Tales of PlayStation 3 Games Getting Discounted Reprints For 20th Anniversary

By Spencer . September 3, 2014 . 11:26pm

Bandai Namco is bringing four Tales of PlayStation 3 games back to stores as part of a celebration of the RPG series’ 20th anniversary. The Tales of 20th Anniversary Collection consists of PlayStation 3 the Best versions of Tales of Xillia, Tales of Xillia 2, Tales of Graces f, and Tales of Vesperia.


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Each game will cost 2,800 yen and all four yellow label Tales of reprints will be available in Japan on October 9.

  • MizuofYmir

    Ugh, why aren’t all consoles region free? I want this…

    …nay, I NEED this.

    • Lavitz

      Good news! You can play these on your PS3 since it’s region free

    • Arcueid Brunstud

      ps3 is region free :D

    • PS3 is region free…

    • darke

      Only MS was stupid to region lock last gen, and only Nintendo is stupid enough to region lock this gen. Sony have been remarkably sane… which is strange.

      • Kanra

        PS3 was region free, WII was not, nor was 360. Both the PSP and DS were also region free. The Vita is pseudo-region free, and the 3DS(both original and “new”) are region locked.

  • Arcueid Brunstud

    please Namco why haven’t you localized and translated vesperia.

    • fireguardiancoty

      We got Vesperia back in 2008.

      • Kaitsu

        The PS3 version has more content and was never localized.

    • aizen310

      But please, stay tuned for a translated re-release in 2025 for
      PlayStation n+1, just like they did with the PS2 version of Tales of
      Symphonia for PS3.

  • Raymond

    I need the Japanese version of Tales of Vesperia because it’s the only damn version that you can use Flynn.

  • Harfianz

    Tales of Playstation 1 or 2?

  • Grape Monet

    I was just thinking about this the other day, but if they localized the PS3 version of Vesperia they’d have to have to bring in a new voice actor for Yuri, since Troy Baker doesn’t do these kinds of games anymore. Once they decide on a replacement (most likely Matthew Mercer), they’d either have to re-record all of Baker’s lines in addition to the new dialogue or just have the new lines recorded by the replacement. Plus, they’d have to bring the rest of the cast back, or replace them.

    If this were even three years ago they could’ve done it, but too much time has passed. I don’t see Bandai Namco giving this game an international release with a subtitled Japanese dub and nothing else, so I guess it’s time to let go of this one.

    • As much as I don’t want to admit it. I’ll sadly have to let go unless a miracle happens at Bandai Namco.

    • aizen310

      Troy Baker has something against japanese games or what?

      • darke

        Too famous so probably too expensive?

      • Grape Monet

        It’s not that he has anything against Japanese games, it’s just that he’s a union actor now, and most Japanese video games dubbed into English are non-union projects.

    • Pyrotek85

      I thought I remember reading that they already had them voice the additional content.

      • Grape Monet

        Some of it, according to Baker. We don’t know if they finished recording everything.

        • Pyrotek85

          Ok, thanks. I know I read it somewhere but I couldn’t recall a source or even if it was a rumor. It wouldn’t surprise me if they recorded what they needed and are just going to sit on it for now, and re-release it for the PS4 or some other console years from now.

          I just don’t expect to see it localized anytime soon, and especially not for PS3, they seem to have made that clear.

  • Good I have three out of those four in English. Man what I would give to have a US version of Vesperia PS3 just a simple sub version would do. Isn’t that what they are doing with Tales of Hearts R english release?

    So far the only mainline Tales I have yet to try out and many others that are waiting for an official English release would be a proper Tales of Phantasia, Tales of Destiny, Tales of Destiny 2, Tales of Rebirth and Tales of Innocence but again thats just me.

    • Destiny13777

      Yeah it’s subtitles only and for whatever reason they changed Shing’s name (which is silly since they almost never do that for there dubbed games). I wouldn’t mind subbed Vesperia PS3 if they could call Yuri Danger Guy like in Xillia 2.

    • Phantasia GBA/ios were ok, yeah the localization isn’t that great but is pretty playable, Destiny did came here, and is pretty good, Destiny 2 gosh I love that game but no official release, damn that one is one of the best, Rebirth is… CLAIRE, and Innocence I liked the DS one more for some reason, but Baba said if Hearts sells, Innocence might come to the west. And you can import Vesperia without much knowledge of Jap because there are a lot of guides of it, and this and if Zestiria arrives to the yellow label, would be the only chances to get Vesperia because the reprints sell FAST. (Fortunately I studied jap and I’ve been able to play all the tales, but not a lot of people want to spend the time to learn a language for just a game, understandable. xD)

    • HerosLight

      – Phantasia is good, it’s better to play the PS1 version which is translated.
      – I didn’t like Rebirth as much as others did, but that’s just me, you might like it.
      – Destiny DC (PS2) is great.
      – I have not played Destiny 2, yet.
      – The Vita version of Innocence is GREAT. If you plan on getting it, emulate the DS version first (IF you want) with english patch so you could get a sense of whats going on in the game and not even use a guide when playing the Vita version (for some parts at least). DS version is not good but the Vita version is a million times better. Combat is equally as good or better than Vesperia and better than the first Xillia.

      • Definitely waiting to see how well Heart R does in the US to see if there is a chance at Innocence R coming over. The ones I would definitely like to try out the most are Rebirth, Destiny R, Destiny 2 and Innocence.

  • JuVu

    Salt. Wounds. It hurts.

  • Suriel Cruz

    I did finish Tales of Vesperia on Xbox 360, but the PS3 version is…. T ^T
    “Y JUST… Y??!!!” Dx

  • aizen310

    No Tales of Symphonia HD Chronicles?

    • darke

      It obviously isn’t ザ・ベスト〜

      • aizen310

        ToSymphonia isn’t Za-Besuto? Not the best for me, that’s one way to see it, but I thought it was sold well enough.

        • darke

          Possibly too new? I dunno. I was assuming it was because it was a Wii-port or something, but wasn’t Graces f a Wii-port too? Possibly it’s just an arbitrary selection of the ones with the most sales.

          • Princess_Eevee9

            Um no? Graces F went straight to the PS3.

          • Rintarou

            Tales of Graces was originally for the Wii… It was ported to PS3 under the name “Graces f” so while you are literally correct, he’s not wrong.

          • Princess_Eevee9

            Yeah I know.

    • Tiredman

      Seeing as it just came out pretty much, and the fact that there are still tons of copies floating around, there is no reason to release a best version of that.

  • artemisthemp

    Will the West ever see Tales of Vesperia on a PlayStation system in it’s complete form

    • aizen310

      Praise the fan-translators. Though you most likely will need a console from Captain Hook :(

      • artemisthemp

        I have heard that someone made a Patch to Tales of Vesperia but, I have never figure out how it worked

      • darke

        Or a few years for the PS3 emulator to be working well enough to play it (and a decent enough computer to play i ton).

        • You probably will be waiting quite a bit for a decent PS3 emulator at all, lol. That console’s architecture is really out there.

          • darke

            It may be more out there, but in terms of documentation it’s a hell of a lot better documented then both the PS2 and PS1 were, and the PS2 has a weird architecture of it’s own.

            I imagine it’ll play out somewhat similar to the PS2 emulator, except with the earlier/’simpler’ games emulated much quicker, and the ones that really pushed the edge cases of the hardware and relied on it’s timings much later, if ever.

            RPCS3 has got the basics working; it’s just a matter of iterating and testing; it’ll take years but it’ll get there. :)

          • Oh yes it’ll get there but “a few years” can be anything between 2 to 10 ;;
            I agree though that it’ll happen!

  • Maybe we’ll get Vesperia for PS3 this time? ^u^
    Baba probably knows we want it, and I actually have a fair bit of faith in him and the localization efforts now. Here’s to hoping~! ♥

    • Chris Yuen

      I doubt it. Bandai Namco themselves have been quite forthcoming with us Tales Of fans. They said Vesperia PS3 sailed. They said they are moving on to Xillia 2 (which just came out), Zestiria and others.

      • Pyrotek85

        I have no doubt we’ll get it, but it’s a matter of when. Probably late in the PS4’s life, or even the console after.

      • Oh, recently they said this? Even about this edition? I figure they could do a digital only, but I frankly wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how they feel.

    • LegacyOfWu .

      Oh, gosh. I actually feel bad. I remember being this hopeful. Eventually their adamant refusals via various social media platforms crushed my spirit. It’s not coming.

      • Lol, after the crushing disappointment of no Destiny DC, I can’t be broken anymore. Now, I just get hopeful from time to time and ain’t too hurt if it doesn’t happen. Miffed and a bit disappointed, yeah, but not torn up. lol

        Those days are behind me now~. /wistful look into the distance

    • Julian Hardaway

      Baba has nothing to do with the decisions of the western branches of the company. Try again.

      • But after reading this, I think we are asking this in the wrong place… after all Baba is like a God there and if he says “release this for PS3!” them they will obey him!

        going to spam Baba twitter, brb xD

        (of course I’m kidding… sadly it doesn’t work this way)

      • I know he doesn’t, but he’s also one that said he would like to see the titles make it here and thus has some kind of influence. If even one of the devs that’s important to the series gives his encouragement, I would think they’d consider it more seriously. You try again. x’D

    • Please, keep this faith/hope for me too… after I find the Community Manager for Namco Bandai Games Europe twitter, he made me lost it all :(

      • Really? What happened? ono

        • Constantly being a jerk about the fanbase “whining” about this localization … saying a lot of times that it’s not coming… saying things that looks like he don’t care about the fanbase and many other things that for me was unprofessional. :(

          • Oh, goodness. That is definitely, entirely unprofessional. If I were his boss, I would take him off that job, certainly (supposing he was PR/community contact).

            Sorry you had to go through that guy. ono

    • sammy11

      Come on now. Lets just all move on.

      • ??

        Why can’t we be hopeful about it if the game is getting a re-release? It’d be good if it was digital only, even. And since ToH R is coming out with Japanese vocals, it’d be cool to get the JP voices for Vesperia.

        You can move on, but if there’s a chance they’d even consider it, I’d take it. They’re a lot more open toward localization now than they were back then and that’s worth something.

  • CureMarine

    Only 28k yen? Looks like I’ll finally be buying Vesperia PS3 yesss

    • Rintarou

      2.8k* :P That would be ridiculous.

      • CureMarine

        Thanks so much for fixing my mistake ^______^ It totally slipped my mind when I was typing it so I am oh so glad someone like you was here for me~ Whatever would I have done without you? You’ve truly helped me and I value and appreciate it ever so much :^)

        • Rintarou

          No need to be a jerk, I wasn’t trying to be rude.

  • what really makes me sad is that everytime the fans ask the Bandai Namco manager or staff on Twitter/Fb, they always says that the release of Vesperia in english for PS3 will not happen.
    And sometimes they use really harsh words that always make my mood change in an instant :(

    but well, the best thing to do is use this game as one of many motivations to learn japanese… maybe after 4-5 years I can play this and have fun with Patty and Rita’s “Indignation” :D

    • friendly neighborhood_dude

      This and the gundam games are my motivations.

      I was going to mention Persona 5, but I know that they will eventually localize it.

    • KingGunblader

      I’d use harsh words too if we’d been denying it for years without people getting the message.

      • well, it’s better to spam their social media with these things than accepting it and let them be!

        maybe it can change their mind… we never know :)

        • KingGunblader

          It came out in 2009. 5 years ago. I’m not saying it isn’t disappointing, but that ship has sailed.

        • sammy11

          It’s not happening, get over it.

          • if the game devs comments wasn’t sufficient for me to gave this wish up, it’s not your or any other comment that’ll make this xD

  • Chim_era

    hmm Tales of Vesperia, HERE I COME !!!

    I still regret the day I bought it for the xbox360 :(

  • Aqua King

    Oh. Here I was thinking that this was a US announcement… I’m still not sure why they can’t release Vesperia for PS3 here.

    • LegacyOfWu .

      At first I thought it wouldn’t be a justified expense for them and that perhaps they wouldn’t make their money back. However, upon further consideration… how much could it possibly cost to translate/record voices for what amounts to about 5% more content? Tales games have their fanbase mostly on PS3.

      It would sell more than enough to recover costs. At this point, it can only be assumed they don’t feel like going back to it and would rather focus on new things. It’s reasonable, but unfortunate. I own the 360 version and I would still buy a PS3 release.

      • decus

        It could partially be opportunity costs too, which is about what you said at the end. People working on Vesperia (they’d have to do some work to get their old translations working, maybe circumstances would even prevent them from using the old translations/voices) means people not working on bringing over Hearts R and Zesteria, which I think they’ve already sort of started on.

        Another part of it is it’s a 5 year old game that already exists in english on another system and plenty of customers have already imported. With all of the translation guides already out, in all sorts of forms, and the cheap 360 version I feel they’d have a hard sell at $60. They’d probably need to look at the $30-$40 price range. Some of the voice actors are significantly more expensive now too, if they could even get them back. All in all the best I can say for Vesperia is they’d potentially port to PS4 before releasing the next mainline game on PS4, in order to begin moving the audience over for it.

  • Vesperia is being waved in front of my face again. This really is a shame. I hear nothing but praise for the PS3 version of it, and we will never get it.

    • iamtehultimatepwnage .

      i feel with you man :(

    • Ric Vazquez

      We know that feel pal, we know

  • the_rain

    I skip on Vesperia simply because I don’t have an xbox. There is a hope to play it in PS3 after all!

  • CycloneFox

    I wouldn’t have thought this is possible about four years ago, because the PS3 got virtually no localisations of Japanese games, back then, but I own all of the four games above. I’m so happy about this, because it seemed as if most PS3 games would never get localized. Sadly the PS3 version of Vesperia is still missing, but at least we got the Xbox360 Beta version.

    Despite Xillia 2, I played through all of them, playing Xillia 2 right now. I liked all four of them, but not equally. Imo, Vesperia was by far the weakest of those four. I disliked the characters and the presentation was quite boring. Animations and camera were really awkward. I would not recommend buying the Xbox360 just for this game (In contrast to a Vita, just for Persona 4 Golden. That is totally worth it). Both Xillia 1 and 2 are really good. I love the characters, the presentation and the world. But my biggest favorite is actually Tales of Graces F. I just love those characters. I’ve had the most fun with it of all. And the plot offered far more than I’ve ever expected.

  • Kroz

    Oh ps3 Vesperia….so many memories of how I hoped you would be localized

    now my hope is gone and I’m stuck with my very inferior xbox version….

  • Vallen

    Please bring vesperia ps3 to the West!!!!

  • Yan Zhao

    Worst part about this VEsperia ordeal is that the majority of the text is literally translated already. The amount of work it’ll take to do this would be minimal.

    • ThatGuy3190_7

      Wait, so I can import this and the text will be in English already? I’ve always wanted to play Vesperia but I don’t want to buy a 360 just for one game that interests me out of the entire console library.

      • Sakurazaki

        No, he’s just saying that if they ever wanted to localize the PS3 Vesperia for English, they’d already have all the translations from the 360 ver. done. It’d be a lot easier since they’d just have to translate the new content not present in the 360 ver.

        Alas, they haven’t done it and a lot of us here don’t know why they wouldn’t.

  • AuraGuyChris

    So, we meet again, Vesperia PS3…

  • Brandonmkii

    I’m always amazed that people clamour more fervently for a port of a game in the series that was already in English, then for games that haven’t made it over in any shape or form yet. At least you have the option of playing the game on a 360 in English.

    • from wikipedia
      “The PlayStation 3 version of the game features full voice acting, containing nearly twice as much voice work as the original voice script, which covers previously unvoiced cutscenes in the 360 version. The game also features various new characters such as Flynn as a fully customizable, permanent playable character as well as Patty Fleur, a young girl with blond hair, who is an entirely new playable character. The game also features several unplayable characters from Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike, which the game ties-in with. The game also features a wide variety of new character costumes, which include cameo costumes based on characters from previous Tales games, as well as costumes based on characters from other series, such as Xenosaga and Sgt. Frog.”

      And we can’t forget a lot of new artes, skills, equipments and other contents like bosses, scene skip feature, new overlimits levels etc

      so yeah, we have a lot of reasons to ask for this port. :)

      • Daniel

        Just summed it up i dont care what system its on i want the enhanced version with all the extra content (which is a ton)

    • decus

      Definitely with you on wanting Rebirth and Destiny 2 more than Vesperia. I probably wouldn’t buy Vesperia if they localized it, to be honest. After importing it for ~$50 years ago and playing through it three times buying it again for a full $60 without save compatibility would just feel weird. I’m at sort of the same place with Abyss 3DS even though it has better load times.

      If I had to guess, this is probably part of why they aren’t localising it (bunch of people imported already or already bought 360 version), though an eventual PS4 HD collection wouldn’t surprise me, years from now when they’re finished with Zesteria and working on the next title.

  • phayroent

    Tales of Vesperia on PS4 NOW please.

    • Codi Schumacher

      actually i heard they are working on it

      • CirnoLakes

        That would, that would be so amazing! Then I would be one step closer to my favourite console franchise of all time being on the PC!

        ..wh… where did you hear they are working on it? Could you tell me please?

        • Codi Schumacher

          I heard it from a local game store i shop at really small business only 5 stores total across a few states but ive gotten early info from them more than a few times to put it mildly.
          The store name is Video Games etc

          • Zack

            What a load of rot! How, may I ask, does a tiny store franchise know about such a speculation, when there has no been no other news on the topic at all? Sorry, but I hate when people get their hopes up, and are let down just shortly afterwards…

          • Codi Schumacher

            well i wasnt replying to you and its up to you whether or not to believe it

          • Codex

            Got an actually credible source to cite? ‘local game shop’ doesn’t count tbh

          • Codi Schumacher

            get lost i know they are credible from past results and you cant change that

          • Codex

            Lol sorry but that’s absurd, compare it to if I said a local retailer here said xyz about large company in Japan, without citation or source it’s just dribble/unreliable. Either cite your source or don’t expect anyone to believe the nonsense you’re trying to spread. Getting peoples hopes up by starting rumors is toxic, even if its the store that starts it, be smarter about how you take their information on (requesting an actual source for example) otherwise discredit it (sounds like they’re playing you) otherwise though, please stop spreading their baseless rumors :)

          • Codi Schumacher

            what is absurd is how people like you just try to be insensitive and close minded just because someone says its from a smaller business there are specialty stores in existence that do know these things at least they are in on what happens in the gaming industry because their livelihood depends on itwhich is more than i can say for you.

            if anyone you are the one who isnt credible

          • Codex

            Lol oh please, don’t take things so personally. My comment isn’t “insensitive” or “close minded” (It’s closed-minded by the way, as my mind is not close to you.) I in no you have anything against you personally or anything like that, I don’t even know you.

            Surely you understand the need for citing sources to ensure accurate information is distributed right? Even if you’d said that someone from a larger chain said this, my question would not change in requesting a source. The place you’ve received the ‘information’ from is irrelevant, the fact you cannot provide a source for the information, while not your fault, is relevant as it discredits the information entirely if there is no reliable source.

            I was unaware I had anything that required credibility in this, i’m not providing information on potential releases. That doesn’t even make sense hah.

            Don’t get me wrong, I really would love to see ToV released in west on PS3 or PS4 with the new content etc (I have it already in Japanese) but i’m not getting my hopes up unless someone is able to provide reliable information from a cited source.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Enough everyone. .

          • Codi Schumacher

            i gave a source you rejected it

  • sakusakusakura_nyo

    I’m not going to buy a 360 just to play Tales of Vesperia, sorry Bandai Namco.

  • KingGunblader

    I wonder if people will ever stop begging for the PS3 version of Vesperia.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I’m just kidding I know they never will.

    • Daniel

      I would get the 360 version but they released a ps3 version with more content if that version was on 360 i would pick it up even tho i dont have a 360. It would seem my best bet would be to import and get a text script.(dont know howd that work with the scenarios that pop up from time to time as i believe those are random)

      • Yeah, there’s also a FAQ for the scripts but skits are sometimes random so it’s hard to keep track of them :(

      • decus

        It’s pretty easy, somebody made a web/phone app with all the script and somebody did an LP of the game as well, that translated all of the PS3-only scenes.

        If you do a google search you’ll find plenty of resources to play vesperia PS3, basically. It’s had a BEST version for years now, actually, so importing it hasn’t cost any more than $30+shipping for a while now.

        • Daniel

          Appreciate The info believe thats what ill do eventually i also happen to like the original voices reading subtitles has never bothered me (nice to have options tho)

    • CirnoLakes

      I will never stop begging for Patty Fleur.

  • Kornelious

    Even after all this time I have not lost faith in Tales of Vesperia…….Perhaps it will be remade for PS4?……But I guess that’s like hoping E.X Troopers will be localized :(

  • ThatGuy3190_7

    I think PS3 Vesperia localization requests is more popular than before Tales of Hearts R localization announcement.

  • John

    Come on Namco, save me from buying a 360 :(

  • Leon Magnus

    I don’t like these covers, looks a bit ugly with those yellow things on it. I already have all Tales games in japanese language too. Sad that Tales of Destiny Director’s Cut and Tales of Vesperia will never be localized (1st and 2nd of my favorites). I’m glad that I learned nihongo a time ago cause I can’t stand the english dub on Tales of Series.

    • I have that ToVesperia version, and it’s not so ugly like it appears. xD

    • Zack

      You learnt Japanese so you could play Japanese games? Nice one, man! That’s some dedication there.

  • Ric Vazquez

    Vesperia for PS3 being rubbed at my face again *sigh*

    • colorblindnightmare


  • Greg Horswitz

    Hey spread the word there’s another movement to Localize Tales of Vesperia to Playstation 3


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