Get A Look At Dragon Quest X On Nintendo 3DS

By Spencer . August 21, 2014 . 10:21pm

Square Enix is bringing Dragon Quest X Online to Nintendo 3DS. This is a direct port of the massive online game with the latest expansion pack. Just like Dragon Quest X on Wii or PC, this also requires a paid subscription to adventure in the world.


In the 3DS version, the touch screen has the ZL & ZR buttons, a right analog stick, and a keyboard button. Fans that pick up Dragon Quest X Online from a retail store will get a code to download the 3DS version, 60 days of online play, and a Lemon Slime Prism Board.


Dragon Quest X comes out for 3DS on September 4 and it’s also one of the games offered as a free download if you purchase a new 3DS XL in Japan during September.

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  • Looking very very cool… Now that it is on the 3DS, maybe Square Enix can release it in the west even in that platform only?

  • Serge

    This should be on V… West.

    • Lastlight


  • LexKitteh

    I thought it wasn’t really a port, but the video was streamed to the 3DS? I guess it doesn’t really matter since you’d need to be online to play it anyway :P

    • Eric

      Yeah I remember hearing it was done through cloud computing like playstation now.

  • spyro20


    • Marik78

      I’ve played it, and trust me, it’s probably the worst game among the bests.

      • Christopher Taylor

        And after seeing this, I can now confirm your either a WoWaphite, a FF fanboy, or a mmo hater. Or just a plain troll, or maybe have bad autism, take your pick.

        • Marik78

          Sorry to disappoint you but I’ve never played WoW, am not into FF at all and enjoy playing MMOs.
          I’ve played the demo version of DQ X and really liked it, so I bought the full game. Then, I found out that I had to play with others to go through all the other areas, had to grind 20 more levels to complete the next story parts (1 for each continent) then 10 more for the next ones. Which I did.
          I don’t think spending you days killing monsters (searching for metal slimes) in the magic labyrinth can be considered entertaining.
          Also, other people have different opinions, deal with it. If you wanna hate, join Phil Fish’s fan club.

          • Christopher Taylor

            Apparently your other post was removed, so here. Gonna address this other thing also.

            You sound like a young mmo pup from what you said, back then you had to grind those levels to be able to do the story, FFXI being a prime example.

            Also there are much better ways to grind exp than trying to farm metal slimes, so either you played during the V1 days or not at all.

            As for having to play with others to go through all the other areas? Far as what I read, looked into, and queried on players from the Den who played the game, you can do everything solo, with A.I controlled Player NPC characters you can hire. There will be some things that would be almost impossible to do with A.I controlled party members, but the option is still there, thats why they provide specific server channels made for the solo player, for those who dont want to see other players, and if they do, its occasional at least out in the field.

            Makes me curious what mmos you did play, ya dont sound like you played Everquest 1, EQ2 would be too grindy for you, ya never played WoW but you exhibit the entitlement and instant gratification almost all WoW players exhibit. This new gen of mmo players is pretty much ruined due to WoW, so makes me wonder, what mmo out there am I not thinking of that could instill these bad traits into you. Hmm…. anyway onto the reply of the post of yours that was deleted.

            I seen videos of superstar being used for those special multiboss battles, ccing and controlling the bosses while their party handles them one by one. Magic Knight? I see them often used in videos, so obviously they must be good for something. Look, you may just be a hater, maybe you even have autism and you cant help it, but imo? You sound like a new gen mmo pup to me. The way you complain about crafting your either used to the simple, easy casual crafting systems where you just buy alot of cheap materials off vendor/auction/broker, go to the station, hit what you wanna craft, afk for 5-10 mins, then pick a higher craft and afk again, going from 0 to max craft lv within a day. Or spam endless work orders until maxed out.

            That is lazy game design far as crafting goes. Honestly, Crafting should take time, needed equipment, some skill/coordination, and even some risk. Back then you didn’t even really had a minigame, you had to spend days, weeks, months, even up to a year, to take a craft from 0 to max, such as in EQ or FFXI. You didn’t even have a minigame, you pretty much start craft, and hope you get a success or a critical success. In FFXI you also had to hope you get a skill point, after spending ridiculous amounts of money and time gathering or buying material to get that 0.1 skill point out of the 350 or so ya needed to max out, forgot the number. But now all these new gen mmo players are so spoiled, that they complain if crafting is too grindy, or too complicated, most especially if crafting is required to advance your gear.

            In DQX, crafting is crucial in getting most of the best gear. So yea it should take time to do, it shouldn’t be a one day max thing you just casually do, if it was like that, everyone would have all three character slots, each with a different craft. Where is the feeling of achievement in that? Where is the feeling that, you earned something, that not many others would be able to have the patience for? At least DQX has a good minigame with it, and you can help determine your success and fail, unlike in most mmos in the past, even up to today. What do you want, WoWs system of never failing a craft, being able to max out 0 to max lv within a few hours? Thats boring, and pretty much just makes crafting something you gotta do just to get the bonus stats, providing, WoW still does that.

            You need to do more research instead of hating on the game. I know its not your precious FFXIV, which honestly, has a crafting system that takes time, and money, as well, course getting to max craft level in FFXIV 2.0 is alot easier than it was in 1.0.

  • idrawrobots

    I want to play this so much. It looks so much!
    So, Circle Pad Pro?

  • awat

    I have my hopes up high for DQX and DQVII Square please make our wish come true and give us these babies :3 !

  • Aspenharls

    Oh. I’ll get a look alright……….because a look is all the west is gonna get at this point…….

  • Namuro

    My goodness, that Ogre girl doing the kira☆ wink… So cute!

    Also, apparently Korin has a baby.

  • Seven of The Scions

    Imagine FFXIV come to PS Vita <3

    • SobriK

      For a {long time} SE teased the idea of bringing FFXI to the Vita – not that I think it’ll ever happen.

      Waayyyyyy back in 2011 Tanaka mentioned there was a possibility XI could come to the Vita and then, I think, they teased it again in the beginning of 2013(ish?) If they’re planning to bring it to the Vita, they’re certainly taking their dear, sweet time with it… so don’t hold your breath for XIV :P

  • I really would prefer DQVII 3ds here in the states, but I have a feeling Square-enix is going to send us this insted….

    • Tonedeaf

      I’d prefer VII as well, but I would buy this if it performs well.

  • Alex Morales

    ill give you my legs! not enough? what about my first born child?

  • Ric Vazquez


  • bob

    I’m an American and what is Dragon Quest?/sarcasm

  • sakusakusakura_nyo

    I’d definitely pay a monthly fee to play this game. It looks awesome. The crafting looks like a lot of work though and the casino would probably be tough to win at since you can’t reset an mmo.

  • Kornelious

    I guess if I was ever to jump into the DQ series here would be a good start…..Let’s hope for a localization then! :D

    • James Robert Thompson

      I don’t think this is the best place to start, as an MMO it somewhat relies on knowledge of the older games… as a suggestion I’d start at DQIV, which coincidentally was just recently released on mobile.

  • eliel

    the game really look amazing on 3ds can’t wait to play hope it comes to the US…

  • TerrenceEncore Jones

    I really want to get into the story.

  • Ferofax

    Wait what? I thought they previously said it was just gonna be streamed to the 3DS, now it’s a direct port? Meaning all game assets/content/engine retrofitted for the 3DS?

    That actually sounds a lot more cooler.

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