How Famitsu And Dengekiko Fit Into Ultra Dimension Action Neptunia U

By Spencer . August 12, 2014 . 11:30pm

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Ultra Dimension Action Neptunia U adds two new characters to Gamindustri, Famitsu and Dengekiko. Both are video game news reporters based on Japanese video game magazines. Depending on how you do in a quest you might see a news report and get a special present from one of them. Famitsu and Degekiko are also playable in Ultra Dimension Action Neptunia U.


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Ultra Dimension Action Neptunia U incorporates the Lily Ranks, a system that changes how characters feel about each other when you pair them up. The game also has a Lily Special move, which you’ll be able to use in the second half of the game.


Lily Specials use 50% of your EXE Drive gauge and has both characters use special attacks at the same time. Players can use Lily Specials before or after transforming into CPU form. The dialogue the two characters say changes depending on which characters team up.


Ultra Dimension Action Neptunia U comes out on August 28 for PlayStation Vita.

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  • masterhiro

    all i can say is sweeeeeeeet :)

  • TheManWithPants

    Waifus. Waifus everywhere.

  • Limbless

    “Lily” specials eh, nudge nudge wink wink say no more say no more a nod’s as good as a wink to a blind LESBIANS oh damn it.

  • Satoshi Ookami

    The concept of Lily Rank specials is also in Victory/mk2.

    If it’s different then okay… but I don’t think it’s something new…

    • machomuu

      They didn’t say it was new, just that it was incorporating them. Which is warranted, really, considering that this is a spin-off and not another main entry.

  • DyLaN
    • John Hayabusa

      So leeeeewd….

      • Land of Green Pasture

        this… is… irresistible!!!

      • fyi1191

        Is this really Neptune?

        • Morningstar

          Let’s see, purple hair, d-pad shaped clips. It looks like Neptune…

          On the other hand, some Parodius paper airplane dudes did disquise themselevs as the CPUs and then there was Rei’s little Attack of the Clones. Thene again neither tried to imitate the human form (Except the Neptune paper airplane thing, but even then the disguise was literary paper thin)

      • KazukiNanbu

        oh lady nep, why so cute??

    • Kyosuke Yoshino

      Maybe I will get this… though I find Senran Kagura 2 better right now :3

    • Land of Green Pasture

      mmmhhh dat roster… *slurps*

    • Mirai

      It looks like the CPU’s greatest defensive equipment is their shoes as none of them had their shoes ripped.

    • alixraen

      *backs away slowly*

      Of course, Tamsoft gets their hands on this and all the scans are of the clothes destruction. Great work there.

      • DyLaN

        Its what sell, ofc Dengeki is going to promote the heck out of it.

        Note that unless you really want to strip those characters, you can choose not to do so in the game as apparently there some sort of compensation when you lose cloth in addition to the buff. Feel free to correct me though, SK/moon reading players!

        • alixraen

          Well yes, of course they’re going to show off this particular feature. Just saying the series sold well/held its own without this sort of content. I think Tamsoft perhaps let SK fever get the best of them in including something that didn’t need to be.

    • Revolver Jesus Super Pimp

      The fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk? count me in! where do I order?

  • really hope this game finds it ways to the west.
    go go Iffy-chan /o/

    • Neppygear

      This and Noire will probably get announced shortly after Re;Birth 1 is out.

      • Jorge

        I wonder if RE;BIRTH1 sales are what they’re using to determine if RE;BIRTH2 will be localized

  • Kornelious

    “Depending on how you do in a quest you might see a news report and get a special present from one of them”……So they’re doing what they normally do in real life? XD

    I hope this gets localized though, Seeing how !f are releasing a limited Edition for Rebirth 1, I have more faith in them localizing the games (Though they seem to be going to great links to avoid NISA….I wonder what happened -_-)
    So hopefully we will see Rebirth 2, Planet Destroyer Noire, and this soon! (with some more LE of course :D )

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