Doujin High-Speed Brawler Croixleur Sigma Is Coming To PS4

By Chris Priestman . September 23, 2014 . 4:58pm


Playism has announced that it’s bringing Souvenir Circ.’s doujin high-speed hack ‘n’ slasher Croixleur Sigma to PlayStation 4 at the Tokyo Game Show.


Croixleur Sigma was originally released in the west for PC in 2013 by Nyu Media, and can be bought on Steam. The PS4 version will have improved graphics and is due for release in Japan later this year.


Playism’s marketing manager Nayan Ramachandran told Destructoid that a western release for the PS4 version will be “out as soon as possible.”


Croixleur Sigma has you battling hordes of monsters up several floors of a tower in order to beat your childhood friend to the top. It’s part of a sacred ritual called the “Adjuvant Trial”, with the winner deciding which faction holds political and military power, protecting the Queen of Ilance.


Souvenir Circ. compares Croixleur Sigma to Devil May Cry’s Bloody Palace mode, as the focus is on chaining up combos in an arena, using different weapons and playstyles to discover special moves.


The game also supports two player local co-op. It also has a Story Mode with multiple endings, as well as Time Trial, Survival, and Challenge modes.


You can find more information about Croixleur Sigma over on its website.

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  • Varnes

    Can’t wait :D

  • ragingmerifes

    If the doujin AAA market moves to PS4, I’m happy. Fairy Bloom Freesia OMG

    • Armageddon

      Yeah Fressia was fun as a hack-and-slash. Another game that gives meaning to the saying: “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”.

  • Kornelious

    Wow, This looks quite fun, I’m always for some japanese Indie games to add to my PS4 :D

    “Playism’s marketing manager Nayan Ramachandran told Destructoid that a western release for the PS4 version will be “out as soon as possible.” So wait, It’s being localized? Just like that!? AWESOME! Definitely gonna pick this up :D

  • Matty

    As an owner of the PC version, I hope Nyu Media carry over the improved graphics, if they’re worthwhile.

  • harmonyworld

    Been wanting to play this after seeing it on steam but my computer is poop~
    This will also be on my ps4 list! :3

  • Isuke-sama

    Man I really want to play this game, I wish it covers both PS3 and PS4 :(.

  • Dark Zerato

    Now that Sony realized PS4 needs a hack’n slash game. I miss the old DMC. Crazy action games haven’t been released for a while. I’m very disappointed with Bayonetta 2 being a WiiU exclusive. Sony should get more action game for their platforms.

  • Awesome! The Croixleur games are my second-favorite arcadey high-scoring arena slashers at the moment (behind Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae). Far more people need to acknowledge the Eastern indie games too. Sony’s starting to do a good job of it so far; Playism already announced games like Aste Breed are headed to PS4 as well.

    Now, if we could only get some Korean devs onboard as well. Codebrush Games’ AWESOME Archeblade needs to be put on more platforms…

    • DizzyGear

      Archeblade development has been abandoned for a while now.

  • Pdugna

    Cool I can play this game with my DS4 :D hate KB/M for most action games and don’t own a 360 pad

    • aizen310

      Use MotioninJoy. It can be used to emulate the 360 controller. I use my DS3 controllers in games like Fable Anniversary or Dead Rising 3 and works the exact same as 360 pad would work. Give it a try :)

      • Matty

        No, just use the XInput wrapper that’s freely available all over to use a PS3 or PS4 pad.

        One of the cool things about PC is you can use any controller you want. Don’t believe otherwise.

        • aizen310

          Seriously, what’s wrong with MotioninJoy? Is free also (at least last time I checked).
          It can be used for more. Also, it can recognize any controller, not just DS3 ones. You can set up your buttons like a 360 one if it’s not recognized like that by default. I… really don’t understand why you have to make things more complicated than it should be.

          You just start MotioninJoy, than click Enable and that’s it. You don’t have to copy-paste wrapper DLLs inside every game’s root folder anywhere.

          • Matty

            Unless MotioninJoy has changed alot since I used it, I found it kind of miserable.

            It needs to hang in the background, where as the XInput wrapper is more integrated, fooling windows itself that your controller is a 360 pad. Also I don’t remember having to copy-paste DLLs but it’s been awhile.

            You’re right though, in the end it’s just personal preference.

          • aizen310

            I use MotioninJoy over 3 years now and never had any inconvenience with it. Yes, it hangs in the background, but why is it a problem?

            Also, I mixed Xinput wrapper with something else, I think.

  • I was looking at this on steam may as well wait now

  • Nisx

    isnt it free to download on pc
    i remember playing it

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