Disgaea 5 Will Have The Most Volume Of Any Game In The Series

By Sato . September 2, 2014 . 4:30am


Nippon Ichi Software recently announced that Disgaea 5 is headed to PlayStation 4 during Sony’s pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference. While we only saw teaser during the conference, NIS shared a little more in this week’s magazine reports. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]


Disgaea 5’s story will have the theme of “revenge” and will also have more volume than previous Disgaea games. There will be new systems as well.


The protagonist’s name is Kilia, a young demon boy who swears to get revenge against the demon emperor Void Dark. The heroine, named Seraphine, is a demon lord of the “Gorgeous Underworld,” and is the well-brought-up daughter of an upper-class family.


There’s also Usalia, who is the demon lord of some place called “Rabbit Rabbit World,” and has been affected by some curse that makes her go violent unless she eats curry.


The magazine report also has some quotes from Nippon Ichi president Sohei Niikawa, who stated ,“We thought about going multi-platform with PlayStation 3, but doing so would’ve made the PS3 the standard. Since we’re making it, I want to be able to offer something that could only be done with the PlayStation 4.”


Another quote from Niikawa says: “The number of characters that can be displayed at once has vastly grown. On the PlayStation 3 it was limited to 10 characters shown in high definition, but the PlayStation 4 can display 100 characters.”.


A product code for a trial version of the game will be included in the September 25 issue of Dengeki PlayStation magazine.


Disgaea 5 is expected to release in Japan sometime in Spring 2015 for PlayStation 4.

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  • Cheesy12

    100 characters, wow! Those will be some really long turns! I hope they add unique generics, or added to the customization of the units so not everyone looks the same besides the story characters.

    • Randgriz

      If thats the case im wondering if these new systems will be crowd-killing skill attacks. This game could get pretty amazing if thats on the table.

      • Gust blade

        Disgaea musou , tactics style .

  • A young demon boy who swears revenge against the Demon Emperor and a demon lord daughter of an upper-class family…..sounds similar to Disgaea 2. I won’t complain, though, because it sounds like this game is going to be absolutely massive. With this, Persona 5 and other games, 2015 will be the PS4’s year by far and I can’t wait for it.

    • Haganeren

      Yeah, i was thinking the same thing, it really is too much inspired form Disgaea 2 which was a little let down from scenario stand point in my opinion.

  • 3PointDecoupage

    Revenge? Did he step on his game system or did he prevent him from feeding sardines to Prinnies?

    • Flonne will teach everyone revenge is not the way… The only effective way is LOOOVEEEEE.

      • Hagaren

        Engrave that on the moon!

  • ..Someone will also want to get their revenge alright.. That someone wants revenge for not being the Main Character after many installments and sequels..

  • I can’t wait for this

  • Namuro

    “Gorgeous Underworld”… Me likey.

    • Does “Gorgeous” involve sexy bodies which a certain bratty Overlord fears?

  • artemisthemp

    I am very happy that, NIS decided to only make a PS4 version, so the game wouldn’t be hold back by a PS3 version.

  • Fox

    Hasn’t each new game had substantially more content than all the priors? Well, I haven’t gotten into D2 much yet (still playing Dis4).

    Anyway, I just hope that they finally learn how to design maps. I’m sick of rotating the camera, zooming it in and out, and STILL not being able to see things clearly.

  • Armageddon

    “We thought about going multi-platform
    with PlayStation 3, but doing so would’ve made the PS3 the standard.
    Since we’re making it, I want to be able to offer something that could
    only be done with the PlayStation 4.”

    I wonder what they meant by this? Its still going to be anime style right?

    “The number of characters that can be displayed at once has vastly grown. On the PlayStation 3 it was limited to 10 characters shown in high definition, but the PlayStation 4 can display 100 characters.”.

    This one got me excited. We can probably have like an army going head-to-head at once.

    • Randgriz

      I imagine he means, more enemies on screen, bigger maps, more fantastic skill animations. That kind of stuff.

    • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

      100 character battles? as if the game wasn’t long enough already D:

  • AndyMAX

    Which one is the best in the main games?

    • Greek-God88

      I like 1, DD2 (the sequel to 1) and 4 the most

    • MXC

      Definately the 1st! Followed by the 4th(which I’m playing on my Vita-chan). I haven’t play DD2 though so can’t tell where that one would fall. BTW 3rd was the worst IMO.

    • CureMarine

      I think 4 is the best. 1 probably has a better story though. D2 was kinda weak in the story but is the most streamlined so it’s good for beginners I think. But also it’s a sequel to the first so.

    • chroma816

      D4 is the best bar none, although the cast in D1 is more solid. I like Disgaea 2, although it’s a bit contested, and 3, IMO, falls flat. I have yet to play D2 (a sequel to the first).

      If you’re looking to get into the series, though, it’s very recommended that you go from the first game on, because each adds things that make previous games harder to play through (as in new systems/moves/etc.)

      • Too bad Troy Baker probably won’t reprise Valvatorez from here on out.

        • chroma816

          Not that it really matters – nearly all DLC/extra/returning characters get boiled down to their cliches anyway. I’m sure Val will just yell about sardines in every one of his new appearances.

    • I personally love 3. 4 was alright to me, and you can get it on the Vita now. 1 did not age well to me, but it’s story is still super enjoyable: if you play it, play it first. I found Adell/Rozalin to be super boring in 2 to start out with, but I did enjoy them changing up the main weapons for them compared to the other entries of the series. Disgaea D2 was super fun for me, but you definitely should play 1 if you intend on going into that.

    • Tenno Seremel

      1 > 4 ≈ DD2 ≈ 2 >> 3.

  • ehtnah

    Disgaea… I bough a ps3 for diagaea 3 ^^

    Now we (European) can’t buy games from NISA store and NISA europe store is… arf US price with Pound currency… So I will buy the Jp CE this time and some low price standard US copy…. I will play disgaea sooner.

    I hope they will make maps like in makai kingdom, with lots of enemies, and lots LOTS of WTF ideas XD

    • The one setback to this plan though is understanding. Laughing my ass off from the parodies and quirky dialogue is half the fun with Disgaea. The other being grinding and abusing systems.

      Otherwise I´m all in for your idea. I forgot NISA for some odd reason started to punish us Europeans for being long and trusty customers.

  • TheSoullesOne

    Damn 100? The game was long as it is.Makes me question if they changed something specific to mkae it not as long or idk

  • Jettythesunfish

    This means even more content for the Vita version! Can’t wait!

    • CirnoTheStrongest

      Pretty sure PS4 games porting to the Vita will lose content/be dumbed down. Sony needs to make another handheld before this is possible without having to really dumb down things.

    • Pretty sure you mean Vita’s successor.

  • CureMarine

    Disgaea and Tales was the reason I bought a PS3 so I’m sure Disgaea will make me buy a PS4 eventually too.

  • Land of Green Pasture

    psst… hey, how about making it on Vita too..

  • Sion12

    wait Disgaea is graphic intensive? i am surprise to hear ps3 can only do 10 character. i mean looking at games game like last of us,Beyond Two Souls, ground zero etc its hard to believe Disgaea push ps3’s hardware

    • People tend to get shocked by this, but it makes sense. You’re talking about a lot of individual sprites and pixels that’re constantly moving, along with the sprites for the weapons, combined with 3D environments. There’s a reason why Disgaea 3 could /never/ have worked on the PSP without the system trying to stab itself.

    • Wappuli

      They sure are, just get your classroom full of characters in Disgaea 3, change camera to the furthest position and enjoy the slowdown.
      The reasons for sprite-based game to push hardware are different than for full 3D, so you can’t really compare them like that. I’m not really good at all for explaining it, so hopefully someone else can.

  • leadintea

    Kilia and Seraphine sound interesting. Usalia does not.

  • Annnnnd my future shows a PS4.

    • Aristides

      As expected from a Magi, I’ll go on a whim and say I have a similar fate.

  • chroma816

    Wow – more volume than any other game in the series? This series is full of games that are absolutely chock full of *things*. Incredible.

  • MaidKillua

    Now all I need is for a cameo appearance from Beryl. Beryl is best

  • Espoir

    Wonder how long until they make a Vita port…

  • SupaPhly

    and somehow every other Disgaea character will make a cameo appearance

    • Charles Parker

      With over 100 characters being able to be on screen at once now, how could they not bring them all back?

    • Gotta pay for every single one too

  • Wow, we’re already gonna be getting a trial version on the 25th? I guess it is right that we’ll be seeing a full-scale trailer at TGS. Exciting!

  • MitsukiIX

    oh well disgaea 2 all over again I guess.

    • Punny Fuzz

      you that like its a bad thing :P

  • moogle.nine

    “…makes her go violent unless she eats curry.”

    Finally, someone who understands my pain.

  • Suriel Cruz

    “Ladys and Gentlemen! Here’s another reason for me to buy a PS4!!!”
    By 2016 or before, I think I will have a PS4. ^ ^ I just need this game in ma’ life.
    edit: http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2014/36/1409782177-disgaea-5-dengeki-1.jpg

  • MadokaXHomura

    I really hope that this the disgaea that will have all classes from 1,2,3,4 and D2.Seriously there’s always a favorite class of my thats missing in each game.

    • Draparde

      I agree. they really should just let you make any of them. and if they have different appearances between games…let you choose between them when you make that class.

  • Ni ~Algidus~

    >There’s also Usalia, who is the demon lord of some place called “Rabbit Rabbit World,” and has been affected by some curse that makes her go violent unless she eats curry.

    Ciel-senpai, da yo na?

  • GibbRS

    I for one welcome our new 100 overlords.

    I personally feel like the game play features of DD2 have been the best in the series, so I’m looking forward to another main entry in the series that hopefully uses those features and more. The Cheat Shop seems to be here to stay, which is probably my favorite new feature in the Disgaea series. I would imagine it would make it’s return in D5. Monster Mounting is fun. Precision throwing. Item rarity matchups by rank type instead of exact value. I guess some people would say it’s more “easy”, but I personally enjoyed being able to match up legendary items by them just being gold, instead of having to match up 3’s with 3’s.

    I’m stoked for this game, and I’m going to try getting my hands on a Dengeki Playstation magazine later this month. ^__^

  • Godman

    “On the PlayStation 3 it was limited to 10 characters shown in high definition, but the PlayStation 4 can display 100 characters.”

    I’m scared; but does this apply to how many we can send out or how many enemies would be on the field
    because in D2 I could have sworn there was more than ten enemies

  • triablos

    So I guess we could say…the game will be louder?

    Sorry xD

  • WyattEpp

    “On the PlayStation 3 it was limited to 10 characters shown in high definition”

    They really couldn’t manage more than that? I am aghast. I can’t event imagine how poor their optimisation must be. (Having seen the slowdown in Disgaea 4, my guess is “exceedingly”) But, I’m glad they can get ten times as many characters in with only twenty times the hardware!


    (Not like any of that will stop me from buying it when it comes.)

  • ThomasTruong

    “Will have the most volume of any game in the series”

    Until the updated port with all the DLC.

    • Could they port that to Vita, though? They make it sound like the PS3 version, which ran well on the Vita (might have some slowdown on Disgaea 4 but I haven’t played it yet), is extremely outclassed by the PS4 version. It might be a stretch to port it.

      • ThomasTruong

        Was just making a joke about the rerelease of every mainstream Disgaea game to this point.

        But to seriously consider your comment, it could be visually downgraded like Disgaea 1 to DS or a future system/handheld.

    • Shady Shariest

      SilverCrono’s point is more than valid. It’s less likely there will ever be a full-on port. It would need to be a “Handheld version” akin to God of Wars and… Origins.

  • Yatol Charles

    sign looks like its ps4

  • Chaos-Mafioso

    Rabbit…? Curse…? Curry…?
    Kuu isn’t amused ._.

    • Norbert Gespenst

      But I am

    • CheeseCake

      What game is this anyway?

      • Chaos-Mafioso

        Sorry for the late reply ^^U it’s called “Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God” for PS Vita.

        • CheeseCake

          Thanks, man.

  • Norbert Gespenst

    Story sounds like Disgaea 2 so far

  • 100 controllable characters at once? Just how big will the stages be here? Why do you tempt me when I have no money to buy a PS4.

    More stuff to start saving for I guess. Espacially now when NISA is kicking me in the nuts and thinking it´s fun. I hope they fix their prices untill this is released.

    • Pdugna

      100 characters on each stage would make Disgaea even longer. Not sure if that’s possible though =P

    • Setsu Oh

      i just hope they AT LAST start using power and not make stages in nothingness like there was ON PS1

  • Pdugna

    I hope to see some ridiculously long and detailed attacks in this game :D

    • Keine

      dont forget unexpected cameos and WTF moments

  • Anontastic

    Since we’re making it, I want to be able to offer something that could only be done with the PlayStation 4

    Attitude: 11/10 “top gamedev”

    That said, my inner skeptic feels like it’s just going to end up being some flashy particle effects or something. I honestly cannot fathom something a traditional, turn-based SRPG could do that would take advantage of PS4 capabilities.

    The story is sounding something like Disgaea 2, and that’s a pretty colossal turn-on for me~! Show us more!!

  • Setsu Oh

    …oooOK… will it be hd or still THEIR kind of hd?(which isnt hd)
    They DO get that it will be a post Xrd world,right?
    bringing anime visuals to a new standard, a higher one, i surely hope thay wont rehash the same horrid blurry stuff that didnt have it’s place already on ps3.

    • Setsu Oh

      nippon ichi char visuals are like soggy cereals to me.
      no hate, just facts.and regrets, and sadness.
      it s like those visual novels, if you can do 3d, why don’t you have more varied drawings of 1 character? how much more does it cost to make 5-8 drawings depicting a more graded emotion rather than just 2?

      • They can do whatever they want with their game, the game play is better than the visuals anyway and it’s what keeps people playing more.

        • Setsu Oh

          that is a point i dont get from fighting gamers and nintendo fans. ‘plz dont make it evolve to anytthing but what it already is’: poor sales for tekken tag2

  • Reminds me of the protagonist Mao from Disgaea 3. Revenge on his father for destroying his *spoiler* (pm me ’bout it or search the internetz) :)

    • joemari5

      Slaystation! >_<

      • xXDGFXx

        I thought it was a cartridge…

  • 9999999999999999999999999 damage!!!!!!

  • Bell

    So far, the protagonists sound pretty generic, but I’ll wait and see. It’s not like I can trust a few sentences to accurately describe them. Usalia sounds awesome, at least. And 100 characters is going to be crazy! I’m pretty damn excited!

    Also, there’d better be a Fuka cameo somewhere!

  • The Undead

    I don’t want to buy a PS4 Yet (at least 2 years)

    • hallucinogenius

      If it’s any consolation, you’ve got quite a bit of time before the game’s localized.

      • The Undead

        True, but Disgaea is basically what pay the bills at Nippon Icchi , (heck, the president informed that had Disgaea 4 flopped the company would have been out of business), so my guess is that it will be here in the US in the next year.

  • Kornelious

    Jeez, The games are already crazy long…..Though I never was one to complain about long games :)

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