Square Enix Recruiting Staff For A New Studio That Will Focus On Console RPGs

By Sato . September 5, 2014 . 5:34am


Square Enix are currently looking to recruit staff who will be part of the core members for a new studio that will focus on RPGs for consoles. Inside Games shares more details about the recruitment page that was recently put up by Square Enix.


According to the report, Square Enix are gathering the best people to put together a team of core members that will be in charge of developing a new RPG title for consoles.


At the moment, Square are looking for directors [battle and event], planners [lead and battle], programmers and lead programmers, marketing directors, and various designers ranging from technical artists to menu designers.


On the recruitment page, there’s a message that reads: “We went through all kinds of adventures back when we were children. Now that we’re adults, what kind of new stories can we come up with?”


This message is followed by information stating that they’re currently recruiting core staff members for a brand new studio that will specialize in RPGs. To be more specific, a project featuring a gathering of an elite team to develop a completely new RPG geared for consoles.


While they don’t share much more about what the game will be about, they’re looking for staff with experience in their respective fields, and the deadline is September 30, 2014.

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  • DudeJericho

    Ooooh, I think I like this :)

  • AlphaSixNine

    Cautiously optimistic. I hope to see something solid soon.

  • -Misaki-

    FFXV-2 already?

  • Monterossa

    so they throw their console jobs to a child studio while the main developer team will keep making mobile/browser games?

    • Yause

      No, there are online RPGs (FFXIV, DQX) and huge console productions, such as FFXV and Kingdom Hearts 3.

  • Selfsavingmedic

    Why the main studio wants to keep making their mobile games?

    • Cuz it rakes in cash in Japan.

      • Estrius Alstar

        Japan? More like everywhere.

    • Shady Shariest

      Money. It’s not bad either, creativity lives in smaller teams.

  • Adam

    So more people working on FFXV? Good, it’ll be ready for its 2020 release.

  • mega jew

    I’m liking the sound of that.

  • Rio Raze

    Is this applicable for foreigner or only japanese?

    *Just asking :)

  • Now hire a team focused on localization.

    • Naryl

      well the main final fantasy games are released in the west only 2-3 monts later than in japan. Some of their other IP take longer or never get released, that’s true, but if the game is worth it SE is one of the fastest to bring games to the west.

      • Space_Ghost

        Dragon Quest isn’t worth it?

        No, you didn’t say it… but you kinda did too.

  • Kuromadou

    too good to be true,i was going to write some sarcastic comments but i must hold my judgement for a while.i can’t help for being hopeful but sceptical at the same time :/

  • Cheesy12

    Just no Motomu Toriyama and we should be solid!

    • mega jew

      Don’t worry. I’m sure he’ll manage to squeeze his waifu in there somewhere.

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

    i only wish for SE to care more for their non-mainstream title. cobsole or not. Drakengard & nier team deserves better treatment

  • Kai2591

    New fascinating IPs?

  • CycloneFox

    As a big JRPG fan, I have to say, I don’t know, if the news is any important to me, as the last JRPG from Square Enix that I really liked was… I think they were called Square Soft back then (Okay, that’s not entirely fair, as I really liked Nier, but it’s still about my point).

    When it comes to JRPGs, everyone thinks of Square immediately, which is sad, as the really good titles come from other publishers, like Namco Bandai or Atlus.

    • Rayhan PromisedGallery

      pfft. NieR wasn’t even made by SE. and they clearly doesnt care much for the team who made it..

    • Tom

      NieR was developed by Cavia and Square Enix was only the publisher, so all the praise go to Cavia. I hope their new team will include some ex-Cavia members.

      (by the way, it was written as Squaresoft. Ahh, it feels nice to write it down like that, even though I’m not against the merger)

      • CycloneFox

        Good point, I meant Square as a publisher of course.

    • Morningstar

      I think this is a result of being in the mainstream, any one or thing that is popular enough will be emblematic with their genre, while knowledge of other devs are limited to those in the know. Other effects of this include hipsters decrying the series and an inflated fandom (both happened around VII)

      To make an analogy say you were just getting into comic books, the first thing that would come to mind are either Marvel or DC, not IDW, Image or Darkhorse.

      Of if you were being interested in cartoons, the first things that come to mind, would be Disney (Disney Channel included, if barely), Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Dreamworks, Pixar and maybe My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

      Point being if a company is mainstream in a “scene” (in this case, RPGs), then that company will be the first to come to mind when thinking about that scene

    • Jadfish

      to be completely frank I think of Atlus first, these days

  • Tom

    I know that a company that went bankrupt but had some talented members. Square, look for Cavia.

    • Rayhan PromisedGallery

      after how Drakengard 3 ended up, i doubt SE even care about cavia people that much

      • Tom

        I bought my copy. :)
        Drakengard 3 was developed by a different set of people. Sure there were ex-Cavia members involved, but still. I love Nier, I think they did a really good job with that game. I hope this new core team is not going to be like the SE quality control committee which is a regrouping of the existing key members…

        • Rayhan PromisedGallery

          i don’t really mean the people, but SE seems to treat it as if they don’t care

          -It has super low-budget resulting PS2.5 graphic, and small map that got repeated so many times
          -It is rushed as heck, and because UE3, it has so many bugs and framerate problem
          -And yet, after these many game problem, they took out the game important element and make it DLC because money.
          -The fact that it has non in-game material like the novel actually being important proves that they don’t have enough money
          -The fact that they hire Omega Force to make DQ Heroes bugs me why didn’t they hire Omega Force to make Drakengard 3 when the franchise is already similar to Dynasty Warriors already. Why? Because it is not their money-maker franchise so they DGAF that much

          It seems SE only wants Drakengard 3 to be made because they need to fill between release date of their big console title (Waifu Returns and other games), and because they need money. Not because they want to revive the franchise or anything like that…
          I’m surprised that Drakengard 3 wasn;t developed for Vita or 3DS instead, just like most low-budget JRPG. Why? because SE need console title so much to still claim they are still big developer

          I like the game, but it’s disgusting on how SE treat it.

  • Guest

    pfft. NieR wasn’t even made by SE. and they clearly doesnt care much for the team who made it.

  • Metabble

    And do they plan to release these new jrpgs over here or it will be too risky?

    • Jadfish

      Well that kinda depends. If they make something small-scale, they’ll test the waters in Japan first, but if they are going all out they might as well release it internationally. New people would probably think internationally anyway, given how they probably grew up on the internet.

  • Yan Zhao

    Go back to your roots and make RPGs good again like the SNES/PS1 days. Then I’ll be interested.

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    If to recruit new younger people, that’s fine but what about some of the older ones who used to make console RPGs are they too attached to mobiles to even care anymore?

    • Yause

      There are many answers.

      1. Some senior developers have burned out on RPGs.

      2. Many feel as challenged and creatively stifled by modern console development as their employers.

      3. Some developers were never really interested in console RPGs but developed what their companies dictated.

      4. Some have an entrepreneurial spirit (earned a salary for years, now can reap the benefits by running their own business), which means mobile games. Many salarymen would rather go this route than stay in console development or strike off on their own.

      5. The social game companies pay VERY well, with huge bonuses to boot, so it’s even beneficial to work for one as a veteran employee.

      6. The superstar developers aim for millions of fans and millions (even tens of millions) of dollars. They have little interest in being niche game creators and would rather pursue an area of development with high potential.

      That really leaves RPGs to young people. Even productions like Bravely Default were led by younger folks who were in charge for the first time.

      • Stephen Mc Devitt

        Then FFXV and KHIII will likely be the last great console RPGs by veteran developers, meaning future installments will be lead by younger ones?

        If Motomu Toriyama becomes a producer like Kitase and try and find his own protege, hopefully that protege will undermine and work around Toriyama like a puppet given his losing streak.

      • Stephen Mc Devitt

        Except console and portable games (especially physical ones) do things better than mobile games. I mean compare the likes of Final Fantasy IX, Tales of Symphonia, Persona 3 and NieR, Bravely Default against All The Bravest and Wave Party.

  • Göran Isacson

    A new studio, eh? One wonders if the success of Bravely Default has made them curious to see if they can replicate it, and make more, small-scale RPG that need not necessarily rival the Final Fantasy series in budget.

    Well, at least this one hopes that to be the case.

  • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

    “We went through all kinds of adventures back when we were children. Now that we’re adults, what kind of new stories can we come up with?”

    I’m curious to see what they can come up with.

  • Altin

    Cautious optimism.

  • Kelohmello

    The future looks just a little brighter every day.

  • fairysun

    Hopefully they hire someone who love FFVI. FFVI story is still up there untouched only by few JRPG.

    • aizen310

      What? There is someone besides me who likes FFVI better than FFVII?

      • Orenkie S.

        I feel like FF7 was almost a retelling of FF6.

        The games both had the same premise, it was just that the technologies that separated them were night and day.

      • Agito

        We are not alone anymore!

        on a serious note the only thing i didn’t like about ff7 were the majority of the cast and the story. crisis core did it waaaay better from what i remember of it.

        • Stephen Mc Devitt

          You were NEVER alone to begin with!

      • Matthew_Classic

        Me too! It’s my favorite!

      • CycloneFox

        It is pretty common knowlege, that FFVII was more famous because of it’s 3D graphics and the FMVs, etc. but FFVI is the most popular among FF-fans.

        The same thing can be applied to other RPG series, that made this step such as Tales of (With Symphonia as the first 3D part, which also became the best known), or Suikoden (Where Suikoden III is best known, but Suikoden II is actually the better game).

        • aizen310

          Well, not for me. I always see and hear that FF7 this and FF7 that. Everything is FF7 or FF4 nowadays. I’m honestly surprised by the amount of people who actually care about FF6.

          I… I love you people :)
          You brought me a little joy :)

          • Stephen Mc Devitt

            Not me or at least since late 2009 when watching the Final Fantasy retrospective videos on GameTrailers.

      • Stephen Mc Devitt

        Everyone and their mothers say that VI is better than VII all the time. Have you been hiding under a rock or what?

    • Kyle

      FFVI All the way! Much better than FFVII!

    • mckun

      Wait someone likes FFVI? And isn’t a FFVII or FFVIII hardcore fan?

      • FFVII and VIII aren’t cool anymore. It’s switched back to IV and VI. Guess the VII and VIII diehards moved on to something else. Suits me okay, because I was one of those IV- and VI-loving weirdoes. :)

        • Kango234

          That’s not true at all.

      • Tom

        What!? All I ever heard from FF fans that VI was the best and the series is downhill after Tetsuya Nomura got big part in making them. So when someone is a VI it’s usually not a VII or VIII fan. By the way, my favorite is VIII but I don’t like bashing on the other episodes because I have a favorite.

        • mckun

          Well from my experience most people liked FFVII and FFVIII and some fans seem to consider anyone who likes 6 and previously as “nostalgia fans,” and only accept people who like FFX for the most part.

          FFIX is like the dark horse of the whole series while FFXII is like the step child that certain people don’t like.

          • Tom

            It’s strange. I heard many didn’t like VII and VIII because they are breaking the medieval kind formula. Or for reasons I don’t know they don’t like VIII. Yeah, I heard the nostalgia fans but I’m playing 2 right now and I’m enjoying it to a certain level (not as much as I enjoyed VIII, but still). I’m planning to play through all the main numbered games. I started with VIII back in 2000 or 2001, I just got to play VII a couple of years ago, I just finished 1 last week and now I’m playing 2. I don’t know why FF fans have to be so overprotective of their beloved episode or why other have to express so much hate towards the episodes they don’t like. I didn’t play much IX and at first I didn’t like it but after spending about half an hour with that I kinda liked it even though I was against it for quite some time.

          • Really? IX is more like a white horse and a pedestal of glory nowadays.

          • Kango234

            I’ve never heard anything but love for IX, what sites do you go on?

          • mckun

            anime conventions and Youtube usually. I thought it came from the fact that FFIX was a throwback game compared to FFVIII

      • *cross arms*
        Really love VII and VIII here but I also adore VI, V and I.
        Although yeah, some nostalgic purists can get annoying to be honest.

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      That version is ugly. Play the PS1 version.

    • BinaryMind

      Downvoted for taking a screenshot from the hideous iOS version :P

  • really hope they can bring some good games with this!
    I miss the days where I’ve played their good and fun games for hours!

    Legend of Mana, Saga Frontier, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy 4 to 9+Tactics, Xenogears, Threads of Fate, Parasite Eve, Brave Fencer Musashi and a lot more will always have a good place in my memories… really good old times :)

    • HarakiriKami

      Xenogears is dead

      • mckun

        Honestly its not.

        • HarakiriKami

          Yes it is. A 4 koma manga doesnt count

  • NyaBoy

    Front Mission 6, Chrono Break, Parasite Eve 4th, Xenogears 2 for PS4 !

    • Kroz

      My childhood would be resurrected

    • Venus in Furs.

      I’d like to see new IPs too though. It would be nice if Squeenix started releasing RPGs with rich stories and interesting characters you care about. Like they did in the old days.

    • César H. Sandoval

      Stop it, that’s just too cruel :C

    • mckun

      Tobal 3 and Vagrant story 2 for lulz.

    • Crystal Power

      Xenogears sequel can’t be made. Nintendo owns Monolith Soft now…

      • NyaBoy

        Xenogears=Square Enix

        • Crystal Power

          Yea, I know that each of those series are made by said developer already. What I’m saying is how could Square Enix make a Xenogears sequel if Nintendo owns Monolith Soft? That’s why the Wii U is getting Xenoblade Chronicles X. That game has nothing to do with Square Enix. Every “Xeno” series game we get will be for Nintendo systems for now on until further notice. Not for Playstation 4… :(

          • brostar

            No, Xeno isn’t a series.
            Xenogears is an IP owned by Square Enix. They have the right to make new Xenogears games whenever they want.
            Xenosaga is owned by Bandai Namco Games, they can me a new Xenosaga game whenever they want. It’s why Kos-mos was allowed to appear in Project X Zone which was publish by Bamco.

            Xenoblade is a completely new IP created by Monolith while they were owned by Nintendo. So it’s a Nintendo IP.
            There is no such series called “Xeno” In fact Xenoblade was only called that to honor Takeshi.

            Now if you still don’t understand, it would be perfectly legal for anyone to make a new IP and call it: Xenodildo or Xenophone or Xenotoilet.

          • Crystal Power

            Oh ok, thanks… :- )

      • Zens

        Not Xenogears IP.
        I doubt S-E can make another good game on the Xenogears universe without Takahashi and his wife on the project, though.

        • Crystal Power

          So are you guys saying a new Xenogears can still actually be made despite Nintendo owning Monolith Soft???

          • badmoogle

            Theoretically yes it can be made. But the question is who’d want a new Xenogears without Monolith Soft to develop it?

          • Crystal Power

            Obviously the people who I’m replying to and the people who liked there comment. want it.

            I thought it would be impossible at first but even that is it. Not sure t will be good without Monolith Soft…

          • Zens

            Well it depends if S-E remember they have Xenogears IP and decide to continue. But without Takahashi and his wife, the project will be bad for sure. They created the entire setting and story,

            Perfect Works artbook is pretty detailed and the entire “original” Xeno series was thought as a multimedia project. XG was just EPV, as for the other episodes, some were planned as books, others as animations.
            Xenosaga is not connected in any way but utilized some ideas and concepts from the original Xeno series.

    • Jadfish

      or…. something completely new that is better than all those 4 combined =D

    • Resilient

      Secret of Evermore 2?

  • HarakiriKami



  • HarakiriKami

    You should add that they’re looking for people with Unity experience in the article btw Sato bun

  • ShadowDivz

    So…Square Enix avengers?

  • Xорошо 不死鳥 Zikk

    Bringing in some fresh blood seems interesting. Hopefully this will be one to rock the industry :D

  • Jordan Daku

    It wouldn’t ever happen, but they should somehow get Sakaguchi back… That would be amazing.

    • HarakiriKami

      Never happening

    • DigitalStarry .

      that dude did FF for 15 years, he doesn’t want to do it anymore.

    • Mintos

      not happening he only pretty much wanted to keep going with the series as long it was a PS exclusive FF or new IP because some dude don’t remember his name that worked in PS helped him with the titles but since he left PS he didn’t want to keep going with the series it was just a messy mess with him and SQ that pretty much the full story never leaved the Headquarters of SQ

  • epy

    I want to believe… but this is Square-Enix.

    • Jadfish

      They can fuck it up really hard, but that is why I want to root for them. If they succeed, it’ll be that much more of a victory.

      • aizen310

        You know what? If you say it that way, it sounds like we are back in ’87 again, when SSoft made Final Fantasy so they won’t go bankrupt.

        It’s almost like this new studio will be the last hope for Square Enix… if that sentence made any sense *sorry if my english is… umm… rough around the edges*

        • Jadfish

          Hey if the phrase “A New Hope” has ever sounded exciting (aside from the big screen phenomenon that started one of the worlds biggest franchises) it has got to be when it is heard in the aftershock of the FFXIII trilogy,
          Ammirite or ammirite?

          • aizen310

            FFXIII… Please God, no! (okay, the design of Orphan and it’s battle theme was actually cool)
            FFXIII-2 was at least somewhat enjoyable.
            FFXIII-3…”Square Enix, go home! You’re drunk!”

  • Suriel Cruz

    Square Enix learning from Compile Heart?

  • Jirin


    What I’d like to see is people who grew up loving 90s and early 00s RPGs making games they would like *today*. Not just something nostalgic like Bravely Default, but something that has the same appeal as those games only targeted at our current age group. Hopefully this will yield something like that.

    • Mario Bros

      Mmh we are actually PAST their targeted age group now, so probably not. -_-
      Makes you think who are they targeting with FFXV, eight years after it was announced??

      • Jirin

        True, but there’s a margin for error. Males age 18-49 pretty much like the same entertainment at the moment.

        If they could tell the same kind of story as Mass Effect, but with a JRPG storytelling style, that would be perfect, IMO.

        • MaidKillua

          So you want a great first game followed by 80% alien dating sim and 20% shit ending??? lol

  • Jadfish

    I want to believe so hard, you guys. Nothing beats the excitement of new blood, and I am ready for something fresh.
    That new Nintendo IP “Splatoon” looks awesome and it is headed by new guys too. I dearly hope that many game companies give the next generation a chance to shine.

  • Kango234

    >people hate current SE and dislike smart phone games
    >SE starts hiring new people to make console games
    >people still complain

    why even bother

    • Fen Y

      People are entirely correct with their complaints until SE actually delivers something good. So far, they mostly are notable for bad budgeting and being scared of localizing their games.

      • Jadfish

        It’s hard to judge based on pure statements of course, but you gotta admit that these are fairly positive sounding news, right?

        • aizen310

          It’s positive news, I just lost almost all faith in Square Enix. Almost.

          • Jadfish

            due to what exactly? FFXIII like me?

          • aizen310

            Milking FFVII like there is no tomorrow. FFX being more like Fable 1 with random encounters. Also Tidus. FFXI and FFXIV: creating online spin-offs are okay, giving them a numbered title and forcing them to be part of the flagship titles, I think not… it’s confusing. FFXII… it speaks for itself (honestly, that game would be okay as something else, as an FF game however… I admit though, Balthier and Fran were bada**). FFXIII. As a marketing standpoint, it is basically FFVII-2. As a game, it’s like FFX all over again with a bit of Cloud here and there. Then there are the DQ games and their mobile ports. And the older FF games’ mobile ports.
            I’m mostly disappointed how SE handles it’s FF and DQ titles. Such classics needs more respect, IMHO.

  • SE: We “love” to bring our rpg to the west,but….

    • CloudStrifeACC

      We love our money better

  • Kumiko Akimoto

    News would be if they were putting them on the pc

  • I hope Tetsuya Nomura has no involvement.

    • aizen310

      Agreement to the MAX.

      • It’s probably not fair of me to blame him for FF’s problems, but I do! I liked The World Ends with You. I wish he’d just made his own games and Final Fantasy had stayed Final Fantasy.

        • Zens

          Is S-E fault for thinking that FF needs to be an A-RPG to evolve and be more appealing to the western market…
          Nomura was just doing FFVs as a spinoff game, not a main title.
          Seriously, some people hate Nomura for nothing.

          • You’re probably right. However, he’s the director, and I’m not very happy with his direction. I’m sure it’ll be received well enough and will sell a lot, so in that sense, S-E is right. They’re a business, after all, even if they’ve alienated their fan base.

          • Zens

            I’m not specifically saying that “you” hate Nomura, my comment was more in general reactions, I didn’t express myself correctly, sorry about that.

            I don’t get what you think is wrong with his direction though. He was just doing FFvs as a game that has his own style not connected to the main branch, since the game wasn’t a numered title he decided on doing something different.

            The only titles that he directed were KH series, The World Ends with You and the Advent Children movie, this is his first FF. You can’t compare his output since he worked on different genres, and S-E forced him on turning a spinoff in a main title.

          • No need to apologize.

            Well, basically, I enjoyed Kingdom Hearts, but I did not enjoy anything past that first one. It has been extremely popular, of course. Then, you see it bleed over into an FF spin-off. Shrug. But then, instead of FFXV being the redeeming entry in the series, it is now directed by the fellow who has made games you don’t like. I do like The World Ends with You, I will admit. I am just sort of tired of the formulas he uses, and I’m really sad to see that has now become Final Fantasy. I was fine with him doing spin-offs, even though I didn’t like them, and I was actually really happy with his original content. But now the spin-off has really become the actual series.

            Don’t know if that makes sense.

    • Jadfish

      Yeah, I want him to concentrate his belts’an’zipperz on FFXV for the time being

      • I wish someone else was doing XV, but I suppose it will sell well and people are excited about it. Just looks like Final Fantasy with a Kingdom Hearts combat system.

        • Jadfish

          Which looks, to be completely frank, freaking awesome.
          I prefer him a thousand times to Toriyama.

          • Yes, I’m sure many people will enjoy it. I’d prefer to keep button-mashing out of RPGs, myself. His influence extends to far more than just character designs. It’s not the zippers I have a problem with.

          • Jadfish

            Hey I’m just saying that I prefer his button-mashing to Toriyamas waifu-bullshit-hold-forward-and-press-X games.
            Some of the fights in KH were almost spectacle fighter tier (low tier, but still commendable), and they at least required more player inputs than turn based battles (reactionary of course)

            I would love to see a new FF Tactics game. I feel that Final Fantasy has lost some of its finesse to simple inputs and very low amounts of player involvment in terms of planning at strategising.

          • I just be confused. I thought you meant Akira Toriyama, as a character designer to whom you prefer Tetsuya Nomura. Sorry about that.

            I don’t think we’ve had a Final Fantasy since X, arguably. Maybe that’s what you meant you didn’t like tho was that one!

          • Wow hope you can make sense out of that. I don’t know if my grammar is more confusing or if my typos are. Sorry.

          • Jadfish

            I liked FFX a lot, since it required at least some interaction and thought. It was still easy and such when it came down to it, but the story was just nicely told (it helped that I was like, 11 years at the time and didn’t know sh*t ’bout JRPGs).
            FFXII was, in retrospect, a fantastic game. I really want to play it in HD on my PS3 or PS4.
            FFXIII looked beautiful…. and that’s about what I want to praise it for.

            All I care about in a FF game is the gameplay and then the story. If neither of those are good or at least alright, then I might as well play something else.

          • Young fella, I see. I’m confused, though. Which Final Fantasies do you not like, then, besides XIII? I think XII was the last one I really enjoyed, but it didn’t feel much like a Final Fantasy.

          • Jadfish

            I’m 22 <3
            which FF do I not like? FFVIII because of the level scaling (it's visually stunning and I like a lot of the story/characters).
            8 and 13(trilogy) are the only FF's I didn't like out of the ones I have played (I haven't played 5 or 6 yet).
            My favorites are 9, 4 and… well 10, because the recent HD remaster made me check it out again, and it holds up surprisingly well.
            I want to play 12 again, since I didn't like it at the time, but the more I remember from it today, the more enticing it becomes.

          • You have good taste! If you enjoyed IV and IX, I think you are really in for a treat with V and VI, particularly VI. I hope you get a chance to play it.

          • Jadfish

            IV had a great story and very likeable characters. I also loved the music and the 4 elemental fiends (who had a fair amount of personality for the era).
            IX was just perfect. It is what I think of when I think “Final Fantasy”. Everything from gameplay to characters was just… so good. I still listen to the soundtrack.

            Hey I can get the PSone version for my Vita any time. That is how I replayed FFIX and FFX. I’m currently stuck at disc 2 of FFVIII because i don’t want to farm junctions, but it feels like I should, so I just don’t want to play it since I always waste at least 40 minutes in a single battle just getting OP by drawing spells.

            If you love Final Fantasy, get a vita. It’s the most comfy thing ever, and you have a huge amount of FF games to play (I,II,III,IV complete, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, FF Tactics)


          • I know, VIII is really ridiculous. I didn’t play that one when it first came out and actually waited until after I played X. I loved VIII, which surprised me, and I would love to replay it, but the weird gameplay systems drive me away–the drawing, the micromanaging the spells, the level scaling, and the summon animations that last so long you can go take a crap and it’s still going when you get back. For whatever reason, I really enjoyed the storyline, though.

            I’m sure you’ve heard us old folks whine about the PSOne versions of IV, V and VI (and Chrono Trigger) and how they introduced load times into the equation. It’s not too bad unless you grew up playing the cartridge versions, as we did. The Game Boy Advance versions are nice, but they have some audio problems (which, again, you probably wouldn’t notice unless you grew up on the cartridge versions). It’s a shame they haven’t gotten more re-releases, but they are all well worth playing (as I’m sure you’ve heard so often you’re sick of hearing it).

          • Jadfish

            I have actually never heard of those loading times before, to be honest.
            I pretty much have to check out at least FFVI at some point. It’s an internet favorite by now, like a hipster FFVII but actually legit cool.
            As for FFVII, it’s cool, but I got on that train WAY too late. My first experience of Cloud was in Kingdom Hearts, so my perception of his character was already effed up before I even jumped off the train in Midgard for the first time.
            For what it is worth, I enjoyed FFVII, but I don’t think it holds a candle to either FFIV or FFIX in terms of characters or story. FFX had a really good story, and I was really touched by it back when I was a kid, but if english had been my mother tongue, I think I would have been able to cringe at the english voiceacting. Thankfully it wasn’t.

            I still can’t listen to To Zanarkand or Yuna’s Theme half heartedly. I gotta stop whatever I am doing and just listen.

          • Yeah, for a fan of the early Final Fantasies (1-7 or something like that), the X soundtrack was hit or miss for me, but those tracks you mention are beyond fantastic.

            Actually, the voice-acting in X, while it was off-putting at first, did grow on me (English is my native language). I think part of that for me was just shock at having a fully-voice Final Fantasy.

            FFVII was a tough one for me, too. I desperately wanted it to be like VI, and it wasn’t. I played it again somewhat recently and actually enjoyed it more in retrospect when I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from it.

            Anyway, yeah, I hope you are able to play VI especially. I’m honestly not even sure which version to recommend to you. It seems like every version comes with a “but…”! I guess in the end it doesn’t matter which you play.

          • Jadfish

            I’ll go for the PSone version since I’m so used to playing them on my vita

          • XIII had fantastic lore and world setup.

            The problem was that you didn’t get to see much of that world or lore, if any at all, because of how linear and enclosed it was. It was focused on these characters and only these characters so you don’t get to experience much of the world itself.

        • Dystopiq

          This is a good thing. Some people don’t want disney characters

          • I don’t want Disney characters or a button-mashy combat system, thus my displeasure.

        • We’ve known this since it was announced almost a decade ago (Well, eight years. Close enough.) During the announcement, it was stated that it was the engine the new KH game would be running, not the other way around.

          • It was just a spin-off game at that point, not XV. People have every right to enjoy KH and enjoy the new direction FF is taking, and I have every right to not. This new studio seems like something that might be more in line with my interests, thus my original comment. I didn’t mean to offend anyone. Old folks need games they like, too.

          • Here’s the thing though.

            FF has never been consistent in terms of gameplay. You have your Crisis Cores, your Dirge of Cerberus, your FFXs and your FFVIIs.

            You didn’t seem me complaining about how they went from ATB to full-on turn based for FFX because I knew that they were never consistent.

            Having an ARPG be a main game is something that should have happened years ago. The ATB System is pretty much an APRG with a cooldown.

          • I disagree with you there. 1-10 pretty much were entirely consistent. 1-3 and 10 use variations on a turn-based system, and 4-9 used basically the same ATB system. Since then, it’s all been in flux. As for the other games you mention, those were spin-offs.

            People complain when they don’t like something. That’s just how life is. You can’t make one game to please everyone. We have different opinions.

            Again, I have hope for this new studio, that it is going to produce something a bit different (different as in more traditional and less like Kingdom Hearts); thus, I am hopeful there will be little Kingdom Hearts influence. That’s all I ever meant. I have already given up on Final Fantasy.

      • Dystopiq

        There aren’t that many zippers and belts in FF XV

        • Jadfish

          exactly. The man has grown.

          • Sydney Losstarot

            haha. your comment made me giggle. He sure has.


        Attire in Final Fantasy XV resembles our, the players, modern and past world. Takahara is the clothes designer, but Nomura has the final word. For those who do not know, Takahara is a big hit among Japanese men in the genre of street fashion. He loves to mix textures together, producing an unique style. Yes he favors real materials. He puts emphasis on EXTRAordinary, so his brand may not sit well with everyone. Video games need theatrical flair and that is what he provides. Nomura normally flips through fashion magazines to inspire from.












        The art-style lingers between fantasy and reality because Nomura uses the theme Fantasy based on Reality.




        Other examples is Lucis – modeled after Shinjuku and Shibuya in fair scale.

        Characters in Final Fantasy XV look more life like to match up with how Nomura portrays them in a real world sense rather than cartoony. This is not Kingdom Hearts. This is not Final Fantasy 1-13. This is Final Fantasy XV, a title Nomura says is the most mature to date.

        • Magicks

          Damn, that was an interesting read. I feel like I learned something. Thanks.

    • Guest

      why… he’s an artist designer. makes models weapons monsters. not gameplay story character sheets etc. the only thing he directered was KH put in charge of FF7C and now has his first ever rated T FF mainline number under his wing, which he openly said would be the most mature title to date and immesrive. why does building an edgier, darker, and reltable story sound bad for someone who doesnt favor the teenage animey tropes for FF? why does making FF play as real time as Witcher Nier Red Dead Redemption. this is a good thing not bad

      • Binah Moore

        15 will be played like kingdom hearts bro

      • Not a good thing if you don’t like it, amigo. I have not been a fan of most games he’s directed, and I’ve been playing Final Fantasy since 1990. I haven’t been enjoying where the series has been going. I’m obviously not their target audience anymore.

        • Yoona

          For me, I would just say he ought to finish FFXV before trying anything else or else we’ll only see this game on PS5.


          …. You do know Nomura never directed a Final Fantasy until Final Fantasy XV? Do you know anything about TN or XV? Before XV, he was a designer for clothes weapons and monsters and other model related stuff, which meant he had nothing to do with gaemplay, story, characters, setting, sondtrack, and themes. He also doesn’t favor being directer as stated by him. Uh… I’m confused as to why you don’t like him. Are you caught up with the latest Final Fantasy games or stuck in Final Fantasy 1-9 era? This type of hate I find weird. Hate for the sake of hating?

          • I’m not hating. I am just unhappy with where the series is going. I’m aware he has never directed a Final Fantasy before. As I explained, I enjoyed the games he directed previously (World Ends with You and the first Kingdom Hearts). What I don’t particularly like is that they are taking Final Fantasy in a Kingdom Hearts direction. I guess I am “stuck,” in an era where Final Fantasy games were RPGs and were good. It’s Square’s fault, not his, but the point I’m making is that I don’t like his direction. Therefore, I said originally that I hope he has nothing to do with this new studio. Boom. Done. It’s not hate. It’s desire for a game I can enjoy. I’m sure many, many people will enjoy FFXV, just as many people have enjoyed the Kingdom Hearts games that I disliked. But I am sad to see Kingdom Hearts bleed into Final Fantasy.

          • Personally, I don’t like the idea of Final Fantasy becoming an action-RPG. Those are just my personal feelings. Other people will feel differently. When they talk about making games like the ones that moved them in their childhoods, that makes me have hope, and therefore I don’t want these games to take the type of direction Final Fantasy has. Make sense?

  • Ps1 Cloud

    Just repeat what you did in the 90’s. Just make them grander then what they use to be. You have more then enough space on the disc now.

  • Tg

    New blood. New blood! I’m not too familiar with Square’s older games, outside of the KH franchise. I have seen a full play-through of Xenogears on the Tube, but that game definitely needed help. However, regardless of what the product was, everything from various game companies were golden in 90s and early 00s.

    It’s good to see S-E aggressively calling for new recruits if they can bring back the “story magic” for new unique IPs. (And, maybe some new recruit can stare Toriyama in the face and slap him for me?)

    • Mario Bros

      But new recruits also mean that they could end up with a team full of people involved and/or growing up with the moe-kawaii-ecchi-underage-pantsu-jpop-idol-crap-fest that plagues japanese media so hard these days.

      Let’s just hope they hire people with more refined tastes, and a better view of the current worldwide game scene.

      • Tg

        Definitely agree with you. Hopefully, these newer generation recruits don’t make otaku-ish-like IPs. D: Me, personally, do not like fan service. I don’t like the way the current anime industry is going, but thankfully, the manga industry has some solid gems and quality storytelling that’s still going strong.

        So……, should any one of the newer recruits follow in Toriyama’s otaku footsteps, I have a surprise box for them waiting in Yoyogi Park. Mwahahah… *evil grin*

  • Tiredman

    F2P crap probably. I have no optimism for Squeenix games anymore, so instead of looking forward to the game, I will just cross my fingers and hope that I am pleasantly surprised for a change.

    • Kaetsu

      It says they’re going to be making console RPGs and most console RPGs aren’t F2P. That’s what I’d expect from a mobile studio.

      • Tiredman

        Well, my problem there is F2P console games are starting to catch steam on the new generation hardware. It makes me sad to say that =( The reason I have no optimism is Squeenix has dangled the proverbial carrot in front of our noses so many times over the last 5 years, and every single time they have let the fanbase down.

      • They could very well be doing an MMORPG, though.
        And we all know that F2P is all the rage in Japan, China and Korea at the moment. Scratch that, in East Asia.

  • Callonia

    Very well I await the news of first JRPG release from new staff.


    So new IPs?

  • Freud_Hater

    I know that logo is probably three swords with their blades crossed… but all I see is a snowflake :/

    • revenent hell

      I actually thought it was one…

    • Mario Bros

      i thought it was an asterisk…

    • Mastery

      That may just be the point, though. Or 3 points.

    • Barrylocke89

      I didn’t see the swords at all until I saw your comment.

  • Bobby Jennings

    Should finish XV first

    • Kaetsu

      This studio isn’t getting in the way of XV. They’re hiring a completely new team for this studio so it won’t interrupt the development of XV or any other Square Enix game.

      • Bobby Jennings

        I didn’t say they were. I just said they should finish XV before trying to do all of this crap.

        Square Enix is still Square Enix

        • Guest

          they are finsihing xv…. Square Enix is a huge comapny with several studios and divsions. each division works on a different games. Division 1, behind 15, currently has the largest amount of developers.

          • Bobby Jennings

            Well duh but they’re still taking so long to finish it.

      • Pocky

        How do you know that the XV team won’t eventually go into this new studio? They are gathering all their elite members right?

  • sakanaとkoeda

    Seems kinda late and kinda sad when one would readily expect at least a dozen such studios from them churning hit rpgs periodically like a madman churns butter.
    ABOUT DAMN TIME /my uninformed outcry

  • PragmaticSoul

    Would be hella sweet if Sakaguchi was involved.

  • Demeanor

    It kinda feels like, I don’t know, Ford announcing they’ve started hiring people to produce CARS… -_-

  • Wrathful

    Hopefully, they don’t hire another Motomu Toriyama. Honestly his introduction in FF13 video was so cringeworthy, I had to laugh. Square would restore its glory if they find someone like Hiroyuki Ito personally.

  • This should free up people for the work on handheld. Vita and 3DS deserve mainline FF games too!
    Of course, this could just be an opening to a brave new IP for SqEnix, which would be more than welcome if they don’t screw it up.

    • Magicks

      I hope that it’s a brand new IP. They’ve been using Final Fantasy as a crutch long enough; and although the stories have always been different, I think it’s time that they created something new and exciting outside of Final Fantasy. And erm. I’m still waiting on that TWEWY sequel.

  • 永次

    And they can’t produce Star Ocean 5 or Valkyrie Profile 3 to tri-Ace, right? Square-Enix…

  • GreatKino

    Exciting time.

  • ShootThatWay

    What ever happened to the news about the new SaGa game?
    Maybe no news is a good thing…

  • Quan Chi

    We need real ATB RPGS for PC!

  • After Silicon Studios revealed their new engine last week, just let them make a Bravely Default console entry. Their last console game was 3D Dot Game Heroes – that’s way too long, AND it is a game with a visual style that doesn’t do them justice at all.

    Or just contract Level 5 and Mistwalker to make stuff for you. If you want console RPGs, you can get ones going much faster than staffing up internally for them. Swallow your pride, and take advantage of all the RPG studios who are capable and always looking for work.

    Why would people want to go work for Square-Enix when you just know, 4 years from now, they’ll get canned as production winds down (maybe) on their first game and Square refocuses on mobile titles?

  • Sentinel

    I’d love to finally see something from SE on the Wii U. It’s been a while.

  • Perseids

    It doesn’t appear they are hiring writers. I hope when they say RPG, they mean “Role-Playing Game” and balance focus on whatever the world is like too. “…directors [battle and event], planners [lead and battle]…” is a bit intimidating to hear for me with such a focus on the “battle” word.

  • Abel_Nightroad

    Looks like they’re creating their own “Clover Studio”. I hope that it’ll turn out better for them than for Capcom (poor sales, split).

    It’s like they are finally admitting that Square Enix is now an empty shell devoid of any major talent. Took them some time to react though, Koji Taguchi ringed the alarm after E3 2011, being ashamed by their output and being glad to save face thanks to Eidos properties : http://www.escapistmagazine.com/forums/read/6.290708-Square-Enix-Eidos-Saved-Us-at-E3

    Final Fantasy XV HAS to be a major success, for both the future of Square Enix and for the survival of JRPG on home consoles.

  • sdgsg

    make em ARPGs please.

    • Make them turn-based, please

      • artemisthemp

        Make them JRPG

        • That one I can agree with, without hurting myself.

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