Disgaea 5 Announced For PlayStation 4

By Ishaan . September 1, 2014 . 12:02am

Disgaea 5 is coming to PlayStation 4. Sony showed a teaser for the game during their pre-TGS press conference. The game doesn’t have a release date yet.


NIS mentioned Disgaea 5 in an interview with Siliconera late last year, when president Souhei Niikawa revealed that the company was working on the game. At the time, Niikawa said that NIS hope to expand the series’ appeal and reach out to a broader audience.


“We are working on a story that can be enjoyed by a wider user base as well as different characters that will be enjoyed by them,” he shared.


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  • Pdugna


  • DesmaX

    And thus, the conference was saved

  • As anyone who follows me on twitter will notice, I am extremely excited for this. I can’t wait to see a proper trailer for the game.

    From what I saw, it’ll apparently be out in Japan Spring 2015, which is pretty soon for my expectations. I think the only thing I’m afraid of is that they’ll switch from the HD sprites and do the 3D sprites that the latest Guided Fate game went for.

    • Shade DMessiah

      Dude, i would love it if everything except the characters was 3D. Sooo many things could be done :o

  • 3PointDecoupage

    Is that Laharl or a new character?

    • New character, definitely. This guy’s eyes are golden, Laharl’s are red, among many other visual differences.

    • 하세요

      They all look somewhat new. It’s Disgaea, they all essentially look the same after awhile, lol.

  • Keko

    I sure got hyped over a trailer featuring a picture I saw 3 months ago!
    But seriously, GET HYPE! GEY MONEY FOR A PS4!

  • Liamv2

    Damn, I need a PS4.

  • Go2hell66

    Interesting to see how disgaea will change moving to next gen systems, really dont want more of the same…

  • Firekitty

    I promised myself I’d wait for the inevitable FFXV limited edition PS4…But if this comes out first, I don’t know how strong I can be >.<.

    • darke

      I wouldn’t bother; I’m expecting FFXV to be released when the PS5 comes out anyway. >.<

  • chroma816

    I’m hyped for a new Disgaea game, and trying to do new things isn’t bad, but “expand to a wider audience” bothers me. Sometimes creators do that and it turns out horribly.

    • Armageddon

      I know what you mean. I just hope they don’t try too hard to be western.

      • Notquitesure?

        I don’t think they could be too western except for style of western/zany interactions (not sure if that made sense.) But my concern would be if they watered all the SRPG mechanics and all the other things we like about it down.

      • chroma816

        I’m not sure “western” is what they’re trying to expand to, but I agree.

        • Armageddon

          What I mean’t by that is: some japanese games try to appeal to western folks, hence they try to give it a western feel. You know like DmC: Devil May Cry not a bad game but they made dante like a western teenager.
          The older dante had a better sense of humour by the way.

          • Tienron

            well it was a completely different dante…..

          • Armageddon

            Thats what I mean’t about being western.

          • Tienron

            but you were comparing them, but there are not the same person…

          • Armageddon

            Let me clarify; the reason why im comparing new dante to the old one is to show how japanese companies are trying to be western. DmC is probably the best example.The contrast between japanese dante and western dante.

          • Tienron

            well that’s maybe because dmc 4 kinda bombed so they went with something new, there is no harm in that. it is opinionated, but the game was brilliant. to be fair there was nothing japanese about the original except the people making it because it was very heavily influenced by western mthys and demons.

          • Armageddon

            The story wasn’t about dante to begin with.He was a support character.

            By japanese I mean sense of humour,attitude,looks and style. Something you would see in a japanese made game of this genre. But new dante was westernized: too serious,lewd and some streotype orphan.

          • Tienron

            and being a sarcastic demon hunter hasn’t been done before…..what???

  • Ben Sylvia

    Gonna have to try and finish 3 and get 4 before this comes to US.

  • LM009

    gg everyone needs a ps4 now

    • With P5 coming to PS4 too, things just got serious for the JRPG crowd.

      • LM009

        yea I saw that TGS totally made my day PS4 just got the exclusives it needed for me to make my decision

      • God

        Goddamnit, i was so comfortable with my Jailbroken PS3 and my PSVita… Now i need to start saving again…

    • burnfist23

      Good thing I bought one two weeks ago!

    • awat

      i agree with you :P…

  • Jettythesunfish

    Sweet, dood! Of course I’m gonna have to wait until a Vita release (you know, more content), but it’ll be worth it!

    • Solid Knight #SouledOut

      If they actually use the power of the PS4 I doubt they’ll release it on Vita. Disgaea 4 on Vita already has it’s framerate issues.

      • Jettythesunfish

        They’ve been releasing portable versions of the games since Hour of Darkness. I doubt they’ll skip out this time. And yeah, D4 has its framerate issues, but I’ve rarely run into them.

        • Methylene

          Wouldn’t it be a little ridiculous to release a PS4 game on an “inferior” console, especially since it should have remote play on the VITA to begin with?

          • darke

            Natural Selection did it with the vanilla base game (and most irritatingly there is no cross-buy unlike most indie games releasing cross plats).

            Also by that logic none of the PS3+Vita games should have been released as anything other then a PS3 with Vita remote play support, since it’s been possible to have remote play for PS3 for most of the Vita’s life from memory.

          • Jettythesunfish

            Well for the sake of those who aren’t able to get a PS4, no.

  • Shade DMessiah

    Protagonist looks like a boss! I’m expecting some ninja like uber specials.

  • NeptuniasBeard

    Is it just me? Or are Disgaea protagonists becoming progressively more bang-able?

    • Xerain

      Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s intentional. Might as well make the male characters appealing to people who are into male characters.

    • Landale

      I wouldn’t really say progressively, of the previous four it’s been two childlike and two adult alternating. Honestly surprised it’s not a kid again.

    • LM009

      How do you figure? Mao is more bang-able than Adell? Just because it’s not a “kid” as protag for the 2nd consecutive time doesn’t really make it some sort pattern.

      • NeptuniasBeard

        Are we forgetting female Laharl!?

  • Ben Green

    PS4’s library is already looking far better than the PS3, as far as JRPGs go. I hope we can witness something close to the PS1/2 days again..

    • Asuna Ilano

      Oh God yes, as a JRPG fan, it would be great if PS4 experience the PS1/PS2 RPG days which PS3 lacks.

      • Ben Green

        Final Fantasy XV, Type-0 HD, Bloodborne, Kingdom Hearts 3, Dragon Quest Heores, Ys, Disgaea 5, Omega Quintet, God Eater 2, Persona 5 etc.

        And some unconfirmed games like Sony filing trademarks for Dark Clouds and Wild ARMs, Tales of… and Atelier games developers confirming they’re working on new-gen titles, Dragon Quest XI being confirmed for new-gen consoles, Level-5 stating they’re working on a PS4 game (which could very well be the Dark Cloud game Sony trademarked) etc.

        It’s happening, brother!

        • Tienron

          or the last guardian….

  • Roberto

    In nippon ichi i trush
    this gonna be great

  • Ouryu

    I want to see more about Persona and Disgaea

  • katamari damacy

    Skipping the PS3? Blasphemous!

  • Oh, snap! Can’t wait how the story in this new game will be :D

  • artemisthemp

    I wouldn’t have expected NIS to announce Disgaea 5 for PS4 but, I guess the 10 million people is enough for NIS to jump on PS4 wagon.

    • Wappuli

      Wasn’t really a surprise in my opinion, they changed from PS2 to PS3 pretty fast too. After the release of PS3, the very next Disgaea was for that console, and it was released just a little bit over a year after the console itself.

  • Daioh

    Is it just me,or does he look like Laharl and Fenrich fused!? O_o
    Also dat dood with Zetta’s hair!

  • DudeJericho

    I love Japan (^^)/

  • makubexnas
  • Sapitntapit

    Why did I get an Xbox One..?

    • darke

      I admit I don’t know.

      For me there was even less reason to get a XB1 then there was to get a PS4 sometime after launch; I knew at least that the PS4 would get me some JRPGs, but there’s really not much of anything out on either console at the moment. :(

  • refrain

    I tried translating the trailer

    “…How could I forget it”
    “Vengeance is the only thing I have now”

    “You are a bloody avenger”
    “There’s nothing left for you to protect”
    “Let out the wrath inside you….!”
    “I’ll help you release it…!”
    “And then…. Everything… will be destroyed!”

  • Guest

    Let’s not forget that this is the first Disgaea with a Female Protagonist.
    Like, who the hell doesn’t want to play as a badass biker girl?

    • Pinkemon

      You sure about that? I mean, I’d love to see a female Disgaea protagonist but I can’t really tell if that’s a boob or not. And the trailer voice sounds male.

  • MitsukiIX

    I have all disgaea main games and I never finished one of them, this one shall join them in the closet of doom.

    • icup ✔️

      i too have never finished a single one… but i will still get it.

    • Pinkemon

      Yeah, I noticed that in all of my playthroughs I tend to lose interest after the main story cause this series appeals to me because of the characters and setting, and not cause of the eternal grind for perfect stats. Though I don’t have a PS4 anyway so it’s probably a good time for me to take an extended break from the series.

  • PowerSerg

    I am still holding hope that this also comes to the ps3, really what can they do with Disgaea that’s good that requires more power. HD sprites is where it’s at and the ps3 can run that.

  • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

    I am truly happy to see these developers shifting over to the PS4. I hope the bring an awesome game.

  • E.T.993

    That was unexpected.

  • Joshelplex

    I hope that’s actually Zetta, and not just a character that looks exactly like him

  • Suriel Cruz

    *hypes* xD
    “Yes!” PS4 HERE I GO!!!


  • spyro20

    hope they will make this for ps vita later on too.

  • Skode

    I dont have a PS4… the Disgaea series are the only games ive actually kept for my PS3 as once im done with them i tend to sell them.

    Its fair to say im a fan but i wont invest in a new console just for to play this game – as such its also fair to say im gutted there was no mention of the PS3 for this… not like Disgaea pushes the console graphically so kinda bummed as to why they would do this. Especially as he talks about expanding the series to reaching a broader audience…

    • Charles Parker

      Well dude, its a new console generation. The stream of games for the PS3 is gonna start petering out. Can still get the others for Vita and wait for this one to eventually get a vita port.

    • Brion Valkerion

      Because its the end of the PS3/360/Wii era. If this was announced 2 years ago… sure. But new consoles are out and there is no point in making new games for old hardware. Its either keep up or get left behind which happened to way to many companies, especially in Japan, last gen.

      • PowerSerg

        Except companies in Japan are still releasing games that are just announced on the ps3. The ps4 is selling so horrible in Japan that if a game isn’t looking to do well in the west Sony better be paying you to make it exclusive. Dragon Quest Heroes is just announced and releasing on ps3 and 4. Tales of, persona, shinning force, and a lot more are coming to ps3 2015 late 2014. I don’t see how a ps3 port could hurt the game at all.

        • Tyler Beale

          PS3 ports give people less reasons to buy the newer consoles, and those that bought them wondering they even wasted their money on them in the first place.

          • PowerSerg

            Well they do exist and it’s the way to make the most money. Nis isn’t sony, they aren’t invested in their new console. Sony also understands how it works, they went most of ps3’s life span with Japanese people still buying ps2s.

            Even American companies know the ps3 and 360 are better to have games on. Rise of Tomb Raider will be on 360, mortal combat X also on ps3 and 360, if you look at the so called exclusives you’ll find at least half are also launching on the previous generation. The difference between ps3 to ps4 era is muchhhh smaller then the difference from ps2 to ps4.

      • Tyler Beale

        That’s the point I’ve been trying to make to Western publishers like Ubisoft, EA, Activision, etc. Making your game available for both the newer console AND the older console not only gives people less reason to buy the newer console, but also makes people who bought the newer console wonder why they bought it in the first place.

  • PreyMantis

    *fist at the sky*

  • Thelastgunstar

    Interesting. I take it that this means Disgaea D2 for the Vita is in the making, if they stick to the pattern. Sure hope so.

  • Sydney Losstarot

    Hahaha I was in the item world all Friday night in Disgaea 4 for Vita. I only got 4 hours of sleep yet still went running for 30 minutes in the morning and than ran an hour in the evening. It was strange that I wouldn’t be tired after an all nighter of playing video games. Lol ( I got my Prism mage with fire, ice, and wind magic that I wanted)

  • Aristides

    Glorious! 3 was one of the main draws for me to get a PS3 before it was released. 5 is the same X3.

  • Godman

    This new character looks real badass, reminds me of Xenolith
    Funny because I was thinking how Xenolith would make an awesome MC in another Disgaea game

  • subsamuel01

    Finally the JRPG for PS4 are coming

  • Kornelious

    Y’know, I know these games haven’t been announced for any localizations yet, but I’m sure at least MOST of them will make it over and hopefully they will be in the same year (Because other than a few other games there aren’t many games coming out state-side) So let’s hope for the best :)

  • DrakeClawfang


  • Anontastic

    …Wait. TGS starts in like 2 weeks, right? What’s with all these explosive reveals beforehand? Do they want to build up a buzz to attract more attention DURING the event?

    Anyway, I hope this game will uitilize the PS4’s capabilities in some interesting way. I also hope they don’t go the way of “Kamisama to Unmei Kakumei no Cross Thesis” (the Guided Fate Paradox sequel) and ruin the stylization with lame 3D models.

    “We are working on a story that can be enjoyed by a wider user base as well as different characters that will be enjoyed by them,”

    …What does that even mean? The disgaea stories and characters have more or less been as straightforward and archetypal as they come, with D3 even taking place in high school. What could they do to make this “super hardcore SRPG” enjoyable for a broader user-base?

    • Tyler Beale

      You do realize all this news (not just D5) came out of Sony’s pre-TGS event, right?

  • Spirit Macardi

    Hooray, another game for NIS to later port to handheld with new content that won’t be made available to those who bought it on console…

    • SlickRoach

      Simple solution, believe the hype and BUY BOTH!!!

    • Paul Morton

      You get three whole years between the original release and updated ports, that’s hardly milking the fanbase. Plus alongside the new stuff, all the DLC is included free, which makes it well worth the price.

      If the real complaint is “you don’t have a Vita”, then get one! It’s perfect for jrpgs in every way, it’s cheaper than PS4 and (at least for now) a better system. I do hope they go down the Realm Reborn path for PS4 remote play though – Diablo’s text was terribly small, and carelessly implemented remote play on Disgaea would be absolutely awful for that

  • Now I officially have a reason to own a PS4. Give me a release date and I promise to pick one up right before the release.

  • CirnoLakes

    They’re trying to force me to get a PlayStation 4.

    It’s not fair. ;_;

  • Tiredman

    The disgaea’s have never recaptured the magic of the first one for me. Even D2 was nowhere near as good, as instead of sounding awesome, Laharl sounded like an old woman. While his voice actor is an older woman, she sounds a good deal older than she is and ruins a lot of the immersion for me. The other characters weren’t as good either. It honestly surprised me how much of a difference the voices made. I think Laharl’s horse wiener joke from the first game spoiled me on Laharl’s voice. That, and the chapter on large breasted succubi.

    I will get this game eventually, but I am neither in a hurry to get a ps4, or this game. Own all the rest, save handheld,

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