How Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Will Be Different From The PSP Version

By Robert Ward . September 5, 2014 . 12:31pm


During PAX Prime, Siliconera spoke with Final Fantasy Type-0 director Hajime Tabata, and one of the things we asked him was if he was doing anything with the HD version of the game that he couldn’t on the PSP.


“The biggest point that I wanted to revisit and refresh was the combat balance,” Tabata replied. “We’re still in the midst of doing so, but we’re definitely revisiting the combat balance for the Xbox One and PS4 versions.”


“In addition to that, I really want players to play to the end. The PSP version was very fast-paced, and very hard, and there were many players that didn’t reach the end. That being said, I wanted to include difficulty modes into this version, which we’ve done, and it’s really helped to balance the game as a whole. Hopefully this will let people play until the end.”


“Obviously, RPGs are long and they can take quite a bit of time to get through, but I put care into making the conclusion worth your while. I think it’ll be something that hits the player emotionally—and I really, really want players to make it to the end!


Tabata gestured towards his translator, and mentioned that while speaking with her on the way to the expo, he found out that she herself was unable to complete the game! “There’s an emotional vision in the story and I really want people to experience that,” he said.


The PSP version of Final Fantasy Type-0 had local cooperative multiplayer. We asked Tabata if this would change in the HD version of the game, and also if he had any plans to replace the sleep-mode levelling feature from the PSP game.


“There will be some type of feature implemented to replace the sleep-mode leveling, but we’re in the midst of talking about how to go about doing so,” Tabata replied. “As for the ad-hoc multiplayer, that function was originally created under the assumption that people would come together to play their PSP game in the same room. When thinking about what to do for the console version, whether we would include it or whether we would focus on the story, we ultimately decided to cut the multiplayer option out of the game.”


“The reason being, we really wanted to bring the game to fans as early as possible. Rather than do something half-hearted, we wanted just cut it.”


Tabata then leaned back, and asked, “How do you feel about that decision?”


“I don’t think it’s a bad decision, though I think it goes without saying that there will be disappointed fans,” I replied. “ At the same time, the outcry for bringing Type-0 abroad has been loud—and I’m not convinced that that feature alone is responsible for that. I’m curious, though; would you have designed the story differently if it was being experienced by multiple players at once? Does the degree of intimacy change the more or less players you have?”


“Even if, say, there are a bunch of people in a given room, if everyone is able to, without embarrassment, delve into the game to the same degree, it wouldn’t really matter how many people are there,” Tabata said. “If you’re able to fully focus on the game, I feel like the reaction you’d receive is probably the same.”

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  • Jadfish

    “The biggest difference from the original version, is that this will be more accessible to a wider audience”
    Like comment and subscribe if this made you cringe.

    • And no multiplayer lolol.

      • popo123

        I don’t see how that is something people would miss. lol. The multiplayer of Type-O was way too limited(other people can only play with you for a limited time. Minutes only.) and pretty much nonexistent so removing it would be for the better.

    • flameraver64

      “That being said, I wanted to include difficulty modes into this version, which we’ve done, and it’s really helped to balance the game as a whole. Hopefully this will let people play until the end.”

      Seems like a fine compromise to me: make it easier (since the original is definitely a bit harder than most mainstream games) but also include harder difficulty levels. The original game already had difficulty levels (though a different implementation) so it’s nothing new.

    • I see nothing wrong with that, wasn’t he talking in terms of difficulty?

      They didn’t say they would change themes and events.. the only thing that’s different from the PSP version is better graphics and extra difficulty settings.

      So, I wasn’t cringing.

    • WonderSteve

      I don’t see how this is a bad thing…at least not for me… I don’t think a popular series like FF should be too difficult to play. I have too much obligation these days to play a very difficutlt game

  • guest131925

    The biggest problem of the modern RPGs is they are too much with optional quests. Type-0 being a bit dark themed helped worsen the problem.

    • I thought this was a BIG complaint for the original FFXIII, not enough side-quests/mini games…

      • Sydney Losstarot

        Nah, imo it was the story that sucked all the love, hype, and respect that I had for the Final Fantasy down the drain when FFXIII. Agree to disagree. Savvy.

        • I agree… the story was boring… though that battle system.. terrific.

          While the story was always meh in the XIII series, I can’t say it sucked all of the love/hype/respect for the series. That’s just me though.

          • Rohan Viajar

            Personally, I never got into the battle system for FFXIII.
            aside from that weakness meter (forgot what it’s actually called) the thing just felt like a giant basic atb system.

            maybe I was just expecting too much.

            (I also didn’t like the whole person you play dies = game over. thing)

          • Sydney Losstarot

            I guess I was being a little over dramatic. Which I do a lot when talking about FF games. You could say I was Overkill, and speaking of battle systems and Overkill, I really liked seeing the text ‘Overkill’ pop up in FFX it was over dramatic which I like when talking about FF games.

        • Stephen Mc Devitt

          Type-0 is Saving Private Ryan.

          XV is Kenneth Brannagh’s Hamlet.

          The XIII trilogy is like every horrible Adam Sandler movie ever.

      • Kelechuckuw K.c.W

        It was the fact you couldn’t visit towns and more actually which was the major complaint this was in the first installment and then people went off when sequel’s happened and the story was bad from the jump and the fact that lighting was a jerk with hearing about her sister being engaged and put most of the blame on Snow her soon to be brother inlaw when he told her her sister was in danger from the jump, .but she couldn’t be bothered to listen to him befor she did that none sense there was a lot wrong there it was also the issue of a likable protagonist too from the start.

        She only became likeable in the final installment which was lighting returns

  • Taedirk

    It’s been a couple of months and I’m still kinda bitter about the whole Vita thing. Seeing the big changes being easy mode and removing content probably isn’t helping anyone.

    • subsamuel01

      I’ve heard nothing but goods things from people who recently saw it at PAX, disappointed that its not on Vita but I hope they at least utilize the PS4’s power.

  • flameraver64

    Would rather have no multiplayer than the MP-mode that was implemented in the original, was not a fan of the way rewards and points worked for it

    • What was it like? I’ve never played it other than the JPN demo.

      • flameraver64

        They had this weird thing where players can join you in a mission but it’s locked to like 2-3 minutes at a time.

        It’s been a while, I think there also might have been a thing where you got some currency if you played MP and you could use that currency to get some cool stuff, but it was exclusive. Being in NA playing a Japanese game, and it being local MP only, kinda sucks.

    • Phantasy Mage Lv.24

      I agree with you. This way, we’ll be able to get the MP-exclusive magic spells (such as holy) without bothering with multiplayer content (which was kind of impossible to do if you imported the game and had no friends to play with you).

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    I’m not into multiplayer anyway. It could end up being forgotten. If I now play Transformers: War for Cybetron’s online multiplayer, will there be anyone else online? Plus this will be a lot less annoying for ones obsessed with achievements/trophies.

    This games feels too grand and epic for mobile gaming, hence why Agito’s story is presented as a visual novel.

    • Rafael Martines

      Online Trophies should never exists… like the Mortal Kombat Vita Version

  • 하세요

    Glad to see combat balance, ranged attackers were way too good in the original. I saw no reason not to use Trey / Cater / King / Ace, plus others like Cinque were just awful from what I tried.

    • ネオフォトン ~ Neo

      Have to agree on ranged attackers, based on my experiences with the original. More balance is something I welcome in any game.

    • Cinque is the most broken character ._.

      • flameraver64

        Yeah, she’s sooooo strong and not too hard to use

      • 하세요

        Perhaps I’ve been using her wrong then, but I always ended up dying as her. I’m sure her damage is over the top, but why go through all that effort when I can just shoot shit and never get touched? I cruised through the whole game with just those 4 I listed just fine.

        • Naryl

          She has AOE stun… and enemies are marked red when stunned, so you can oneshot them. If they are bosses or elite enemies you did a ton of damage to them. But she was SLOW, not so easy to use at high level.

    • Agreed! I really wanted to use the others. It took me a bit of fine tuning but I was able to get Eight’s attacks down. Oddly he become one of my favorite to play as. I did, however, want to play as the other non ranged but with certain boss mechanics ranged just fit so well. I must say someone REALLY loved Ace (I do too specially his story haha) He was so powerful ( o_o)

      • 하세요

        Oh I loved using Eight so much, but major bosses are so geared towards ranged attackers that I could only use him on the field :/

        I would definitely play this again if I can use any character and actually stand a chance.

        • Yes! I was sad when I couldn’t use him effectively against many bosses D: I also wanted to use Jack SO bad but ugh they made him near impossible to use unless the enemy just stood in one spot. That little shuffle did not help against fast paced enemies/ ( =_=)
          It was even more apparent when you took on the S.O missions. Ranged was just the way to go if you really wanted to finish them. I understood they wanted you switch it up during the overall mission but more times than not I just stayed on a ranged character.

          • Naryl

            imho some melee where fine, <3 Sice and her malice skills. But in game where you can oneshot stuff if you hit them right at a time of weakness… yup ranged were OP. The one that was specially good on map battles (the ones where you conquer cities) was Trey with the skill that gets his attack up and the charged shot at max level, man that stuff oneshots anything.

        • Naryl

          Eight was my favourite when I unlocked that megapunch that deals a ton of damage, so fun to send ppl flying.

    • Ferrick

      Ace was a staple in my team solely because he’s an all-ranger

  • Lalum

    “In addition to that, I really want players to play to the end. The
    PSP version was very fast-paced, and very hard, and there were many
    players that didn’t reach the end. So we made it even harder.”

    • Nice Boat Quatro

      Restraining myself from a lewd comment

    • Vesperion

      Man i love that guy

    • BinaryMind

      Itagaki: Trolling game testers since 2004.

  • Kroz

    add a few more super bosses, the original had like 2 and one of those was just a high leveled malboro. something over the top like penance from final fantasy 10

  • AlteisenX

    Meh, I won’t buy this. Tired of Square-Enix’s issues.

    • Slayven19

      You probably weren’t going to buy anyway, stop the drama.

      • AlteisenX

        You shouldn’t assume anything. I would easily buy this if it was on the PS3, 360, or Vita. There was no drama in that post, so maybe you should think before you post.

        • Naryl

          we don’t care, it’s your loss if you miss such a nice game.

          • AlteisenX

            I’ve already played it on the PSP when it released in Japan… So not really, and upvotes say otherwise that people do care.

        • “I would easily buy this if it was on the PS3, 360, or Vita”

          If this was the issue you mentioned, why
          post that you weren’t getting this now when we’ve known they weren’t coming to these systems starting a few months ago?

  • Eric Harris

    Someone over at another board posted some screenshots of the PS4 version. Is it true they are beefing up the graphics quite a bit on the PS4 release?

  • GreatKino

    Hopefully they have taken advantage of the PS4 hardware.

    • Eric Harris

      it looks pretty decent from the shots I saw. I would say atleast PS3+ quality with upscaled 1080p.

      • GreatKino


  • mc3027

    Glad to hear that they’ve already done much in the development, so hopefully it will be out sooner rather than later.


    Taba and Nomura are prefect for FF15. they are my new favorite developers for FF franchise.They both favor a greyer approach to story telling with the newest titles and put emphasis player immersion

  • Anontastic

    Balancing, eh?

    S-So you mean Jack won’t be ridiculously powerful anymore?! NOOOOOOO!!!

  • IS | 桂木

    GAAAAH! They cut multiplayer!!


      not every game needs it. does type 0? idk never played it

    • BinaryMind

      They only put in multiplayer because they wanted some of that sweet Monster Hunter cash. It was fairly common for Japanese PSP developers to shoe-horn multiplayer into their games at the time.

    • 하세요

      Well it’s not like LAN is relevant to our console gaming culture anymore
      outside of conventions and adding online may have been too much.

      The multiplayer in this game was more daunting than it was enjoyable anyway. I’d much rather have a polished single player experience in my Final Fantasy.

    • Ferrick

      i played the psp ver and the multiplayer wasn’t that useful, and did it hinder/help my progress to the true ending? not at all

      • Vash bane

        its was useful for me in some ways (specially for levels =w=)

        • Ferrick

          well, i guess i can’t say that it’s entirely pointless… unless if you have friends that go summon crazy, which mine did, agito tower with them was a pain

  • Manny Being Manny

    I’m glad to see a developer have balls and actually focus on the single player instead of adding pointless multiplayer modes. It seems like every developer these days feels the need to throw in multiplayer for a bullet point on the back of the box.

    • revenent hell

      I couldn’t agree with you more.

      To be honest I think when people viewed how well certain multiplayer games did people started implementing “multiplayer” aspects just to get a piece of the pie so to speak.

      As I said above this I just don’t get the point of multiplayer in these types of specific games since the majority of folks who will be playing them will be doing so as a single player. Its not like any Final Fantasy ever really has offered the option of having two players (as an example) so multiplayer makes no sense to me here. Obviously I am not grouping the FF MMO’s in here since that’s a different concept all together.

    • disgaea36

      did you even play the multiplayer? It’s one of the things that made the game great and a unique final fantasy experience on a portable system.

    • Xenu

      Those are not balls, those are cop outs to shave time spent on actually porting the game and pocket the money saved from not going the extra mile by upgrading it to infrastucture like Konami did with the PSP-to-HD port called MGS: Peace Walker on PS3 and X360.

      They’re not even adding ANYTHING in terms of difficulty. They’re just typing in new values to enemy stats and AI which they call “difficulty settings”.

      • iron_maw84

        Except Type-0 mulitplayer is goddamn terrible and half-assed. Nobody in their right mind is going to miss it.

        Oh BTW enjoy not being able get necessary SP to get those unique magic and skill now that online is dead.

    • CISphil

      I don’t believe that’s the case here. They only thing they needed to do was make a multiplayer option they already had available online. No changes were needed.

  • Alex Sargeant

    Glad they’re rebalancing the combat. It’s pretty close to being something special but the psp version is just so ridiculously difficult at times. I was being one-shot by regular enemies in main story dungeons.

  • revenent hell

    Hmm, I don’t really care that multiplayer was cut to be honest. I kind of never got in to that trend so its fine by me. Plus for games like this I just don’t see the need for it to begin with. I just don’t view RPG’s of this type in the way that multiplayer would be even necessary.
    Most people who buy these games aren’t looking for a multiplayer experience but a SINGLE player one so…yeah that’s about it.

  • Istillduno

    Yeah, so it’s not portable anymore, it’s easier and the multiplayer is gone…

    Time to find a copy of the psp version and that patch.

    • Herok♞

      The game has difficulty settings now its not the same as it being easier and I doubt you will be playing mutiplayer with anyone on the patch anyway. So I found everything you said except portable moot

      • Xenu

        This isn’t about how hard or easy it was since always HAD difficulty settings.

        The issue is that the guy is trying to cheaply pull the wool over the eyes of Japanese casuals who expected to have their hand held while playing the game. He implies this fact justifies their inflated budget to port a sub-hd remaster onto next gen hardware while gutting any evidence of it previously being a handheld game to Westerners who don’t know any better.

        • natchu96

          Those people who had trouble in a game where you can technically put the PSP into sleepmode and grind to overleveled godhood without even playing the game itself . . .

          Ought to direct them to an Atlus-made RPG. Watch them play the tutorial areas.

  • aizen310

    What is this wound? How did I end up with it? Aah, now I know! It’s the wound I got when they announced PS4 and XO releases only, for an HD PSP game.

    • revenent hell

      Whelp, a lot of people are rather happy about it.

      Not everyone wants to hack a game to play it so at least its an option given for people who don’t wish to partake in that method.

      Bitterness about the device its on aside, I like to think there’s a few people who are just happy to be getting the official version.

      • aizen310

        What I really meant is that there is a serious lack of a PS3 version. PS3 could handle HD PSP games pretty well, I think.

        • revenent hell

          I did say “device bitterness” so that includes the PS3 sweety.

          I am not attempting to be an asshole to you please take that sincerely, but that aside my comment kind of stands.

          While I agree to your sentiments of its silly not to do it, I can kind of see why they are doing so. It might be inventive to sell the PS4 and such. The PS4 could use some more games like this in my opinion and in total honesty I am (as others most likely are) just happy to get any version of it in its official form so I don’t see the point to nit pick about the device its coming out for when I just want the game.

          • aizen310

            I see what you’re trying to tell me, but why trying to sell the machine with a game that could be done well enough for a last-gen console too? I don’t think Type-0 will be a game that will represent the PS4’s power. I mean PS3 is still supported by many. Starting the whole generation shift with an HD PSP game just feels dumb to me. Then again, this is Square Enix we’re talking about. In the end it’s meaning much, my old PSP is still working or if I’m that desperate, I just run PPSSPP and play the game with HD resolution. I just like native solutions much better.

            Also don’t call me “sweety”, please. Unless you are a girl.

          • revenent hell

            I am a girl. I typically call people hunni though I find most people try to correct that even though I spell it that way deliberately…

            Most people who will call others an endearment without knowing them do tend to be females.. at least in my experience, though most still think I’m a dude anyways..

            Anywhoo I still agree with ya but I can’t really answer why… It’s SE where the special rein’s supreme.

          • aizen310

            I feel embarassed as fukk lol
            Since this is the internet, one can never be sure if the one you are talking to is a man or a woman. I… experienced things I didn’t wanted to, praise the internet.*cough*a date went hilariously wrong*cough* :D

          • revenent hell

            :D I like horror stories! And don’t be embarrassed I am awfully dude-ish, I consider it a compliment.
            And that’s why you always demand to see them on cam, all the time. I have actually never had an issue like that but It seems like all my internet friends always would demand it from me so… Seems like a legit policy to have.

          • aizen310

            There was this guy who used a lot of emoticons (I mean a LOT) and used words a girl would use. Also he used a teddy bear as an avatar with a heart in the background. Also he marked his gender as “woman”. So we talked to where we should meet and when. It was a public cafe. And so we meet. Well, he wasn’t straight to say the least, also he was quite a “talk-machine”, and that tone he used… ugh. I was so embarassed I sweared I won’t do anything like that again. It was stupid to begin with but “hey” – I thought – “other people found happiness over the internet too”. It is a good story to tell, but was quite the embarassement back then :D

          • revenent hell

            Oh, I bet!
            And a lot o folks find love via the internet so you shouldn’t worry. It works for some and for others they get what they least expected and a funny story to tell later in life :D
            But to clarify I was born female and I don’t mean born again or anything.

          • aizen310

            At least now I know why there is an “Other” option in Gmail’s account creation, where you have to state your gender. “male”-“female”-“other”

          • Fallen_Persona

            Scary. So incredibly scary. And yet, so incredibly fitting of the Internet.

  • TheAnswerisback

    wow those sound like the silliest tweaks . I’m lucky to have played the game in its original form. I finished wihtout trouble the game is crazy fun you wouldn’t notice the difficulty. Tbh making it easier would take a lot from the game if you ask me. The fast pace battles made it feel amazing but this is good for those that didn’t get a chance to play though

    • 하세요

      It says “Difficulty modes” so I’m assuming they’ll leave the current “mode” on and just add easier or even a harder one. The balance tweaks sound like ones that were needed – many students were completely pointless while others made the game a joke.

      With the focus around the entire class, I’d like to play through it again being able to use whoever I actually enjoy, not someone who will pass me through the stage with the least amount of effort.

      • TheAnswerisback

        LMAO when you put it like that yeah some of them really were pointless unless you got them to high levels i mean past 60 lol

  • Bobby Jennings

    Wow…multiplayer removed again..

    They just lost a sale.

    • Rad Phil

      Refresh my memory on when’s the last time you played a Final Fantasy game online with friends excluding the MMOs?

      • Bobby Jennings

        Probably about two months ago with Dissidia.(Ad-Hoc Party)Why do you ask?

        • 하세요

          That’s an actual Vs game, doesn’t really count.

          • Bobby Jennings

            He never stated what counted and what didn’t except for the MMOs.

            Legit answer.

            I also played Type-0 online but the multiplayer was really limited.

            I was hoping they would’ve fixed it with this game but nope.

          • disgaea36

            yep he got you right there lol

        • Rad Phil

          And yet you’re playing a game designed on local play with an application that allows it online, NOT it was designed for online to begin with.

          • Bobby Jennings

            Doesn’t matter. That’s what you asked. I answered.

            What. Do you want me to name a game that has no multiplayer whatsoever?

            Ah yeah, that’s what I thought.

          • Rad Phil

            “What. Do you want me to name a game that has no multiplayer whatsoever?

            Ah yeah, that’s what I thought.”

            You can’t just say “Yea that’s what I thought” on an internet comment board in the SAME post as the reply. That doesn’t even make sense.

            I’m saying that with a Final Fantasy game, you go “sale lost” on a feature that wasn’t even fully touted, and was miniscule on the actual game design.

          • Bobby Jennings

            Yeah sale lost as in my individual sale.

            And Type-0 was developed around Multiplayer anyway.

  • Vash bane

    wait LOL this game was hard to some? wow…I think I had more trouble with ff7 ,ff8, ff9 (ff9 oh you silly boss and your Kamehameha) more than this. glad I played the original myself too.

    I guess there was an emotional aspect too but its very similar to p3 imo (hence why for me I didn’t bother to finish p3…lol that ending tho)

    • Ferrick

      indeed, i thought that it was quite ok-ish in the difficulty aspect, and last boss wasn’t exactly that hard (nor was the certain “other” path, till the things become lvl 120+)

  • triablos

    “Sleep-mode levelling”
    Can someone explain what this is in the PSP version?

    • Ferrick

      if you put your psp in sleep mode while the game is running, your characters would automatically grind exp themselves

      • triablos

        Wow, doesn’t that solve the whole difficulty issue? Like put PSP to sleep and gain a ton of levels. Or are there restrictions?

        I never turn my PSP off, its always put on sleep mode

        • Ferrick

          should’ve done so, but it seems that people still have problems even with the sleep mode on

        • Naryl

          levels are not everything. I enjoyed the game cause it was hard but it’s also true that it was unfair sometimes. Some enemies just one-shoted your party members, the clumsy AI didn’t help at all. Also the sleep mode thingy was ok at low level, at high level it was better to just farm stuff.

          • ekibyougami

            Actually, levels ARE everything in the game. I actually grinded hours because the difficulty is just brutal. And when I say brutal, i mean Side Missions are brutal if you don’t grind. They’re waaaaaaay harder than story quests. It’s ALMOST impossible to clear side missions without investing in grinding for levels (unless you’re lucky as heck to get many critical/kill sights).
            Fortunately, Rem, Cate, King, and Jack are OP (most especially Rem) so I usually main them.

        • Ni ~Algidus~

          it takes WAAAAAAAY too long to level up and you can only get 2-3 levels with it. the time it will take for your character to gain one level during sleeping mode you can easily get 3-4 level while grinding in a normal way. Also the moment that you get a growth egg and has deuce in the mark of levels 20-30 you can gain a insanely amount of exp for the character you want in a certain mission while Deuce is wrecking havoc the mobs (god forbid when you have more than one growth egg or do a Proof of Agito + growth egg combo).

          • dboyz

            lol dood, jus st change your psp date to several weeks/months ahead, trust me your characters will gain tonnes of levels =), this is a legit way of gaining unlimited XP =p

          • Ni ~Algidus~

            I know. it’s just that i don’t like that sleep mode leveling feature at all

  • FFmax

    I really hope they made some significant changes to this game to help justify their decision on porting it on a $400 console.

  • KyoyaHibari

    Multiplayer cut? D: Aww.

  • Ni ~Algidus~

    >“In addition to that, I really want players to play to the end. The PSP version was very fast-paced, and very hard, and there were many players that didn’t reach the end. That being said, I wanted to include difficulty modes into this version, which we’ve done, and it’s really helped to balance the game as a whole. Hopefully this will let people play until the end.”

    Aside for when the enemies get rage/buff status that can turn them into a threat, the game was way too easy. (on the story mode of course. hard and impossible difficulty on mission select can be quite the pain to do). Well there’s some bullshit moments like fighting the Magiteks and Souryuu that can one shot kill you but, I liked these moves.

    >we ultimately decided to cut the multiplayer option out of the game.

    First BBS and now this? ):
    At least we will be able to get the ssp spells, weapons and costumes by normal quests right? RIGHT!?

  • I can’t imagine a situation where I’d want to play this with other people, so I’m not upset about the lack of multiplayer- especially if it means that we’ll get it sooner. Definitely interested to see how they’ll replace the sleep option.

  • Kai2591

    “focus on the story”
    Good. JRPGs is best served as a fully single player experience.
    Well that’s just me.

  • Prinny Dood

    ‘Xbox one and ps4 verisons’ does this means its cominh to the vita aswell dood!? If not WHY THE HELL NOT DOOD!!??><

    • 하세요

      Kinda hard to use next gen resources when you develop it on a last gen system, dood D:

      • Prinny Dood

        You know what dood! I forgot remote play dood!^^ so nevermind

        • Hound

          Oh! I forgot about the PS4’s weird features.

          I could “pass the controller” over the internet to force people to run around and kill boring things while I crack a whip and yell at them <3

          (time to beef up the friends list with very bored and methodical people.)

          • Prinny Dood

            Is Etna your master aswell dood!? I dont work for but i hear she does that kind of stuff to prinnies. Like one time my felliw prinny brethern told me that when a game Etna wants come out sge makes the prinnies play it till the very end. Right when they are about to get a platnium she makes them pause it and she plays it and say she completed it dood! What kind of s**t is that dood!?

        • natchu96

          You left out the last dood, dood.

          Gotta end every sentence with dood. Off to boot camp with Valvatorez you go!

          • Prinny Dood

            Holy s**t Dood! How can i forget Dood!? Dood!

      • Xenu

        Kinda hard to understand what in the world you mean by resources… you mean money and time right? That would fit best. Because I hate to dredge up the previously stated fact that it’s already perfectly playable on the JPN PSN for PSP/Vita in its original form and its also been completely translated in english by both SE and the fans. That would’ve taken the least resources in money and time. Though ignorant people took the bait in assuming what you just said in order to give Square reason to take your money… and I’m ranting now…

        Last Gen Game + Next Gen Hardware – Blatantly Gutted Gameplay = What you’re getting.

  • ClayMeow

    You know what would have been easier than porting it to PS4 and XBO? Porting it to Vita where it belongs.

    • Prinny Dood

      Thats what im saying dood! Upvote for u

    • CISphil

      Surprised this didn’t bring mod wrath… I totally agree of course.

    • Christopher C

      agreed. it’d be easier and help the vita.

    • Morgan Rodgers

      It’s not in their interest to help the Vita if it hurts overall sales.

      • natchu96

        . . . half the reason the vita doesn’t do well is because nobody thought it’d do well and stopped making shit for it. And now that it actually isn’t doing well (surprise surprise) people continue to not make games for it, so it stays that way.

        It’s a negative spiral. Sony really ought to have put in some more investment themselves to bump up the install base.

        • Federico

          Yes it is unfortunate that the vita isn’t doing well, but it has plenty of good games on it. Sure they aren’t these big AAA games, but it has games.

          • natchu96

            Yeah, and I’m glad for those. Most of them that are of note are localized Japanese games and indies though, and while that fits my tastes rather well I can imagine it not sitting well with many people.

      • ClayMeow

        It would have cost less to produce on Vita than it’s costing to produce on PS4/XBO and the Vita has the highest attach rate of any console. Sure it wouldn’t have sold as many as the two new-gen consoles, but if they did it for Vita first, they probably could have completely it sooner for less money, then used the profit on that to bring it to PS4/XBO/PC afterward.

        • Morgan Rodgers

          I think they still would have had to significantly upgrade it to make it look like an actual Vita title. Even with a high attach rate, it’s unlikely they would have made a LOT of profit. And if they are then going to develop a PS4/etc version they would have to upgrade it AGAIN. It doesn’t make sense from a business standpoint for SE.

    • Espoir

      The ‘loud cry’ that S-E was hearing were the cries of PSP and Vita owners alike.

  • Kornelious

    So I’m just gonna rehash something I said earlier (Before some replier made it get taken down)

    I have to give it to Square because remaking a PSP game for PS4 will
    require a MAJOR overhaul from version to version, so it’s good to no
    that they’re putting in the extra work…..I don’t mind to much about the multiplayer (I don’t really play coop unless it’s online anyways) So I’m RALLY excited for this game! :D

  • Seven of The Scions

    Nerfed the difficulty? HELL NO!
    but if you make difficulty choices for casual and hardcore then it’s tolerable.

    I played the multiplayer ad hoc in psp, hey it’s fun actually.
    In HD version I’m hoping for better rewards for people who helps other player.
    Although maybe I kinda disagree with 3 minutes limitation for joining the game (they has bonus time for performance though).

    I havent finished the game but…

    -I do wish for the city design to be changed, because i saw many city with the same design (difference only by region).so it’s kinda plain.

    -Secret deadly bosses, or cameo from other FF games like Sephiroth, Final Aeon Jecht etc for additional enemies

    -Cameo Costumes from previous FF games (I want Queen wearing Quistic instructor uniform, lol)

    -Additional Missions via patch etc for multiplayer (more challenge and more BLOODY)

    This game is really good, and i want this game to be better for my PS4 and I want to play it with my friends.

    Square-Enix, with Type-0 and FFXV, TURN THE TIDE!

    • Federico

      Hate to ruin it for you. Aside from adding four difficulty modes and removing multiplayer, they said the game is going to be the same. It’s just an HD port.

      • Seven of The Scions

        Oh purr me, meow…

        Okay, gonna finish the PSP version anyway.

        But we’ll see…

  • Firekitty

    Uh-oh. Whenever a dev says he wants to get a game out ‘as quickly as possible’, I get nervous.

    All i really want is dual audio, and that’s usually the first feature to go when they start cutting corners…

    • Christopher C

      for me it depends on the amount of voice acting and the quality. Namco does a good job with the Tales games.

  • Oliver Teigaga

    I’m kinda past being mad at the lack of Vita version and now I’m just excited by how great this game is going to look and play on Next gen systems. I know It won’t look like a native PS4 title but I think releasing it on new consoles will be the best way to reinvigorate the franchise.

    • randominternetperson

      I don’t know, an JRPG designed for handheld being ported to HD console doesn’t seem right to me. I mean the level design, the flow of the game all are made for you to play in short periods. I guess it’ll be okay if they don’t market it as the next big FF or charge you full price for it.

      • Cadis Etrama Di Umar

        Yup. This is how I felt playing peace walker on ps3. Everything about it felt like a portable game which didnt really sit well when it translated over to a console…I think this is gonna be a major issue for type-0. Given I’ve only played the demo, I dont see this game sitting well with those not used to portable games

  • Kelohmello

    I hope the changes they’re making don’t actually make the game easier for people who don’t want it to be easier. One of the first things that immediately struck me while playing the psp version is that it actually was very reasonably challenging. You get hit, it hurts, alot, and characters will and do die, and it makes you play smarter or regret it. If the HD version doesn’t have that I may as well just play the PSP version more.

    It’s also a definite shame that the game is losing multiplayer, but I never played that to begin with so I have no idea what it’s like. Sure would be nice to have online co-op added in or something at a later date, but I know that won’t happen.

    • Ty Austin

      I was bummed to hear the co-op was removed as well. But upon further research, I learned it was a pretty lame, half done, after thought.

  • natchu96

    As long as people who wanted the difficulty can still have it at the level it was at.

    I only kind of got into FF very recently with FFXHD (yes, burn me at the stake), and while it’s an awesome game boy do you become OP after a while.

    • Ali

      OP…Overpowered? I can’t tell

      • natchu96

        Granted by a while I mean as you pretty much near the end of the game, but there’s quite a bit to do after you beat the game so it really isn’t quite the end yet . . .

        Though the fact that there is a damage cap that needs to be removed says a lot.

  • Aristides

    No Vita version and compromised on HD consoles -_- … This just went from screwover to quick cash grab. They might as well put it on iOS and Android free to play with micro transactions, no joke.

    • aizen310

      FF Agito, then?

    • iron_maw84

      It’s a cashgrab… because it’s not on the your proffered system? Jesus Christ! Some of you people really!

      • CloudStrifeACC

        Then, it’s not a cashgrab because ‘you’ think it isn’t. Right…..

    • Tanthalas

      Compromised on HD consoles? Why?

      The only thing it’s losing is a multiplayer mode that was very likely to be ignored by the majority of buyers.

      This is just an excuse to whine because of no PSP/Vita version.

      • Aristides

        Is there a problem for people to want the multiplayer? Or even a Vita version for that matter?

        Of course you obviously don’t care so I don’t expect you to see any logic in my reasoning. It’s easier to say it’s “ignored by the majority of buyers” but really that’s just conjecture.

        • With Square’s track releaseecord of not including multiplayer in HD re-releases or their console games, I think it was a given that Type-0 wouldn’t.

          Your comment is rather sensationalized and uncalled for, however. Plus, Type-0 already had an iOS release in Japan, so this is being made despite the other’s existence.

          • Federico

            That wasn’t type-0 that was released on mobile phones in japan. It was a prequel called agito.

        • Tanthalas

          The thing is, you’re logic is flawed. You’re just using the lack of multiplayer as an excuse to whine, while completely ignoring the improvements that the game will likely have.

  • Cybersteel

    I think its only “difficult” is because the PSP lacks 2 analog sticks.

  • Chip

    Square seems to want to spearhead player-friendly options, if Bravely Default is anything to go by. Frankly I welcome this change, and I really hope they continue to impliment difficulty options that offer more flexibility than just “Enemies ___lv, Player ____” Things like controlling encounter rate for example are a god send.

    As far as not being on the Vita? Whatever. Handheld gaming to me always strikes me an excuse to make less effort into a project that could be much bigger. I give props to Type-0 for pushing beyond that, but its still an episode/mission based game, and that does very little for me in terms of flow; I do not travel, I don’t have a full schedule. There is absolutely no point in a game that’s stop-and-go. I marathon, and the Crisis Core format could annoy me here.

    That aside, I hate the way handhelds feel. Even the best designed ones feel clumsy, and cause hand aches after a while.

    • waku waku

      I would argue that difficulty options are not player-friendly per se. Most FF games were quite easy for me, so I would welcome a harder difficulty.

      As for it not being on Vita, look at this from Japan’s perspective. Vita is doing quite well there, being consistently only behind the 3DS in sales. Sony and Square Enix are voicing similar wishes for the PS4 to sell better in Japan. FF Type-0 (as well as Dissidia) is considered as the game in which young Japanese players are most familiar with.

      Put those aspects together and it doesn’t really take rocket science to figure out why it isn’t on Vita.

      • Chip

        Well thats the thing. Now that BD is bringing concepts of defined difficulties that can be adjusted on a graduated slider, it’s a matter of what you personally prefer at any given moment, rather than hoping that the predefined difficulties match your tastes from beginning to end.

        • Orenkie S.

          Listen to yall…man.

          You do know playing any game on “Easy” isn’t playing the game as it is intended to be played.

          It is a matter of fact that a game is “Hard” when you don’t understand how to play it.

          Games that you have been playing over the years are no longer a challenge because you’ve solidly understood the concepts that the game has offered and to a degree, mastered them.

          For instance, a lot of people believe Vagrant Story is a terribly difficult game, but for me, it’s too easy. But it being too easy is RETROSPECTIVE. When I first bought the game I had to stop playing it for 6 months because the game was kicking my ass and I didnt understand why.

          Another game people say is hard is Romancing Saga (PS2) Because they do not UNDERSTAND how to go about playing the game.

          HARD is a learning curve problem. It’s not supposed to be up to the player to basically strip the game down to bare minimum, “let me hit stuff and win” and just skip all the way to end of the game.

          We’re PLAYING games aren’t we? Or do you just want people to look at pretty character models and hear a nice bed time story. Cause that kinda stuff will put you to sleep.

          • disgaea36

            nonono everything you say is right except for romancing saga that game was just broken period. It used all the mechanics of the previous saga games but worked against you anyway possible. And that was even after unlimited saga which people loathe because of it’s learning curve but that game was great just misunderstood.

          • Orenkie S.

            Nah with Romancing Saga, grinding was your enemy. If you remember back to Saga Frontier (PS1) It had the same affect on gameplay.

            In SG staying in the sewers and grinding would start to produce mid to high tier monsters and if you hadn’t sparked the right skills or had enough good equipment, the game becomes unplayable. BUT that was easily corrected by doing the gold trick and getting new equipment.

            in Romancing Saga, there are a lot more values other than not having a strong weapon that will make the game unplayable due to grinding. The skill levels, finding jewels and gold, and what not.

            With Unlimited Saga, I had to start my first game over (I started with Mythe) because I had to learn what to and what not to do. It was basic trial and error, but the worst part of UnS is that there is no grinding to be had. And that game SERIOUSLY needs some grinding. You end up having to do quest fails for grinding, but that’s a double edge sword.

          • Chip

            Oh, my bad. Here I thought the point of a game I spent 60 dollars on was to find enjoyment, not to live up to another person’s expectations. Dear me, all this time I was supposed to be playing by total stranger’s standards with no regard for my own? How stupid of me. How could I have been so blind? You’ve made me see the light. Do continue to dictate the rest of my past times. You’re doing such a wonderful job. Whatever would we all do without you?

            A game can be difficult for more reasons than what you’ve stated. There are some games that test more than understanding. Risk vs Reward, grinding patience, stacked stat odds, unfair challenges. These are things that handicap you, and may reduce the enjoyability for some people. And at the end of the day it’s about having fun. So yes, make the options available. That isn’t to say reduce the entire game as a whole.

          • Orenkie S.

            What does the enjoyment of a game you buy have to do with me? I don’t determine how the game is intended to be played, a DEVELOPER does.

            What you are suggesting is that the developer allow people who can’t be bothered to learn how to play the game, to allow them to cheat the system, or disable the way the game was originally intended to be played just so they can “beat” it.

            If you just want to “beat” games, you might as well stick
            to watching playthroughs. It is the whole experience, in the way you play, the things you go through, and ultimately, the end of the story that totals up what the game is.

            Having a slider to take away parts of that experience is NOT good. That is not how it was intended to be played, so if you would, stop the condescending attitude. If games are hard for you, maybe you need to get better. No body should have to take away something to make you feel better about your purchase.

            I didn’t mention any particular WAY to play a game. The games we play usually have different components of gameplay that need to be adapted to and they make up the totality of the “Game System”.

            All those ways you mention are included in various forms throughout most games, but guess what? If the developer puts a slider to allow you just bypass features (because that’s what easy modes do; removes certain “roadblocks” so players can just do whatever) that is not the INTENDED way of playing the game. What don’t you understand.

            If you have to defeat difficult bosses with high defense and lots of HP, within the game they make a a way for you to do that by playing it a certain way(and in Final Fantasy’s case their are usual multiple ways).

            What you are suggesting is that the developers place a difficulty slider in the game that allows you to just remove any “difficult” tasks before you even have to attempt them.

            Difficulty is a LEARNING CURVE. Once again, if two people play the same game they never get the same experience, but now two people playing the same game on Two different difficulties, they CERTAINLY won’t. They are essentially playing two different games at that point.

          • Chip

            The only thing a developer ‘intends’ is to make their product commercial. If they have an artistic vision, by all means thats nice, but its not the ultimate goal. It’s about reaching your audience, and getting the most satisfaction out of per user. we’re not the draconian age of Arcade/NES where the only way to achieve longetivity is to make the game as hard to complete as possible on the first run through for all except “Masters”.

            You don’t even follow the your own statement. In the case of Bravely Default, the developer completely intended to allow the gamer to decide certain elements of difficulty. That shows a care and respect for everyone, not just the people with hardcore desires like you.

            I would understand if you were afraid of having your own personal experience diminished by having the games cut down by default, but since this isn’t the case, you baffle me. It almost sounds like you’re afraid the value of your own experience will be diminished because now someone else can reach the same results you did without as much work. It that is the case, you need to learn to stop worrying about what other people are doing for FUN.

            Again, I point to the word “FUN”, where as you make gaming sound like martial art form, to be taken as nothing but a serious challenge. Its very, very conservative for a gamer.

          • Xtrooper30

            I believe what he is simply trying to say is that as a whole…If you do not force the intended style of gameplay onto a player then there is no way to be sure that the player will receive the game in it’s proper light. Options are great cuz they give us choice but their are positives and negatives that come with theses choice. Choosing to play a game in a more simplistic way than what was intended may lead to a boring and un-satifying experience, thus giving your audience a negative opinion of your product.

            Imagine you push the the most boring game you’ve ever played in your life just because the story was decent enough to hold your attention. How likely would you be to buy the next chapter in the game? what kind of game would you expect from that developer in the future? This is the reason when game reviews are done they are done on harder difficulties to ensure that game is performing the best that it can and not holding back for the sake of the player.

            Im ok with option but I truly feel that option only work for less scripted game types. Games like Farcry, Borderlands, Destiny, fighting games, driving games (kinda), or really any open world games or games that want you to interact with the world and tamper with it.

            When your taking about a Action RPG game like this messing with difficulty setting seems to spell disaster one way or another. I’ll admit this game was hard but that difficulty MADE the experience. If it was any easier it would not have been anywhere near as impactive and i would not have been able to get acquainted with all the characters and learn to appreciate their various strengths and weaknesses.

          • Xtrooper30

            I agree with he’s saying chip. The problem with difficulty lvls is that fact that when you allow for easier modes than what the game was originally intend for developers often alter the way the game is played as a whole, mainly the a.i suffers. Games that are designed to have intelligent A.I and really focus on that aspect for creating an experience loose a big chunk of that by toning things down for player’s who are unwilling to put in the time in order to reach the lvl of experience in order to handle the challenge presented to them.

            In most cases a change in difficulty means heavy changes to the games A.I and designed challenges that allow a player to get a fulfilling experience out of the game. Imagine a great Final Boss with a tone of moves and abilities, strengths and weaknesses that is designed to push player in a way that if fair and challenging. In order to lower the difficulty on such an amazing boss often many of his more challenging moves will be pulled or limited and is ability to react to the player will also most likely be affected as well. It can go from a high pace action battle to a battle where after the boss does a move he stands around the room aimlessly of 10 seconds before moving again.

            You may think well why not just make change to the damage taken and received… Well technically this is not making the game any harder (and for RPG is something the player can do themselves if enough time is put in) it simply making you beat the game faster or take a longer time to die.

            Again take the Amazing boss. If the issue with the player is that the boss’s skill lvl is too great and that they are helpless react, respond, and counter-attack him then allowing the player to take more hit’s won’t solve a thing other than making you fell bad about how much more hits he puts on you. Given the other way around if you instead weaken the boss to the point where you can kill him with 3-5 hits your gonna be missing a HUGEEEEE part of the battle before it’ll be over before the boss is able to showcase his awesomeness to you.

            Although you are correct about that fact that you as a player should have the ability to choose how to experience the game, he is right with what he is saying about the “intended experience”. You may think that a developer makes a game JUST to make money but in reality some developers DO care about the player and how they experience their game and the only way to make sure that every player gets the intended experience is to force them to all play on the same battle ground. I.e DARK SOULS.

  • FinalArcadia

    With a game that really didn’t rely on multiplayer for a lot of the appeal, I think this is a pretty good decision. It gets the game to us quicker and it gives them more time to fine-tune other parts of the game instead of working on multiplayer, which in a FF like this is not really a necessity.

    I can see where it’d be nice to have it as a feature, but Square-Enix’s decision makes a lot of sense and probably isn’t a decision that will be a huge deal-breaker to most of the audience anyway, whereas adding varying difficulty levels may really impact sales positively for people who may have heard the PSP version was hard and would’ve shied away because of difficulty.

  • Go2hell66

    lol no mulitplayer. knew it was a cheap ass port

  • Ric Vazquez

    “Obviously, RPGs are long and they can take quite a bit of time to get through, but I put care into making the conclusion worth your while. I think it’ll be something that hits the player emotionally—and I really, really want players to make it to the end!

    This exactly, I played the original on PSP and all I will say to not spoil anything is feels, feels everywhere.

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