Compile Heart Delays Their First PlayStation 4 Game, Omega Quintet

By Spencer . August 25, 2014 . 12:37am

Omega Quintet, a RPG where a group of idols have to save the world, is Compile Heart’s first PlayStation 4 game. It was slated for release on September 18 and bumped back a bit to October 2. Compile Heart didn’t give specifics just saying various reasons caused the delay.


How does being an idol factor into battles? This video gives us a look at fights and the Voltage Gauge which fills up when Takuto, the protagonist and idol manager, protects the idols or when you attack enemies. When the Voltage Gauge rises you can activate Live Mode, which changes the background music and gives the idols bonuses. It looks like adjusting the turn order is key in Omega Quintet since you can do Harmonics, team attacks with multiple idols, if characters act one after another. That’s where you come in as Takuto and manage moves to get the idols in place.


Omega Quintet has only been announced for Japan at this point.

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  • Protos_Heis

    You have to make sure the maiden voyage is perfect or it’ll sink.

  • Domii

    Good gawd!! Sgt. Slaughter must be rolling over his grave right now..

  • James Robert Thompson

    So Japanese companies that have experience only with CELL architecture are having trouble adjusting to x86?
    No shit!

    • Landale

      I’m pretty sure you’re jumping to some blatantly unfounded conclusions there. But do tell, why do you assume this? I’m curious.

    • indra jaya

      I think less than a month delay probably caused by logistics or printing problem. and about development problem, even some western developer skip almost a half year on their next gen title.

    • Stranger On The Road

      I’m afraid that would only matter when you wish to optimize your code by taking advantage of the architecture; otherwise, you only use the standard API that comes with the system.

      Seeing as to how little optimization CH his done with their games, I honestly doubt that optimization is the problem. It is most likely a game problem, not an engine problem.

    • darke

      Nope. It’s probably just them avoiding TGS, which happens to be on 18/9; not much point launching a game if the news of it’s release is completely drowned out by all the news of new games and such.

      Possibly also preparation for TGS might have caused assorted developers to be dragged away from their tasks as well, also causing delay.

  • ishyg

    Whoa, that’s my birthday. Too bad I don’t have a PS4.

  • Suriel Cruz

    Maybe this means that the game won’t come out with glitches, right? At least I HOPE SO.

    • Morningstar

      Depends on if its getting localized and who’s doing the localization. NISA apparently seems have been cursed with glitches lately.

  • Liamv2

    There could be many reasons for this. Could be bugs, the new architecture, hell it could be just wanting to avoid poor sales.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      >to avoid poor sales
      the domination of youkai watch 2 still prevails until now

      • Liamv2

        Heh it seems like nothing can knock it off it’s throne.

    • darke

      Odds are it’s simply so the game doesn’t get drowned out by TGS news on release day. Nothing too special. :?

  • Shippoyasha

    Not even that bad of a delay. It’s several days of delays, not months.

  • NyaBoy

    What’s the …?

    • DyLaN

      I think CH are jabbing at those gamers who purposely strip the characters XP

      And then there the characters blocking their panties when you try to sneak a peek in the game….

  • AndyError

    Looks great. I want it. I really hope it gets localized! What do you think are the chances this’ll get localized thus far?

    • Sylveria Shini

      It’ll probably depend how Fairy Fencer does since its the first entry in the “Galapagos RPG” brand and this is the second. So, fingers crossed for Fairy Fencer doing well (and perhaps convincing you to support it financially) if you want to see this come over sometime.

      • AndyError

        Yup, I already have Fairy Fencer F pre-ordered! I’m glad to hear that buying Fairy Fencer F increases the chance for Omega Quintet to come over!

  • Arcade Bumstead

    It looks like a decent ps3 game. Good job compile heart, you’re still only one generation behind.

    • Shadow Rebirth

      ya know why Japanese don’t buy PS4 even though many AAA games have Jap dubs? cuz they don’t give a **** bout graphics.

      • ehtnah

        yes that should be on ps3… because I don’t have ps4 ~~ (no game to buy on it…… lots of games on ps3…..).
        But this game looks great soooo…. I will need one ps4 ~~

  • Reminds me of the no reason delay they had for the Japanese release of Fairy Fencer F. lol

  • シカチュウ

    I was planning to go grabbing the LE when I go to Japan next month. I guess I’m not anymore. :/

  • Christopher C

    Since it’s a 2 week delay, I doubt it’s much a development problem, if it is even one. I’m guessing either problems with printing or voicing.

  • supercyc10

    that screen looks awfully crowded

  • Yan Zhao

    This looks like it could eaisly run on the PS3. Not much of a nextgen leap.

    • Kaetsu

      I wouldn’t be surprised if it got ported to PS3 after. They’re going to miss out on a lot of sales if they just release on PS4.

    • subsamuel01

      The PS4 is easier to develop for.

      • Kaetsu

        I’m pretty sure Compile Heart have already made a bunch of PS3 games. They shouldn’t have a problem.

  • Kaetsu

    “Omega Quintet, a RPG where a group of idols have to save the world”
    Can I have a Love Live JRPG?

    • Juan Andrés Valencia

      I’d rather have and [email protected] survival horror game where the girls have to sing off key to defeat grotesque demons from hell.

      • Renaldi Saputra

        how about Xenoglossia?
        mecha shooting style

  • JeremyTMH

    They’re avoiding the TGS madness that’s all.

  • Morningstar

    “First Playstation 4 game”

    Is Neptunia V II gonna be Compile Heart’s equivalent of Final Fantasy XV then? Or do we need Duke Nukeum levels of delays before that happens?

    • Anontastic

      Nahhh, not with them. Unfortunately, the one thing you can count on Compile Heart to do is churn out games faster than miniguns churn out bullets. Neptunia V2 is coming soon enough…

  • Anontastic

    >Clothing destruction at the forefront of the trailer

    Oh… God… How long will it take for this to go away?

    • Based Ignacio Puppo

      Seriously, every Japanese VITA game nowadays needs to have some sort of cloth-tearing/cloth removing feature. And now it’s going over to the PS4. Le sigh.

    • Morningstar

      Who is on your icon. I’m kinda curious.

      On topic I’m pretty sure that the fad will die when Seran Kagura (that did start the clothing damage trend right?) drops ffrom the aminstream ot until Japanese devs find a new fetish.

      Then again so far the only games I know that have that are this and Neptunia U so maybe it;s just a thing with Compile Heart

      • Anontastic

        The Icon is of Hana and Naru from Hanayamata, a currently airing anime. It’s good!

        The clothing damage thing has DEFINITELY penetrated the whole “otaku gaming” niche. Neptunia U and this game have it because of the Senran Kagura trend.

        • Morningstar


          And now I’d like to reaffirm my point that the fad will likely pass when Senran Kagura falls into obscurity or a new fetish becomes the next fad.

          • Shippoyasha

            I doubt it it’s a ‘fad’. It’s always been there in gaming. It’s just that more games are up for localizations when in the past, a lot of the more risque games never made it out of there. That includes eroge, nukige and others. It’s not some ‘fad’ that passes.

      • Oh c’mon now. You know about that Bullet Girls game, right? And the entire premise of Akiba’s Trip is the ultimate evolution of the Costume Break mechanic. It’s a fad that extends beyond CH, unfortunately.

        There are just that many devs who believe “success” means selling a couple thousand copies on the media create charts by pandering to tired designs and lowest common denominator pervy fans. But at least the small fanbase will suck up the $100 dollar special editions with character pillows and sh** – it’s a small audience but one that spends money like an audience 4x that size.

        • Shippoyasha

          I like my share pervy games. Don’t be so quick to throw out insults at people who can enjoy them. All those insults really aren’t necessary. The sexual nature of these games is greatly exaggerated by the press and people who don’t play them anyway.

        • GDI

          Akiba’s Trip is actually damn good and very entertaining, especially after unlocking special moves and crazy walk cycles. The devs know how to take a premise and run with it, unlike most of CH releases.

        • buddyluv324

          I think the word you’re searching for is demographic. Those so-called “lowest common denominator pervy fans” you’re referring to has helped made gaming as big as it is today despite being a niche audience. Whats nice about these games is that they offer various and creative objectives as oppose to getting the most head shots or cutting off limbs which you see in a good number of games nowadays. So i wouldnt be so quick to stooping to insults just because certain game developers dont bend to your personal standards.

  • SupaPhly

    so, basically the same gameplay as their RPG’s released since neptunia mk2?

    • WhyWai

      seriously I see the system looks quite different from Neptunia series… If you mean the turn base attack, that’s the basic of rpg… what’s your complain?

  • mike dickson

    oh yeah another HDN clone by the SAME creator not worth looking into

  • Phengdy Matthew

    Goty right here lol

  • Black Is a Status

    RPG’s that do over 9999 in damage are overkill to me.

  • BlackGirlGamer123

    Why do all games such as senran kagura and neptunia action U always have their clothes ripped off? This is not Nikki tousen…

    I get to wonder: Will there ever be a nice RPG without clothes destruction? I love fairy fencer f, though.

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