expect on free to play game

      • Kai2591


  • fayt255

    Please bring this this to the west I miss you tri-Ace!

  • Lastlight

    Is this gonna be like a TPS version of Time Crisis cause if so i’m getting this

  • KazukiNanbu

    is there any videos of this game?

  • Ric Vazquez

    This looks like it could be a really good free-to-pay game

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