Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed – A Guilty Pleasure If There Ever Was One

By Thomas . September 4, 2014 . 2:00pm

Akihabara, or Akiba for short, has been the subject of a lot of anime, and games lately, often shaping the city into a sort of haven for the many nerdier subcultures of Japan. You can find it all in Akiba, it seems—videogames, anime Blu-rays, computer parts, gal-games, moe merchandise, doujinshi, cosplayers, Gothic Lolita girls, maid cafés, vampires, ancient living deities of the night, and a bunch of attractive gals.


Or at least that’s what Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed has communicated to me. Yes, the game can be a little… ridiculous.


You begin the game following an invitation to a job interview offering all the rare collectable figures you can carry. Unfortunately, as is often the case with things that are too good to be true, it turns out that the job was a scam to turn you, and a bunch of other nerds, into a Synthister. Think vampire-like creatures. Increased strength, weak to sunlight, feeds on desires, strips you of your humanity, so you can be a minion to some greater evil. I guess you really should read the fine print on those applications, huh?


(Geez… and here I thought I had it rough with Ishaan as my boss. At least he asked before he took my humanity).


Before all is lost, you’re saved by a mysterious beautiful girl. Then, you return the favor and save the girl back, and end up dying in the process. No worries, though—she brings you back to life by forming a blood pact. It seems she is a Nighteater. Think of them as sort of deity-like protectors of the people who have been fading away over the past thousands of years, but a few still live on. Now you are half Synthister, half Nighteater Familiar, and all hero. You eventually meet up with your old friends at your favorite game bar and base of operations: MOGRA, and together as The Akiba Freedom Fighters, fight off the Synthisters, and take back the city.


…by stripping them of their clothes, of course! After all, they’re weak to sunlight. Get them down to their skivvies, and the suckers fry.


Again, you should know what you’re getting into here. Undead & Undressed is pretty much a fanservice game with mechanics centered on getting people’s clothes off. Gameplay is simple enough, and is done through three buttons, primarily. Triangle attacks the head, Circle the torso, and X the legs. If you do enough damage to one of those areas by holding down the button, you can strip the corresponding clothes off. Strip all three areas and the person is now naked. If you do it well enough, and stream combos you’re rewarded with flashy animations of you running around, and people being embarrassed. It’s silly, it’s total fanservice, and… it’s actually a lot of fun.


I like Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed. I like it a lot. I’ve already beaten it, and started my next playthrough of it, in fact! The story is ridiculous, the gameplay is centered on the ridiculous premise of ripping everyone’s clothes right off, and the presentation is equally ridiculous, with a very nice and colorful appearance that’s just like an anime. The game always came off as knowing how ridiculous it was. Never once did I feel like it was a bad thing that I was just watching Anime Cliché #358, because it felt like Undead & Undressed puts up no pretenses, and is just trying to have fun.


As you continue along the game, lots of paths open up to you, and you are given tons of customization options. From the clothes you and your partner wear, to the strength of your character, to weapon customization and fusion. There are multiple girls to pursue romantically with their own endings, and unique story scenes to their paths as well. Just exploring the whole of the city, and taking in all the sights is tons of fun. Plus there are hundreds of side missions to see, a whole encyclopedia to read, a bunch of e-mails to sort through, and even a faux Twitter of sorts that can be occasionally amusing to read through. The game really feels like it’s all about letting you be who you want to be. It’s doesn’t judge. Just live out your fantasy, customize your character to your heart’s content, and have fun.


That’s Undead & Undressed’s greatest strength. It’s just a fun game that doesn’t pretend to be anything else. It’s silly—nay, ridiculous—but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Sure, there are a few rough edges. Sometimes you can get frustrated when enemies gang up on you in the corner, the camera pans out at certain points and makes fights harder than they really should be. Additionally, the game is a bit simplistic, the load times a bit on the longer side, and the city layout at times somewhat confusing. But very few other games truly celebrate what they are, and feel as open and accepting as this one. It gives an honest and interesting look into nerd subcultures, and what they mean, and how they affect society at large. Deep down, I think we’re all nerds about something—it’s very easy to relate to, no matter who we are.


If there’s some thing I think you can take away from the game, it is its maniac energy, and openness to both what it is itself, and to you the player. Sometimes we don’t need pretenses. Sometimes, we just need guilty pleasures to keep us going. And that’s what Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed has become for me.


Food for Thought:


1. The game initially reminded me of a lot of fun arcade beat-em-ups I used to play on my Dreamcast. More, specifically it kind of made me think about Dynamite Cop again. Funny enough, the player’s clothes get ripped up and stripped down as they take damage in that game, too.


2. I played the PS3 version, and it came with a nice color manual. It was a bit on the shorter side, but still a nice treat to see in this age. There is also a PS Vita version available to play. XSeed has confirmed they will bring over the PS4 version in the near future as well.


3. The game takes about 7-10 hours to clear on the first play through, and it just gets better after you beat it. Clearing the game once allows you to change your character model from the protagonist to any of the girls who you finished the route of, and tons of other NPC characters in the game on top of that.


4. You can also carry over your weapons and clothes, as well as the final boss’s sword, which let’s you make mince meat of all the enemies real fast. There are also a few other perks such as an even harder “Otaku” difficulty, and the ability to see which answers will affect your standing with the girls in the game, making getting all the endings a lot less time consuming.


5. The new male stripping portraits XSeed added: They are amazing, they are gorgeous, they are fun and campy as all hell, and they are a blessing, especially if you like older men.


6. This is the only game I played where I could walk into a TV Store, sell them my used underpants, and leave.


7. The game is full of tons of advertisements that you would see in the real Akibahara. From SEGA, to Genshiken, to the Hyperdimension Neptunia anime Blu-Rays, to Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited, to The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash (Sen no Kiseki).


8. Yes, the game is dual audio. Yes, the Japanese track is there for those who wish to hear it. Yes, the English dub is really good, and funny. Let’s all be happy.

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  • pokeslob

    I actually got this game on release date in japan, after had playing the original PSP game. Absolutely one of my favourite hidden gems! looking forward to the PS4 version

  • Beat it yesterday. Loved it. Took me 18 hours to get through on my first playthrough, mainly because I just enjoyed walking around the city. I’ve never been to Akiba, but I recognized the landmarks in the same way Rockstar crafted landmarks of L.A. in GTAV. It was surreal and pretty cool!

    The story was interesting, too. I’m not gonna spoil, but it made really opened my eyes a bit when the characters talked about “Why Akiba?”

  • Jorge

    You make me wanna get this now

  • Have played through the game 2 times in addition to my first 18 hour playthrough and am still loving it. So much to collect and so many ways to beat the crap out of people because why not. So happy I bought it day 1!

  • Namuro

    “Otaku” difficulty: the ultimate difficulty.

    • OrangeArmy

      It will make you hate idol groups.

      • Namuro

        Why’s that?

        • OrangeArmy

          Just a joke about the annoying Idol [email protected] sub-missions, in Otaku mode they can be hellish if unprepared.

          • Namuro

            Oh… I haven’t played the game yet, so I didn’t understand! LOL

          • wyrdwad

            They’re quests that have you fight all 48 members of AKW48 (or NMW48) — parodies of Japanese pop group AKB48.

            They are also the hardest quests in the game, by far. ;)

          • OrangeArmy

            Haha, no worries. Believe me, if/when you play this game you will understand what I mean.

          • Namuro

            Already spoiled… LOL


          • ishyg

            Me too, and I don’t have the game yet.
            Spoilers make me more eager though. Haha.

        • Jason Ryer

          You fight a entire group 50 memebrs.

  • powerlessbump

    I think there is a few things worth mentioning. It’s a barely optimized port from the Vita version, the pop-in can get annoying at times. And there is a few side missions that I think will drive some people insane if they don’t know kana or they don’t know what a Japanese lottery booth and mailbox looks like.

    Other than that, thumbs up for mentioning Dynamite Cop! It’s one of the best games ever made.

    • darke

      Or the side mission that sends you to multiple areas to hunt down guys due to the slow map loading; complained about that one above, it also drives one to madness.

      And yeah, the pop in got to me as well after a while. Especially when you’re looking for someone to give you a mission, more then once I actually walked past them when they were ‘invisible’ only to turn around and see them on the walk back. Frustrating.

  • Zer0faith

    “Geez… and here I thought I had it rough with Ishaan as my boss. At least he asked before he took my humanity”

    And thus did he prove himself the better man by asking first.
    *Looks at giant backlog including Akiba’s Trip:UU*

  • OrangeArmy

    It is a great game, apart from some small complaints (camera panning out during combat when close to exits, no Kati route) I love this game, too bad that recently it is freezing on me like there is no frickin’ tomorrow.

    • wyrdwad

      There is unfortunately a bug in the game that affects players whose inventories are close to full. If you haven’t sold or synthesized items in a while, you may want to try cleaning out your bags a bit, and that may put a stop to the freezing issues.

      • OrangeArmy

        Oh, I heard bout that but I didn’t actually believed my inventory was THAT full so I dismissed it, but you are probably right, it’s worth a try.

  • Tried it a bit during E3 earlier this year. The camera angle was a bit janky at times but looks to be solid game.

    Edit: well that’s nice. Disqus hiccup = duped comment and multiple images.

  • KazukiNanbu

    suddenly i want to play this game, thanks person who wrote this article

    • Zero_Destiny

      Yay ( ^_^)/

      Always nice to hear comments like that.

  • SpeeeeedowaGOOONnnn

    Reviews of the game have been mediocre, but honestly I had a lot of fun with this game. There’s a few problems, but you could pretty much be overlooked

  • 3PointDecoupage

    Thanks. Nowcan we get a Sword Art review?

    • Zero_Destiny

      Funny enough I did the Hollow Fragment review too. lol It should come in the near future. It’s in the editing process. :)

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Now tell the sob story about having to watch the second season of the anime.

        • Zero_Destiny

          I don’t wanna talk about the second half …. *sobs*

  • AlteisenX

    A great game, only issue is the fps.

    • Christopher C

      which is why I’m waiting for the ps4 version. It’s supposed to have better loading times and better everything else as usual.

      Also, who doesn’t want to make it rain… Panties?

      • darke

        Yeah, after playing a third of the Vita version I decided to put it aside and wait for the PS4 one.

        I made the mistake of doing I think it was a “find three groups of enemies in one of four locations and beat them down” sub-quests and nearly threw the vita across the room in frustration at the load times (and yes I was teleporting through the minimap). It’s not that they’re as long as, say The Witch and the Hundred Knight; but that game you spent far longer then a couple of minutes per map. :(

        • ishyg

          The load times were that bad?

          Damn. I guess I’ll just toil with all these PS+ games first then.

          • darke

            I didn’t have much of a problem when I was playing it ‘normally’ running through the main story missions and such because you’ve got regular conversation plot dumps and such to break up the flow. Sitting and staring for 5-10 seconds at a transition screen isn’t that much of a frustration once every now and again since they actually do have a neat ‘advertising’ picture or something.

            But as soon as you’re doing anything ‘goal driven’ that requires you to swap maps a lot; boy can it get frustrating seeing loading screen after loading screen after being on a map only a minute or two. I gave up after swapping between those four maps about 10 times, in the space of, err, maybe 10 minutes, and only finding one group of guys to bash up. I had to put it down and come back the next day to finish it because between frustrating search mission, the mobs not spawning in immediately so you ended up having to search the area at least twice so everyone had zoned in so you can see the enemies you’re looking for, and the sitting there twiddling your thumbs on the loading screen it was just way too much unfun for a game.

            The game’s good, I’m definitely getting the PS4 version; but after being pissed off that much I’ve no interest in continuing the Vita one because it wastes my time too much.

          • ishyg

            I definitely think the game’s good, but with all these good games just sitting on my memory card without seeing action, I’ll try to finish them off first, complete trophy or not.

  • DesmaX

    Yep, it’s my guilty pleasure of this year; started playing and didn’t stop until I got the platinum.

    But I hope that, if there’s a new Akiba’s Trip, that the map will be seamless; the map being divided in sections was really frustrating

  • SobriK

    >>8. Yes, the game is dual audio. Yes, the Japanese track is there for those who wish to hear it. Yes, the English dub is really good, and funny. Let’s all be happy.<<
    I love this line, and this attitude. Given the amount of work XSEED put into the English dub, I'm glad to see it get a positive call out in the review.

    • darke

      This is the first English dub I’ve been able to enjoy in probably a decade in a JRPG (last one was, umm, FF X?).

      It still feels a little out of place, but it works because everything in the game feels a little out of place. :)

      • Death Metal

        All Blazblue games have really good English dubbing as well. Actually, after two decades of anime, original japanese voiceovers get really repetitive. The English ones are pretty good for most recent titles I think.

  • Anontastic

    I played the game, beat it, and for the most part, enjoyed it, but I feel as if a lack of development resources led to a product that feels somewhat rushed and bland.

    Yeah, the game starts off all “in on the joke” as it pokes fun at otaku culture and anime/manga tropes. But Ironically enough, as the story progresses and develops into a completely generic “save the world from the maniacal demon lord” plot, it becomes the exact sort of thing it was trying to be a parody of. I attribute this to a “lack of resources” because the last third or so of the (rather short) story campaign also feels very rushed, as if someone realized they were running out of time and the devs were forced to slap together a concluding arc to the story.

    And then there’s the combat. The sporadically difficult, hilariously imbalanced combat. This is one of those titles where you have a bazillion different things you can use as weapons, and they all handle differently with their own unique attacks. The problem comes in the fact that some weapons are just straight-up better than others, with stronger and more practically useful moves. What’s more, you never have to experiment or switch up your equipment. Ever. If you find a weapon or piece of equipment you like, you can have it upgraded to the game’s stat ceiling in exchange for what quickly becomes a paltry sum of money. It’s broken. I stole a night-stick from a defeated cop sometime around the 4th mission and nothing I tried after that never could ever compare.

    Towards the end of the game, I found myself skipping more and more of the “lets save the world” dialogue, ignoring more and more of the “beat these guys up” side-missions, and exploiting the faulty enemy AI to cheese my way through fights. I guess I just didn’t have the fun “Otaku’s night out” I was hoping for. Just a decent-enough action game.

    • wyrdwad

      The last third of the game actually changes completely depending on which story arc you’re following — there’s one arc for each of the four main girls, and each arc has both a good ending and a bad ending. So you may have just gotten one of the less interesting third acts, and missed out on the affection points needed for the good ending within it.

      If you want a more satisfying final third, you may want to try for Shion’s route, which is WILDLY different from the other three (and longer!).

      Also, while you can easily game the system and break the hell out of this game, the whole point of all the variety is to give you options. It’s a toybox of a game — not meant to be played to win, but rather meant to be experienced and messed around with. Who cares if the nightstick is the best weapon you have — is it the most fun to use? I’ll bet it’s got nothin’ on the Omega Sanctum. ;)

      Not saying you’re wrong, of course — it’s not a perfect game by any means — but if you go into it with the mindset of “I’m going to goof off and see how ridiculous I can make things,” it can be an extremely rewarding experience.

      • MrTyrant

        Shion was my favourite. Not everyday you have an adult woman falling in love with the mc and the ending was cool. Sad that there wasn’t a Kati route >:

        • Vanadise

          No kidding. I went into the game blind, not knowing what to expect, and after meeting all the girls I decided I wanted to go the Kati route… and then I discovered there wasn’t one. :-(

    • MrTyrant

      I didn’t skip anything I found some routes interesting and the choices…my god they are hilarous, just for that I enjoyed the ridiculous plot. Still I also felt it was rushed, the combat was umbalanced and obviously the loading time and slowndowns were annoying. Something that at least the ps4 will fix.

  • RedSuisei

    This is a pretty cool game. Hilariously fun dialogue and references everywhere, simple but great gameplay, and the combat is actually quite challenging. Forget the 48 idols, clearing battle arena on Otaku really is difficult, I had to change my approach on it drastically.

    It’s not without flaw though. I get the feeling that most of the budget go towards replicating Akiba, so plenty of stuff feels like they are rushed. Still, a very enjoyable experience. Really love how so many games now show that fanservice and good gameplay are not mutually exclusive.

  • Boku

    My favourite part was walking around like some yakuza with my little sister in tow, vigorously attacking people with my weaponized glow sticks and then ripping clothes off via drunken martial arts as onlookers talked amongst themselves about how cool I was.

    All while scandalously cross-dressing.

    Akiba truly is a magical place.

    • That description sounded magical, lol.

  • surakian

    Love this game so much! It definitely seemed rushed and could have been tuned up a bit to fix the framerate issues, but I haven’t played a game this enjoyable in months!

  • Göran Isacson

    … I gotta be honest, the comparison to Dynamite Cop probably made me more interested in this game than anything else I’ve heard about it. I do love me some old-school beat-em ups, though the question is if I can love them enough to play them for 7-10 hours and then replay them…

  • Kai2591

    LOL you can sell used underpants in TV stores?!
    thats so whack! haha

    SO getting the PS4 version next year! XD

  • danved

    The arcades are the best part of Akiba. I’m told they get no representation in this game. That is worrying to me. Arcades are doing poorly enough as it is, I don’t want them getting closed down in favor of more…whatever it is this game promotes. :(

    • surakian

      You can play one game in MOGRA if that counts?

      • wyrdwad

        Two, actually. There’s the Computer Space-looking cabinet by the exit with “Akiba Squad Striprism” on it, and you can also play “AdrenaRin” on one of the tables (the one against the wall, closest to the little sister’s room).

        • surakian

          Ah! I never saw the SP tower defender!

  • Daniel Rossevelt

    I loved this game so much I played it like 3 days straight beat all the endings and got the platinum, it was one of the funnest games I have played in a while, and definitely the funniest game, I hope this game did well enough to get a third game in the series with a larger budget, and longer development time.

  • Keko

    One of my favorites on Vita. Absolutely loved the humour, characters, plot, missions and pretty much everything that makes Akiba’s Trip a fun game. If they ever release an AT3 (Undead and Undressed 2?), I’ll buy it day-1.

  • Ric Vazquez

    “(Geez… and here I thought I had it rough with Ishaan as my boss. At least he asked before he took my humanity).”

  • Ric Vazquez

    This is my guilt pleasure of the year, it gets a 10/10 from me on how hilarious and fun it is.

  • James Reilly

    Yeah this game is very fun. I laughed too many times worth every dollar.

  • Kaijumaster

    Game is really good, a bit sad that SAO came along a week later and took my attention.

    • darke

      Got distracted by SAO and then realised it didn’t have the “make the game less boring” mega-patch. Waiting until the 23rd or something when they release that to play SAO again. :P

      • Kaijumaster

        oh I’ve got that patch, it’s “Stay out of the Hallow Area 1.1”

        • darke

          I was hoping the Hallow Area was at least interesting. :( I’m playing the main levels, I stopped after clearing 78 or 79 or something (so 3 ‘levels’ from start?), and it’s even worse then your usual MMO in terms of cut-and-paste quests and grinding.

          The game’s pacing is god-awful too. Massive unavoidable text/plot dumps at the start of each game ‘day’, rather then spread throughout events. When niche otaku games like Conception II feel like a well rounded and polished product in comparison to your big-name anime game, you’ve got serious serious issues. >.<

          • ishyg

            Conception II, one heck of a game. Spent quite a lot of time on the demo alone.

          • darke

            Yeah, I quite enjoyed it, but it just feels unpolished.

            Most people played it without realising that you’re ‘supposed’ to play the dungeons as hit-and-run guerrilla tactics, rather then traditional grind-everything-everywhere; because the game didn’t explain it, nor did it really make it easy to do so (using things like the monster/trap/level detection items were all hidden in the items menu rather then being accessible on, say, the d-pad for instance).

            The dungeons really didn’t feel like they had enough variety; they could have even switched up the selection of room blocks far more, but they didn’t either due to lack of time, polish, or 3DS compability.

            It had a couple of nice autocombat options, but it would be more useful if you could priority order things, or just say “don’t cast that”. I got tired of things like a team with a healer in it wasting their turn to heal someone who was nowhere near death when they could have killed an enemy that turn, and so forth. (Granted it was vastly superior in comparison to something like Mind Zero’s autocombat…)

            Anyway, Conception had a lot of “needs more polish, but we don’t have time/money” feeling; in comparison SAO had a “we could do this properly if we cared, but people are going to buy it anyway based on name, so why bother?” feeling. :(

          • Guest

            wait wait wait, ok your opinion man, you’re allowed to view it however you want and thats cool. But you cant seriously say SAO is a standard Quest and Grind…. AND THEN use Conception, a game with cookie-cutter dungeons and massive load time PER BATTLE as your example of a good game……

          • darke

            No, you’re reading it wrong. I said SAO was SO TERRIBLE it made a game that has some serious flaws, feel like it was a higher-budget RPG rather then the otaku bait it was built as.

            That’s how bad parts of SAO is.

            It is not *merely* a quest-and-grind, but the quest-and-grid is so by-the-numbers bad, it makes games with technically worse quest-and-grind feel more fun because at least they’re different.

            It has such terribly ham-handed pacing that it makes games that only have awkward pacing feel like they were written by pulitzer prize winners and directed by academy award winners.

            Seriously, the mood whiplash in SAO is just as bad as the current Neptunia Rebirth’s where it goes from “I’m going to kill everyone and destroy the world” to “oppai! oppai! oppai!” to “you’re all going to die!” to “oops, did I do that?” in the space of a single scene; though at least SAO has it’s comedy/serious/comedy/serious mood whiplash spread out over multiple cutscenes, which occur one after the other and you can’t defer any of them until later. So, no, wait, it’s even WORSE.

            A lot of the aspects of the gameplay perfectly replicate the feel of the MMO’s of the era that it’s spoofing… which is commendable for it’s accuracy except that the game actually kinda sucks as a result.

            I was looking forward to a game where they put the ‘feel’ of a MMO (specifically focusing on the teamwork involved in working together to complete a challenge and the problems this entails, you know, what the novels tend to cover a lot of) into a console RPG, what I got was them badly trying to wedge a console RPG into a MMO, giving all the boring bits of the MMO without really providing any of the accomplishment that results.

            Anyway, the big content patch apparently makes the game less dull and repetitive; so I’ll wait for that to arrive. I can cope with “badly paced” since that’s pretty standard for the otaku-game genre, but boring gameplay that’s so bad it’s annoying a life-long RPG player? That I’ll wait for a patch to fix or play something else; there’s too many games being released in the next couple of months to play something you’re not enjoying.

          • Kaijumaster

            See ive got this thing. And I know its just me, but here it is. I’ve watched anime since 1993, played video games even longer. and in all the time I asked for an anime, any anime to do this one thing…… it didn’t seem like that odd a request but it never happened. Then suddenly SAO comes along and does it. So I will sing that series as the greatest anime of a generation. I know it probably isnt but in my mind every persons flaw with that franchise, is just another layer of depth to me.

  • Hinataharem

    Which version runs petter, PS3 or Vita?

    • surakian

      Apparently the Vita version has better load times than the PS3 one, but the downside is the small text when reading the menu.

      • darke

        So glad I didn’t get the PS3 version then. I gave up on the Vita version due to terrible load times when dealing when having to change maps a lot for some of the sub quests. :(

        • ishyg

          You might have thrown your PS3 in that case lol.

          • darke

            Well, a controller against the wall anyway. :( Given PS4 controllers are half the cost of a Vita, and official PS3 controllers aren’t much cheaper, I wouldn’t want to do that either. :(

  • shadowind

    I definitely want to get the PS4 version although I’m curious if it’s crossplay compatible with the Vita version?

  • Shippoyasha

    Unironically one of my personal GOTY contenders, if at least for the sheer fun factor alone. The comedy in this series gets better and better as well.

    Now I can’t freaking wait for Akiba’s Trip 3.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    damn tempting… really Tempting thinking about waiting for a price drop

  • Yan Zhao

    I honestly thought this was just some silly fanservice game with no real substance when I heard about this game. After buying the Vita version and playing it I couldnt stop haha. I dont think I’ve had so much fun playing a game in a long time for the past 5 years. Im already on my 4th playthrough trying to get all the endings.

  • RagingTiger44

    Sold. Gonna put this on my wishlist.

  • Crimrui

    Yup, this is definitely a guilty pleasure. I just couldn’t stop playing, tons of fun. The choices during conversations really makes you want to go for multiple playthroughts to see all the reactions. You can overlook all the faults when they just nail the atmosphere.

  • Sergio Macellaro

    Ps4 version for me…

  • Kornelious

    Akiba’s Trip is just crazy fun, simply put.

    The game has fun combat, tons of customization, cool character, and undoubtedly an unbound sense of humor! While I am a bit upset that there is no cross-save (Seeing as I bought both versions) It just means I can take a different ending route on each system!

    Xseed wasn’t kidding when they said they put a lot of work into the localization, they did a great job with it and I look forward to trying for a new ending on the PS4 version :D!

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