Square Enix Would “Love To” Bring Dragon Quest X To The West

By Spencer . September 4, 2014 . 12:31pm

Speaking with Dragon Quest executive producer Yuu Miyake and mobile producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto at PAX, Siliconera enquired about the prospects of Dragon Quest X, the first MMORPG in the series, being brought over to the West. Were Square Enix interested in bringing the game over at all?


“We’d love to do it!” Miyake and Fujimoto exclaimed. “Love to.”


“In terms of this being an MMO, again, we have to consider the operation and logistics of how to make that feasible,” Miyake elaborated. “We also have to think about it from a business standpoint. With Final Fantasy XI and XIV, it’s a global-scale endeavor. In terms of Dragon Quest, the way it’s perceived in the different countries is very, very different. How it’s perceived in Japan is different than how it’s perceived in the United States.”


“In addition, we’d have to build a new data center for pretty much every location, and we need to make sure that makes sense as a business. We want to be able to operate in the different regions. Again, we would love to do it, but we’re still trying to work out the details and figure out what would work best [were we to bring it abroad].”


Dragon Quest X is also the first internally-developed Dragon Quest game at Square Enix. Previous games in the series have been worked on by various studios, including ArtePiazza and Level 5, but Square Enix chose to develop the MMO themselves. We asked Miyake why that was.


“In Japan, you have your outside developers who understand Dragon Quest and know what’s appropriate for a certain platform, so we worked with partners that knew what they were doing as well as what Dragon Quest was, and in that way it was a great partnership,” he replied.


“With Dragon Quest X, because it’s an MMO, the team thought, ‘Okay, what company in Japan knows MMOs the best? Wait, that’s us! We’re running Final Fantasy XI, so, why not do it with an internal team?’ So, the concept isn’t about working with an outside company versus an inside company, it’s more like who works on a specific title and platform the best. We’re all kind of the same if you look at it from that perspective.”

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  • Kacho_ON

    Is bad that i feel this is starting to be a canned response?

  • idrawrobots

    Some people over here would love that too.

    • 하세요

      If “some” is the best number you can come up with then this doesn’t stand a chance over here.

  • Matty

    Being a pay 2 play game, I’m not sure how well it’d be able to carve out an audience over here.

    Maybe it’d make sense to bundle the subscription cost with XIV or XI’s together.

    • Hound

      Pay 2 Play with a target audience below adulthood is usually a bad sign for an MMO.

      Buy 2 Play with Pay 2 Win or Expand is probably far more appropriate in the west for such an audience. Then things like holiday gifts can be given by the parents.

      After all. That’s the Skylanders, Yu-Gi-Oh, Wizards 101, Club Penguin, Disney Infinity approach. (F2P with Pay 2 Win & Expand being half the models)

      • Mila

        None of what you mention represent a good F2P game , i mean where have you been the whole decade .. there was so many good F2P games that doesn’t even force you to pay a cent to be good at it and yet you desperately keep bringing that “Pay 2 win” argument to give Square Enix excuses , anyway Square Enix has no experiences on how F2P works in the MMO market , if they decide to make DQX F2P in the west you might expect the worst business model from them since they are too greedy and blind to understand what F2P is .
        I’m telling you , the MMO industry is huge .. look and judge .

        • Matty

          I think he’s trying to say pay 2 win is appropriate for the kiddie market in the West.

          I’m not saying DQX is strictly a kiddie game.

        • Hound

          So you’re saying, “Square Enix will probably do what you are suggesting if a pay 2 play model doesn’t seem like it would work. How dare you!”

          Sure. Square should make a free to play game that doesn’t try to make the biggest profit possible, but relies on the good will of the players.

          But, what gives you the grounds to assume that they would? How dare you start fires where there are none. How dare you ignore the business practices of a company and twist them to suit your deluded fantasies of an overly optimistic low-cost market..

  • 하세요

    I wish others would actually listen to the “from a business standpoint” line and not just scream “gimmie gimmie gimmie! it’ll do fiiiiiiiiine!”

  • I wish this company stop teasing us so much.

  • Metabble

    I read that as “We’d love to localize these games but we aren’t gonna do it because people in those countries dont like dq as much as japanese people do”

    • Remlot

      Pretty much exactly what they’re saying

  • Namuro

    I like that comment about them working internally, LOL. That’d be like KFC asking “What company knows the secret herbs and spices recipe? Wait, that’s us!”

    • Kaetsu

      I like that comment too but your analogy was weird :P

  • Kelechuckuw K.c.W

    bring it here digitally via the E shop to test the waters

  • the_rain

    Dragon Quest? Sorry we are focusing on FFXIII – eight sequels

    • …really?



      • the_rain

        Some people are too serious.

        • I’m sorry, but I felt like voicing my opinion. I’m sticking to it.

    • Venus in Furs.

      It’s so frustrating…

    • Ty Austin

      Bring it on! I loved the 13 trilogy.

  • TreizeX

    They would love to bring it to the west if they can make a good profit

    • Well, companies do need profit… we don’t even know if the DQ fanbase is big enough to make one…

    • AndyMAX

      No shit, Sherlock.

  • Kaetsu

    As much as I’d love to see DQX make its way over to the West I think it might be asking to much of Square Enix. It would cost way to much money to run the servers and due to monthly fees I don’t think it’ll attract too many players.

    On the other hand Square Enix really has no excuse not to bring over any of the other DQ games. VII might be tough(but doable) since it’s a 180+ hour game with loads of text but there’s no reason why they can’t bring over Rocket Slime, Monsters and Heroes.

    • Nintendo Of North Korea

      Rocket Slime 2 and Heroes look and Heroes look extremely promising.

      • Kelechuckuw K.c.W

        They really need to bring all the earlier installments of series’s on the systems as an intro to X and yes that mean’s rocket Slim 1-2 as well.

    • Matty

      I’ve heard that the cost of running servers being a significant cost is somewhat trivial in the scheme of things. Setting up the servers is probably a different story, however.

  • NyaBoy

    Dragon Quest VII and Heroes first, X after.

    • AndyMAX

      Monsters 1 and 2 first, X after.

    • Metabble

      If it comes after Heroes, X will come when its 4 years old :/
      FIrst X then Heroes.

  • AndyMAX

    As much i FUCKING LOVE Dragon Quest i believe that if they bring X to the west it will be a really dumb decision for them, but as a fan it kind of hurts not having this game over here.

    • Yeah… I kinda feel like it’d crash and burn… I don’t think DQ has as big a fanbase as we think… we sure have more than enough PASSION to make up for it though, haha!

  • JuVu

    I just want the 3DS games. Releasing X outside Japan and expecting profit in the long run would be a commercial suicide. If they think DQ doesn’t have enough support here, why would they bring a freaking MMORPG of the series here?

    VII and Monsters 1 and 2. Come on, Squeenix.

    • Pyrotek85

      Same here, I never expected us to get the MMO because there’s a whole lot more involved with that sort of thing. I just really want the other games, spinoffs included.

  • Start with other games, bring X later if people show interest. Read the fans, Square! You can do it!

  • I’m not that bothered by Dragon Quest X because it’s obviously an MMO not built with a worldwide scale in mind. I’d love to see and play it, but there’d be a lot of technicalities and difficulties on Square Enix’s part, right? Well, as long as they release all those 3DS games in English, I’ll be happy. As long as they release all those 3DS games in English…..I’ll be happy……….

  • Jaegers

    That’s fine and all but what about Dragon Quest VII?

    • Fox

      Oh, they’d be overjoyed to localize DQ7. But they’re still not gonna do it.

  • Zero_Destiny

    There’s a lot of people asking about Dragon Quest VII. So just a heads up, we have already asked them about VII directly, and posted a pretty lengthy article on it.

    Chances on Dragon Quest VII being localized:

    Chances on Dragon Quest Slime Mori Mori 3 being localized (Rocket Slime):

    Dragon Quest I-III on iOS and Android coming out in America: http://www.siliconera.com/2014/08/30/dragon-quest-coming-september-new-localization/

    • Kamakuma

      I was just about to say could you please put this as a featured comment! x’3 But still makes you wonder if they’d be interested in allowing fans to help them perhaps like DR did although it was kinda different as they bought and improved the Fan translation I think. :’o

    • KiTA

      What about Dragon Quest Monsters? :( Everyone forgot about our favorite competitive slime battle arena breeding simulator. :(

      • Zero_Destiny

        I’d love to see Monsters, personally! DQM on the GameBoy Color was one of the first RPGs I ever played, and is a sincere part of my childhood. ^^

  • Warboss Aohd

    unless it becomes free to play, not interested.

  • Zizal

    X is a mainline game they should bring it first.

    • Philip Albert Jackway

      x is not a mainline game its actually a spin off same with ff 11 and 14 they are in truth spinoffs.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    The fact that they are eager with this while not with VII tells me all I need to know about a good chunk of the industry at this moment.

  • Slickyslacker

    X would be too demanding of a venture. Maybe it would turn out alright in the end, but it seems logistically and financially outside reality.

    Just about every other DQ game is well within reality, though…

    • James Robert Thompson

      DQX, despite having some of the lowest sales in the series, has profited Enix more money than any other Dragon Quest title with only a single country’s subscriptions; the west will probably be more interested as there’s huge demand for an interesting new MMO, so I could see it also being hugely profitable here too. Yeah, it’ll be expensive to do, but it has serious potential for some crazy earnings; far more than any other title in the series!

  • Ben Green

    it’s a bit too late for DQX..and if they were to release it in the west, their best bet would be the 3DS version, or a whole new PS4 version, as that’s currently the most popular system over here. Also, pleaseeee give us DQ Heroes in english speaking countries!

    • Metabble

      Slime Mori Mori came out before DQX and has more chances of coming…
      A new ps4 has less chances of happening than we getting all these dq games :(
      Oh, and not only in english speaking countries, we German, French, Italian and Spanish want the game too

  • gquain

    Can’t Squaresoft ask their better half, Enix, for its opinion on that matter?
    I don’t think that Dragon Quest X will ever make it outside of Japan because they always use the same excuses. But that’s good for them because Dragon Quest X over here won’t do them any good. Dragon Quest/Monsters/Warriors is best played singleplayer

    • Eric ‘Chuckles’ Kotorac

      Dragon Quest is handled by the Enix side ever since it’s inception

  • Dogi

    I think they’re forgetting that any good MMO that can keep its audience is going to do well regardless of the region. DQX is one of those good MMOs. FFXI and FFXIV both went from financial disasters to being the lifeline keeping the company alive. Bringing DQX over here when it’s already completely and totally a solid game and experience will only bolster that income. It will do well here, the west is far more open to MMOs and there’s a void of good MMOs with good developers behind them right now. They already have one of the big names in the west, why not make it two? DQX will appeal to the FFXI players who haven’t been enamored with any of the new MMos on the market as well.

    If there’s some way you can try to convey this to Miyake and the other producers that would be wonderful.

  • CirnoTheStrongest

    eh….skip it and work on Heroes

  • TalesOfBS

    “In addition, we’d have to build a new data center for pretty much every
    location, and we need to make sure that makes sense as a business.”


    • iron_maw84

      You don’t know MMORPGs work do you? You have absolutely know idea why how many companies have so many lanch problems because of that issue?!

      • Dogi

        DQX’s server is actually already capable of handling western fans just fine. The way the game is played you don’t need a terribly high ping or anything. Even with a vpn making my connection worse I can play the game perfectly well. Not to mention that a game that does rely on a good ping only has two server hubs worldwide, and its FFXIV.

      • James Robert Thompson

        The game’s pseudo turn based, so the ping isn’t much of an issue. There are a number of MMOs (mostly older ones) that run on very few server hubs (US/Europe/Asia normally, though I know a few that run fine on just US), and this one is easier to run than most of them even… They just need a US server for whatever languages they cover (they said they’d be seperate), so one US would be fine… maybe a European one too if it ends up being popular enough… and the whole English speaking world would be covered!

  • Dystopiq

    Or you know open one or 2 servers instead of 30.

  • Can’t Square work with a partner studio here, though? Y’know – like how Sega works with Asiasoft to release the English version (*sigh*) of Phantasy Star Online 2 in SouthEast Asia regions… or how Trion handles the western version of ArcheAge here in the NA region?

    Granted, Square is…. not the best when it comes to collaborations and (definitely) outsourcing-type relationships with other companies. But still, working with another company would absolutely be a solution here… although I guess it would be hard to find a partner willing to back a non-f2p MMORPG these days. Hmmm…. that would be a shame, if so.

    Personally, I would just love to play it, f2p or subscription based. If Nexon, Perfect World, Trion, SOE, En Masse, ArenaNet or someone needs to be involved too, I’m 100% cool with that, if you’re listening Square ;D

  • You know what I want? Those Dragon Quest Monsters Remakes. Where the hell are those, Squeenix?

  • E.T.993

    Don’t care about MMOs. Bring me Rocket Slime! NAOW!

  • ElAbuelo69

    I don’t want to be ‘that guy’ but regardless of graphics or aesthetics the shadows look terrible in that pic. :/

    • idrawrobots

      looks like it might be the 3DS version. The Wii version has better shadows than that and the Wii U version has better shadows than the Wii version.

    • Dogi

      That’s either the wii version or one of the handheld versions upscaled. PC has dynamic shadows, I think the Wii U does too

  • TurnipTerritory

    I would buy this instantly if it came to the West.

  • IsaacGravity

    And I’d love, love, luvs ’em to try however as a MMO ( subscription based one too if I recall correctly) such an endeavor would be asking too much.

  • Notquitesure?

    Companies that don’t make much profit (X-seed AKYS i assume) are more ambitious than square-enix. Which is obviously very dissapointing

    • iron_maw84

      That’s because they cater sole to niche groups, and bring over mostly cheap budgeted products. That’s why none of these guys would bring over DQVII for that reason either. It’s not being ambitious it’s about assessing and organizing you bets properly

      • Notquitesure?

        Yeah but when I look at something like Ys Celceta against insert recent Dragon Quest, to me the dragon quest looks like the cheaper product (I know not a fair comparison, I realise there are limitations to ds/3ds.) X-seed and AKYS have been able to bring over some very good quality games. Sorry wasn’t having a go at you.

    • Derek E Nay

      It’s the nature of the beast. Need to satisfy the investors. Why make a game with little profit when you can make a game with lots of profit. Both are good, but investors will always try to get the company to take the second route.

      • Notquitesure?

        Yeah I understand what you mean, but it seemed like SE was going “Yeah we really want to bring it over, but we want (comparatively) ridiculous amounts of people to want to buy it.”

  • prince_david

    Would love tohave this. It also has a single player mode.

  • Hakai Ouji Vegeta #BADMAN

    My heart… she speaks to me.

  • Renaldi Saputra

    I feel that I now hate Square Enix more. It’s as if they wanna treat DQ fans as how SEGA treat the fans who’s been waiting for a LONG timr for PSO2 in the west. They’re too much of bullshits.

    Now back to the topic, here’s the problem:
    1. How they will handle the marketing of this game? Will it be f2p like how SEGA do with PSO2 in japan? Or will they handle it as those FF online games (monthly payment)?
    2. Do they actually know that people are really demanding DQ VII so much? Why they’re just killing the franchise with not letting the fans throw much money on you? It’s win-win solution.
    3. They must have known that most of people outside japan play MMO on PC, why don’t do it on PC?

    If those problem get more intense, I expect that eventually Square Enix will blame DQ fans “there are not many people supporting, so we guess we’ll stop localizing further DQ games to the west”

    Ughh, it’s so ruined

  • Anontastic

    I’m actually curious as to how much money DQ makes in the west. It’s more or less the original “JRPG”, as we’ve come to recognize that term, and the mechanics are still largely rooted in the classic turn-based JRPG formula. I’d be curious to see if there’s still a real, decently-sized audience for it in the west, after “RPGs” have changed and evolved so much for us over the years.

    • Dogi

      Tends to sell better than everything but Final Fantasy. And even VIII and IX rivaled XIII-2 and -3 sales from what I hear.

  • Damn, its actually happening. SE has been talking DQ all week. Btw, you can give your thoughts to the big man himself, here:


  • Learii

    I hope Dragon Quest Heros localized too when is come out

    • icedearthaholic

      For some odd reason, I can easily see that one happening. Omega Force has actually had a damn good track record when it comes to their brawlers being released worldwide. Save for a few instances, a majority of them have come to the US/EU.

      • Learii

        I hope you right, even if SE won’t bring to the west maybe Koei can publish to the west

  • Eric ‘Chuckles’ Kotorac

    I can see the chance of it being released now rather than hoping

  • AlteisenX

    Companies say actions speak louder than words… but the same could be said to them… Though since its an MMO, that’s a different market. Personally, I wouldn’t play it, I did my MMO time with Guild Wars 2, that was enough for me. I’d be loving the other stuff to come to actual gaming systems over here though. DQ8 on Vita, DQ7 on 3DS, Monsters remake… I’d love any/all of these.

  • awat

    and we’d love to have DQVII first instead .. Square you *@)UE*(#H&#$*( !!!

    • James Robert Thompson

      actually I’d prefer X first, X being an MMO it has so much content that it’ll be great to fill my time between other exciting releases…

      • awat

        i will buy the Wii-U if they do release DQX , they should release every DQ Game ! :) i hope they release all the 3ds DQ’s preferably DQVII and X for WiiU ,and DQheroes for ps4 , i hope we get ’em all

  • AlphaSixNine

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Until then… just more PR bullsh*t.

  • yeah… if they’re not going to bring VII, Sqeeeenix can get lost. They are forgetting who their fans are.

  • Guys, if you’d like to leave feedback for Horii, here’s a good place to do so:


  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    La holding my breath..

  • avs9748

    Seriously, Square Enix, this is literally the only reason why I haven’t bought a Wii U. You don’t have to waste money on physical copies, but please just release the Wii U version or 3Ds version digitally on the e-shop to save money I wan’t this game soooo badly, words cannot express how much I want it to be localized :(

    • HarakiriKami

      Just buy a wii u. There’s lots of other things to get besides this which is also on Wii and PC and now 3DS

  • James Robert Thompson

    Here’s the petition for Operation Hero, the operation to bring DQVII and X to the west:


  • GOLD

    my named is spelled mykael so every time i read miyake in the article i read it as my name

  • I’d like to know why they made X an MMO. That poor old Japanese actress lady who wanted to play a new single-player DQ before her death died without getting her wish fulfilled. I hope from the afterlife she pulls strings for single-player Dragon Quest.

    • Ali

      There’s such a person? How upsetting! She sounds like me, hoping for a Zelda hit one last time. God, I hope I’d had my fill of the franchise by the time i reach old age. I’m in my mid 20s

      • Yeah, she was a famous Japanese actress who’d be playing Dragon Quest since the first game (1987 or something, I forget) and wasn’t real happy with the multiplayer-oriented DQIX or the MMO X. I feel the same way she did, but she was like 90 and I’m 30. :) Starting to wonder if I’ll ever see a good single-player DQ again myself, especially in English!

        • Armane

          I think you’re mixing two people up. There was Keiko Awaji, who was a fan, and also starred in a lot of films over her career (notably Akira Kurosawa’s Stray Dog). She died after X came out, at the age of 80.

          Then there was an American fan, who was 91, who died shortly before DQVI DS finally came out, after way back in ’96 lamenting the delay (and eventual cancellation) of the SNES version.

          • Nope, I hadn’t even heard of the American. I was just thinking of the Japanese actress.

    • Dogi

      DQVII remake came out around the time X did. It wasnt brand new but it was certainly a new take on one of the best titles.

      Also X is mostly playable solo, at least until you get to the super hard end game bosses. As far as being an MMO and DQ goes, it’s literally the best you could get in both worlds. It’s a DQ that will keep getting new content and expansions for years to come along with the regular DQ titles.

      • I am skeptical but admittedly know very little about DQ X. But, to me, at least until DQIX (and perhaps excepting the original), DQ has always been about a party of adventurers and their story. And turn-based combat. Wouldn’t DQX solo just be a silent character, not much story, and is the combat even turn-based?

        • Dogi

          Your character has a story, without spoiling too much you actually play an entirely single player offline segment before even being able to go online. Online is the continuation of that and after a bit of the online you can play offline as your character’s sibling (you make both at creation). It’s closer to titles like VII and IX in that each area has its own story that your character goes through to progress on their own and your goal is to save your sibling and find your way home. At least in the 1.0 story, now there’s 2.0 and soon 3.0 which are more entire campaigns.

          And the combat is turn based, just not in the same way as previous DQ games. It’s more ATB like mid era FF but you can save turns if you like (say you’re healing in a party and nobody’s hurt you can sit on that turn for a few seconds and get 2 back to back)

          • That actually sounds really awesome. I still think it should have been Dragon Quest On-line instead of X, and I still don’t think it sounds like a Dragon Quest, but it does sound pretty wonderful.

    • Aww. That was really really sad! I immediately remembered an article years ago by Brian Ashcraft on Kotaku. All her life she was a fan of Dragon Quest but was disappointed with DQ X. I can’t believe she’s dead. And what’s more is that only now did I find out about it. :(

      I wonder if Square Enix gave her something, like a tribute….

      • Yeah, I expected her to live a lot longer! She probably just got tired of waiting, poor woman! They should have put her in a DQ game or something.

  • Eric Harris

    Dragon Quest X, I’m just not that into you.

  • Ps1 Cloud

    I’d play this for sure!

  • Why not making another single player Dragon Quest as good as VII and VIII and bring /that one/ to the West instead ? Just a thought really, don’t read too much into it.

    • Metabble

      They are actually doing it (DQXI) and it will be out in 2016 in Japan. What is uncertain is if it will come or not u.u

    • Yuji Horii said he’s working on DQXI. Hopefully it is single player and is better than DQVII and VIII because we haven’t had a REAL DQ in so long.

      • Metabble

        Are you implying DQIX and DQX aren’t real dq games? Because after playing a bit of X i think your mind would change.

  • LM009

    MMOs age badly so if they’re gonna bring it over they should just bring it over already, I dont want a PSO2 -case where it was promised years ago yet still hasn’t hit western release present day.

  • Kornelious

    I’m already working on getting back on FFXIV, so I don’t really care much for another MMO……

  • mmcookjr

    I’ll have to believe it when I see it in the West.

  • TerrenceEncore Jones

    Just say it won’t be coming to the US and that a lot of focus is going into DQXI.

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