Forbidden Magna Villain Is Out To Get Your Spirit Girls

By Sato . August 18, 2014 . 3:08am


In Forbidden Magna you’ll need to do a good deal of work at the inn and mines with help from the game’s Spirit girls to continue making a living, but what about the game’s villain? Marvelous recently some light on who the game’s main antagonist could be.

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After discovering Charlotte who was trapped inside a crystal, Lux also acquires his mysterious bracelet called Lacrima that attaches onto his wrist. He then saves Beatrice when she is being attacked by monsters by using the bracelet to awaken her powers.


While it remains unknown as to why, the Lacrima seems to have some kind of driving force that comes from defeating monsters. Using this power called the “Magna,” it can awaken the power of the girls like Lux did with Beatrice.


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The two characters Adelheid and Francesca seem to be controlled by a higher power, and will also need Lux’s bracelet to set them free. However, it seems like they’ll need a little more than just the power of the bracelet to do so…


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On the antagonist front, there’s a mysterious man by the name Kaizer who seems to be going after the Spirit girls. He used to be their master, and it remains unknown as to why he’s going after them.


Additionally, here are two new characters.




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Ingrid can be brutally frank, but people like her for that and she seems to be pretty popular. She also has an interest in the Spirit girls.




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Debonair is the town elder. She is even more respected than the town mayor Dangaroth. However, her adorable grandchild is her biggest weakness.


Forbidden Magna is slated for release in Japan on October 2, 2014 for Nintendo 3DS.

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  • DyLaN

    Before any1 got confused, this is Kaiser (CV: Takahiro Sakurai). The dude in purple is Gewalt (CV: Akira Ishida).

    • Hey, Kaiser! Gilgamesh called, he wants his look back!

      Looking at his design I think I can see where this is going…

      • Milewide

        Indeed. Leaving one’s crotch exposed like that can only lead to cheap shots. =/

        Must be a masochist or something.

        A man after my own taste.

        • Namuro

          Well, he might have weak bladder, so he needs to leave that place easily accessible! When you’re that pretty…uh, handsome-pretty, you can’t afford to wet yourself in front of an audience! LOL

          Just imagine if you’re in a full-armor, and happens to have a diarrhea all of a sudden…

        • I have to agree with Namuro that he must have a weak bladder, why else would the weak spot be exposed so easily. It’s the Death Star situation all over again.

          • Milewide

            I wish I had the confidence to call my junk “the Death Star”.

      • DyLaN
  • Uvers

    If this game ever comes out in Europe I will buy it, but I might have to wait eons for it to happen

  • jeof96

    We must defend the Spirit Girls from Netorare-kun!
    With the power of Vanilla, we will vanquish NTR-kun!

    • John Smith

      Technically you’re the guy NTR-ing them from him. Well, this doesn’t apply if they never liked him in the first place.

    • Ric Vazquez

      LOL please no NTR

  • Kornelious

    Looks like another villain who needs to be taken do- Wait what?…. He’s after my waifu’s!?…. Oh hell no, its on! XD

    • But the girls used to be HIS… =P

      • Kornelious

        To…Bad! They’re mine now, because I’ve got an Inn, so TAKE THAT! XD

  • Christopher C

    I’m betting Ingrid the the childhood friend. #justsaying.

    And oh noes! The villain is after Lux’s waifu maid harem!

  • Yan Zhao

    That girl in the military uniform reminds me of Esdese from Akame ga Kill.

    • biskmater

      If you mean the one with black ahri, that would be Gewalt, you know a dude, if you were paying attention.

      • Vyse_the_Stampede

        I’m going to guess he meant the girl that is coming from the war with the Northern Tribes, the one they call the Ice Queen for now if I’m not mistaken (AKA: Esdeath, Esdesu).

        • biskmater

          Yes, I’m well aware of who Esdeath is, my point is that Gewalt is a dude, a grim-looking one at that.

          • Yan Zhao

            Ok, so he’s a dude, thats still who he reminded me of from his effeminate looks lol

          • Vyse_the_Stampede

            Ah, ok, it didn’t even crossed my mind that he was considering him as a girl (that, and I should have read your response more than once, and not take it just as a “no, that’s not a girl” XD)… I stand corrected then… for some reason I read his comment as “It reminds me of that girl in military uniform, Esdese from Akame ga KILL”… I blame work XD.

  • Shippoyasha

    Seems like the girls may have some potential to be weapons in that world. Maybe the antagonist has a good reason why he’s pursuing the spirits.

  • Obed Ramirez

    am i the only one that thinks that ingrid is like rosetta from rune factory? the both have a sharp tongue, and are kinda tomboyish, hell besides the re eyes ingrid looks like her with longer hair.

  • Warboss Aohd

    ok here ‘hands girls over’ just don’t steal the plasma screen tv.

  • Bouncy

    any news of this getting localized?

    • John Smith

      Not that we know of, unfortunately.

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