Bird Dating Sim Hatoful Boyfriend Is Now Available

By Eugene . September 5, 2014 . 9:00am


After a short extra delay to do some final polish, the updated version of bird dating-sim Hatoful Boyfriend is now out on Steam.


This updated version includes a new Azami scenario and ending written by series creator Hato Moa as well as updated visuals. There is both a regular edition and a special Summer of Dove collector’s edition. The latter comes with a digital soundtrack, exclusive comic, wallpapers of Oko-san and a St. Pigeonation Yearbook (Class of 2014).


Hatoful Boyfriend - Screen 8

You’re the only human at St Pigeonation, a prestigious school usually meant only for birds. As you go to class, you can date the birds and eventually, perhaps, find true love. There are multiple endings to follow for replayability.


The standard edition of the game will now go for $9.99 while the collector’s edition will retail for $14.99. You can get it here.

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  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    I can’t believe they are still doing this…I guess they have Bird flu

  • Yippee.

  • I’d make a pun but I fear owl lose it.
    (Oh gawd… I couldn’t resist *burst into tears*)
    I also bought the game~ Haven’t downloaded yet as Tales of xilia 2 has my full attention at the moment.

  • Snorlaxation

    The janitors at this school must be working overtime.

  • JMaster3000

    Everbirdie should get the game. Its coo.

    • Altin

      Well, it certainly is not “caw”adootie (CoD).

  • revenent hell

    I watched a mini play through of this game and I have to say: It is weird as fuck. Seriously. I have played many a game and this one goes to the top of all time weird. At least based on what I viewed.

    • WyattEpp

      Oh, I assure you, it’s weirder than that by far.

      • revenent hell

        One would think a bird dating game would be odd enough but ….dayum they really went balls to the wall bat shit insane for this game.

  • Arcueid Brunstud


  • Learii

    is Angry Bird in the game?

    • Richard N

      With his arch rival; Flappy Bird.

  • Jadfish

    ……. is it 18+? I need to know because reasons

    • Juan Andrés Valencia

      It’s non ero. For better or worse depending on how ecchi you are feeling.

      • Jadfish

        Umm cool t-then I'll check it out

        • Richard N

          I’m sure the rule 34 imageboard won’t let us down.

    • Contrary to popular belief, Dating Sims aren’t all Eroge. This one is a T-rated title, in my book. So, go at it without prejudice.

      • Jadfish

        I know ;)
        I love Higurashi, Umineko and RoseGunsDays

  • Eric Harris

    $10 for this pile of bird doo?

    • revenent hell

      Oh……If your insane tolerance is high this game is worth the funds….Its way more than what it looks like.
      By far the trailer makes it seem innocent and odd but it is like……So,so, so much more than it appears.
      Don’t believe everything you see ya know?

      • Eric Harris

        I guess so, I’m just not into these types of games to begin with. And I have so many RPGs in my backlog I’d rather play. I’m just venting here really.

        • revenent hell

          A lot of folks aren’t in to VN’s but this one is definitely one where its worth the money if you are in to truly messed up stuff.
          Seriously I watched a minim play through (they did one path of the story hence my “mini” usage here) and you would/will be amazed at the stuff that this VN contains.

  • undersaffiresky

    that trailer for it was actually very entertaining.

  • I feel like the whole joke of them being birds would get old really fast.

    • WyattEpp

      One would think, if it were just played for laughs. But this game Goes Places.

      • revenent hell

        Oh boy does it…..

  • Hatoful Boyfriend is awesome, REALLY.

    Best visual novel I played last year. BAD BOYS LOVE. It was great.

    • revenent hell

      Its really awesome in a psychotic sense, that’s for sure.
      This game makes Norman Bates seem like a child eating candy….It really does.

  • celery

    Don’t underestimate this game just because it’s about birds! It’s really well-written, has a wonderful cast of characters, a great sense of humor, and a serious side that reveals itself the more you play!

  • GreatKino

    I hope they make a hatoful girlfriend. Maybe without the bird thing? lol

    • Göran Isacson

      That would completely ruin the point and soul of the game, I’m afraid.

  • Göran Isacson

    Ladies and gentlemen, do not wait up for me. St Pigeonation awaits me. GLORY awaits me.

  • I remember playing this back when the demo was translated and later the full game. It was a funny and absolutely unforgettable ride for many reasons. I haven’t been up to date with this release, but I hope it includes Bad Boys Love because that was also an awesome addition.

    Sure it seems weird because…they’re birds, but believe me, they’re pretty dang human imo.

  • Just Tim

    If this game offered me the option for a custom soundtrack, I might be having this song on the bad ending, if any.

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